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Indian beverages form an integral part of Indian cuisine. With a climate as varied and extreme as India's, the people require myriad options to keep their thirst appropriately quenched according to the weather conditions, be it a steaming cup during winters or a frosty glass in the summers. Different regions in the country serve different drinks made with an eclectic assortment of ingredients including local spices, flavors and herbs. Available on the streets as well as on the menus of posh hotels, these drinks add to the delicious cuisine of India. Pre-mixed mocktails like Fizz Burst Mojito and Fizz Burst Blue Curacao is a new entrant in the Indian beverage market.


Traditional alcoholic beverages[edit]

Handia is a rice beer commonly made by the indigenous people in Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh states of India.[1]
  • Bangla: Made from starch[clarification needed] and sold[disambiguation needed][clarification needed] in West Bengal. There are government licenced counters to sell this beverage. This is a distilled country liquor.
  • Chhaang
  • Cholai: It is an unrefined alcoholic bevarage available in West Bengal.
  • Chuak
  • Fenny: coconut or cashew apple, Goa
  • Gudamaba: sugar cane, Hyderabad : it was a traditional drink which is brewed from sugar cane.. in the due course it was produced from methane and other chemicals due to which the government banned it.
  • Hadia: rice, Central India
  • Handia (হাঁড়িয়া): Made from rice mainly. Sold in rural West Bengal and neighbour states.
  • Mahua: Mahua flowers, Central Indian
  • Manri: fermented rice, Mithila
  • Toddy, Arrack: also called Sarayi,Kallu, made from various kinds of palm saps, South India
  • Sekmai: from the state of Manipur, sticky rice
  • Sonti: rice, (unknown)
  • Tadi (তাড়ি) or Palm wine: Mainly from eastern part of India. It is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms and coconut palms. Also called Toddy (in English)
  • Sunda Kanji: Made from fermenting rice that is buried in earthen or mud pots covered with cloth, sold in Tamilnadu

Non-traditional alcoholic beverages[edit]


Variants of Tea/Coffee[edit]



Lassi is a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink from India and Pakistan.
A Shikanjvi (Nimbu pani) seller, outside Red Fort, Delhi.

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