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The following is a list of locations and properties often seen on the Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks.


Hollyoaks village[edit]

Hollyoaks is the main setting for the series. It is a fictional village in Chester, Cheshire. The majority of the characters live in the centre of the village, however some, for example the McQueens live just outside. Outside the centre includes Hollyoaks Comprehensive school and a number of flats in which many characters live or have lived. Also a cemetery, swimming pool and a number of houses. Many characters have been seen to go to nearby Liverpool and Manchester for nights out or to get away from village stress. The exterior of the village's buildings resembles the Chester Rows.

Hollyoaks High School[edit]

Hollyoaks High School is the local comprehensive high school which includes a sixth form. The school is one of the main settings of Hollyoaks, with several characters being students and working within the school. Govinda Roy and Rob O'Connor are the most recent headmasters, the most recent headmaster Pete Hamill left after making his final appearance in September 2011, The current headmaster is Patrick Blake, the father of Sienna Blake and biological father of Mark "Dodger" Savage. Other characters who have worked here include Becca Dean, Sally Hunter, Pete Webster, Tina Reilly, Russ Owen, Nancy Hayton, Kathy Barnes, Jacqui McQueen, Des Townsend, Kris Fisher, Leo Valentine, Eva Strong, Amy Barnes and Jen Gilmore. In November 2009, another local school named Abbey Hill was forced to merge with it.[1] In September 2011, The sixth form college separated from the high school, making them two different locations. It is no longer featured on the programme with the sixth form college and students taking the place of the high school, The building was reverted to a high school in 2013, also including a sixth form.

Current students: Holly Cunningham, Jason Roscoe, Tom Cunningham, Peri Lomax and Nico Blake.

Current staff: Patrick Blake, Nancy Osborne, Dirk Savage.

Hollyoaks Community College[edit]

Hollyoaks Community College commonly known as the HCC is the local college in Hollyoaks village, supplying teenagers with further education. It is located in the central Hollyoaks village and contains student halls of residence within its grounds. It also had an adjoining student union bar.

Current students: Blessing Chambers, Tegan Lomax.

Dee Valley Police Station[edit]

The local police station where PC Calvin Valentine, PCSO Carmel Valentine, PCSO Dominic Reilly and DC Ethan Scott previously worked. Seen regularly when characters are arrested or questioned by police. Sam Lomax works here first as a Detective Inspector and later a PC after being demoted before being killed in a car crash and when Sonny Valentine returns to the village, he begins work there as a Detective Sergeant.

Previous Staff: PC Calvin Valentine , PCSO Carmel Valentine, PCSO Dominic Reilly, DC Ethan Scott, DI/PC Sam Lomax, DS Sonny Valentine

Dee Valley University Hospital[edit]

The local NHS hospital to Hollyoaks Village. It is seen regularly when characters are injured or ill. Past employees include Doctor Browning, Mercedes McQueen, Lynsey Nolan, Suzanne Ashworth and Sandy Roscoe.

Current staff: Lindsey Butterfield, Tegan Lomax, Kim Butterfield, Dr. Charles S'avage, Celine McQueen

Previous staff: Lynsey Nolan, Sandy Roscoe, Mercedes McQueen, Suzanne Ashworth, Doctor Browning

St. Timothy's Catholic Church[edit]

A Catholic church that is located outside of the village and has been used since 2008. Kieron Hobbs was posted here before he left the church to continue his relationship with John Paul McQueen, Father Raymond was once the parish priest. As of 2012 the parish priest is Father Des. The church has held the weddings of Steph Dean and Max Cunningham, as well as his funeral, and Carmel McQueen and Calvin Valentine. Various funerals have also been held in the church, characters including Tina Reilly, Warren Fox and Sarah Barnes and Calvin Valentine.


The Dog in the Pond[edit]

Main article: The Dog in the Pond

The Dog in the Pond (briefly The Jolly Roger; commonly referred to as The Dog) is the local public house. Jack Osborne owned The Dog until 2008. In September 2006, The Dog was caught in an explosion and was destroyed in the fire. The house above's occupants, Darren Osborne, Steph, Craig and Jake Dean, were trapped inside and they nearly died. Five other people died in the fire. Several months later, The Dog was re-built and re-opened with a new look. Darren lost ownership of the pub after a game of poker with Warren Fox in December 2007. However, Warren gave his half of the pub back to Jack but not before Jack borrowed £100,000 from loan sharks which was taken in an armed robbery. In 2008, Jack's wife Frankie Osborne was forced to auction the pub in order to pay the family's debts. Warren and local businessman Neville Ashworth both attended the auction. Frankie paid Neville money to stop Warren from buying the pub. Neville and his family moved in, briefly renaming it The Jolly Roger. The name was changed back to The Dog in the Pond a few days later. The Ashworths moved to Spain in July 2010 and quickly sold it to Carl Costello. He and his family then moved in. Carl gave Jack the job of manager. After Carl moves to America, his son Riley asks Darren Osborne and his family to move in and run the place for him.

In 2012, Building work on the Dog took place off-screen after Riley Costello decided that it was time for a major refurbishment. The Grand Opening took place on 15 June 2012, but was interrupted after the Osbournes realise that the Savages have taken up residence in their new houseboat just outside the pub. In 2012 Mitzeee Minniver was left The Dog In The Pond in Riley Costello's will, however she left the running of the pub to the Osbornes. A number of weeks after Mitzeee's departure, the Osbornes obtain the money to buy the pub themselves.

Owner/Landlords:Darren Osborne, Nancy Osborne, Jack Osborne

Employees: Frankie Osborne, Robbie Roscoe

The Loft[edit]

The Loft is a nightclub is located within the main village. It has been owned by a number of residents including Scott Anderson, Max Cunningham and Warren Fox. In 2010, the club was bought by Cheryl Brady and silent partner Danny Houston. At this time it was renamed Chez Chez. In December 2010, Danny signed his half of Chez Chez to Warren. In April 2011, Cheryl sold 49% of her share to her brother Brendan, keeping the other 2% for herself so neither Brendan or Warren could make a decision without agreeing or having her consent. when Warren is convicted for the murder of Louise Summers he signs his shares over to his son Joel Dexter. Mitzeee works here briefly as events manager before quitting. Ste Hay was chief barman here before quitting to set up his own business.In January 2012 Ash Kane starts working there and also uses Brendan for her course work. An old jail friend of Brendan's, Walker, also starts working there but leaves after his betrayal of Brendan is revealed. In December 2012, Brendan agrees to allow Maxine Minniver and Liam Gilmore along with Mitzeee to open up their own pop-up cocktail bar within the club. Joel leaves in 2013 after being forced out of the village by Brendan, after signing over his shares to him for £200,000 that Joel does not receive. Mitzeee later leaves the village whilst Maxine continues to work there. Kevin Foster starts working there when Walker gets him to spy on Brendan, he is sacked after accusing Brendan of sexual assault. Sienna Blake also starts working there in March 2013. Both Brendan and Cheryl leave in 2013 and the club is put up for sale in auction, which is sold to Doctor Browning after he decides to go into business with Clare Devine, after Clare is arrested for kidnapping Browning and Mercedes, Jim McGinn buys one half of the club and goes into business with Browning, they hire their respective partners Carmel Valentine and Mercedes Fisher to run the club. Mercedes later gives Sinead O'Connor a job after she quits her job at Price Slice. Chez Chez was rebranded back to the previous name of 'The Loft' in June 2013 ahead of the clubs' relaunch. Browning sells his shares to a secret investor, not knowing its Trevor Royle who later hires Freddie Roscoe to rob the money from the sale back from Browning. 3 months later, Trevor decides to get Freddie to set fire to the club and frame Jim for arson. He does so unaware that girlfriend, Sinead & Maxine Minniver are trapped inside however both are saved by Dodger Savage. Clare Devine is revealed as the daughter of owner Fraser Black and takes over ownership after she is released from prison Shortly before being ran over and killed by Doctor Browning. After Clare's death, Fraser's other daughter Grace Black arrives and announces she will be running the club for her father. In March 2014, Trevor announces he is going straight and is leaving Fraser, his dodgy dealings & The Loft. In April 2014, Fraser is killed by an unknown assassin and the shares in the club are divided evenly between Grace, Tegan Lomax (until her and Fraser's daughter Rose reaches 18) and his wife Sandy Roscoe who then later hands her shares over to her son Freddie Roscoe Infuriating Grace. Tegan sells her shares to Mercedes in July 2014. Patrick Blake pushed a pregnant Maxine Minniver down the fire escape stairs of The Loft on 14 July 2014. In 2014 following Mercedes McQueen's murder at the hands of her ex-boyfreind and business partner Freddie Roscoe Mercedes's mother Myra inherits her 33.3% share in The loft as her next of kin.

Owners: Grace Black (33.3%), Freddie Roscoe (33.3%) and Myra McQueen (33.3%)

Employees: Trevor Royle

Price Slice[edit]

Price Slice is a supermarket, which was formerly a beauty salon named Evissa. Price Slice was first seen in December 2010. Frankie Osborne began working here, as a manager, to bring in extra money for her family and George Smith was given a job here, while homeless. The shop owner later sacks Frankie and employs Cindy Cunningham to replace her and Cindy is also given the Price Slice flat. Her daughter, Holly Cunningham also begins working here and when she is expelled, Sinead O'Connor begins to work here but, when she insults Cindy, she gets sacked. However in March 2014, when desperate for a job, Sinead is given back her job by Cindy. In May 2014, Holly runs away from the village with Jason Roscoe and stops working at Price Slice.

Manager: Cindy Cunningham

Employees: Holly Cunningham

Esther's Magic Bean[edit]

In September 2014, Esther Bloom bought the coffee shop with Trevor and Grace's stolen money, when Grace discovers this Esther offers to sign the shop over to Grace however Grace insists that she pays her back in instalments instead and later asks her to be a surrogate for her and Trevor.

Owner: Esther Bloom


A new flower shop opened in early 2012 in the centre of the village, replacing MOOBS Juice Bar. Ricky Campbell did work there until he left the village and Myra McQueen started working there in September 2012 shortly after leaving prison, until a year later. Martha Kane also worked here until she left in November 2013. Theresa McQueen worked here until she is fired when the place is placed under new management, however they sell it to Grace Black who immediately gives it to her boyfriend, Trevor Royle as a present. He plans to turn it into 'Trevor's Tropical Fish' but, for the meantime leaves it as a florists. It temporarily closes while Trevor is jailed, it resumes trading as a flower shop after Trevor is released.

Owner: Trevor Royle

The Hutch[edit]

It was previously Attwell's Gym. In October 2013, Tony Hutchinson told his fiancee, Diane O'Connor, of his plans to transform the gym into a restaurant and by January 2014, Tony had started work on the gym and finds dry rot in the walls. He gets a dodgy loan from Trevor Royle (Greg Wood). He then goes into a partnership with Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) after he sells the deli. Tony & Ste call the new restaurant, The Hutch. It is first seen on 3 February 2014, where Trevor informs Tony that he will be taking ownership in the restaurant too. The grand opening takes place on 4 February 2014. Trevor makes a deal with Ste to import the drugs to The Hutch and release Tony from his deal. Tony eventually discovers this.

Owners: Tony Hutchinson and Ste Hay

Employees: Diane O'Connor, Sinead O'Connor, Cameron Campbell

Previous Employees: Finn O'Connor, John Paul McQueen

Savage's Emporium[edit]

Savage's Emporium is Dennis and Dirk Savage's new emporium, where they serve antiques. It was formerly a landerette, called Washed Up, Tan & Tumble, Cindy's boutique, Cincerity and more recently, Carter & Hay Delicatessen . The emporium is set to open in February 2014. In January 2014, Ste Hay decides to sell the deli but when a fire occurs in the deli the following month while Jason Roscoe and Holly Cunningham are inside, it leaves it damaged and the buyer removes his offer. Dennis suggests to Dirk that they rent it out and they agree. They ask Ste and he lets them rent it out. Dennis, Dodger & Dirk have been painting it up and making suitable ever since the fire and the grand opening takes place on 17 March 2014.

Owners: Dennis Savage and Dirk Savage

Employees: Dodger Savage

Roscoes' Motor Maintenance[edit]

Roscoes' Motor Maintenance is the garage owned by the Roscoes. The garage opened on 28 May 2013. Joe, Freddie and Ziggy Roscoe work here. Their younger brothers Robbie and Jason sometimes help out. Joe is left in a coma after he is locked inside the council flats while demolition takes place. Ziggy begins to struggle sorting the books without Joe around so decides to employ a secretary. He employs George Smith. Joe later wakes up and returns to work at the garage.

Owners: Joe Roscoe and Ziggy Roscoe

Employees: Robbie Roscoe, Phoebe McQueen

Previous Employees: Freddie Roscoe, George Smith

Trevor's Bar[edit]

Owners: Trevor Royle and Grace Black

Former Businesses/Locations[edit]

Got it Taped[edit]

Got it Taped was a video store, run by Tony Hutchinson, until he closed it after a cinema was opened in the village.

Parker's Restaurant[edit]

Parker's Restaurant was a local restaurant, previously owned by Maddie Parker until her exit.

Body Boost[edit]

Body Boost was a leisure centre, owned by Richard Taylor. Body Boost also included a gym and a swimming pool, which was seen several times when characters would exercise. One of the most memorable events in Body Boost was when Richard's daughter Darlene Taylor was pushed through a window by his partner's son Justin Burton, resulting in Darlene having to undergo surgery. The swimming pool was last seen in late 2007, when Sam "O.B." O'Brien was taking Tom Cunningham to swimming lessons in a bid to impress socialite Summer Shaw. This ended with Tom nearly drowning. Previous employees include Simon Crosby and Gilly Roach.

St. Paul's Catholic Church[edit]

A modern Catholic Church that held the double weddings of Mercedes Fisher and Russ Owen and Tina McQueen and Dominic Reilly. The weddings were held by Father Raymond. The church has not been seen since 2007, and the next time a Catholic church was called for, it was replaced by St. Timothy's, a much older Church.

St. Eustace's Catholic Church[edit]

An abandoned Catholic Church first seen in 2008. A 14 year old Myra McQueen was forced to abandon her first-born son Matthew at this church. The priest was known as Father Patrick. When the church was seen in 2008, it was not used. Niall kidnapped all of his siblings and his mother and held them hostage inside the church, he then blew it up. The church is now in a state of disrepair and has not been seen since.

Call centre[edit]

A call centre located just outside the main village. It was first introduced in July 2009. The manager was Sheila Buxton, who hired Zoe Carpenter, Sarah Barnes, Zak Ramsey and Kris Fisher, who she then promoted. Sarah quit after her first full day and Kris was forced to sack Zak. Zoe began to hate Kris due to his bossiness, however refused to quit as she needed a job. Zoe then made Kris see himself and how selfish he was acting, he then stood down from the assistant manager's position. Sheila then promoted Zoe, who quit when she got a better job offer, leaving Kris the only one of the group still working there. In October 2009, Zak returned and Elliot Bevan began working. Later in 2009, all of the staff quit and the call centre was ultimately shut down.


Evissa was a beauty salon located by Chez Chez nightclub. The property was previously a pharmacy until it was purchased by Sean Kennedy and Louise Summers. Warren Fox later owned Evissa until his apparent death, after which, Spencer Gray. Spencer left the village in 2010, selling Evissa. It has since been renovated into a supermarket called Price Slice.

Il Gnosh[edit]

Il Gnosh was the local Italian-themed restaurant. It was owned by Tony Hutchinson and its previous names include Gnosh Village (pronounced vil-arzh) and Deva, when it was run by the Morgan family. It is often informally referred to as Gnosh. In 2010, the restaurant was set on fire following an arson attack. The fire killed Steph Roach and Malachy Fisher.[2] Following the fire, Tony opened a new spa called Look Sharpe, but later went on to sell it to Cindy Longford and she renamed it Cinergy.

Drive 'n' Buy[edit]

Drive 'n' Buy was a convenience store located beside Cincerity. The shop was previously owned by Max Cunningham, who inherited it from his late father Gordon Cunningham. Max then sold the shop to Neville Ashworth and his family. The Ashworths moved to Spain in July 2010, putting the shop up for sale. The shop was damaged in the Il Gnosh fire of November 2010. Drive 'N' Buy is now part of Cindy Longford's spa, Cinergy.

The Loft[edit]

The Loft was the name of the local nightclub. However, in August 2010, it was purchased by Cheryl Brady and Danny Houston and renamed 'Chez Chez'. As The Loft, the club has seen several dramatic events, including Clare Devine being pushed from the balcony by Justin Burton and in 2009, Clare burning the club down, which led to then-owner Warren Fox's supposed death. When Doctor Browning and Jim McGinn buy it in June 2013, they rename it "The Loft".


Relish opened as a takeaway in 2008, owned by Ash Roy.[3] In January 2009, Gaz Bennett burned down Relish as revenge on Ash. After the refurbishment, Ash turned it into a 50s-style diner. Ash put Relish up for sale after leaving the village. However, Ravi re-opened it with Ste Hay as a new chef. In June and July 2010, Relish was the victim of many racist attacks. This included vandalism, graffiti and even a smoke bomb, which was used by Des Townsend to hurt Ravi. Previous employees include Lauren Valentine, Barry "Newt" Newton, Gaz Bennett, Anita Roy and Rae Wilson. In 2011 Theresa reveals that she has lost her job as Relish is closing down.


MOOBS was a juice bar located in the centre of the village, owned by Darren Osborne. It was previously called The Octagon, which Tony Hutchinson had owned as part of Il Gnosh, until Max Cunningham bought it, briefly calling it Gnot Gnosh. Max and his friend Sam "O.B." O'Brien named their new business MOBS, from conjoining their names together. After Max died in 2008, Steph Cunningham inherited the business. Previous employees include Sam "O.B." O'Brien, Summer Shaw, Cindy Cunningham, Mandy Richardson, Sasha Valentine, Steph Cunningham and Cheryl Brady. In March 2011, Darren & Duncan Button took over the business renaming it 'MOOBS' which translates into 'Memories Of Our Beautiful Steph'. Duncan leaves in 2011 in the hope of setting up a new smoothie bar in Spain with Neville Ashworth. In December 2011, Darren is forced to close down after failing to do enough business. In late March after Ash Kane's meningitis scare, it is shown to have re-opened as a florists. Myra McQueen currently works there.


Cincerity was a local boutique and former laundrette and tanning shop. As a launderette, it was named Washed Up. Mike Barnes was the manager, with Tony Hutchinson as the owner. Ash Roy later bought it from Tony, with Jacqui McQueen managing it. During Ash's time, he introduced a spray-tanning option for customers, renaming it Tan and Tumble. When he left, he sold it again to Tony, who turned it into a clothes shop called Cincerity, ran by his then-wife Cindy Hutchinson. After Tony and Cindy divorced, he said she could keep the shop as security for her and daughter Holly Cunningham. After Cindy left with new husband Alistair Longford, the shop was bought by Gabby Sharpe with silent partner Heidi Costello. India Longford also worked here until her death. Heidi is later murdered, leaving Cindy the sole owner of the shop. In January 2012, owner Cindy goes bankrupt and reveals she has lost all her businesses, meaning Cincerity is closed down.


Cinergy previously Look Sharpe was a day spa formerly owned by Tony Hutchinson and later by Cindy Longford, a redevelopment of Tony's previous business "Il Gnosh" which burned down November 2010. Cinergy/Look Sharpe opened in January 2011, in a special 3000th episode. The name Look Sharpe was a dedicatement of his lover Gabby Sharpe and her family. The spa is often seen with residents coming to pamper themselves and get fit. Tony sold the business to his ex-wife Cindy in 2011, however Tony remained manager. Tony is later replaced by ex-wife Mandy Richardson. Mandy once again leaves the village in September 2011. In October both Theresa McQueen and Rob Edwards get jobs at the spa. In January 2012, after facing financial problems Cinergy was closed and was later seen boarded up. Other past employees include Noah Baxter, Carmel Valentine, Gilly Roach and Bart McQueen. Cinergy is later replaced with a new gym, where Carmel Valentine begins working.

Hollyoaks Sixth Form College[edit]

Hollyoaks Sixth Form College is was an exclusive college for sixth form students. It was opened in September 2011 which included students who have finished their education at Hollyoaks High School. There was also a number of new students introduced in September 2011 including Tilly Evans, Maddie Morrison and Martin 'Jono' Johnson. The set of the new college uses the same interior set that was used for the high school, It become a new focal point for the students of Hollyoaks.[4] In November 2012, students Maddie, Neil Cooper and Martin 'Jono' Johnson died after the minibus they had stolen crashed into a double wedding reception. A new set of teens also joined the college in September 2012 including Esther Bloom, Ruby Button, Phoebe Jackson and Dylan Shaw. Tilly Evans is expelled from the college in 2013 after Art teacher Jen Gilmore reports her for "harassing" and "stalking" her in the college, however she is reinstated when the turh about the affair came out and Jen is sacked and arrested. Sinead O'Connor is expelled after her part in Esther's bullying ordeal is revealed. Current staff include counselor Diane O'Connor, English teacher John Paul McQueen and newly hired headmaster Patrick Blake who replaces Mr Keeler. Other past students include Duncan Button, Ricky Campbell and Lacey Kane. In 2013 the college was reverted to Hollyoaks High School, meaning it would once again feature all students in secondary education.

SU Bar[edit]

The Student Union Bar is the local watering hole for the village's population of college students. The SU Bar is actually the same building that was used as Bar Brookie in Channel 4 soap Brookside. Previous employees include Charlotte Lau and Justin Burton. In 2010, Cheryl rented the bar for her 'Chez Chez at the SU' whilst building work started on Chez Chez nightclub. In late 2011, Dodger Savage took over as trainee bar manager. As of 2013, the SU Bar is no longer featured on the show as the set is now used for the Dee Valley Hospital.


Attwell's is a gym that opened in April 2012. It was formerly known as Cinergy. In October 2012 the gym was auctioned and sold. Liam Gilmore takes over the gym for a brief time, before he sells it to Tony Hutchinson and his wife Cindy who also starts working here. Past staff include Rob Edwards, Leanne Holiday, Liam Gilmore and Theresa McQueen. Tony decides to transform the gym into a restaurant, which he calls The Hutch.

Carter & Hay Delicatessen[edit]

Carter & Hay Delicatessen is Ste Hay and Doug Carter's new deli, where they serve food. It was formerly a landerette, called Washed Up, then Tan & Tumble and then Cindy's boutique, Cincerity. The deli opens on 7 May 2012. Barney Harper-McBride works here briefly. After Ste discovers that Brendan Brady gave Doug the loan to obtain the deli, he agrees to have to him as a silent partner, but quickly changes his mind and Brendan cancels the debt. Leanne Holiday and Texas Longford occasionly help out. Robbie Roscoe worked briefly as a delivery boy who was secretly using the orders to smuggle drugs for Ste. Robbie`s brother Jason took over as delivery boy for a few days before discovering the drugs he had been inadvertently smuggling. In October 2013, Doug was killed in a bomb explosion leaving Ste to run the deli alone. In January 2014, Ste is left Doug's half of the deli in his will but he decides to sell the deli because of the memories of him and Doug. A fire occurs in the deli the following month while Jason Roscoe and Holly Cunningham are inside, damaging it and meaning the buyer will not want to buy the deli anymore. Dennis & Dirk Savage asks Ste if they can rent it out as an emporium and he agrees; renaming it, Savage's Emporium.


A new flower shop opened in early 2012 in the centre of the village, replacing Moobs juice Bar. Ricky Campbell did work there until he left the village. Myra McQueen started working there in September 2012 shortly after leaving prison, until September 2013. Martha Kane also worked here until she left. Theresa McQueen worked here until she is fired when the place is placed under new management, however they sell it to Grace Black who turns it into a tropical fish shop, calling it Trevor's Tropical Fish.

College Coffee[edit]

A new coffee shop opened up in late 2011, briefly managed by Tony Hutchinson. It is to be used as a new hangout for the students in the village[5] There is no known employees working here. Previously employees included Amy Barnes, Tony Hutchinson, Cindy Longford, Rhys Ashworth, Jono, George Smith, Vincent Elegba and Maxine Minniver who managed the place for a short period. In August 2014, Esther bought the coffee shop and renamed it 'Esthers Magic Bean'.


1 Stockton Lane[edit]

The house above The Dog in the Pond public house. It is the current residency for the Osborne Family. Previous owners include the Dean, Ashworth and Costello families. The home, along with the bar, was burnt down in September 2006, when five people died and several other were injured. When the Osbornes suffered financial crisis, they sold it to Neville Ashworth (Jim Millea). By 2010, all the Ashworths had moved out and sold it to Carl Costello (Paul Opacic), who moved in with his family. Following Heidi (Kim Tiddy)'s death and Carl & Seth Costello (Miles Higson)'s departure, Riley (Rob Norbury) decides to move out and asks the Osborne family to move back in and run the place for him. In summer 2013, Nancy (Jessica Fox) was kicked out of 1 Stockdale Lane after her supposed friend, Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) plotted and succeed in stealing her life. Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson), Sienna & his son, Oscar later move out after it is revealed that Sandy Roscoe (Gillian Taylforth) is his mum and Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) later joins them but, two months later, Darren, Sienna, Oscar & Charlie move back in after Darren and Jack sort out their issues. When Sienna's lies are exposed, she is sent to an psychiatric ward and Darren and Nancy sort out their relationship but, it later collapses resulting in Nancy moving back in and Darren moving out. They later reunite and Darren returns to the Osborne home.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Jack Osborne 1996–2008, 2011—
Darren Osborne 1996–2008, 2011—
Frankie Osborne 2005–08, 2011—
Nancy Osborne 2011-13, 2014—
Tom Cunningham 2011—
Esther Bloom 2011—
Charlie Dean 2011—
Oscar Osborne 2012—

2 Oakdale Drive[edit]

Former home of the Davies family, then the Burton and Taylor families. It was bought by the Valentine family in 2006. They left the village in 2010. Cheryl Brady lived here for a short period between 2009 and 2010, before moving in with Steph. Cheryl moved back in with her friends and brother when the Valentines left. Cheryl kicked Malachy Fisher out when he made an accusation that her brother Brendan Brady was the one who attacked her and stole lodgings from the club. Brendan moved out after he was arrested for the murder of Rae and Cheryl later kicked Lynsey out after her allegations against Silas. Cheryl invited Gilly to stay with her after he moved out of the Osbornes. He later left the village for a new start. Lynsey moves back in after she makes up with Cheryl. In summer 2012, Lynsey is murdered by Paul Browning and months later, Cheryl & Brendan's abusive dad, Seamus Brady arrives and January 2013, sees Joel leave the village while Brendan moves in with boyfriend, Ste Hay. Following The death of Seamus and Cheryl's departure from the village it is currently empty. In September 2013, Danny Lomax bought 2 Oakdale Drive as a love shaft for him and John Paul McQueen. Danny's wife, Sam and daughter, Peri move in with him. After Danny's son, Ste lost his home after a bomb explosion there, he moved in with the Lomaxes. Danny's other daughters, Leela and Tegan move in along with Tegan's new-born daughter, Rose. Ste later moves out after not being able to cope with the guilt of knowing about Danny's affair with John McQueen (James Sutton). Ste moves back in after attempting suicide when Danny and Sam are killed in a car crash.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Peri Lomax 2013—
Leela Lomax 2013—
Tegan Lomax 2013—
Rose Lomax 2013—
Ste Hay 2014—

3 Oakdale Drive[edit]

Bought originally by Max Cunningham, who lived there with his half-brother Tom and best friend Sam "O.B." O'Brien. Max's first wife Clare Devine lived there also but moved after they split up. OB then left to live with his girlfriend Summer Shaw whilst Max's new girlfriend Steph Dean moved in. Max died on he and Steph's wedding day in June 2008. His sisters Mandy Richardson and Cindy Cunningham, with their daughters Ella Richardson and Holly Cunningham briefly moved in. Steph's mother Frankie Osborne, stepfather Jack Osborne, and foster brother Barry Newton also moved in when they became homeless. In October 2009, Cindy moved in with Tony Hutchinson whilst Steph, Jack, Newt and Tom moved into 65 Christleton Terrace. The flat was then rented to the Roy family and Ste Hay. In early 2010, Leila left for Paris and Ste moved back into his old flat. Jem Costello and Eva Strong moved in during 2010. Jem later moved back in with her family. Ravi later went to live with his family in Middlesbrough after his condition worsened. Eva and Anita later moved out. The flat was next seen when fitness instructor Noah Baxter and policeman Ethan Scott moved in, and they organised a competition for a new flatmate, which Doug Carter won. Noah leaves for a job in Newcastle. Texas Longford and Leanne Holiday move in after moving out of the student halls. Dennis Savage also moves in after arriving in the village, Ethan moves out after confessing to his hit and run crime. In summer 2012 Dodger moved in when he and Texas became a couple, however when Texas left with Doug for America, Dodger moves back into the Savage boat. When Texas & Doug return in January 2013, they both return to 3 Oakdale Drive but Texas is subsequently murdered, leaving Will and Doug as the only real residents as Leanne is wrongly convicted of the murder, Leanne is released after Anna Blake admits to the murder. In September 2013, Doug moves in with boyfriend, Ste Hay and the following month, a bomb is brought into the flat and explodes, killing Doug, Leanne and Ash Kane who lives the flat above. Dennis moves in with Dodger & Dirk. Shortly after, Trevor Royle moves in and in February 2014, his girlfriend, Grace Black, moves in.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Trevor Royle 2013—
Grace Black 2014—

4 Oakdale Drive[edit]

Owned by Neville Ashworth, it is the former home to the Owen family and now home to the Barnes family, who moved in when Mike and Sarah Barnes discovered Kathy Barnes had slept with Rhys Ashworth. The rest of the family joined the pair and they decided to stay. Sarah died in October 2009 after a parachute jump that was sabotaged by Lydia Hart. Mike invited Lydia to stay at the family home, not knowing she murdered his daughter. As a plan to prove Lydia had murdered Sarah, Zoe Carpenter moved into the house. Mike and Zoe later left Hollyoaks and Amy moved in with Ste Hay.

Neville left and Tony Hutchinson bought the house. Several people including Dominic Reilly, Jacqui McQueen, Aleksander Malota, Carmel McQueen, Tina Reilly, Ste Hay and Mandy Richardson have previously lived in the house. In 2010, the Sharpe family moved in with Tony. In November 2010, a fire had occurred in Il Gnosh forcing Tony, Gabby and the kids to move out. The flat was later refurbished along with Tony's new business. In 2012 students Barney Harper McBride and Rob Edwards rent out Tony's spare room. In late 2012, it is shown that Barney & Rob had moved out as well as Cindy's daughter, Holly returning and moving in with her mother Before both move out in February 2013. Katie leaves to live with Sinead shortly after birth and Tony moves out after he assumes that Diane called Social Services about Sinead, but later moves back in after Tony tells Diane about the cancer. Sinead and Katy moved back in again after she was made homeless by the explosion but after Diane finds out that Sinead is an ex-prostitute, she is kicked out and they move into the student house, however Sinead later moves back in again.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Tony Hutchinson 2007—
Diane O'Connor 2013—
Sinead O'Connor 2013, 2014–
Anthony Hutchinson 2013—
Dee Dee Hutchinson 2013—

5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 1[edit]

Formerly the marital home of Jake and Becca Dean. Becca's sister Nancy Hayton moved in with them after Becca's affair with Justin Burton was revealed. Jake moved out and Justin moved in for a short time. However Becca dumped Justin not long after. When Becca was killed, Jake moved back in with baby son Charlie Dean. Jake was later sectioned and Charlie went to live with Frankie Osborne. Hannah Ashworth and Loretta Jones moved in. Nancy was later given custody of Charlie and she asked Hannah and Loretta to leave after a falling out. In 2010, Elliot Bevan moved in along with Des Townsend. In September 2010, sisters India and Texas Longford moved in. By January 2011 Texas had moved back to the halls of residence with her mother Melody Longford after the death of India in December 2010. Nancy allowed Suzanne Ashworth to stay there with her twins. Nancy surprised Darren when she moved out in January 2011 after living with Suzanne and the kids became too much for her and a strain on her relationship with Darren but she eventually moved back in after Suzanne returned to Spain. After realizing she couldn't afford the place if she and Darren wanted to live together, Nancy rented the house out to Mitzeee and she moved into Darren's family home. Warren Fox later moves in with her, shortly before his son Joel Dexter arrives and stays with the couple. In December 2011, Warren Fox moves out because he is arrested for the murder of his ex-fiancée Louise Summers. Riley Costello did move in with his son Bobby in 2012. Mitzeee was arrested in June 2012 after she was framed for stabbing Mercedes McQueen. Riley lived there with on his own until Mercedes later moved in, in late 2012. In October 2012 the flat became unoccupied due to Mercedes being arrested for stabbing herself, Riley being shot and later dying and Bobby being taken away with Carl Costello On 9 November 2012, Mitzeee moved back into the flat with her sister Maxine. Mitzeee departs in February 2013, leaving Maxine as the sole occupant of the flat. Maxine asked her colleague Kevin Foster to move in but left when she kicked him out after he sedated her because she discovered he was helping his father to accomplish revenge on Brendan Brady. Patrick Blake & his daughter, Sienna move in with her and Patrick & Maxine begin a relationship. Sienna moves into The Dog in the Pond after beginning a relationship with Darren Osborne and Patrick later buys the flat after Nancy decides to put it on the market. Maxine moves out of the flat after being fed up with her abusive relationship with Patrick on their wedding day. He then manipulates Sienna & Nico to move back in making them feel sorry for him.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Patrick Blake 2013—
Sienna Blake 2013, 2014—
Nico Blake 2014–

5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 2[edit]

A new flat introduced in 2013, it is a dull, run-down flat that Cindy Hutchinson and her daughter Holly move into after Cindy takes a job in the shop underneath and her ex-husband, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard), moves in after leaving his partner, Diane. In April 2014, Cindy and Holly move out of the flat and into the Savage Family Boat House so that Cindy can show her commitment to boyfriend, Dirk Savage (David Kennedy). Cindy and Holly later move back in after they move out of the Boat House.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Cindy Cunningham 2013—
Holly Cunningham 2013—
Dirk Savage 2014—

65 Christleton Terrace[edit]

Located outside of the main village. It was previously owned by the Hunter family until the Ashworths moved in during 2005. After the Ashworth family moved into The Dog in the Pond, the house was rented by the Roy family. Ash Roy left Hollyoaks and Bel and Govinda Roy also left for Middlesbrough. Ravi, Leila and Anita were then kicked out of their home by Neville Ashworth as they could not afford the rent. The Osborne family then moved into the home. The family also took Duncan Button in under their wing when he had nowhere to stay. Nev decided to sell the property in September 2010. The Osborne family struggled to raise enough money for the deposit but Darren managed it by selling an antique that Cindy gave him to remember her by, which she didn't know was worth £50,000. By raising the money Darren finally received approval from his father which he longed for a long time since he constantly let him down. Jack threw Gilly Roach out after his behaviour became increasingly aggressive following Steph's death. Duncan's sister Ruby moved in January 2011.

Also in January 2011 Duncan left the back door open and a squatter sneaked in and hid in the attic. After being caught and knocked out by Tom, the squatter ended up in hospital where she revealed that she was Frankie's long lost granddaughter, Esther Bloom. She is now living with them too. Darren Osborne, Nancy Hayton and Charlie Dean moved in after deciding to save money and renting out Nancy's flat to tenants. Duncan leaves after deciding to go to Spain. The entire family move out in December 2011, moving back in The Dog In The Pond after Riley Costello asks Darren to run the pub for him. The Kane family moved in shortly after. A new family, The Kanes, moved into the house in early 2012 and Callum's friend, George Smith however Martha is kicked out before Ash invites boyfriend, Ally Gorman, to live with them. He is arrested in November 2012 and Lacey departs shortly after, leaving Martha, Callum, George & Ash in the house. Darren is forced to evict the Kanes in 2013 after they continue failing to pay the rent. The new Roscoe family move in. Nancy moved into the house after returning from the ward and Nana McQueen (Diane Langton) refuse to let her stay at the McQueen's house. Joe Roscoe (Ayden Callaghan) is left in a coma in the demolition of the council flats. In April 2014, Joe wakes up from his coma and moves back into the house and following the death of Katy O'Connor, Sinead and Freddie Roscoe separate, leading to the latter moving back into 65 Christleton Terrace. In July Joe ends up in prison for the murder of Fraser Black & Mercedes McQueen moves in with her boyfriend Freddie much to Sandys dislike. Joe is released and moves back in and Sandy leaves Hollyoaks. Mercedes and Freddie splot and she moves back in the her family. Robbie and Jason's father Rick later moves in too.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Joe Roscoe 2013, 2014—
Freddie Roscoe 2013—
Ziggy Roscoe 2013—
Robbie Roscoe 2013—
Jason Roscoe 2013—
Lindsey Butterfield 2013—
Rick Spencer 2014—
Kim Butterfield 2014-

26 Leigh Road[edit]

Current home to the McQueen family, who have lived in the property since at least 1993. Along with Myra McQueen, Michaela McQueen, Tina McQueen, and John Paul McQueen, previous residents include Russ Owen, Aleksander Malota and Kieron Hobbs. Myra threw Jacqui, Carmel and Aleksander out after finding out about the affair they were having. However she allowed them to move back in when she realised it meant Jacqui could go back to jail. Carmel also moved out in 2008 to live with new husband Calvin Valentine, but their first marriage was short-lived and she moved back home months later. Mercedes moved out in 2007 to live with husband Russ Owen, until their marriage ended when he discovered her affair with Warren Fox. She was also forced to move out in 2008 when Jacqui moved back in from Tony Hutchinson's and said she'd only move back in if her cheating sister moved out. She returned in 2008 however when Tony and Dom Reilly threw her out. Myra's niece Theresa McQueen moved in during 2008. Malachy Fisher moved in during 2009, and Kathleen McQueen moved in late 2009 and she left in early 2010. Calvin Valentine moved in for a short while until his death. Bart McQueen moved into the McQueen home in August 2010 after his stepmother Joan McQueen died. Malachy moved out after his marriage to Mercedes met an end, and Jacqui moved out after a row with Myra over Bart, who she claimed had stole her money.

In October 2010 Theresa gave birth to a girl Kathleen-Angel McQueen. In June 2012 when Myra is sent to prison for six months, Jacqui moves back with husband Rhys Ashworth and Phoebe Jackson while Michaela, Theresa and Kathleen-Angel move in Jacqui's flat. Jacqui also kicks out Liberty Savage who lived here since 2011. Martha Kane briefly moves in as well. Rhys is killed in the Enjoy the Ride storyline at the beginning on November. After she was released from prison, Mitzeee Minniver is taken in by Myra, and her sister, Maxine, later joins her, however days later Maxine and Mitzeee move out and return to Mitzeee's old flat. John Paul also returns, with baby Matthew in tow and Tony briefly reunites with Jacqui and he moves in before he is kicked out. In January 2013, Bart runs into trouble with Brendan Brady and runs away from Chester. Nancy later moves in after being kicked out of her home. In September 2013, Vincent moves away, Myra fakes her own death and Nancy is sent to a home for the mentally ill, but returns months later. Nana however refuses to let her stay with the McQueens. In 2014, Theresa is arrested for murdering Calvin Valentine three years previous, but Kathleen Angel remains here in Carmel's care. Kathleen-Angel's's uncle, Sonny Valentine, moves in after his work moves him to Hollyoaks. Alex Browning briefly moved in here. In March 2014, John Paul is sent to six months imprisonment. June 2014 Nana got into so much debt that the McQueens home was repposesed and then brought by Grace Black forcing the McQueens to move in to the Student House. Grace then eventually with persuasion from Nana decides to let the McQueens move back in to the house charging them rent. Myra returns in September and moves back in.In November 2014 Porsche McQueen Moved in With The McQueen Family

Character Resident (on-screen)
Myra McQueen 1993–2013, 2014–
John Paul McQueen 1993–2008, 2012–
Theresa McQueen 2008–
Kathleen-Angel McQueen 2010–
Marlena McQueen 2012–
Matthew McQueen 2012–
Phoebe McQueen 2012–
Myra-Pocahontas Savage-McQueen 2014–
Porsche McQueen 2014–
Celine McQueen 2014–
Lockie Campbell 2014–
Cleo McQueen 2015–

Savage Family Boat House[edit]

The boathouse is introduced in 2012. It is located in the pond outside The Dog In The Pond public house. Those who move in first are; Dirk (David Kennedy), Will (James Atherton), Liberty (Abi Phillips) and Dodger Savage (Danny Mac). Dodger later moved out but returned to the boat house when girlfriend, Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove) left for America. Liberty leaves in July 2013 and a few months later, Will is arrested for the murders of Texas, his mother - Anna Blake (Saskia Wickham) and Ash Kane (Holly Weston), leaving Dirk & Dodger as the remaining residents. Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) briefly moves in and Dirk's girlfriend, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) and her daughter, Holly (Amanda Clapham) move in in April 2014. However, they later move out after Holly falsely accuses Dodger of raping her. Dodger's twin sister Sienna and her daughter Nico later move in.

Character Resident (on-screen)
Dirk Savage 2012—2014
Dodger Savage 2012—
Maxine Minniver 2014—

Student House[edit]

While talking about Freshers 2013, Bryan Kirkwood revealed that a new student house would be introduced and that Tilly Evans (Lucy Dixon), George Smith (Steven Roberts) and new character, Jade Hedy (Lucy Gape) would move into this new house.

The student house was first seen in September 2013 after being purchased by Dennis Savage (Joe Tracini) for him and fiancee, Leanne Holiday (Jessica Forrest) however after she sees how much of a dump it was she decides they shouldn't move in. Instead he rents it out to Tilly, George & Jade as a place for them to live as they attended Hollyoaks Community College. Jade is killed in October and the following month, Sinead O'Connor (Stephanie Davis) and her baby, Katy move in after being kicked out of her home. The mother of Matthew McQueen and the surrogate for Sienna Blake (Anna Passey), Chloe moves in with Tilly & George after they befriend her. Tilly & Chloe leave the village together in January 2014. Ste Hay (Kieron Richardson) and Freddie Roscoe (Charlie Clapham) later move in. Dennis allows Blessing Chambers (Modupe Adeyeye) to move in after she loses her job and her flat. Ste moves back in with his dad, Danny Lomax (Stephen Billington) at 2 Oakdale Drive following his drama with Fraser Black (Jesse Birdsall), Katy dies of a heart condition leading to the separation of Sinead and Freddie - the latter of who moves out. Dennis moves in to the house after deciding to leave the Savage Family Boat House. Sinead later moves out and moves back in with Tony and the O'Connors. The McQueen family move in after there house is repposesed in July 2014.

Character Resident (on-screen)
currently no one lives here 2014-

Former residences[edit]

Modern Flat[edit]

Formerly occupied by Clare Devine and later Niall Rafferty. Michaela McQueen was also a resident for a while. Kieron Hobbs and John Paul McQueen also lived here until Kieron was murdered by Niall and John Paul left for Dublin. This was also used in Hollyoaks spin-off Hollyoaks: In The City as Tank Top and Adam's flat.

Flat 3[edit]

The flat belonging to Abi and Daniel Raven, first seen in 2009. In July 2009, Ste Hay and son Lucas Hay moved in. Due to Abi and Daniel's departures from the show, it has not been seen again.

Halls of Residence[edit]

Student flat owned by Hollyoaks Community College, and other than the summer, it is generally occupied by five first and second year students at the college. Upon entering their third year, former second year students move into different accommodation to make room for new freshers. The residency of this flat is as tangled as the relationships of those who live in it, and changes often happen. In 2009, freshers Charlotte Lau, Josh Ashworth, Dave Colburn and India Longford moved in with second year student Hayley Ramsey. As of September 2010, Josh Ashworth, Dave Colburn and India Longford have moved out. In September 2010 a new set of students moved in including regular locals Darren Osborne, Jem Costello and Kevin Smith, newbies Doug Carter, Jamil Fadel and Leanne Holiday and returnee Lee Hunter. At different times during the year, Doug, Kevin and Jem moved out. Darren moves out in 2011 and returns to his father's home. Leanne and Texas later move out after completing their term as fresher students, Jamil also moves out after leaving the village and Lee moves in with Amy Barnes.The new freshers Will Savage, Annalise Appleton, Barney Harper-McBride, Scott Sabeka and Rob Edwards move in. Fellow student Ash Kane also moves in shortly afterwards. They all move out at the end of their first year and go their separate ways. However Annalise and Scott remain until they find alternative accommodation, soon after Scott moved out after deciding to leaving HCC and Hollyoaks, it has since been revealed Annalise has also moved out. The set has not been featured since and will be replaced by a "knackered" old student house in 2013.

28 Barrington Park[edit]

As of September 2010, a new residence was shown on screen with the O'Connor family moving in. Diane offered to take Tony Hutchinson and the Sharpes in after their home was destroyed in a fire in November however moved out shortly after. After splitting with Diane, Rob moved out in January 2011. Jen Gilmore moved in as a lodger in April 2012. In August 2012 Jen's brother Liam Gilmore turned up and is currently staying there. both departed in April 2013. The O'Connors move out in 2013, when Diane reveals that Rob is selling the house. They then moved in with Tony Hutchinson.

28a Fern Street,[edit]

Originally occupied by Ste Hay and Amy Barnes. Amy moved out with baby Leah after being abused by Ste. Justin Burton then moved in after being homeless, and they were later joined by Dominic Reilly after his wife Tina's death. Dom later moved back in with his brother Tony Hutchinson. Justin Burton left Hollyoaks in June 2009 to start a new life Ste lived there with Lucas for a short while until friends Abi and Daniel Raven invited him to move in with him them unbeknown to Ste they plot to take Lucas. Ste moved back in the flat in early 2010. Amy and the children also later moved back in. Amy and the children moved out briefly in 2010 after the fire in Il Gnosh but moved back in in January 2011. Amy, Leah and Lucas moved out before departing the village in August 2012. After getting engaged Doug Carter then moves in with Ste and Leah & Lucas stay with the pair. In December, Doug & Ste's marriage breaks down and he departs for America while Ste reunites Brendan Brady who moves into the flat in January 2013. In February 2013 Amy returns to Hollyoaks and after learning that Brendan is living with Leah and Lucas she takes Leah and Lucas and leaves the village again. Sinead later moves in after moving out of Tony's and then brings baby Katie to live with her too. The flat is destroyed by a bomb explosion in October 2013. This takes the lives of Doug, Leanne Holiday and Ash Kane who lives in the flat above. Following the explosions, the only remaining resident, Ste Hay, moves in 2 Oakdale Drive with his new found family, the Lomaxes. The flats are demolished in January 2014, with Joe Roscoe trapped inside.

28b Fern Street[edit]

The flat was owned by Neville Ashworth. He rented it to Frankie Osborne and Barry Newton in December 2008, after they moved from The Dog in the Pond. Frankie and Newt later moved out, when Darren Osborne moved in Loretta Jones was a lodger their for a short while and Hannah Ashworth moved in with Darren after they married but she moved out following an eating disorder. Cindy Cunningham and daughter Holly Cunningham moved in after Cindy's separation from husband, Tony Hutchinson. Rhys Ashworth and Duncan Button moved in after becoming homeless because of the sale of The Dog. Darren moved in with Jack Osborne a few weeks later. Rhys took pity on love interest Jacqui McQueen when she had nowhere to stay after moving out of her family home after a row, however, it was clear he wanted to be more than just flatmates. Gilly Roach moved in after being thrown out of the Osbornes house for his aggressive behaviour. Jacqui moved out after splitting with Rhys. Jacqui then moves back in when she marries Rhys. Jacqui asks Lynsey Nolan to come stay with them after she is kicked out by her friend Cheryl Brady. Jacqui moves out when her and Rhys have marriage problems, however she moves back in after a few days. Lynsey moves back in with Cheryl in 2012. Teenager Phoebe Jackson moves in 2012, after Jacqui decides she wants to care for her. In June 2012 Jacqui, Rhys and Phoebe all move into the McQueen after her mother Myra is sent to prison, While Michaela McQueen, Theresa McQueen and her daughter Kathy move here. After Michaela leaves and Myra returns from prison, Rhys and Jacqui move back into the flat but when a pipe bursts they move back to the McQueen house. After returning and not being welcome at home Theresa, Joel and baby Kathleen squat in the flat. When Mercedes is released from prison, Myra tells her that she is to live in the flat and shortly joined by fiancee, Paul Browning. After returning from Las Vegas alone, He moves back into his flat in Oakdale Drive. Martha Kane and her children, Ash and Callum move in after being kicked out of their old house. In October, Callum is stabbed with a sameri sword and killed and the following week, Sinead O'Connor - who lives downstairs - accidentally brings a bomb into the flat, it explodes and destroys both flats. This takes the lives of Ash, Leanne Holiday and Doug Carter, who also lives downstairs. Following the explosions, the only remaining resident, Martha Kane, moves away from the village. The flats are demolished in January 2014, with Joe Roscoe trapped inside.

5 Oakdale Drive, Flat 3[edit]

Previously occupied by Louise Summers and Warren Fox, it was more recently the home of Warren, his sister Katy and her boyfriend Justin Burton. When Warren faked his death, Spencer Gray was left the home in Warren's will. Spencer rented the flat out to former students Zak Ramsey, Kris Fisher, Archie Carpenter and Elliot Bevan. Elliot moved to Nancy's flat and Archie left Hollyoaks on 28 May 2010. Kris and Zak left the following summer after finding jobs in London with pal Zoe. In July 2012 Doctor Browning moved in Shortly followed by Mercedes McQueen. It is unknown weather the flat is occupied after Doctor Browning was arrested for Lynsey Nolan's murder. Mercedes did move out to live with Riley Costello. Both move back into the flat in 2013. After Browning's death, Mercedes moves back in with the McQueens. After the revelation that Sandy Roscoe is his mother, Darren Osborne moves out of the Dog with Sienna Blake, Oscar Osborne & Charlie Dean and into flat 3 however two months later, they return to the Dog and Darren lets ex-wife, Nancy move in. In 2014, Darren and Nancy split up again and Darren agrees to move out of The Dog, leaving Nancy living there, but the couple later reunite, leaving the flat unoccupied.


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