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Lake Tahoe inflow streams contribute 310,000 acre feet (0.38 km3) of the 530,000 acre feet (0.65 km3) of water that flows through Lake Tahoe every year.[1] The list, below, groups rivers and creeks that flow into the lake by their locations on the north, east, south and west shores, and lists them in a clock-wise order. Sub-tributaries are listed under the tributaries they feed, sorted by the elevation of the confluence so that tributaries entering nearest Lake Tahoe appear first.

Name of stream Washo name[2] Course Average flow[1]
North shore
Griff Creek flows from Martis Peak to Kings Beach[3]
Incline Creek maʔgóyola flows through Diamond Peak Ski Resort to Crystal Bay, Lake Tahoe at Incline Village 4,740 acre-feet per year (0.19 m3/s)
Third Creek 5,630 acre-feet per year (0.22 m3/s)
East shore
Glenbrook Creek dawmalá:dɨp 890 acre-feet per year (0.03 m3/s)
Logan House Creek 300 acre-feet per year (0.01 m3/s)
Edgewood Creek ʔlá:m wát'a 2,300 acre-feet per year (0.09 m3/s)
Marlette Creek pagác'ima heads on Marlette Lake and runs west to Lake Tahoe[4] 1,740 acre-feet per year (0.07 m3/s)
South shore
Trout Creek originates south of Freel Peak in the Carson Range to South Lake Tahoe[5] 25,770 acre-feet per year (1.01 m3/s)
Upper Truckee River flows from Red Lake Peak to South Lake Tahoe[6] 71,311 acre-feet per year (2.79 m3/s)
Taylor Creek dawgašašíwa heads in Fallen Leaf Lake and enters lake west of Camp Richardson[7] 30,910 acre-feet per year (1.21 m3/s)
Tallac Creek debelelélek starts on Mount Tallac and flows north to Lake Tahoe[8]
Cascade Creek[disambiguation needed] head waters start at near Kalmia Lake and flows into Cascade Lake then into Lake Tahoe
Eagle Creek head waters start at Dicks Peak and flows down Eagle Canyon into Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe
West shore
Rubicon Creek head waters start at Rubicon Peak to the North and Jakes Peak to the South, and flows into Lake Tahoe near D.L. Bliss State Park
General Creek dukMéʔem head waters start at Peak 8721 and flow into Lake Tahoe 11,800 acre-feet per year (0.46 m3/s)
Meeks Creek head waters start at Rubicon Lake and flows to D.L. Bliss State Park
Quail Creek head waters start at Quail Lake and flows into Lake Tahoe
Homewood Creek head waters start at Peak 8416 and flows into Lake Tahoe
Madden Creek head waters start at Ellis Peak and flows into Lake Tahoe
Blackwood Creek dogásliʔ head waters start at Peak 8652 and flow down into Lake Tahoe 26,280 acre-feet per year (1.03 m3/s)
Ward Creek dagásliʔ head waters start at Peak 8521 and flow down Ward canyon into Lake Tahoe 18,390 acre-feet per year (0.72 m3/s)

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