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This is a list of notable Kakazai (Pashto: کَکا زي / کَکے زي / کاکا زي, Urdu, Persian: کاکا زَئی / کَکے زَئی / کَکا زَئی‎) Pashtuns (پشتون / پختون), also known as Loye or Loi Mamund (Urdu: لو ئے / لوئی مَاموند‎ | Pashto: لوی ماموند), a division of Mamund (Urdu: مَاموند‎ | Pashto: ماموند) clan, who are part of the larger Tarkani (Pashto: تر کا ڼي / ترکلا ڼي / ترکا نڑي, Urdu, Persian: ترکانی / ترکلانی / ترکانڑی ‎ | English spelling variants: Tarkani, Tarkalani, Tarkanri) Pashtun (پشتون / پختون) tribe mainly settled in Bajaur Agency, Pakistan, but originally hailed from the Laghman province (Urdu: لغمان‎) of Afghanistan. However, it has grown and scattered around to such an extent that it is recognized as tribe of its own.


Nuclear Scientists[edit]

  • Munir Ahmad Khan, (Chairman, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, 1972–1991)
  • Ishfaq Ahmad, (Chairman Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission, 1991–2001)


  • Mohammad Nissar, (Founding Member of Pakistan Cricket Board, First Pakistani cricketer, Pro-Pakistan leader)


  • Shahid Masood, (TV Personality/Journalist, Head Of ARY One World Channel, Currently with GEO TV and anchorman of "Meray Mutabiq")
  • Javed Ahmad Ghamidi (born 1951), (Religious scholar, exegetic, and educationist)
  • Intisar-ul-Haque, (Rtd. Chairman Department of Philosophy Peshawar University)


  • Asma Jahangir (Former Bar president, Supreme Court of Pakistan)



  • Abdul Qadir, (Governor General, State Bank Of Pakistan, (20-07-1953 to 19-07-1960))

Armed Forces[edit]