Independent Mixed Brigades (Imperial Japanese Army)

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The Japanese Imperial Army had Independent Mixed Brigades that were composite units composed of various units detached from other units, or they independent support units formed together in an independent brigade.


The first two of these Independent Mixed Brigades, formed by the Kwangtung Army in the 1930s was the IJA 1st Independent Mixed Brigade and the IJA 11th Independent Mixed Brigade. Each of these brigades were organized in a unique manner and one of them, the 11th was later formed into the IJA 26th Division.

Later a series of Independent Mixed Brigades were formed for the purpose of garrisoning the large territories of China captured in the early phase of the Second Sino-Japanese War. This variety for China was usually organized with five infantry battalions, an artillery unit, and labor troops. In the Pacific theater they had different and more varied configurations of subodinate units.

List of Independent Mixed Brigades[edit]

Kwangtung Army[edit]

China and World War II[edit]

IJA Independent Mixed Brigades formed for the Second Sino-Japanese War and Second World War: