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The following is a list of software programs that can communicate with and/or host directory services via the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Client software[edit]



  • Evolution - the contacts part of GNOME's PIM can query LDAP servers.
  • KAddressBook - the address book application for KDE, capable of querying LDAP servers.
  • Ldapscripts - Shell scripts to manage POSIX accounts in an OpenLDAP directory

OS X[edit]

Microsoft Windows[edit]


Server software[edit]

Developer Software license[a] Comments
389 Directory Server (formerly Fedora/Red Hat Directory Server) Red Hat GPL linking exception[2] with exception to allow linking to non-GPL[3]
Active Directory Microsoft Proprietary
Apache Directory Server Apache Software Foundation Apache License 2.0
Apple Open Directory - A fork of the OpenLDAP project [citation needed] [citation needed]
CA Directory CA Technologies Proprietary
Critical Path Directory Server Critical Path Proprietary
DirX Directory Atos (ex-Siemens) [citation needed]
FreeIPA Red Hat (using 389 Directory Server) GPL
IBM Tivoli Directory Server IBM Proprietary
ldapjs,[4] implementation of LDAP in JavaScript on Node.js. Mark Cavage[5] MIT License
Mandriva Directory Server, now part of Mandriva Management Console Mandriva development team GNU General Public License
Nexor Directory [citation needed] [citation needed]
Novell eDirectory Novell Proprietary
OpenBSD ldapd[6] Martin Hedenfalk, OpenBSD ISC
OpenDJ - A fork of the OpenDS project ForgeRock CDDL
OpenDS Sun Microsystems CDDL no longer maintained
OpenLDAP Kurt Zeilenga and others (based on Slapd) OpenLDAP Public License
Virtual Identity Server Optimal IdM Proprietary
Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition[7] Oracle Proprietary
Oracle Internet Directory Oracle Proprietary
Oracle Unified Directory Oracle, based on OpenDS Proprietary
RadiantOne Radiant Logic [citation needed]
Samba4 - Active Directory compatible Domain Controller Samba Team GPLv3
Slapd - Standalone LDAP Daemon University of Michigan Free[citation needed] superseded by OpenLDAP[8]
Sun Java System Directory Server Sun Microsystems [citation needed] no longer maintained
UnboundID Directory Server[9] UnboundID Proprietary
Univention Corporate Server Univention GmbH AGPL[10]
ViewDS Directory Server - Cross-platform X.500/LDAP/XML directory server ViewDS Identity Solutions Proprietary


  1. ^ Licenses here are a summary, and are not taken to be complete statements of the licenses. Some packages may use libraries under different licenses.


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