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Shakshouka served in a pan

The following is a list of Israeli dishes. For the cuisine, see Israeli cuisine.

Main dishes[edit]

Kubbeh matfuniya
St. Peter's fish (tilapia) in a restaurant in Tiberias, Israel
  • Jerusalem mixed grill - an Israeli invented dish from Jerusalem, It consists of chicken hearts, spleens and liver mixed with bits of lamb cooked on a flat grill, seasoned with onion, garlic, juniper berries, black pepper, cumin, turmeric and coriander, it is served with rice, mujaddara or bamia
  • Chicken drumsticks with couscous and vegetables
  • Chicken drumsticks with ptitim in ras el hanout
  • Of Memula - Stuffed Chicken with Rice, Mujaddara or Ptitim
  • Kubba bamia - Traditional Iraqi Jewish dish made from Kubba with red soup and small okra stews
  • Kubba shwandar - Traditional Iraqi Jewish dish made from Kubba with purple soup and sliced beet
  • Kubba matfuniya - Kurdish Jewish red kubba soup
  • Kubba hamusta - Kurdish Jewish variation of kubba soup
  • Kubba Yerushalmit (Jerusalem kubba) - a Kurdish kubba variation invented in Jerusalem
  • Romanian kebab
  • Iraqi kebab - Middle Eastern Kebab in Israel it's called Iraqi Kebab because of Iraqi Jews who brought the recipe with them.
  • Shish kebab - Middle Eastern Kebab on skewers
  • Shish taouk - Chicken pieces on skewers
  • Shashlik
  • Bamia with hot tomato souce
  • Charime - Moroccan spicy fish
  • Tilapia - St. Peter's fish, eaten in Israel and especially in Tiberias area
  • Merguez - North African spicy sausage, mainly grilled in Israel
  • Hummus im basar - Hummus with a minced meat above it with olive oil and pine nuts
  • Shakshouka - a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin
  • Sephardic Jerusalem Sofrito - Traditional Sephardic Jerusalem dish made by Sephardic Jews after expulsion from Spain during the 15th century
  • Yemenite Bean Soup
  • Yemenite Leg Soup
  • Schnitzel
  • Stuffed Pepper Schnitzel
  • Stuffed Corn Schnitzel
  • Mulukhiyah
  • Brik
  • Malawach - Yemeni big bread eaten with fresh grated tomato and skhug
  • Matzah balls soup

Hamin/Cholent main dishes for Shabbat[edit]

Jachnun plate
  • Cholent - Ashkenazi dish
  • Hamin - Sephardic dish
  • Hamin Macaroni - Traditional Sephardic Jerusalemite dish
  • Taris - Yemenite Jewish dish
  • Tbiet - Iraqi Jewish dish
  • Dafina - North African Jewish dish
  • Shahina - another North African Jewish dish
  • Matfuniya - Kurdish Jewish dish

Other Shabbat dishes[edit]

  • Jachnun - Yemenite Jewish pastry served at Shabbat morning with fresh grated tomato and skhug
  • Sabich - among Iraqi Jews only
  • Iraqi red rice with fresh yogurt/labneh

Side dishes[edit]


Israeli eggplant salad with mayonnaise

Cheeses and yogurts[edit]

Spices and condiments[edit]



Pita in the marketplace

Bread dishes[edit]

  • Falafel (could be served plain) - Fried hummus, spice and parsley ball
  • Shawarma - Pita bread roll of meat, tahini and various vegetables, in Israel it is also served with Amba condiment
  • Pita afuya im za'tar - Taboon bread topped with za'atar and olive oil
  • Sambusak - Fried dough balls stuffed with meat and onion or with cheese
  • Jerusalem mixed grill - can be served in pita or laffa
  • Bagel toast
  • Tunisian sandwich
  • Sabich - Israeli dish served in pita bread, traditionally contains fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, hummus, tahini, Israeli salad, potato, parsley and amba. Traditionally it is made with haminados eggs, slow-cooked in Hamin until they turn brown. Sometimes it is doused with hot sauce and sprinkled with minced onion.
  • Lahmacun - round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef and lamb) and minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley, then baked.
  • Havita b'laffa - Omelette in a Taboon bread, served with Hummus or Labneh.
  • Schnitzel b'pita - Schnitzel in Pita bread, served with Hummus or Ketchup


Falafel balls

Sweets and desserts[edit]



  • Arak - Anise flavored alcoholic beverage
  • Turkish coffee
  • Sahlab - boiled milk with starch, covered with smashed coconut and cinnamon
  • Limonana - type of lemonade made from freshly-squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves
  • Vodka - distilled beverage composed primarily of water and ethanol, sometimes with traces of impurities and flavorings.
  • Beer
  • Tea


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