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This article is about a list of Lego movies (released and upcoming). For stop motion films made using Lego bricks, see Brickfilm. For the 2014 movie, see The Lego Movie.

This is a list of Lego movies, released ones and upcoming.


Brickfilms, fan videos using Lego, have existed since the 1970s. Starting in 2003, Lego officially made their first film partnership to make films based on their toy property. They chose Bionicle as the property and they made a deal with Miramax to make a trilogy of Bionicle films. Over the years, after the trilogy ended, a new trilogy based on Bionicle was planned with Universal Pictures after the Miramax film contract ended and the first film in the new trilogy would be titled Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. But plans broke between Lego and Universal so they cancelled the fifth film in the series. But they continued on with a film titled Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers. The film received positive reviews from fans and critics and after the DVD release, a sequel was set to star Clutch as the hero again. A mini-sequel and a short film based on Clutch Powers were released and plans for a sequel are unknown.

In the summer of 2009, Lego made a deal with Warner Bros. to make a film based on their property. It would feature many themes and characters and it would be released as the first Lego film in the theaters. In 2011, Lego released their first Lego series on TV titled Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Later, in 2012, the untitled Lego film was titled "Lego: The Piece of Resistance". Meanwhile, the Ninjago series received game worldwide and was praised by many fans and critics for its storytelling and plot. The characters on the show had finally developed after the first season and a video game based on the show was released. The show would then be confirmed to exist in the same universe as "Lego Clutch Powers" as in one episode, Clutch Powers would be mentioned by Cole as one of the adventurers who discovered a mystical Snake tooth. He would then turn it into a trophy. This small easter egg would later be used by fans to speculate that the show and the movie take place in the same world.

Later in the year, Ninjago ended its second season as well as ending the series. A new show titled Legends of Chima would air in January 2013. The show was more faster and more productive than Ninjago and it received mixed reviews. In the same year, the "Piece of Resistance" film would be renamed "The Lego Movie" by Warner Bros. and it was released in February of 2014. The Lego Movie received universal acclaim from Lego fans and critics for its characters, plot, special effects and humor. Many actors from the Lego Universe came to reprise their roles in the film. Due to the success of the film, a Ninjago film was announced to be released in 2016 (it is unknown if the film would be a continuation of the TV series or a reboot) and a "Lego Movie" sequel was announced to be released in 2017.


This is a list of films made by The Lego Group and/or based on Lego properties.

Bionicle series:

Clutch Powers series:

Lego Star Wars series:

Lego Friends series:

The Lego Movie series:

  • The Lego Movie (2014)
  • The Lego Movie 2 (2017, to be released)
  • The Lego Movie 3 (2020, to be released)

Other series: