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Self-study programs allow learning without having a teacher present,[1][2] and the courses can supplement or replace classroom instruction.[3] Universities use self-study programs for less-commonly taught languages, where having professors is not feasible.[4][5] Self-study programs are available on paper, audio files, video files, computers, or any combination.[6] This list is limited to programs which teach four or more languages. There are many others which teach one language.

This list shows the number of languages taught by each program, the name of the program, and the number of different languages used for instruction. Multiple languages of instruction may be available for some but not all courses. For example Reise Know-How uses 6 languages to teach German, but only German to teach the other languages. On the other hand Eurotalk, and use all languages to teach all the other languages.

Number of Languages Taught

200: Reise Know-How, taught in 7 languages
132: Eurotalk, taught in 119 languages
167: L'Harmattan, taught in French
101: Before You Know It (BYKI), taught in 6 languages
87: Transparent Language Online, taught in English
76: Assimil, taught in 12 languages
72:, taught in 72 languages
66:, taught in English
65:, taught in German
58: Teach Yourself, taught in English
56: Colloquial by Routledge, taught in English
47: Central Institute of Indian Languages, taught in English
45:, taught in 40 languages
42: Foreign Service Institute, taught in English
40: Pimsleur Language Programs (company), taught in 50 languages
40: Spoken Language Services, taught in 12 languages
40: BBC Online, taught in English
36: Livemocha, taught in 12 languages
35:, taught in 7 languages
35: FirstVoices, taught in English
34: Internet Polyglot, taught in 25 languages
34: Rosetta Stone (software), taught in English
33: Language/30, taught in English
29: Gloss, by Defense Language Institute, taught in English
27: Asiatheque, taught in French
23: Berlitz Corporation, taught in English
21: Vocabulearn, taught in English
20: Bab.La, taught in 18 languages
20: Survival Phrases, taught in English
18: Quizlet, taught in 9 languages
18: Living Language (publisher), taught in 2 languages
18: iSpeak for iPhone / iPad, taught in 14 languages
17: Mango Languages, taught in 13 languages
17: Travel Talk, taught in English
17: Langenscheidt, taught in German
17: For Dummies, taught in 2 languages
16: Passport Books, taught in English
15: Linguaphone (company), taught in 2 languages
14: Antosch & Lin, available in 4 languages
14: Duolingo, taught in 22 languages
14:, taught without language (pictures)
13: Babbel, taught in 7 languages
13:, taught in 2 languages
12: Busuu, taught in 12 languages
12: Bilingual Books, Inc., taught in 2 languages
12: Hua, taught in 12 languages
12: Michel Thomas Method, taught in English
11:, taught in 2 languages
11:, taught in English
10:, taught in 18 languages
10: Idiot's Guide, taught in 2 languages
9:, taught in 2 languages
9: Auralog, taught in English
9: Behind the Wheel by Macmillan Publishers, taught in English
8:, taught in 3 languages
8: Speak in a Week, taught in 2 languages
8: University of Arizona Critical Languages Series, taught in English
7: Dr. Blair, taught in 2 languages
7:, taught in English
7: Peace Corps, taught in English
6:, taught in 5 languages
6: Schaum's Outlines, taught in English
6: Lonely Planet, taught in English
6: Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, taught in English
6: Alison (company), taught in English
6: Foreigncy, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese, and Urdu taught in English
5: Linguistadores, taught in 5 languages
5: Hear Say by BooksOnBoard, taught without language (sounds)
5: Stella (language courses), taught in 5 languages
5:, taught in English
5: Made Simple by Broadway Books, taught in English
5: Learn in Your Car, taught in English
5: Hugo by Dorling Kindersley, taught in English
5:, taught in English
5: Drive Time by Random House, taught in English
4: VocabularyStickers, taught with language independent pictures
4: Teach Yourself Business by McGraw Hill Financial, taught in English
2: Lingvist, taught in 2 languages
1: Saundz, taught in 7 languages
1:, teaching Turkish, taught in English


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