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The City of Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board, part of the Department of Neighborhoods of the city of Seattle, Washington, United States, designates city landmarks.[1] According to the department's official website, the following are designated landmarks; the list should be complete as of March 2010.

Seattle Landmarks[edit]

Name Location Image Description
Admiral's House 2001 W. Garfield Street Seattle - Admiral's House 01B.jpg
Admiral Theater 2343 California Avenue S.W.
47°34′54″N 122°23′12″W / 47.58167°N 122.38667°W / 47.58167; -122.38667 (Admiral Theater)
Seattle - Admiral Theater 01.jpg
Anhalt Apartment Building 1005 E. Roy Street Seattle - 1005 E. Roy 01.jpg
Anhalt Apartment Building 1014 E. Roy Street Seattle - 1014 E. Roy 04.jpg
Ankeny-Gowey House 912 2nd Avenue. W Seattle - 912 Second Ave W 04.jpg
Arboretum Aqueduct Lake Washington Boulevard E. at E. Foster Island Road
47°38′33″N 122°17′52″W / 47.64250°N 122.29778°W / 47.64250; -122.29778 (Arboretum Aqueduct)
Seattle - Arboretum Bridge 02.jpg
Arctic Building 306 Cherry Street
47°36′13″N 122°19′55″W / 47.60361°N 122.33194°W / 47.60361; -122.33194 (Arctic Building)
Seattle - Arctic Building - walrus 01.jpg
B.F. Day School[2] 3921 Linden Avenue N. Seattle - B.F. Day School - 1900.jpg
Ballard Carnegie Library[3] 2026 NW Market Street
47°40′8″N 122°23′0″W / 47.66889°N 122.38333°W / 47.66889; -122.38333 (Ballard Carnegie Library)
Ballard Carnegie 03.jpg
Ballard/Howe House 22 W. Highland Drive Seattle - 22 W Highland Drive 01.jpg
Bank of America Building / Seattle First National Bank Building 566 Denny Way Seattle - former SeaFirst on Denny 01.jpg
Bank of California Building 815 2nd Avenue
47°36′15″N 122°20′4″W / 47.60417°N 122.33444°W / 47.60417; -122.33444 (Bank of California Building)
Bank of California Building - Seattle (2014).jpg
Barnes Building 2320 1st Avenue
Seattle - Barnes Building.jpg
Baroness Apartments 1005 Spring Street Seattle - Baroness Apartment Hotel 01.jpg
Beacon Hill First Baptist Church 1607 S. Forest Street Seattle - Beacon Hill First Baptist Church 02A.jpg
Bell Building 2326 1st Avenue
Seattle Austin Bell Bldg 01.jpg
Belltown Cottages 2512, 2512A & 2516 Elliot Avenue Seattle - Belltown Cottages 01.jpg
Belroy Apartments 703 Bellevue Avenue E. Seattle - Belroy 01.jpg
Ben Bridge Jewelers Street Clock 409 Pike Street Seattle - Ben Bridge clock 01.jpg
Benton's Jewelers Street Clock 3216 N.E 45th Street
Seattle - Benton's Clock 02B.jpg
Bethany Presbyterian Church (Seattle, Washington) 1818 Queen Anne Avenue N. Seattle - Bethany Presbyterian 08.jpg
Black Manufacturing Building 1130 Rainier Avenue S. Seattle - 1130 Rainier Ave S 02.jpg
Black Property 1319 12th Avenue S. Seattle - Black Property 03.jpg
Bloss House 4055 SW Holgate St. Seattle - 4055 SW Holgate 01.jpg
Bon Marché 300 Pine Street Seattle - The Bon 01.jpg
Bon Marché Stables 2315 Western Ave. Seattle - Bon Marche Stable 02.jpg
Boren Investment Company Warehouse 334 Boren Ave N. Seattle - David Smith & Company 04.jpg
Bowen/Huston Bungalow 715 W. Prospect Street Seattle - 715 W. Prospect 05 - cropped.jpg
Bower/Bystrom House 1022 Summit Avenue E. Seattle - 1022 Summit E 02.jpg
Boyer/Lambert House 1617 Boyer Avenue E. Seattle - Boyer-Lambert House 02.jpg
Brace/Moriarty House 170 Prospect Street Seattle - 170 Prospect St 01.jpg
Brasa Building / Metropolitan Printing Press 2107 Third Ave. Seattle - Brasa 02.jpg
Brehm Brothers Houses 219 & 221 36th Avenue E.
Seattle - Brehm Brothers Houses 03.jpg
Brill Trolley   Seattle 1940 Brill trolleybus 798 in 1990.jpg
Brooklyn Building 1222 2nd Avenue
Seattle - The Brooklyn at night 01A.jpg
Bryant Elementary School 3311 N.E. 60th Street Seattle - Bryant School 04.jpg
C.H. Black House & Gardens 615 W. Lee Street Seattle - 615 W. Lee 05.jpg
California Avenue Substation (now Dakota Place Park) 4304 S.W. Dakota Street Seattle - California Avenue Substation 02.jpg
Camlin Hotel 1619 9th Avenue Seattle Camlin 03.jpg
Capitol Hill United Methodist Church
Also known as First Methodist Protestant Church of Seattle
128 16th Avenue E. Seattle 1st Methodist - Catalysis 01.jpg
Carroll's Jewelers Street Clock 1427 4th Avenue
Seattle - Carroll's clock 05.jpg
Century Square Street Clock 1529 4th Avenue
Seattle - Century Square clock 01.jpg
Chamber of Commerce Building 215 Columbia Street. Seattle - 215 Columbia 01.jpg
Central Building 810 3rd Avenue Seattle - Central Building 01.jpg
Central Waterfront Piers Piers 54, 55, 56, 57 & 59 SafecoQwest.jpg
Charles Bussell House (Eastman/Jacobsen) 1630 36th Avenue Seattle - 1630 36th Avenue 02.jpg
Cheasty Boulevard South   Seattle - Cheasty Blvd 02.jpg
Chelsea Apartment Building
Originally Chelsea Family Hotel
620 W. Olympic Place Seattle - The Chelsea 01.jpg
Chinese Community Bulletin Board 511 7th Avenue S. Seattle - Chinese Community Bulletin Board 02.jpg
Church of the Blessed Sacrament and Rectory 5041 9th Avenue N.E. Seattle - Blessed Sacrament 08.jpg
Cleveland High School 5511 15th Avenue S. Seattle - Cleveland High School 02A.jpg
Coca Cola Bottling Plant 1313 E. Columbia St. Seattle - 1313 Columbia 01.jpg
Coliseum Theater Building N.E. corner of 5th Avenue & Pike Street Seattle Coliseum Theater 01.jpg
Colman Building 801-821 1st Avenue Seattle Colman Building 03.jpg
Colman School 2300 S. Massachusetts Street Seattle - NAAM 04.jpg
Concord Elementary School 723 S. Concord Street Seattle - Concord School 02.jpg
Cooper House 225-227 14th Avenue E. Seattle - 225-227 14th Ave E 02.jpg
Cooper School 4408 Delridge Way S.W. Frank B. Cooper School 04.jpg
Cotterill House 2501 Westview Drive W. Seattle - Cotterill House 04.jpg
Cowen Park Bridge 15th Avenue N.E. between Cowen Place N.E. and N.E. 62nd Street Cowen Park Bridge 05 - colormapped.jpg
Dearborn House 1117 Minor Avenue Seattle Dearborn House 03.jpg
Decatur Building 1521 6th Avenue Seattle - Decatur Building 01.jpg
De la Mar Apartment Building 115 W. Olympic Place Seattle - De La Mar 04.jpg
Denny's Restaurant / Manning's Cafeteria (Demolished)[4][5] N.W. Market Street & 15th Avenue N.W. Seattle - Ballard Manning's Denny's 02.jpg
Dexter Horton Building 710 2nd Avenue
Seattle - Dexter Horton Bldg - 3rd Ave 01.jpg
Douglass-Truth Library 2300 E. Yesler Way Seattle Douglass Truth 02.jpg
Doyle Building / J.S. Graham Store 119 Pine Street Seattle - 119 Pine 01.jpg
Dr. Annie Russell House 5721 8th Avenue NE Seattle - 5721 8th NE 02.jpg
Drake House 6414 22nd Avenue N.W. Seattle - 6414 22 NW 03.jpg
Dunlap Elementary School 8621 48th Avenue S.
Seattle - Dunlap School 01.jpg
Duwamish Railroad Bridge Railroad lines south of the Spokane Street Bridge over Duwamish Waterway
Bascule bridge from West Seattle Bridge 01.jpg
Eagles Temple Building/ACT Theater 1416 7th Avenue Seattle Eagles Auditorium terracotta 02.jpg
East Republican Street Stairway Between Melrose Avenue E. and Bellevue Avenue E. Seattle - E Republican St staircase 01.jpg
Eastern Hotel 506 1/2 Maynard Avenue S. Seattle - Eastern Hotel 01.jpg
Egan House 1500 Lakeview Blvd. Egan House 2.jpg
Eitel Building 1501 2nd Avenue
Seattle - Eitel Building 01A.jpg
El Rio Apartments 1922-1928 9th Avenue
Seattle - El Rio entrance - 01.jpg
Ellsworth Storey Historic Cottages Group 1706-1816 Lake Washington Boulevard S. and 1725-1729 36th Avenue S.
Ellsworth Storey Houses 260 and 270 Dorffel Drive E. Seattle - Ellsworth Storey Houses pano 01.jpg
Emerson Elementary School 9709 S. 60th Street Seattle - Emerson School 01.jpg
Epiphany Chapel 3719 E. Denny Way Seattle - Epiphany Parish Episcopal chapel 01.jpg
Exchange Building 821 2nd Avenue Seattle - Exchange Building 03.jpg
Excursion Boat Virginia V   Virginia V 01.jpg
Fashioncraft Building[6] 2022 Boren Avenue
Fauntleroy Community Church and YMCA 9260 California Avenue S.W. Seattle - Fauntleroy Church & YMCA 08.jpg
Fir Lodge / Alki Homestead Restaurant 2727 61st Avenue S.W. Alki Homestead 02.jpg
Fire Station #2 2318 4th Avenue Seattle - Fire Station No. 2 - 01.jpg
Fire Station #3 301 Terry Avenue Seattle - Engine House No. 3 - 01.jpg
Fire Station #6 101 23rd Avenue Seattle - Fire Station No. 6 - 01A.jpg
Fire Station #13 3601 Beacon Avenue S. Seattle Fire Station No. 13 - 03.jpg
Fire Station #14 3224 4th Avenue S. Seattle - Fire Station No. 14 02.jpg
Fire Station #16 6846 Oswego Place N.E. Seattle - Fire Station No. 16 - 01.jpg
Fire Station #17 1010 N.E. 50th Street Seattle - Fire Station No. 17 02.jpg
Fire Station #18 5427 Russell Avenue N.W. Ballard firehouse 02.jpg
Fire Station #23 722 18th Avenue S. CAMP Firehouse 03.jpg
Fire Station #25 1400 Harvard Avenue Seattle - Fire Station 25 - 10.jpg
Fire Station #33 10235 62nd Avenue S. Seattle - old Fire Station No. 33 - 03.jpg
Fire Station #37 7302 34th Avenue S.W. Seattle - Fire Station No. 37 - 01.jpg
Fire Station #38 5503 33rd Avenue N.E. Seattle Fire Station No. 38 - 02.jpg
Fire Station #41 2416 34th Avenue W. Seattle - Fire Station No. 41 - 02.jpg
Fireboat Duwamish   Fireboat Duwamish 01.jpg
First African Methodist Episcopal Church 1522 14th Avenue Seattle - First A.M.E. Church 01.jpg
First Avenue Groups / Waterfront Center 1001-1123 1st Avenue, 94-96 Spring Street, and 1006-1024 Western Avenue Alexis Hotel 01.jpg
First Church of Christ Scientist 1519 E. Denny Way Seattle - First Church of Christ Scientist 02.jpg
First Covenant Church 1500 Bellevue Ave Seattle - First Covenant Church 02.jpg
First United Methodist Church 5th Ave & Marion St.[7] Seattle First Methodist 35.jpg
Fisher-Howell House 2819 Franklin Avenue E. Seattle -2819 Franklin E 01.jpg
Fischer Studio Building 1519 Third Avenue
Seattle - Fischer Studio Building pano.jpg
Fitch/Nutt House[8] 4401 Phinney Avenue N. Seattle - 4401 Phinney N 01.jpg
Flatiron Building, also known as Triangle Hotel and Bar 551 1st Avenue S.
Seattle - Triangle Hotel and Bar 02.jpg
Ford Assembly Plant Building 1155 Valley Street Seattle - old Ford assembly plant 02.jpg
Fort Lawton Chapel 3801 W. Government Way Fort Lawton post chapel 01.jpg
Fort Lawton Landmark District: Administrative Building, Band and Barracks, Civil Employees' Quarters, Guard House, Post Exchange and Gymnasium Building, Quartermaster's Stable 3801 W. Government Way Fort Lawton 15.jpg
1411 Fourth Avenue Building 1411 Fourth Avenue Seattle - 1411 Fourth 01.jpg
Fourteenth Avenue West Group 2000-2016 14th Avenue W. Seattle - 2014-2016 14th Ave W 01.jpg
Franklin High School[2] 3013 S. Mt. Baker Boulevard Seattle MLK 2006 07.jpg
Frederick & Nelson Building (now Nordstrom) 500-524 Pine Street
Frederick & Nelson flagship store, Seattle, 1982.jpg
Fremont Bridge 4th Avenue N. and Fremont Avenue N. over Lake Washington Ship Canal
Fremont Bridge open.jpg
Fremont Hotel 3421-3429 Fremont Avenue N. Seattle - Fremont Building 01.jpg
Fremont Library 1731 N. 35th Street Seattle Fremont Library 04.jpg
Fremont Trolley Barn / Red Hook Ale Brewery 3400 Phinney Avenue N. Fremont trolley barn 02.jpg
Galbraith House / Seattle Mental Health 1729 17th Avenue Seattle - 1729 17th E 01.jpg
Garfield High School[2] 400 23rd Avenue GarfieldHS.jpg
Gas Works Park   Gasworks Park forbidden zone 19.jpg
Gatewood School[2] 4320 S.W. Myrtle Street
Seattle - Gatewood School 04.jpg
George Washington Memorial Bridge / Aurora Bridge Aurora Avenue N. over Lake Washington Ship Canal Aurora Bridge from Fremont Bridge.jpg
Georgetown City Hall 6202 13th Avenue S. Georgetown WA city hall 03.jpg
Georgetown Steam Plant 6511 Ellis Avenue S. Georgetown Steam Plant 01A.jpg
German House (formerly Assay Office) 613 9th Avenue Seattle Assay Office 01.jpg
Gibbs House 1000 Warren Avenue N. Seattle - 1000 Warren Ave N 01.jpg
Golden Gardens Bath House 8001 Seaview Avenue N.W. Golden Gardens 04.jpg
Good Shepherd Center 4647 Sunnyside Avenue N. Seattle - Good Shepherd 01.jpg
Great American Food and Beverage Co. Street Clock 3119 Eastlake Avenue E. Was knocked over by a truck in the 2000s.
Great Northern Building 1404 4th Avenue Seattle - Great Northern Building 01.jpg
Green Lake Library 7364 E. Greenlake Drive N. Green Lake Library-1.jpg
Greenwood Jewelers Street Clock 129 N. 85th Street Greenwood Jewelers Street Clock 01.jpg
Guiry Hotel 2101-2105 1/2 1st Avenue Seattle 2101 First Avenue 01.jpg
Hainsworth / Gordon House 2657 37th Avenue S.W. Seattle - 2657 37th Avenue S.W. 04.jpg
Handschy / Kistler House 2433 9th Avenue W. Seattle - 2433 9th W 02.jpg
Harborview Medical Center (Center Wing of East Hospital) 325 Ninth Avenue Seattle - Harborview Hall pano 01.jpg
Harvard Mansion 2706 Harvard Avenue E. Seattle - 2706 Harvard E 01.jpg
Hat n' Boots 6910 E. Marginal Way S. (now moved to Oxbow Park) Seattle Georgetown Oxbow Park 01.jpg
Hay School[2] 2100 4th Avenue N. Seattle John Hay 03.jpg
Hebrew Academy / Old Forest Ridge Convent and Site 1617 Interlaken Drive E. Seattle Hebrew Academy 01.jpg
Hiawatha Playfield 2700 California Avenue S.W. Seattle - Hiawatha Playfield 04.jpg
Hillcrest Apartment Building 1616 E. Howell Street Seattle - Hillcrest Apts 02.jpg
Hoge Building 705 2nd Avenue Seattle - Hoge Building 04.jpg
Holyoke Building 107 Spring Street Seattle 1018-1022 First 03.jpg
Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Co. Street Clock 720 2nd Avenue Seattle - 720 Second Ave 03 - clock.jpg
Horiuchi Mural Seattle Center The Mother Truckers 02.jpg
Hull Building 2401-2405 1st Avenue Seattle Hull Bldg.jpg
Immaculate Conception Church 820 18th Avenue
Seattle - Immaculate Conception 05.jpg
Immanuel Lutheran Church 1215 Thomas Street Seattle - Immanuel Lutheran 02.jpg
Italianate Victorian Pair 208 and 210 13th Avenue South Seattle - 1414 S. Washington 03A.jpg
James W. Washington, Jr. Home and Studio 1816 26th Avenue Seattle - James W. Washington garden and studio 02.jpg
Japanese Language School, also known as Nihon Go Gakko 1414 S. Weller Street Seattle - Nihon Go Gakko 01.jpg
Jensen Block 601-611 Eastlake Avenue E. Seattle - Jensen Block 01.jpg
Josephinum / New Washington Hotel 1902 2nd Avenue
Seattle - Josephinium 01.jpg
Joshua Green Building 1425 4th Avenue Seattle - Joshua Green Building 01.jpg
The Kenney 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW Seattle - The Kenney 01.jpg
Kinnear Park 988 W. Olympic Place Seattle - Kinnear Park 02.jpg
Kobe Bell Seattle Center Seattle Center - Kobe Bell 03.jpg
Kraus / Andersson House 2812 South Mount St. Helens Place Seattle - 2812 Mt. St. Helens Place 02.jpg
Kubota Gardens 9727 Renton Avenue S. Kubota Garden 04.jpg
L'Amourita Apartment Building 2901-2917 Franklin Avenue E. Seattle - L'Amourita 01.jpg
Lacey V. Murrow Bridge and East Portals of the Mount Baker Tunnels   Seattle - Mt. Baker tunnel 02.jpg
Lake City Library 12501 28th Avenue N.E. Seattle - Lake City Library 01.jpg
Lake City School[disambiguation needed][2] 2611 NE 125th St. Seattle - Lake City School 03.jpg
Lake Union Steam Plant and Hydro House 1179 Eastlake Avenue E. Lake Union Steam Plant 07.jpg
Lake Washington Bicycle Path E. Interlaken Boulevard between Delmar Drive E. and 24th Avenue E. Seattle - Interlaken Bicycle Path 02.jpg
Langston Hughes Cultural Arts Center 104 17th Avenue S. Seattle Langston 03.jpg
Latona School[2] 401 N.E. 42nd Street Seattle - Latona School 01.jpg
1935 Building, Laurelhurst Community Center 4554 N.E. 41st Street Seattle - Laurelhurst Community Center 01.jpg
Leamington/Pacific Hotel and Apartments 317 Marion Street Seattle - Pacific Hotel 03.jpg
Leona / Park Ridge Apartments 916 Queen Anne Avenue N. Seattle - 916 QA Ave N 01.jpg
Liggett / Fourth and Pike Building 1424 Fourth Avenue
Seattle - Fourth & Pike Building 02.jpg
Lightship Relief / Swiftsure Swiftsure 01.jpg
Lincoln Park / Lincoln Reservoir and Bobby Morris Playfield (now Cal Anderson Park) 1000 E. Pine Street Seattle - Lincoln Playfield circa 1919.jpg
Lloyd Building 601 Stewart Street
Seattle - Lloyd Building 01.jpg
Log House Museum Building 3003 61st Avenue S.W. Seattle - Log House Museum 01.jpg
Louisa Building 5220 20th Avenue N.W. Seattle - Louisa Building 03.jpg
Lyon Building 607 3rd Avenue Seattle - 607 Third 01.jpg
MV Malibu    
MY Thea Foss   USSAmber.png
Madison Middle School[2] 3429 45th Avenue S.W. Seattle - Madison School 02.jpg
Magnolia Library 2801 34th Avenue W. Seattle - Magnolia Library 01.jpg
Mann Building 1411 3rd Avenue Seattle - Mann Building 01.jpg
Martha Washington School 6612 65th Avenue South  
Maryland Apartments 626 13th Avenue E. Seattle - Maryland Apts 03.jpg
McFee / Klockzien House 524 W. Highland Drive Seattle - 524 W. Highland Dr. 01.jpg
McGraw Square/Place 5th Avenue & Westlake Avenue Seattle - McGraw Place 02.jpg
Medical Dental Building 509 Olive Way Seattle - Medical Dental Building etc pano 01.jpg
MGM Building 2331 Second Avenue McGraw-Kittenger-Case Building 02.jpg
Montlake Bridge and Montlake Cut Montlake Boulevard E. between N.E. Pacific Street and E. Shelby Street Seattle - Montlake Bridge open 01.jpg
Montlake Community Center 1618 E. Calhoun Street Seattle - Montlake Community Center 01.jpg
Moore Mansion 811 14th Avenue E. Seattle - Moore Mansion 02.jpg
Moore Theatre and Hotel Building 1932 2nd Avenue Moore Theatre interior 22A.jpg
Mount Baker Presbyterian Church 3201 Hunter Boulevard S Seattle - Mount Baker Park Presbyterian 02.jpg
Myron Ogden House 702 35th Avenue Raymond-Ogden Mansion 02.jpg
North Queen Anne Drive Bridge Over Wolf Creek Canyon Seattle - N. Queen Anne Dr. Bridge 04.jpg
Nathan Eckstein Junior High School[2] 3003 N.E. 75th Street Eckstein Middle School 01.jpg
Naval Reserve Armory 800 Terry Ave. N. South Lake Union Naval Reserve Building 04.jpg
Nelson/Steinbrueck House 2622 Franklin Avenue E. Seattle -2622 Franklin E 04.jpg
Neptune Building and Neptune Theatre[3] 1303 NE 45th Street Neptune Theater during SIFF.jpg
New Age Christian Church 1763 N.W. 62nd Street Seattle - Interfaith Community Church 03.jpg
New Pacific Apartment Building 2600-2604 1st Avenue Seattle - 2600-2604 1st Avenue 02.jpg
New Richmond Laundry 224 Pontius Avenue N. Seattle - Alley 24 - 03.jpg
North East Library 6801 35th Avenue N.E. Seattle - Northeast Library 01.jpg
Norton Building 801 Second Avenue [9]
Seattle - Norton Building 01.jpg
Norvell House 3306 N.W. 71st Street Seattle - 3306 NW 71st St 01A.jpg
Old Broadway School (including Broadway Performance Hall of Seattle Central Community College) Block bounded by Broadway, East Pine Street, Harvard Avenue and East Olive Street Seattle Community College Broadway Performance Hall.JPG
Old Main Street School 307 6th Avenue S. Seattle - 307 6th Ave S 02.jpg
Old Norway Hall 2015 Boren Avenue Seattle - Old Norway Hall 03.jpg
Olympic Tower (originally United Shopping Tower) 217 Pine Street
Seattle - Olympic Tower 01.jpg
Olympic Warehouse and Cold Storage Building, also known as Agen Warehouse 1203-1207 Western Avenue
Seattle - 1201 Western Avenue 03.jpg
P-I Globe[10] 1101 Elliott Avenue W.
Seattle P-I Globe 2 (2014).jpg
Globe-shaped neon sign, built in 1948 to advertise the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. Designated in 2012.[11]
P. P. Ferry House / Old Deanery of St. Mark's Cathedral 1531 10th Avenue E. Seattle - 1531 10th E - 04.jpg
Pacific McKay and Ford McKay (demolished) 601-615 Westlake Avenue N. Seattle - Pacific McKay building 03.jpg
Pacific Medical Center/U.S. Marine Hospital 1200 12th Avenue S. Seattle-PacMed-2571.JPG
Pacific Science Center 200 2nd Avenue N./Seattle Center Pacific Science Center at night 02.jpg
Pantages House 803 E. Denny Way Seattle - Pantages House 01.jpg
Paramount Theater Building 901 Pine Street
Paramount Northwest 03.jpg
Parker-Fersen House 1409 E Prospect Street Seattle - 1409 E Prospect 01.jpg
Parsons House 618 W. Highland Drive Seattle - 618 W. Highland Dr. 04.jpg
Parsons Memorial Garden West of 618 W. Highland Drive Seattle - Parsons Gardens 02.jpg
Pier 59 1415 Alaskan Way Seattle - Pier 59 - 04.jpg
Providence Hospital 1910 Building 528 - 17th Avenue Seattle Providence 01.jpg
Queen Anne Boulevard Certain streets on Queen Anne Hill (shown in red in image at right) Seattle - Queen Anne Boulevard map.JPG
Queen Anne High School 215 Galer Street Seattle - Queen Anne High lion 02.jpg
Queen Anne Library 400 W. Garfield Street Seattle Public Library Queen Anne Branch 01.jpg
Queen Anne Water Tank#1 1410 1st Avenue N. Seattle - Engine House No. 8, 1910.gif
Querio House Listed at 9326 7th Avenue S., now at 9364 7th Avenue S. Seattle - Querio House 01.jpg
Rainier Club 810 4th Avenue Rainier Club 01.jpg
Rainier Cold Storage & Ice / Seattle Brewing & Malting Company Building 6000-6004 Airport Way S. Seattle Georgetown 03.jpg
Ramsing House 540 N.E. 80th Street Seattle - Ramsing House 02.jpg
RKO Distributing Company Building 2312-16 2nd Avenue Seattle - Roq la Rue 01.jpg
Rohrer House 122 37th Ave. E. Seattle - Rohrer House 01.jpg
Roosevelt High School[2] 1410 N.E. 66th Street Seattle - Roosevelt High 01.jpg
Rosen House 9017 Loyal Avenue N.W. Seattle - 9017 Loyal Avenue NW 02.jpg
Salmon Bay Bridge (Burlington Northern Bridge No. 4) Railroad lines over Lake Washington Ship Canal in Ballard SalmonBayBridge-SeatleUSA.jpg
Samuel Hyde House 3726 E. Madison Street Seattle - Samuel Hyde House 01.jpg
San Remo Apartment Building 606 E. Thomas Street Seattle - San Remo Apartments 01.jpg
Sand Point Naval Air Station Historic District[12] Magnuson Park Seattle - Sand Point buildings pano 02.jpg
Satterlee House 4866 Beach Drive S.W. Seattle - 4866 Beach Dr. SW 04.jpg
Schillestad Building 2111 1st Avenue Seattle 2105-2111 First Avenue 01.jpg
Schmitz Park Bridge Admiral Way over Schmitz Park Ravine Seattle - Schmitz Park Bridge 01.jpg
Schooner Wawona (dismantled in 2009)   Wawona 01A.jpg
Seaboard Building (formerly Northern Bank and Trust Building) 1506 Westlake Avenue
Seattle - 1500 Fourth 01.jpg
Seattle, Chief of Suquamish Statue Tilikum Place; at intersection of 5th Avenue, Denny Way, and Cedar Street NoahSealth.jpg
Seattle Asian Art Museum at Volunteer Park 1400 E. Prospect Street SAAM 01A.jpg
Seattle Center House / former Seattle Armory 305 Harrison Street Festal Irish 2007 - 04.jpg
Seattle Empire Laundry 2301 Western Avenue / 66 Bell Street Seattle - 66 Bell 01.jpg
Seattle First Baptist Church 1121 Harvard Avenue
Seattle First Baptist 02A.jpg
Seattle First Buddhist Church 1427 S Main St. Seattle Buddhist Church 01.jpg
Seattle Labor Temple 2800 First Avenue Seattle - Labor Temple 01.jpg
Seattle Monorail   SeattleMonorailChokePoint.jpg
Seattle Times Building 1120 John Street Seattle Times Building 05.jpg
Seattle Tower 1212 3rd Avenue Seattle Northern Life 01.jpg
Seattle Yacht Club 1807 E. Hamlin Street Seattle Yacht Club 01.jpg
Securities Building 1907 Third Avenue
Seattle - Securities Building lobby 02A.jpg
Seward Park Inn / Seward Park Annex 5900 Lake Washington Boulevard S. Seattle - Seward Park Inn 01.jpg
Seward School[2] 2515 Boylston Avenue E. Seattle - Seward School 01.jpg
Shafer Building / Sixth and Pine Building 515 Pine Street
Seattle - 523 Pine 02.jpg
Shuey House 5218 16th Avenue N.E. Seattle - 5218 16th NE 02.jpg
Sigma Kappa Mu 4510 22nd Avenue N.E. Seattle - Sigma Kappa Mu 02.jpg
Sixth Church of Christ Scientist 2656 42nd Avenue SW Seattle - Sanctuary at Admiral 01.jpg
Smith Tower 506 2nd Avenue Seattle - Smith Tower - evening 02.jpg
Snagboat W.T. Preston Now on dry land in Anacortes, Washington WTPreston.jpg
Sorrento Hotel 900 Madison Street Seattle - Sorrento Hotel 04A.jpg
Space Needle 219 4th Avenue N. Seattle from kerry park.jpg
St. James Cathedral, Rectory and Site 9th Avenue and Marion Street Seattle - St. James across construction site.jpg
St. Joseph's Church 732 18th Avenue Seattle - St. Joseph's 01.jpg
St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral 1714 13th Avenue Seattle - St. Nicholas Cathedral 01A.jpg
St. Nicholas/Lakeside School 1501 10th Avenue E. St Nicholas - Cornish - Gage 01.jpg
St. Spiridon Russian Orthodox Cathedral 400 Yale Avenue N. Seattle - St Spiridon 04.jpg
Stevens School[2] 1242 18th Avenue E. Seattle - Stevens School 01.jpg
Stimson-Green House 1204 Minor Avenue Stimson-Green porch 01.jpg
Stuart / Balcom House 619 W. Comstock Street Seattle - 619 W Comstock 05.jpg
Summit School / Northwest School 1415 Summit Avenue Seattle - old Summit School 05.jpg
Supply Laundry 1265 Republican Street Seattle - Supply Laundry Company 01.jpg
Terminal Sales Building 1932 1st Avenue
Seattle - Terminal Sales Building 02.jpg
Terminal Sales Annex 1931 2nd Avenue
Terminal Sales Annex Building 02.jpg
Thompson/LaTurner House 3119 S. Day Street Seattle - 3119 S Day 02.jpg
Terry Avenue Building 320 Terry Avenue N. Seattle - Terry Ave Bldg 01.jpg
Times Square Building 414 Olive Way Old Seattle Times Building 01.jpg
Town Hall Seattle (former Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist)[3] 1119 Eighth Avenue Seattle Town Hall north side.jpg
Treat House 1 W. Highland Drive Seattle - 1 W Highland Dr 04.jpg
Trinity Parish Episcopal Church 609 8th Avenue Seattle - Trinity Parish Episcopal Church 04.jpg
Troy Laundry Building 311-329 Fairview Avenue N. Seattle - Troy Laundry Building 01.jpg
Tugboat Arthur Foss   Tugboat Arthur Foss 04.jpg
Twenty-Third Avenue Houses Group 812-828 23rd Avenue
Seattle - 816 23rd 02.jpg
20th Avenue NE Bridge Through Ravenna Park Ravenna Park 02.jpg
U.S. Immigration Building 84 Union Street Seattle - 84 Union 02.jpg
University Heights Elementary School[2] 5031 University Way N.E. Seattle - University Heights School 03.jpg
University Library 5009 Roosevelt Way N.E. Seattle - U. Dist Library 02.jpg
University Methodist Episcopal Church and Parsonage 4142 Brooklyn Avenue N.E. Seattle - old University Methodist Episcopal Church 01A.jpg
University Presbyterian Church 4555 16th Avenue N.E. Seattle - University Presbyterian 01.jpg
Van Vorst Building 413-421 Boren Avenue N. Seattle - 415 Boren Ave N 03.jpg
Victorian House 1414 S. Washington Street Seattle - 1414 S. Washington 03A.jpg
Victorian Row Apartment Building 1236-1238 S. King Street Seattle - Victorian Row 01.jpg
Villa Costella 348 West Olympic Place Seattle - Villa Costella 01.jpg
Volunteer Park[13]   Volunteer Park 03.jpg
Volunteer Park Conservatory 1400 E. Galer Street Volunteer Park Conservatory 02.jpg
Wallingford Center / Interlake School[2] 4416 Wallingford Avenue N./1815 N. 45th Street Seattle - Wallingford Center 04.jpg
Wallingford Fire and Police Station 1629 N. 45th Street Seattle - old Wallingford police station 03.jpg
Ward House 520 E. Denny Way Seattle - Ward House 04.jpg
Washington Athletic Club[14] 1325 6th Avenue
Seattle - Washington Athletic Club pano 01.jpg
Washington Hall[15] 14th Avenue and Fir Street Seattle - Washington Hall 04.jpg
West Earth Co. Street Clock 406 Dexter Avenue N. West Earth Co. Street Clock 01A.jpg
West Queen Anne Elementary School 515 W. Galer Street Seattle - West Queen Anne Public School 05.jpg
West Queen Anne Walls 8th Place W. between W. Galer Street and W. Highland Drive Seattle - West Queen Anne Walls 07.jpg
West Seattle High School[2] 4075 S.W. Stevens Street
West Seattle High 06.jpg
West Seattle Library 2306 42nd Avenue S.W. West Seattle Library 01.jpg
William Tell Hotel 2327 Second Ave. William Tell Hotel 01.jpg
Wilsonian Apartments 4700-4720 University Way N.E.
Seattle - Wilsonian 01.jpg
Windham Apartments 420 Blanchard Street Seattle - The Windham entrance.jpg
Wintonia Hotel 1431 Minor Avenue Seattle - Wintonia 01.jpg
Women's University Club 1105 Sixth Avenue Seattle - Women's University Club 03.jpg
Yesler Houses (H. L. Yesler's First Addition, Block 32, Lots 12, 13 & 14) 103, 107 and 109 23rd Avenue Seattle - houses at 23rd & Yesler.jpg
Yesler Terrace Steam Plant 120 8th Avenue Yesler Terrace steam plant pano 01.jpg
YMCA Building 909 4th Avenue
Seattle YMCA 02.jpg
YWCA Building 1118 Fifth Avenue Seattle - YWCA pano 01.jpg
Sources for list:[16]

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