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Duško Vujošević is the most successful coach in club's history.

KK Partizan is Serbian professional basketball club based in Belgrade, Serbia. They play in Basketball League of Serbia, Adriatic League and Euroleague. Partizan have played their home games at the Pionir Hall since 1992. In addition of Pionir Hall, Partizan also plays their home games in Kombank Arena. Partizan is the most successful basketball club in Serbia, having won total of 44 official trophies.

There have been 26 head coaches for Partizan since the founding of the club in 1945. The first head coach was Božo Grkinić who coached Partizan for two seasons. The first coach to bring Partizan official trophy was Borislav Ćorković. He won Yugoslav League with Partizan in 1976. Club won the first international trophy in 1978, while being coached by Ranko Žeravica. Željko Obradović lead the club to the most significant trophy, Euroleague in 1992. Duško Vujošević is the most successful coach in club's history. In his four stints with Partizan he won total of 23 trophies. Borislav Stanković and Ranko Žeravica are members of FIBA Hall of Fame, while Aleksandar Nikolić is a member of Basketball Hall of Fame. Furthermore, Nikolić, Dušan Ivković and Željko Obradović have been named among 50 Greatest Euroleague Contributors.


GC Games coached
W Wins
L Losses
Win% Winning percentage
# Number of coaches
dagger Elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach
* Elected into the FIBA Hall of Fame as a coach


Dušan Ivković with Partizan won Yugoslav double and Korać Cup in 1979.
# Name Nationality Period GC W L Win% Achievements
1 Božo Grkinić  Yugoslavia 1946–1948
2 Sveta Šaper  Yugoslavia 1948–1949
3 Janoš Gerdov  Yugoslavia 1949–1950
4 Stanković, BorislavBorislav Stanković*  Yugoslavia 1950–1953
5 Miodrag Stefanović  Yugoslavia 1953–1954
6 Mirko Marjanović  Yugoslavia 1954–1958
7 Nikolić, AleksandarAleksandar Nikolićdagger  Yugoslavia 1958–1961 50 Greatest Euroleague Contributors
8 Božidar Munćan  Yugoslavia 1961–1963
9 Milenko Novaković  Yugoslavia 1963–1964
10 Borislav Ćurčić  Yugoslavia 1964–1967
11 Branislav Rajačić  Yugoslavia 1967–1969
12 Radovan Radović  Yugoslavia 1969–1971
13 Žeravica, RankoRanko Žeravica*  Yugoslavia 1971–1974
14 Borislav Ćorković  Yugoslavia 1974–1976 1 Yugoslav League
Žeravica, RankoRanko Žeravica*  Yugoslavia 1976–1978 1 Korać Cup
15 Dušan Ivković  Yugoslavia 1978–1980 1 Yugoslav League
1 Yugoslav Cup
1 Korać Cup
50 Greatest Euroleague Contributors
Borislav Ćorković  Yugoslavia 1980–1982 1 Yugoslav League
16 Borislav Džaković  Yugoslavia 1982–1984
17 Zoran Slavnić  Yugoslavia 1984–1985
18 Vladislav Lučić  Yugoslavia 1985–1986
19 Duško Vujošević  Yugoslavia 1986–1989 1 Yugoslav League
1 Yugoslav Cup
1 Korać Cup
Borislav Ćorković  Yugoslavia 1989–1990
Duško Vujošević  Yugoslavia 1990–1991
20 Željko Obradović  Yugoslavia/
 Serbia and Montenegro
1991–1993 1 Yugoslav League
1 Yugoslav Cup
1 Euroleague
50 Greatest Euroleague Contributors
21 Željko Lukajić  Serbia and Montenegro 1993–1994 1 Serbia and Montenegro Cup
Borislav Džaković  Serbia and Montenegro 1994–1995 1 Serbia and Montenegro League
1 Serbia and Montenegro Cup
Žeravica, RankoRanko Žeravica*  Serbia and Montenegro 1995–1996 1 Serbia and Montenegro League
22 Miroslav Nikolić  Serbia and Montenegro 1996–1998 1 Serbia and Montenegro League
23 Milovan Bogojević  Serbia and Montenegro 1998
Vladislav Lučić  Serbia and Montenegro 1998–1999 1 Serbia and Montenegro Cup
24 Nenad Trajković  Serbia and Montenegro 1999–2000 1 Serbia and Montenegro Cup
25 Darko Ruso  Serbia and Montenegro 2000–2001
Duško Vujošević  Serbia and Montenegro/
2001–2010 5 Serbia and Montenegro Leagues
1 Serbia and Montenegro Cup
4 Serbian Leagues
3 Radivoj Korac Cups
4 Adriatic Leagues
Euroleague Coach of the Year (2009)
26 Vlada Jovanović  Serbia 2010–2012 2 Serbian Leagues
2 Radivoj Korać Cups
1 Adriatic League
Duško Vujošević  Montenegro 2012–present 2 Basketball League of Serbia
1 Adriatic League



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