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This is a list of major military engagements throughout Irish history including:

Prehistoric era[edit]

5th century[edit]

6th century[edit]

7th century[edit]

8th century[edit]

9th century[edit]

10th century[edit]

11th century[edit]

12th century[edit]

13th century[edit]

14th century[edit]

Bruce Campaign[edit]

15th century[edit]

16th century[edit]

Mac an Iarla War[edit]

Desmond Rebellions[edit]

Main article: Desmond Rebellions

First Desmond Rebellion (1569–1573)

Second Desmond Rebellion (1579–1583)

Spanish Armada[edit]

  • 1588 - Crown mobilisation to capture survivors

Nine Years' War[edit]

17th century[edit]

O'Doherty's Rebellion[edit]

Main article: O'Doherty's Rebellion

Irish Confederate Wars[edit]

Williamite War[edit]

18th century[edit]

United Irishmen Rebellion[edit]

Several fragments of the rebel armies of the Summer of 1798 survived to fight on both in the hope of the rebellion breaking out again and of French aid. The main guerrilla groupings were:

19th century[edit]

Tithe War[edit]

Main article: Tithe War
  • 1831–1836 - a period of rural insurgency over the payment of tithes to the Established Church.

Fenian Rising[edit]

Main article: Fenian Rising

20th century[edit]

Easter Rising, Irish War of Independence & Civil War, 1916-22[edit]

Only the major engagements of this period are listed below.

Easter Rising[edit]

Irish War of Independence[edit]

Irish Civil War[edit]

IRA Northern Campaigns[edit]

The Troubles[edit]

Irish Defence Forces peacekeeping[edit]

  • 1960 - Niemba Ambush - Irish platoon ambushed by Baluba tribesmen in the Congo
  • 1961 - Siege of Jadotville - 150 Irish peacekeepers hold out for four days under siege by upwards of four thousand Kataganians in the Congo, while Irish and Swedish troops attempt to break through to them.
  • 1961 - Second Battle for the Tunnel - Irish 36th Battalion capture a vital communications link in Elisabethville, Congo.
  • 1980 - Battle of At Tiri, South Lebanon. Between Irish and other UNIFIL troops and South Lebanon Army.
  • 2004 - Gbapa, Nimba county, Liberia - Irish Army Ranger Wing rescue villagers from Government of Liberia (GOL) forces.[12]

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