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Hudson Bay watershed (including the James and Ungava bays)

This list of Hudson Bay rivers includes the principal rivers draining into the Hudson, James and Ungava bays of the Arctic Ocean. The total surface area of the Hudson Bay watershed is about 3,861,400 square kilometres (1,490,900 sq mi),[1] with a mean discharge of about 30,900 m³/s. The drainage basin includes parts of five Canadian provinces (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec), territories (Northwest Territories and Nunavut) and four American states (Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota). The two principal waterways are the La Grande Rivière, in Québec, and the Nelson River in Manitoba, each with an average waterflow of over 3,000 m³/s.

The rivers are presented by coastline, clockwise, starting with the George River in northeastern Quebec, just south of Cape Chidley and the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.

Rivers in Quebec[edit]

Rivers in Ontario[edit]

Rivers in Manitoba[edit]

Rivers in Nunavut[edit]

Rivers in Alberta[edit]

Rivers in the United States[edit]

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