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The page lists the characters of the Pakistan television series Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat.

Main characters[edit]

Saima Chaudhary[edit]

Main article: Saima Chaudhary

The main protagonist of the show. Azar's aunt and a famous fashion designer of Faisalabad. Her actual name was Fehmida but she changed it to Saima. She currently owns a clothing line known as "Saima dey Lashkarey" and she looking for a bride for her son, Vicky and soon is able to find the perfect one.

Azar Chaudhary[edit]

An orphan from Faisalabad, raised by his uncle, Chudhary Sahab (husband of Saima Chudhary) & married to Sila Faraz.

Sila Faraz[edit]

Azar's wife based in Karachi. They got married in the first series..

Dolly Chaudhary[edit]

Azar's cousin and Saima Chaudhary's daughter, She was engaged to Azar and Mushtaq earlier but after Azar's marriage she got married to Nabeel in the spin-off series 'Dolly ki aaye gi baraat'. Now resides in Dubai, UAE.


Sila's childhood friend who likes Sila before her marriage with Azar. Later, fell in love with Dolly, Azar's Cousin. Married to Dolly in "Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat" and resides in Dubai, UAE.

Faraz Ahmed[edit]

Sila's father and Rabia's husband. He is a well known actor, director and got separated from his wife years back but they reunited in "Azar ki aayegi barat" and he is currently working on his new film as a director. Saima Chaudry is shown to have a minor crush on him.

Rabia Ahmed[edit]

Sila mother and Faraz's wife. She lives with her mother and got separated from her husband but reunited in "Azar ki aayegi barat"


Rabia's mother and Sila's grandmother. She is a dominating character who wants things to go her way. She is called as "amma vaddi" by Saima Chaudry. Mehr-un-nisa is called "nani" (grandmother) by everyone else in the house. Her love interest is Khalid Bhanji.

Khalid Bhanji[edit]

He is a rich and old widowed man who is the producer of Faraz's new film. His love interest is Mehr-un-nisa.

Chaudry Nazeer Ahmed[edit]

Husband of Saima Chaudry and father of Dolly and Vicky. He is a soft spoken man who got married to a dancer "Malka Rani" in Dolly ki ayegi Barat but currently he is into politics. Commonly known as Chaudry Sahb.

Sukhena (sukhi)[edit]

The overweight childhood friend of Sila, Nabeel and Laila. She is called as Laddu by Mushtaq whom she got married to in Taakey ki ayegi barat.


The uneducated son of Saima Chaudry's sister Nuchi. He was the MNA of his area initially but everyone found out about his fake Bachelor's degree and his marriage with Dolly was called off. He was initially engaged to Dolly but got married to Sukhi.


The childhood friend of Sila, Nabeel and Sukhi. Saima Chaudry wants her to get married to Vicky in the first three seasons. She was initially friends with Vicky but is now shown to have started liking him. She is in a relationship with Adeel. Although she gets married to Vicky at the end of "Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat" She is very fond of Sila.She is good looking girl and the main character of this series


He is the son of Saima Chaudhary and Chaudhary Saab. He used to live in London but moved back to Faislabad in season 2. Vicky and Laila develop a good friendship over the seasons bus in season 4, Vicky shows interest in marrying Annie. In the end, however, he and Laila realize their love for each other and marry each other.


Sila's elder sister who was only shown in the first season. She is very protective of Silla and has a bossy nature. She is married and lives in another city.


Sila's distant cousin who just returned from Canada. Faraz made her the assistant director of his new movie. Her love interest is Mikaal. Saima Chaudry likes her for her son Vicky.


Mikaal is a young and popular actor who is chosen as the main lead in Faraz's new movie. He has a high female fan following but falls for Annie who does not show any interest in him. He currently lives with Faraz and his family.


The daughter of Mehr-un-nisa's sister. She returned from Canada in Taakey ki ayegi barat and is an interior decorator by profession who helps Saima Chaudry design her shop. She has only one daughter, Annie.

Fari D[edit]

The new entrant in the Baraati series. She is the sister of Chaudry Saab who has just returned from Birmingham. She is a sweet-natured person who speaks Punjabi with an English accent. She is the mother of Bobby D.

Bobby D[edit]

The son of Fari D who calls himself a well known rapper. His real name is Babrik Dharalla and he is always seen to be giving his collector's edition CD's to everyone. 322