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The first Islamic television channel to launch in the United Kingdom[1] was MTA Muslim TV. This set the foundation for the Islamic television channels available today. All the channels are available via Sky Digital and Freesat. However, Islamic radio stations has been available on a local basis throughout the UK since the 1990s even though these were on a temporary licence for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

In July 2009, ILM Radio launched,[2] making it the first Islamic radio station to launch nationwide in the UK.

Television networks[edit]

Name Language(s) Established Type Notes
MTA Muslim TV Urdu January 1994[3] Ahmadiyya First Islamic television channel in the UK. Available throughout the world. For many of the programmes, there are translations available, mainly in English, Arabic, French, German, Bengali and Turkish.
MTA 2 Urdu/German April 2004[3] Ahmadiyya Available in Europe via Hotbird 7A.
Islam Channel / Islam Channel Urdu English December 2004[4] Sunni Islam Third Islamic television channel in the UK. Available throughout UK and Western Europe via Eurobird. Available throughout Europe and Middle East via Hotbird 6 and throughout Africa via Eutelsat Sesat and Eutelsat W4.
Noor TV English/Urdu October 2006[5] Sunni Islam Programmes approximately 70% Urdu, 20% English and 10% Other. Based on Sufi principles of Sunni Islam.
ARY QTV English/Urdu / Punjabi September 2003[6] Sunni Islam
Peace TV English September 2007 Sunni Islam Owned by Zakir Naik. First launched as English and Urdu language channel; in 2009, a separate Urdu language channel launched.
Peace TV Urdu Urdu July 2009 Sunni Islam Owned by Zakir Naik. Urdu version of the English Peace TV channel.
Peace TV Bangla Bangla July 2009 Sunni Islam Owned by Zakir Naik. Bangla version of the English Peace TV channel.
IQRA TV (IQRA BANGLA)UK English/Urdu April 2009[7] Sunni Islam

IQRA TV (IQRA Bangla) (including Iqra bangla) is owned and run by Al Khair foundation under the supervision of Imam Qasim. Mainly in English but also runs some Bangali and Urdu programming. Has strong links with PEACE TV and recently hosted the Al-Khair Peace convention jointly in UK. On Sky in the UK and can be received in Europe via Eurobird 1.

Hidayat TV Urdu/English February 2009 Shia Islam First Shia Islamic channel.
Ahlebait TV Urdu/Farsi September 2009 Shia Islam Second Shia Islamic channel.
Ummah Channel English/Urdu November 2009[8] Sunni Islam An Islamic entertainment channel covering all types of Sunni Islamic teachings.
Madani Channel English/Urdu December 2009 Sunni Islam Owned by Dawateislami. The channel emphasises the lifestyle of Muhammad.
Takbeer TV Urdu February 2010 Sunni Islam Owned and run by the Sultan Bahu Trust. Based on Sufi principles of Sunni Islam.

Madani channel December 2009 Sunni Islam Owned And Run by Dawateislami. Sky 828.

Paigham TV Urdu/Pashto August 2011 Islam
British Muslim TV / Islam TV Urdu English/Urdu August 2014 / 2015 Islam
Muhammadiya TV/Napoleon TV/Al Hira TV/Nasheed TV English/Urdu Full launch TBA Sunni Islam Micro channels broadcasting via Up & Coming TV[9] channel.
Shia TV Online Urdu August 2014 Shia Islam Based on Islamic teachings from the family of Muhammad.


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