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This is a list of episodes of the animated television series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. (Episodes are in order of airing, with seasonal number, and all premiere dates are in the United States.)


Season 1 (2004–2005)[edit]

# Title Original airdate[1][2][3] Code
1 "Dis-Harmony / Collect All 5! / Ninjacompoop" November 19, 2004 (2004-11-19) HHPAY001

Dis-Harmony: Kaz holds a contest for Ami and Yumi's fans and a little girl named Harmony is chosen as the winner. She is so obsessed with Ami and Yumi that she will not leave them alone.

Collect All 5!: Ami becomes obsessed in with collecting prizes from a cereal box. She has collected all of them except for the bunny one. She wants it so bad she makes a costume for Kaz to fit into, leaving Yumi do something about her best friend's obsession.

Ninjacompoop: After a career test, Yumi orders a kit to train her to be a ninja. After becoming one, she goes too far and Ami must snap Yumi back to her normal self.
2 "Talent Suckers / Ole! / Mini-Puffs" November 19, 2004 (2004-11-19) HHPAY002

Talent Suckers: Ami and Yumi meet a bunch of overzealous goths who turn out to be vampires. The vampires strip the girls of their rock talents so that they can start their own band.

Ole!: When Ami and Yumi inadvertently best a bull while attending a bullfight in Latin America, they’re regarded as heroes. Now the town expects them to fight El Diablo, the toughest bull in the country!

Mini-Puffs: Kaz creates a new band called The Mini-Puffs – composed of 2 babies. The toddlers soon become popular, even more popular than the girls. Ami and Yumi soon plot to get their jobs back.
3 "Ami's Secret / Taffy Trouble / Dance A-Go-Go" November 26, 2004 (2004-11-26) HHPAY003

Ami's Secret: When Ami starts behaving strangely, Yumi and Kaz conclude that she’s embarking on a secret solo career.

Taffy Trouble: The girls are evicted out of their bus and work at a sweet factory where (at first) are offered a lot of sweets. Thinking their job is to eat as many as they can, Ami and Yumi do so and get fairly fat. When their job manager walks in, he explains their real job, making toffee. Without knowledge of how to work the toffee machine, they create a giant toffee ball that destroys anything in its path.

Dance A-Go-Go: Ami convinces Yumi to be her partner in a TV dance contest. Unfortunately, during the contest, Ami is tripped by a competitor and stubs her toe.
4 "Ami Goes Bad / Robo-Pop / Metal Mental" December 3, 2004 (2004-12-03) HHPAY004

Ami Goes Bad: When Ami buys a pair of drumsticks, she turns bad and Kaz explains that they belonged to a famous drummer. Yumi and Kaz plot to stop Ami before she causes real damage.

Robo-Pop: Kaz builds Ami and Yumi robots in order for the pair to cover more concerts and personal appearances so the real Ami and Yumi can have more spare time off without losing any profits. Pretty soon, the robot Ami and Yumi are making numerous appearances, performing concerts, starring in movies and stage musicals, and waiting on Kaz hand and foot – all at the same time!

Metal Mental: Puffy gets booked on tour with Metalbreath – the most obnoxious, nastiest and least talented heavy metal band in the world. Ami and Yumi soon grow tired of Metalbreath and plot to get rid of the group.
5 "Showdown/In The Cards/Team Teen" December 10, 2004 (2004-12-10) HHPAY005

Showdown!: While driving out West, the Puffy bus gets caught in a dust storm and smashes into a building – where three cowboys crawl from the rubble. It isn’t until later that the girls realize that the cowboys are the infamous Burlap Boys.

In The Cards: Ami and Yumi duel against each other in Stu-Pi-Doh (a parody of the card game Yu-Gi-Oh) to win the heart of a nerd named King Chad.

Team Teen: After Yumi inadvertently helps a team of teen superheroes thwart their nemesis, she and Ami are asked to join the squad. The girls hit the streets fighting evil and they soon face a tough foe. This episode is a parody of Teen Titans, which the real-life Ami and Yumi sang the theme song for.
6 "Opera Yumi / Save The Farm / Pen Pal" December 17, 2004 (2004-12-17) HHPAY006

Opera Yumi: When Yumi's old opera teacher comes back, she hypnotizes Yumi with a whistle in order to get her back into the opera business.

Save the Farm: Ami and Yumi go to work on a farm that is close to becoming a parking lot.

Pen Pal: Ami thinks her pen pal is an attractive guy. But when he arrives, he is the exact opposite of what she dreamed.
7 "Stupid Cupids / Brat Attack / Surf's Up" December 31, 2004 (2004-12-31) HHPAY007

Stupid Cupids: When Ami and Yumi come to the conclusion that Kaz is lonely, they decide to set him out on a date and give him a makeover.

Brat Attack: When Kaz books Ami and Yumi to play at a rich kid’s birthday party, they’re totally bummed – and it only gets worse when Kaz sells them to the child’s father for $10 million.

Surf's Up was originally titled "Tsunami Ami Yumi"; the episode was pulled after the Indian Ocean tsunami that hit earlier that week. When Ami convinces Yumi to join her in a surfing competition, Yumi reluctantly agrees. It isn’t until the girls are hit by a giant wave and stranded at sea that Yumi realizes Ami doesn’t know how to surf.
8 "Kaz Almighty / Allergic / Spaced Out" January 7, 2005 (2005-01-07) HHPAY008

Kaz Almighty: While the girls played a concert on a tropical island, the locals start seeing Kaz as their almighty ruler. Ami and Yumi plot to reveal Kaz for the fraud that he is.

Allergic: One day, Yumi starts sneezing uncontrollably. Kaz thinks that after being together for so long, Yumi has become allergic to Ami.

Spaced Out: While driving across the dessert, Ami, Yumi and Kaz get abducted by ornery aliens who are intent on performing weird experiments on them.
9 "Yumi Saves Kaz / Rock N Roe / Scowlitis" January 14, 2005 (2005-01-14) HHPAY009

Yumi Saves Kaz: After a freak doughnut sign accident, Yumi saves Kaz from being squished. Kaz is so grateful to Yumi that he starts doing favors for her.

Rock N Roe: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz run out of food, so Kaz goes to a fancy restaurant and drops the girls at a seafood place called the Sushi Shack. Ami and Yumi try the food - which is cheap sushi - and they like it so much that they "polish off the entire meal", causing them to suffer strange nightmares.

Scowlitis: After a doctor's checkup, Yumi finds that she has scowlitis, an epidemic where a person scowls excessively. Yumi is forced to wear a huge head brace with a smile, literally.
10 "Treasure Map / Kaz vs. Katz / Bad Manager" January 21, 2005 (2005-01-21) HHPAY010

Treasure Map: Ami, Yumi, and Kaz find a treasure map while driving to their next destination. Being wrapped around greed (especially Kaz), the trio start to fight one another to take the treasure map for themselves, only to find that the so-called 'treasure map' is actually an abstract painting.

Kaz vs. Katz: Alone with the girls’ cats (Jang Keng and Tekirai), Kaz decides to get them out of his hair by putting them outside for the night. But the cats quickly outsmart Kaz and lock him outside.

Bad Manager: Kaz goes to a rock-paper-scissors contest, and loses the girls after he bets them. Surprisingly, the new manager treats them much better.
11 "The Amazing Kaz-Am / Puffylicious / Lights, Camera, Danger" January 28, 2005 (2005-01-28) HHPAY011

The Amazing Kaz-am: The band stop at Las Vegas to do a show, only to find that the show is being performed by a magician called 'The Amazing Kaz-am.' Kaz admits that back when he was a kid, he always wanted to become a magician, and this is the thing that will make his dream come true. But after so many failed magic tricks, Kaz has no choice but to do an incredibly dangerous escape trick!

Puffylicious: The band get their very own restaurant, with Ami and Yumi as the employees. But when a food critic comes to their restaurant, the girls have to make something delicious, or else!

Lights, Camera, Danger: When Kaz signs Ami and Yumi up to do a movie, it doesn't take a while for the girls to figure out that the stunts they do are dangerous.
12 "Fan Clubs / Cat Nap / Cursed" February 4, 2005 (2005-02-04) HHPAY012

Fan Clubs: Ami and Yumi get nice gifts from their fan clubs. Not wanting to hurt each other's feelings, they hid every gift in Kaz's room.

Cat Nap: Kaz keeps disturbing the cats' beauty sleep. So the cats play devious tricks on him when he goes to sleep himself.

Cursed: Ami and Yumi are supposedly cursed after breaking both of their instruments. As they try to endure it, their bad luck keeps increasing.
13 "Eye Sore / Mean Machine / Sea Sick" March 25, 2005 (2005-03-25) HHPAY013

Eye Sore: When Kaz accidentally flushes his glasses down the toilet, the cats find out first hand exactly how blind Kaz is. He unwittingly uses the cats as dust mops, wears them as accessories and nearly destroys the bus.

Mean Machine: The girls and Kaz meet up with an eccentric inventor who introduces them to his latest creation: an all-in-one music machine. At first the girls love it, until it steals their fans.

Sea Sick: Kaz books the girls to be the entertainment on a cruise for “active seniors” where they unexpectedly lock horns with Silky Lame.

Season 2 (2005)[edit]

# Title Original airdate[1][2][3] Code
14 "Koi Fish / Arbor Day / Ami Ami" April 22, 2005 (2005-04-22) HHPAY014

Koi Fish: After Yumi makes a mistake that leads to their van crashing into a dumpster, Ami discovers an all-knowing Koi fish. Yumi becomes obsessed with it to avoid any more mistakes, much to Ami's dismay.

Arbor Day: Kaz almost runs over a squirrel who left his home due to Eldwin Blair chopping down trees for toothpicks, Ami and Yumi decide to help the squirrel get his home back.

Ami Ami: After Yumi has an accident with the microwave, she starts to think she's Ami. This leads to Ami and Kaz trying to get her back to normal in any way they could think of.
15 "Visiting Hours / Kitty Kontest / Chow Down" May 27, 2005 (2005-05-27) HHPAY015

Visiting Hours: Ami and Yumi come back to their tour bus and find a note that Kaz left saying that he had to go to the hospital. When they visit the hospital, they face a tough nurse who refuses to let them see Kaz.

Kitty Kontest: Kaz enters Ami and Yumi's cats in a contest but turns out the cat contest isn't for a few months, so Kaz decides to enter the cats in a dog contest by pretending that they're dogs.

Chow Down: Unlike Ami and Kaz, Yumi has never won a trophy before. Intent on winning one, she enters a tofu-dog eating contest. However, she faces a very tough competitor.
16 "Hungry Yumi / The Oddyguard / Song Sung Bad" June 3, 2005 (2005-06-03) HHPAY016

Hungry Yumi: When Yumi's midnight hunger strikes she wants a Pink Palace cheeseburger so Yumi convinces Ami to drive her to a Pink Palace location. They end up going everywhere because the other locations get into trouble.

The Oddyguard: When the girls are repeatedly getting attacked by fans after shows, Kaz hires them a body guard named Wall. When Wall becomes too protective about his clients, Ami and Yumi plot to have him fired.

Song Sung Bad: Kaz writes a song, but Ami and Yumi don't like it. They don't let Kaz know in fears of disappointing him.
17 "Helping Hand / Neat Freak / Hypno-Kaz" June 10, 2005 (2005-06-10) HHPAY017

Helping Hand: Yumi cramps her hands badly while signing autographs and can't use them, so Ami decides to help Yumi out. Yumi then takes advantage of Ami.

Neat Freak: Ami is tired about not having the group being very clean. She forces Kaz and Yumi to clean the bus completely, but soon Ami can't find her drumsticks on the night of a concert.

Hypno-Kaz: A magician named Dr. Mysto tries to hypnotize Yumi and cure her of nail biting, but he hypnotizes Kaz by mistake.
18 ' "In Harmony's Way / Time Off / Home Insecurity" June 17, 2005 (2005-06-17) HHPAY018

In Harmony's Way: At an auction, Yumi and Kaz accidentally sell Ami's diary to Harmony, who refuses to give it back. Ami and Yumi must become Harmony's best friend in order to get it back.

Time Off: Yumi is tired of Ami always waking her up early, so Yumi sets Ami's clock backwards by 5 seconds. The clock affects Ami as she loses her sense of timing.

Home Insecurity: Yumi is tired of Ami using her stuff without her permission, so Yumi gets a security system that attacks whoever comes into her room. But, the security system soon targets Yumi.
19 "Uninvited / Camping Caper / Cell Block Rock" August 26, 2005 (2005-08-26) HHPAY019

Uninvited: Kaz has a party in a hotel room and doesn't invite Ami and Yumi, now the girls try to sneak into the party.

Camping Caper: Ami takes Yumi camping so that Yumi can receive some fresh air after she had been in her room for almost a week. Then, Ami gets kidnapped by Bigfoot.

Cell Block Rock: Ami and Yumi end up in prison after Kaz mistakes them for crooks.
20 "Ami Yumi 3000 / The Ride Stuff / Were-Kaz" September 2, 2005 (2005-09-02) HHPAY020

Ami Yumi 3000: Ami and Yumi are transported to the year 3000 where they discover the whole world is dedicated to them. The citizens turn against them, so Ami and Yumi try to get back to their own time.

The Ride Stuff: Ami and Yumi play music at a theme park called Adventure Farm Fun Land. After the concert, the girls and Kaz decide to try out the park's new roller coaster called the Heart Stopper. However, Kaz is too short to ride it. The duo try to sneak Kaz on in every way they think of.

Were-Kaz: Kaz is sick of being bald so he gets some hair growing liquid to grow his hair back. But suddenly, something scary happens...he becomes a werewolf! He soon chases Yumi & Ami's cats around their bus.
21 "Ski Sick / Claw and Order / Janice Jealous" September 9, 2005 (2005-09-09) HHPAY021

Ski Sick: Kaz books a ski trip for him, Ami and Yumi. Ami wants her and Yumi to ski down a steep hill. Trouble is, Yumi doesn't know how to ski at all! She then reluctantly takes a skiing class.

Claw and Order: Fed up with Ami & Yumi's cats scratching up his stuff, Kaz tries to build Jang Keng and Tekerai a scratching post. The name references Law & Order.

Janice Jealous: Chad, the Stu-Pi-Doh champion, comes back and has a new girlfriend named Janice. Ami and Yumi become jealous of Janice and try to convince Chad to break up with her.
22 "Domo / Yumi Goes Solo / Cat Feud" September 16, 2005 (2005-09-16) HHPAY022

Domo: When Kaz goes out and buys and a dog that looks just like him things start going crazy! When big time company owners come Kaz isn't there but Domo is! So can the girls get back before the company owners leave?

Yumi Goes Solo: Yumi gets fed up with Ami and Kaz giving her all the hard work, so she wishes that there was no such thing as Puffy AmiYumi. Her wish comes true, but Ami and Kaz are now having a hard life, and Yumi realizes how miserable she is without them.

Cat Feud: Kaz is once again fed up with Jang Keng and Tekirai and tries to frame them for various crimes.
23 "Super Zero / Artist Ami / Ikkakujuu" November 4, 2005 (2005-11-04) HHPAY023

Super Zero: Ami and Yumi are visited by an old friend named Atchan who thinks he's a superhero. Can Atchan help Yumi when she, Ami and Kaz are kidnapped by the giant snake monster Sunikura?

Artist Ami: Ami's bad attempt at and album cover is discovered by an art critic who suggests to Ami that she should become an artist.

Ikkakujuu: After breaking Yumi's new guitar, Ami tries to convince Yumi and Kaz that she saw a unicorn. This is the only episode where no dialogue is heard in this episode.
24 "Run, Cat, Run / Driving School / Record Breakers" November 11, 2005 (2005-11-11) HHPAY024

Run, Cat, Run: Kaz enters the cats into a racing contest, much to Ami and Yumi's disapproval.

Driving School: Ami thinks Yumi and Kaz are dangerous drivers, so she makes them take driving classes.

Record Breakers: Ami and Yumi compete with each other to complete a world record.
25 "Rock Lobsters / Phantom of Rock / Fungus" November 18, 2005 (2005-11-18) HHPAY025

Rock Lobsters: Ami and Yumi try to save lobsters from a seafood restaurant.

Phantom of Rock: Kaz is tired of how terrible Ami and Yumi play, so he seeks the help of phantom rocker Johnny Ghost. Ami and Yumi then get trapped in his haunted mansion.

Fungus: Ami adopts a hunk of fungus that comes from their shower.
26 "Soap Box Derby / Talent Suckers Return / Prisoners of Yoyovia" November 25, 2005 (2005-11-25) HHPAY026

Soap Box Derby: Ami, Yumi and Kaz compete against Axel and Rod Skidmark in a soap box derby.

Talent Suckers Return from Transylvania: The Talent Suckers seek a job in order to pay off some debts.

Prisoners of Yoyovia: Ami and Yumi become slaves in a country.

Season 3 (2006)[edit]

# Title Original airdate[1][2][3] Code
27 "Secret Origin / Legend of Mei Pie / Under the Hood" February 17, 2006 (2006-02-17) HHPAY027

Secret Origin: In their childhood years, Ami and Yumi arrive at Camp Youwannasushi and are met by Atchan, who tells them about Rumaki the bunk monster. Yumi is grabbed by Rumaki and Ami and Atchan go under the bed to save her.

The Legend of Mei Pie: Yumi needs a new guitar and must accomplish certain tasks to get one. So she meets Master Mei Pie, who sends her to get some items.

Under the Hood: The tour bus is acting erratically and Ami and Yumi go inside to find out what is wrong. They find out that the man who sold them the bus had moved into its carburettor.
28 "Movie Madness / Stop the Presses / Hired Help" February 24, 2006 (2006-02-24) HHPAY028

Movie Madness: Yumi is chosen to be a movie star, but Ami has to be her stunt double.

Stop the Presses: Ami and Yumi have to stop other people seeing an embarrassing photo of Ami in the newspaper.

Hired Help: Ami asks Wall to help out with the band, but he is not good at it.
29 "Puffy B.C. / Dupli-Cats / Agent Y" March 6, 2006 (2006-03-06) HHPAY029

Puffy B.C.: In prehistoric times, Primitive Ami and Primitive Yumi create their own music, and Primitive Kaz tries to get the two to join together and form a band.

Dupli-Cats: Jeng Keng and Tekirai clone themselves to get rid of Domo.

Agent Y: Yumi is mistaken for a secret agent and must handle the real agent's job.
30 "Manga Madness / Junior Tapeworm / Kazalot" March 10, 2006 (2006-03-10) HHPAY030

Manga Madness: After coming to life, Ami and Yumi's favorite manga characters battle each other. The fight gets out of hand and it is up to Ami and Yumi to stop them.

Junior Tapeworm: While focusing on Puffy AmiYumi, Harmony is disturbed by a member of the Junior Tapeworms and she soon becomes a member and is always getting a badge for every achievement she does.

Kazalot: Ami must fight the Black Knight to see who will defend Kazalot.
31 "The Golden Fleas / The Golden Fleas 2 / Sitcomi-Yumi" April 7, 2006 (2006-04-07) HHPAY031

The Golden Fleas (1&2): When their instruments break, Ami and Yumi go on a quest for golden fleas. They need to find them before the concert is canceled.

Sitcomi-Yumi: The girls and Kaz try out for a sitcom, hoping for good reviews. However, there are continuous bad reviews. The real Ami and Yumi make an appearance in this segment.
32 "Spree! / Granny / A Grave Mistake" April 21, 2006 (2006-04-21) HHPAY032

Spree!: Ami and Yumi win one million Yen. They have to think of a way to spend it all in only six minutes.

Granny: The girls need to find a way to hide their rock-star lives from Ami's grandmother in case she suffers a heart attack.

A Grave Mistake: The Talent Suckers use zombies to increase their popularity, but it proves ineffective.
33 "Motor Psycho Mamas / Oldie AmiYumi / Trouble With Mimes" April 28, 2006 (2006-04-28) HHPAY033

Motor Psycho Mamas: A gang of bikers attacks London. The girls must stop them before they take the city over.

Oldie AmiYumi: Years into the future, Ami, Yumi and Kaz are all living in a retirement home. Rocking is prohibited, however, so the trio tries to find other enjoyable things to do.

Trouble With Mimes: Ami, Yumi and Kaz have trouble with a mime named Si, and need a way to get rid of him.
34 "Jungle Prom / Truth or Dare / Sumo-Kaz" June 27, 2006 (2006-06-27) HHPAY034

Jungle Prom: The girls go to a prom in the jungle to help a man be with his crush.

Truth or Dare: The girls play a game of Truth or Dare.

Sumo-Kaz: With the help of the girls, Kaz trains to become a sumo wrestler and has his first match. Last episode to air on Cartoon Network in the US.
35 "Tooth Decay / Gridiron Maidens / Sound Off" Unaired HHPAY035

Tooth Decay: When Yumi accidentally injures the tooth fairy, she and Ami become tooth fairies for one night. But soon they meet a little boy who would do anything to keep his tooth.

Gridiron Maidens: Ami joins Kaz's football team, not knowing that this is a dangerous sport. Kaz tells the security guard not to let Yumi in, because he does not want her to stop Ami playing. Yumi dresses like a cheerleader and gets in. Seeing that Ami doesn't have a chance against the other players, Yumi helps her without Ami realising it.

Sound Off: The show is messed up because the animators fall asleep. Yumi has Kaz's voice, Ami has Yumi's voice and Kaz has animal voices.
36 "Small Stuff / BC Road Trip / Puffynauts" Unaired HHPAY036

Small Stuff: When Ami and Yumi shrink in the drier to mouse size, they need to find a way to get back to normal size while being chased by their own cats.

BC Road Trip: Primitive Kaz tries to find a way to carry the girls' instruments to their next gig. This is the sequel to "Puffy B.C.".

Puffynauts: Ami, Yumi and Kaz get lost at space while trying to reach the moon for a rock concert.
37 "Evil AmiYumi / Butterscotch / Big Waldo" Unaired HHPAY037

Evil AmiYumi: When Yumi is struck by lightning, she is sent to an alternate universe where everyone is evil. Meanwhile, Yumi's evil counterpart is put in Yumi's place and wreaks havoc.

Butterscotch: After Kaz knocks out Butterscotch the horse, Ami and Yumi dress up as Butterscotch to help his rider perform rodeo stunts.

Big Waldo: Ami and Yumi try to get rid of a huge swamp alligator named Waldo.
38 "Disco Capers / House Unkeeping / Number, Please" Unaired HHPAY038

Disco Capers: The group travel backwards through time into the year 1977. Yumi wants to stay because she likes it so much. Ami and Kaz plot to get her to go back to the present.

House Unkeeping: In order to become rock legends, Ami and Yumi must make a hotel room a massive mess, but a maid is going to make it almost impossible for them.

Number, Please: Ami wants to enter a radio contest but loses her phone privileges and has problems submitting her answer.
39 "Manga Madness II / It's Alive! / Julie AmiYumi" Unaired HHPAY039

Manga Madness II: Sequel to episode Manga Madness, Puffy AmiYumi gets sucked inside the manga instead of the manga characters coming out; in which they have to stop there characters' arch-enemies.

Julie AmiYumi: Julie (Lara Jill Miller) comes for a visit. She does nice things to Yumi, but mean things to Ami and tries to kick her out of the group.

It's Alive!: Evil scientist Ami and her assistant Yumi create the perfect manager, "KAZ". When Harmony, their Number 1 villager, gets into their castle, the monster escapes and gets into Harmony's house. Soon the village people plot to hunt down the monster. This is the series finale.