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This is a list of Jesuit scientists, who contributed somehow to history of science. Members of the Society of Jesus have a historical and occasionally controversial role in the history of science. These are Jesuits who were notable scientists and were not required to be of any significance in discussing the relationship between religion and science. Also, included are fictional characters of Jesuit scientists in literature as well as historical people. It is chronologically arranged by date of death.

Jesuit Astronomers with Chinese Scholars in the 18th Century

16th Century[edit]

17th Century[edit]

18th Century[edit]

19th Century[edit]

20th Century[edit]

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

21st Century[edit]

Fictional Jesuits[edit]

The 'Jesuit scientist' has been used as a character of faith in several works of science fiction,[1] some examples include:

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