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Late Night with Seth Meyers is an American late-night talk show hosted by Seth Meyers on NBC. A total of 133 episodes have aired.



Ep# Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
120 November 3, 2014 Kerry Washington, Michael C. Hall, Joe Hill
Last Line of the News Story
121 November 4, 2014 Martin Short, Coco Rocha, Simon Rich
Back in My Day, Coco Rocha shows Seth poses
122 November 5, 2014 Elijah Wood, Cecily Strong Ella Henderson
Welcome Back, What Are They Texting?, Late Night Security Guards
123 November 6, 2014 Eva Longoria, Rob Riggle Hozier
Seth Sits on a Park Bench and Thinks About Stuff, Ya Burnt
124 November 10, 2014 John Lithgow, Ben Feldman Jenny Lewis
Venn Diagrams, Late Night Mice
125 November 11, 2014 David Hyde Pierce, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Matt Jones
Joke Bucket
126 November 12, 2014 Jack McBrayer, Gael García Bernal Ex Hex
Barack Obama e-mails, Dr. Walter Aberdein
127 November 13, 2014 Taylor Schilling, Aaron Sorkin, Mike Lawrence
A Closer Look, The Sorkin Sketch
128 November 17, 2014 Steve Harvey, Robin Lord Taylor Elle King
New Slogans, Michelle Wolf on various topics
129 November 18, 2014 Shaquille O'Neal, Eddie Redmayne, Gary Vaynerchuk
Old Video Games, Seth quizzes Shaquille O'Neal on film roles
130 November 19, 2014 Keira Knightley, Al Michaels St. Lucia
Couple Things, This Week in Numbers, Epilogues
131 November 20, 2014 Russell Brand, Mayim Bialik, Fahim Anwar
Audience member wants Seth to do Bill Cosby joke, Seth reads affirmations about himself, Seth acknowledges death of Mike Nichols
132 November 24, 2014 John Goodman, Aasif Mandvi Interpol
Seth's opinions on flossing, Least Trending Twitter Topics
133 November 25, 2014 Jason Sudeikis, Aubrey Plaza
Second Chance Theatre
134 November 26, 2014 Allison Williams, Josh Beckerman
135 November 27, 2014 Josh Meyers, Larry Meyers, Hilary Meyers


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