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This is a list of little penguin colonies notable for their size, location or public profile. It is not exhaustive. Some little penguin (Eudyptula minor) colonies are particularly large, well-known, or are tourist attractions; even small colonies in urban areas may attract tours. Little penguins, also known as little blue or fairy penguins, exhibit site fidelity to their breeding colonies and nesting sites over successive years. They live year-round in large or small colonies, with each individual breeding pair forming a burrow, or using caves or crevices between rocks, in which to raise their chicks (of which two are born at a time, usually about two days apart).

Although many breed in large, well-defined colonies, the penguins also occur in scattered locations along long stretches of coastline.[1] In New Zealand numerous beaches, bays and coves are host to penguin colonies. Colony sizes may range from thousands to just a few nests, with some penguins ranging into urban areas. The total population is estimated to lie between 350,000 and 600,000 individuals. Most of these breed on offshore islands where they are not subject to predation by introduced mammals, nor to regular disturbance by people, and are relatively secure. Many colonies on the Australian mainland, as well as on the coasts of Tasmania and New Zealand’s North and South Islands, are in decline.[2]


Little penguins typically return to their colonies to feed their chicks after sunset, which is when they are most visible to people and where tourist attention is focussed. Little penguins attract large numbers of tourists in Australia, and are important in several local economies. However, penguin tourism can also affect penguin breeding success through causing adults to desert nests and chicks to receive fewer meals.[3]


Little penguins were once common on the mainland of Australia but are now primarily confined to various small islands and isolated coastal locations due to predation by introduced feral and domestic cats, foxes or, in New Zealand, stoats and ferrets, and stray dogs on the mainland. The birds and their nests are also preyed on by native animals such as goannas and, in the vicinity of the colonies at sea, by fur seals.[4][5][6] Where roads pass close to colonies, they may be killed by cars.

Due to their diminutive size, the introduction of predators and the spread of human settlement, some colonies have been reduced in size by as much as 98% in just a few years. An example is the small colony on Middle Island, near Warrnambool, Victoria, which was reduced from 5,000 penguins to 100; a subsequent conservation management program using Maremma sheepdogs to guard the colony and deter foxes allowed numbers to start to recover.[7]


Little penguin habitats in Australia
A little penguin walking

Jervis Bay Territory[edit]

Colonies in the Jervis Bay Territory include:

New South Wales[edit]

Colonies in New South Wales include:

South Australia[edit]

Fairy penguin in burrow on Lipson Island, Spencer Gulf, South Australia

Colonies in South Australia include:


Image of the coast of Bicheno, Tasmania. The growth of red lichen gives these rocks a red color

Colonies in Tasmania include:

Tasmanian Bass Strait islands


The coast of Philip Island

Colonies in Victoria, Australia include:

Western Australia[edit]

Colonies in Western Australia include:

New Zealand[edit]

Colonies in New Zealand include:

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