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The James Bond novels and films are notable for their memorable villains and henchmen. Each Bond villain has numerous henchmen to do their bidding.

There is typically one particularly privileged henchman who poses a formidable physical threat to Bond and must be defeated in order to reach the employer. These range from simply adept and tough fighters, such as Donald 'Red' Grant, to henchmen whose physical characteristics are seemingly superhuman, such as Jaws.

Eon Productions henchmen[edit]

Sean Connery era (1962–67, 1971)[edit]

Dr. No[edit]

  • Miss Taro (Zena Marshall)—Arrested
  • Professor R. J. Dent (Anthony Dawson)—Shot by Bond
  • Annabel Chung (Photographer) (Marguerite LeWars)—Survives
  • Mr. Jones (Reginald Carter)—Poisons self with cyanide capsule
  • Three Blind Mice (Eric Coverly, Charles Edghill and Henry Lopez)—Die in car crash
  • Sister Lily (Yvonne Shima)—Unknown
  • Sister Rose (Michel Mok)—Unknown

From Russia with Love[edit]

  • Donald "Red" Grant (Robert Shaw)—Garroted by Bond.
  • Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal)—Eliminated by Morzeny using a poison tipped boot.
  • Morzeny (Walter Gotell)—Incinerated by Bond (Gotell played General Gogol in later Bond films.)
  • Krilencu (Fred Haggerty)—Shot by Kerim Bey
  • Red Grant's Masseuse (Jan Williams)—Unknown
  • Rhoda (Peter Brayham)—Unknown


  • Bonita (Nadja Regin)—Unknown
  • Capungo (Alf Joint)—Electrocuted by Bond
  • Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton)—Killed by Goldfinger
  • Jack Strap (Hal Galili)—Gassed by Goldfinger
  • Kisch (Michael Mellinger)—Thrown over rail by Oddjob
  • Martin Solo (Martin Benson)—Shot by Oddjob and his corpse disposed of in a scrap metal compactor
  • Mei-Lei (Mai Ling)—Unknown
  • Midnight (Bill Nagy)—Gassed by Goldfinger
  • Oddjob (Harold Sakata)—Electrocuted by Bond
  • Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman)—Changes sides; survives
  • Pussy Galore's Flying Circus Pilots (Caron Gardiner, Lesley Hill, Aleta Morrison and two others)—Unknown
  • Mobsters (various)-Gassed by Goldfinger (see above)


  • Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi)—Shot by her own henchman
  • Vargas (Philip Locke)—Harpooned by Bond
  • Count Lippe (Guy Doleman)—Blown up by Fiona
  • Colonel Jacques Bouvar (Rose Alba and Bob Simmons)—Strangled with fireplace poker by Bond
  • Dr. Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)—Unknown; changes sides by helping Domino to escape and renders the atomic bomb on board the Disco Volante useless
  • Angelo Palazzi (Paul Stassino)—Murdered by Largo for wanting more money
  • Quist (Bill Cummings)—Fed to sharks by Largo
  • Janni (Michael Brennan)—Dies when the Disco Volante crashes
  • SPECTRE Agent No. 9—Electrocuted by Blofeld on counts of embezzlement

You Only Live Twice[edit]

Diamonds Are Forever[edit]

  • Mr. Wint (Bruce Glover)—Blown up
  • Mr. Kidd (Putter Smith)—Set ablaze, drowns after jumping overboard in attempt to stop fire
  • Shady Tree (Leonard Barr)—killed by Wint and Kidd
  • Peter Franks (Joe Robinson)—Thrown over banister by Bond
  • Tiffany Case (Jill St. John)—Change sides, survives
  • Bert Saxby (Bruce Cabot)—Shot by CIA agents
  • Bambi (Lola Larson)—Arrested
  • Thumper (Trina Parks)—Arrested
  • Morton Slumber (David Bauer)—Survives
  • Prof. Dr. Metz (Joseph Furst)—Unknown
  • Mrs. Whistler (Margaret Lacey)—Drowned by Wint and Kidd
  • Dr. Tynan (Henry Rowland)—Murdered with a scorpion by Wint and Kidd
  • Marie (Denise Perrier)—Survives
  • Blofeld Double #1—Boiled alive in a pit of super-heated mud by Bond
  • Blofeld Double #2—Shot in the head with a piton gun by Bond
  • Blofeld Double #3 (Max Latimer)—Drowned in mud bath by Bond
  • Rodney "Fingers" McGraw-Boss of the Spangled Mob (Marc Lawrence)—Unknown
  • Man in Fez (Frank Olegario)— Survives
  • Blofeld's Plastic Surgeons (David de Keyser, Gerald Paris, Charles Rayford and Anthony Snell)—Survive
  • Casino Croupier (Vincent Wong)—Survives
  • Slumber Inc. Attendants (Sid Haig and Michael Valente)—Survive

George Lazenby era (1969)[edit]

On Her Majesty's Secret Service[edit]

Roger Moore era (1973–85)[edit]

Live and Let Die[edit]

  • Tee Hee (Julius W. Harris)—Thrown out train window by Bond
  • Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown)—Unknown, last seen trapped in an airtight container
  • Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder)—Thrown into a coffin full of venomous snakes by Bond; later revealed to have survived
  • Adam (Tommy Lane)—Blown up in boat crash by Bond
  • Cab Driver (Arnold Williams)—Unknown
  • Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry)—Shot by gun hidden in mouth of Kananga's scarecrows
  • Sales Girl (Kubi Chaza)—Survives
  • Dambala (Michael Ebbin)—Shot by Bond
  • Casual Assassin (Alvin Alcorn)—Unknown
  • Solitaire (Jane Seymour)— Changes sides, survives
  • Singer (Brenda Arnau)—Survives
  • Grieving woman (Sylvia Kuumba Williams)—Unknown
  • High Priest of San Monique—Shot by Bond
  • Cliff lookout—Knocked unconscious by Bond using his glider

The Man with the Golden Gun[edit]

The Spy Who Loved Me[edit]

  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)—Survives
  • Naomi (Caroline Munro)—Helicopter is shot down by Bond using Lotus sub's torpedo; explodes
  • Sandor (Milton Reid)—Thrown off roof by Bond
  • Log Cabin Girl (Sue Vanner)—Survives
  • Felicca (Olga Bisera)—Shot by Sandor
  • Sergei Barsov (Michael Billington)—Shot with ski-pole gun by Bond
  • Fekkesh (Nadim Sawalha)—Bitten by Jaws
  • Max Kalba (Vernon Dobtcheff)—Bitten by Jaws
  • Stromberg's Assistant (Marilyn Galsworthy)—Eaten by sharks in Stromberg's lair
  • Dr. Bechmann (Cyril Shaps)—Stromberg blows up helicopter with him in it
  • Prof. Markovitz (Milo Sperber)—Stromberg blows up helicopter with him in it
  • Liparus Captain (Sidney Tafler)—Killed in explosion
  • Fake crews on British and Russian submarines (various)-Killed when nuclear missiles strike their hijacked submarines
  • Stromberg's aquanauts (various)-Killed through various means by Bond using Lotus submarine
  • Three men in car with Jaws (unknown)-Unknown, probably killed when car crashes into roof of a house


  • Apollo Jet Pilot (Jean-Pierre Castaldi)—Parachute removed by Bond, falls to his death
  • Apollo Jet Hostess (Leila Shenna)—Unknown, possibly dies when plane crashes
  • Jaws (Richard Kiel)—Changes sides; Survives
  • Museum Guide (Anne Lonnberg)—Deceased; Unknown
  • Chang (Toshiro Suga)—Thrown through clock face into piano by Bond
  • Blonde Beauty (Irka Bonchenco)—dies when Space station blows up
  • Lady Victoria Devon (Francoise Gayat)—Deceased; Unknown
  • Countess Labinsky (Catherine Serre)—Lasered by Goodhead
  • La Signorina del Mateo (Chichinou Kaeppler)—Lasered by MI6 agents
  • Mademoiselle Deladier (Beatrice Libert)—Dies when Space Station blows up
  • Drax's Girl (Niciase Jean Louis)—Dies when Space Station blows up
  • Tree assassin (Guy Delorme)—Killed by Bond with a "missed" shot while pheasant hunting
  • Corinne Dufour—Eaten by Drax's hounds

For Your Eyes Only[edit]

  • Erich Kriegler (John Wyman)—Thrown through window and off a cliff by Bond
  • Emile Leopold Locque (Michael Gothard)—Shot in shoulder and kicked off cliff in car by Bond
  • Hector Gonzales (Stefan Kalipha)—Shot with crossbow by Melina
  • Apostis (Jack Klaff)—Knocked off cliff by Bond
  • Claus (Charles Dance)—Harpooned by Columbo's men


  • Magda (Kristina Wayborn)—Changes sides; Survives
  • Gobinda (Kabir Bedi)—Knocked off plane by Bond
  • Mischka (David Meyer)—Bludgeoned with cannon by Bond
  • Grischka (Anthony Meyer)—Stabbed by Bond
  • Lenkin (Peter Porteous)—Arrested by the KGB
  • Hired thugs (William Derrick, R.J. Bell, and Ravinder Singh Reyett)—One killed by octopus (either poisoned or suffocated); one shot in neck by (possibly poisoned) dart; one eaten by crocodile
  • Colonel Toro (Ken Norris)—Killed in explosion
  • Gwendoline (Suzanne Jerome)—Unknown
  • Midge (Cherry Gillespie)—Unknown

A View to a Kill[edit]

  • May Day (Grace Jones)—Changes sides; dies when bomb explodes
  • Scarpine (Patrick Bauchau)—Dies in failing to wrestle dynamite away from Dr. Mortner
  • Dr. Carl Mortner (Willoughby Gray)—Dies in an attempt to kill Bond with dynamite, which explodes
  • Jenny Flex (Alison Doody) - Killed in mine disaster
  • Pan Ho (Papillon Soo Soo) - Killed in mine disaster
  • Bob Conley (Manning Redwood)—Defenestrated by Zorin
  • W.G. Howe (Daniel Benzali)—Shot by Zorin

Timothy Dalton era (1987–89)[edit]

The Living Daylights[edit]

  • Kara Milovy (Maryam D'Abo)—Changes sides; Survives
  • Colonel Feyador (John Bowe)—Killed by grenade
  • Imposter 00 (Carl Rigg)—Killed in exploding Land Rover
  • Necros (Andreas Wisniewski)—Falls from rear of a cargo plane whilst having a mid-air fight on a dangling cargo net with Bond
  • Sergeant Stagg (Derek Hoxby)—Shot by Pushkin

Licence to Kill[edit]

Pierce Brosnan era (1995–2002)[edit]


Tomorrow Never Dies[edit]

The World Is Not Enough[edit]

Die Another Day[edit]

Daniel Craig era (2006-present)[edit]

Casino Royale[edit]

Quantum of Solace[edit]


  • Patrice (Ola Rapace)—Falls from a skyscraper in Shanghai
  • Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe)—Shot by Silva
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Tank Dong)—Attacked and eaten by Komodo Dragons
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Roger Yuan)—Knocked unconscious by Eve
  • Sévérine's Bodyguard (Liang Yang)—Knocked unconscious by Bond
  • Silva's mercenary (Jens Hultén)—Drowned by Bond in a frozen lake
  • Silva's mercenary (Adebayo Bolaji)—Shot by Bond
  • Boat Captain (Milorad Kapor)—Shot by Bond


Non-Eon henchmen[edit]

Casino Royale (1953 TV special)[edit]

  • Basil (Gene Roth)—Shot by Bond
  • Zoltan (Kurt Katch)—Survives
  • Drive-by assassin (Unknown actor)—Survives

A Spy's Holiday (1964 short film)[edit]

  • Disguised assassin waiter (Leslie Crawford)— Punched off balcony by Bond

Casino Royale (1967)[edit]

  • Agent Mimi (Deborah Kerr)—Switched sides; becomes a nun who gives Bond information; survives
  • Vesper Lynd (Ursula Andress)—Presumed killed in ending atomic explosion
  • Miss Goodthighs (Jacqueline Bisset)—Killed by Vesper
  • Frau Hoffner (Anna Quayle)—Shot by deceased WWI soldier
  • Polo (Ronnie Corbett)—Short-circuited by Mata Bond
  • Le Chiffre's Representative (Vladek Sheybal)—Blown up in telephone booth by Le Chiffre
  • Casino Clerk (Actor Unknown)—Shot by Bond and Vesper

Never Say Never Again[edit]

  • Fatima Blush (Barbara Carrera)—Blown up by pen bomb gun used by Bond
  • Lippe (Pat Roach)—Killed by Bond in fight where he falls on broken glass, then bleeds to death
  • Kovacs (Milow Kirek)

Novel henchmen[edit]

Casino Royale[edit]

  • Vesper Lynd—Commits suicide
  • Basil
  • Kratt

Live and Let Die[edit]

  • The Whisper
  • Tee-Hee Johnson (independent villain) - killed when Bond pushes him down stairs
  • Solitaire—Unknown
  • MoThing
  • Sam Miami
  • The Flannel
  • The Robber
  • Blabbermouth Foley


  • Krebs
  • Dr. Walter

Diamonds Are Forever[edit]

  • Tiffany Case

Video game henchmen[edit]

007: Agent Under Fire[edit]

Main article: 007: Agent Under Fire
  • Nigel Bloch (Denny Delk, voice)—Shot with rocket launcher by Bond
  • Carla the Jackal (Roxana Ortega, voice)—Knocked into fan by Bond

007: Nightfire[edit]

  • Armitage Rook (Richard Whiten, voice)—Knocked into fan by Bond (PC version)/shot by Bond (console version)
  • Makiko "Kiko" Hayashi (Tamlyn Tomita, voice)—Incinerated by Bond in missile silo

007: Everything or Nothing[edit]

  • Katya Nadanova (Heidi Klum)—Blown up by Bond, dies in plane crash
  • Jean Le Rouge (Marc Graue)—Shot by Bond
  • Jaws—likeness (Richard Kiel)—Unknown
  • Arkady Yayakov—Crushed by sphere

GoldenEye: Rogue Agent[edit]

007: From Russia with Love[edit]

  • Eva (Maria Menounos)—Dies when plane crashes into door in OCTOPUS base
  • OCTOPUS Commando Team—Leader shot down from jet-pack by Bond; Assassin shot by Bond; Bearded Assassin crashed into Big Ben

James Bond 007: Blood Stone[edit]

  • Greco (Luis Soto, voice)—Unknown
  • Bernin (Ramon Tikaram, voice)—Falls to his death after Bond kicks him off a ledge