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This is the list of episodes for Late Night with Seth Meyers, an American late-night talk show hosted by Seth Meyers on NBC. A total of 100 episodes have aired.



Ep# Original air date Guest(s) Musical/entertainment guest(s)
89 September 2, 2014 Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, Matthew Berry
Montage of Seth's greatest jumps on his old desk, FredEx, Venn Diagrams
90 September 3, 2014 Gwen Stefani, Andy Roddick Counting Crows
Couple Things, Celebrity Spelling Bee, Stephen Colbert introduces Gwen Stefani
91 September 4, 2014 Heidi Klum, Kieran Culkin, Leslie Jones
FredEx, Seth acknowledges death of Joan Rivers, Famous Audience Members
92 September 8, 2014 Luke Wilson, Max Greenfield Banks
Famous Quote First Drafts
93 September 9, 2014 Jeff Goldblum, Hannibal Buress, Jeffrey Kluger
Joke Check In, FredEx, This Week in Numbers, Jeff Goldblum sings "Jurassic Park" lyrics
94 September 10, 2014 Connie Britton, Benjamin McKenzie Vance Joy
New version of Late Night theme song; Roll call for audience members; How They Reported It
95 September 11, 2014 Harry Connick, Jr., Josh Charles Nick Jonas
FredEx, Ya Burnt, Harry Connick, Jr. sings "Happy Birthday" to himself, Epilogues
96 September 15, 2014 Bill Hader, Nancy Pelosi Walk the Moon
Four Downs
97 September 16, 2014 Craig Ferguson, Octavia Spencer, James Ellroy
Seth carves out some time for himself
98 September 17, 2014 Tina Fey, Adam Pally Grouplove
Watchin' the Pot, Adam Pally does characters, video of Paula Pell dancing
99 September 18, 2014 Julianna Margulies, Viggo Mortensen Randy Liedtke
Ask Fred, Last Line of the News Story, Seth reads affirmations about himself
100 September 22, 2014 Martha Stewart, Ana Gasteyer
101 September 23, 2014 Jennifer Hudson, Patrick Wilson
102 September 24, 2014 Stephen King, James Harden Sam Hunt
103 September 25, 2014 Andy Samberg, Emily VanCamp Roy Wood, Jr.
104 September 29, 2014 Rosamund Pike Colony House


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