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Here follows a list of notable people associated with Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. This list includes the college's notable alumni, organized by their fields of endeavor, in addition to notable members of its faculty and a complete chronological list of the presidents of the college.

Distinguished graduates[edit]

Selected Kenyon Alumni
19th President of the United States, Rutherford B. Hayes, class of 1842
US Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, class of 1834
Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, class of 1948
Academy Award-winning actor, Paul Newman, class of 1949
Emmy Award-winning actress, Alison Janney, class of 1982
Comedian, Jonathan Winters, class of 1950
Actor and filmmaker, Josh Radnor, class of 1996


Name Occupation Class Year
Amos N. Guiora Professor of law at University of Utah and Israel Defense Forces Judge Advocate General's Corps (Lt. Col. Ret.) 1979
John Allen Gable Executive director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association from 1974 through to his death in February 2005. He was widely considered the world's leading authority on Theodore Roosevelt. 1965
Constantinos Patrides Professor of English Literature, University of Michigan 1952


Name Occupation Class Year
Ron Link Former fire fighter and actor (patient advocate)


Name Occupation Class Year
David Davis Senator, Supreme Court Justice 1832
Thomas Stanley Matthews Senator, Supreme Court justice 1840
Kathleen M. O'Malley United States federal judge 1979
Augustus J. Ricks United States federal judge (attended)

Literature and journalism[edit]

Name Occupation Class Year
Jim Bellows Journalist and newspaper editor 1947
Caleb Carr Novelist and military historian 1977
Jay Cocks Film critic and Academy Award-nominated screenwriter 1966
E. L. Doctorow Novelist and cultural critic 1952
Martin Blank Writer and Journalist 1973
William Gass Writer, winner of the American Book Award 1947
John Green Author; Winner Michael L. Printz Award for Looking for Alaska 2000
Saskia Hamilton Poet 1989
John Hattendorf Maritime historian 1964
Anthony Hecht Poet
Laura Hillenbrand Writer, author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend (attended)
Scott Kenemore Writer 2000
P. F. Kluge Writer 1964
Robert Lowell Poet,Two time winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Poet Laureate 1947-1948 1940
Robie Macauley Writer, editor of Playboy 1941
Robert Mezey Writer (attended)
Fred Waitzkin Writer 1965
Greg Melville Writer and Journalist 1992
Jenna Blum Writer 1992
Matthew Winkler Editor in chief, Bloomberg News 1977
James Wright Poet, Winner of Pulitzer Prize 1952


Name Occupation Class Year
Ralph P. Buckland Brigadier General, Union Army, during the Civil War
John G. Mitchell Brigadier General, Union Army, during the Civil War 1859

Performing arts[edit]

Name Occupation Class Year
Nick Bakay Actor, Comedian 1981
Adam Davidson Academy award winning Director 1986
Frank Dicopoulos Actor 1979
Chris Eigeman Actor 1987
Allison Janney Actress, four-time Emmy Award winner 1982
Paul Newman Actor, Emmy Award and Academy Award winner 1949
Wendy MacLeod Playwright, screenwriter
Kris Osborn CNN anchor 1992
Amy Malkoff Recording Artist
Alfred Humphreys Pease Composer
Josh Radnor Actor and filmmaker 1996
Jonathan Winters Actor and comedian 1950


Name Occupation Class Year
Kevin O'Donnell Director of the U.S. Peace Corps 1947


Name Occupation Class Year
Rutherford B. Hayes President of the United States 1842
Olof Palme Prime Minister of Sweden 1948
William Rehnquist Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (attended)
Edwin Stanton Secretary of War during the Lincoln administration 1834
John Snow Secretary of the Treasury (attended)
David Davis Senator, Supreme Court Justice 1832
Thomas Stanley Matthews Senator, Supreme Court justice 1840
Henry Winter Davis US Congressman for Maryland's 3rd and 4th district 1837
Zack Space Congressman, Ohio Congressional District 18 1983
Peter Stautberg member of Ohio House of Representatives
Barry Goode California judge, former legal officer for California Gov. Gray Davis 1969
Diana Schaub President's Council on Bioethics, Professor of Political Science at Loyola University Maryland


Name Occupation Class Year
Joseph Schereschewsky Bishop of Shanghai, China, 1877-1883
William Crane Gray First Bishop of Southern Florida, 1893-1913 1859
S. Arthur Huston Episcopal Bishop of Olympia, 1925-1944
William E. Swing Bishop, Diocese of California, 1979-2006 1958
Charles D. Williams Fourth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, 1906-1915


Name Occupation Class Year
Rolla Dyer Developer of the typhus vaccine and director of the National Institutes of Health 1907
Carl Djerassi Creator of the birth control pill, winner of the National Medal of Science 1943
Harvey Lodish Professor, co-founder of Genzyme Corporation 1962


Name Occupation Class Year
Don McNeill Tennis player 1940
John Rinka Basketball player and coach 1970
Shaka Smart Men's basketball head coach, Virginia Commonwealth University
Bill Veeck MLB owner and baseball player (attended)

Visual arts[edit]

Name Occupation Class Year
Carl Andre Artist (attended)
Jim Borgman Cartoonist, best known for Zits 1976
Gary Ridgway Painter (attended)
Meg Cranston Artist 1982
Eric Gaskins Fashion Designer
Graham Gund Architect 1963
C. Cameron Macauley Photographer and Film Producer 1949
Jonathan Mannion Photographer and Director 1993
Coles Phillips Artist
Bill Watterson Cartoonist, best known for Calvin and Hobbes 1980
Victoria Wyatt Art historian 1977

Notable faculty members[edit]

Visiting Faculty

Presidents of the college[edit]

  1. Philander Chase (1825–1831)
  2. Charles Pettit McIlvaine (1832–1840)
  3. David Bates Douglass (1840–1844)
  4. Samuel Fuller (acting, 1844–1845)
  5. Sherlock A. Bronson (1845–1850)
  6. Thomas M. Smith (1850–1854)
  7. Lorin Andrews (1854–1861)
  8. Benjamin L. Lang (acting, 1861–1863)
  9. Charles Short (1863–1867)
  10. James Kent Stone (1867–1868)
  11. Eli Todd Tappan (1868–1875)
  12. Edward C. Benson (acting, 1875–1876)
  13. William B. Bodine (1876–1891)
  14. Theodore Sterling (1891–1896)
  15. William Foster Peirce (1896–1937)
  16. Gordon Keith Chalmers (1937–1956)
  17. Frank E. Bailey (acting, 1956–1957)
  18. F. Edward Lund (1957–1968)
  19. William G. Caples (1968–1975)
  20. Philip H. Jordan Jr. (1975–1995)
  21. Reed S. Browning (acting, 1989)
  22. Robert A. Oden Jr. (1995–2002)
  23. Ronald A. Sharp (acting, 2002–2003)
  24. S. Georgia Nugent (2003–2013)
  25. Sean M. Decatur (2013-present)