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This is a list of Lutheran churches that are notable either as congregations or as buildings.

in Canada[edit]

in England[edit]

in Estonia[edit]

in Finland[edit]

in Germany[edit]

in France[edit]

in Poland[edit]

in Russia[edit]

South Georgia[edit]

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Norwegian Lutheran Church Grytviken church.jpg 1913 built 54°16′48″S 36°30′37″W / 54.28000°S 36.51028°W / -54.28000; -36.51028 (Norwegian Lutheran Church (Grytviken, South Georgia)) Grytviken, South Georgia In what is now a British territory; Ernest Shackleton is buried there.

in the United States[edit]

There are numerous Lutheran church buildings in the U.S. that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places or that are otherwise notable.

Church Image Dates Location City, State Description
Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church 1899 built
1988 NRHP-listed
45°36′4″N 98°0′2″W / 45.60111°N 98.00056°W / 45.60111; -98.00056 (Augustana Swedish Lutheran Church) Claremont, South Dakota Modified Nave Plan, Other architecture
Augustus Lutheran Church Augustus Lutheran Church, 717 West Main Street, Trappe (Montgomery County, Pennsylvaina).jpg 1743 built
1969 NRHP-listed
717 Main Street40°12′07″N 75°28′50″W / 40.2019°N 75.4805°W / 40.2019; -75.4805 Trappe, Pennsylvania Further designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark
Aurland United Norwegian Lutheran Church 1905 built
1982 NRHP-listed
45°46′14″N 98°24′52″W / 45.77056°N 98.41444°W / 45.77056; -98.41444 (Aurland United Norwegian Lutheran Church) Frederick, South Dakota
Bethany Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church 1898 built
1991 NRHP-listed
41°39′8″N 95°3′11″W / 41.65222°N 95.05306°W / 41.65222; -95.05306 (Bethany Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church) Kimballton, Iowa
Bethany Lutheran Church (Iron River, Michigan) 1912–13 built
CP NRHP-listed
46°09′34″N 88°45′42″W / 46.159444°N 88.761667°W / 46.159444; -88.761667 Iron River, Michigan
Bethany Lutheran Church (Oilmont, Montana) 1912 founded
1923 built
1993 NRHP-listed
.25 miles south of Gus Blaze Rd.
48°41′37″N 111°38′41″W / 48.69361°N 111.64472°W / 48.69361; -111.64472 (Bethany Lutheran Church (Oilmont, Montana))
Oilmont, Montana
Bethany Reformed and Lutheran Church Cemetery built
Midway, North Carolina
Bethel Lutheran Church built
Faith, South Dakota
Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Aitkin, Minnesota) 1897 built
1982 NRHP-listed
46°28′34″N 93°36′59″W / 46.47611°N 93.61639°W / 46.47611; -93.61639 (Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Aitkin, Minnesota)) Aitkin, Minnesota
Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Askov, Minnesota) Bethlehem Lutheran Church Askov 1.jpg 1915 built
1980 NRHP-listed
Kirke Alle
46°11′17″N 92°46′41″W / 46.18806°N 92.77806°W / 46.18806; -92.77806 (Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Askov, Minnesota))
Askov, Minnesota A brick Gothic Revival church built for a Danish American community.
Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Round Top, Texas) Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Round Top, TX.jpg 1866 built
1978 NRHP-listed
409 S White St.
30°3′47.11″N 96°41′59.02″W / 30.0630861°N 96.6997278°W / 30.0630861; -96.6997278 (Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Round Top, Texas))
Round Top, Texas Carl Siegismund Bauer
Bethsaida Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church Parsonage built
La Conner, Washington
Bindnagles Evangelical Lutheran Church 1803 built
1975 NRHP-listed
North of Palmyra at the junction of Legislative Route 38003 and Township 330, North Londonderry Township
40°20′38″N 76°37′1″W / 40.34389°N 76.61694°W / 40.34389; -76.61694 (Bindnagles Evangelical Lutheran Church)
Palmyra, Pennsylvania Georgian, Georgian vernacular
Bradley First Lutheran Church built
Bradley, South Dakota
Calvary Lutheran Church & Parsonage Calvary Lutheran Church - Silverton Oregon.jpg 1891 built
1985 NRHP-listed
310–314 Jersey Street
45°00′16″N 122°46′49″W / 45.00444°N 122.78028°W / 45.00444; -122.78028 (Calvary Lutheran Church & Parsonage)
Silverton, Oregon Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Bungalow/Craftsman, Greek Revival
Canton Lutheran Church built
Canton, South Dakota
Casstown Lutheran Stone Church Casstown Lutheran Stone Church from southwest.jpg 1839 built
1984 NRHP-listed
11 S. Main St.
40°3′2″N 84°7′44″W / 40.05056°N 84.12889°W / 40.05056; -84.12889 (Casstown Lutheran Stone Church)
Casstown, Ohio
Central Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota) 1928 built 222 South Twelfth Street, Minneapolis, MN
44°58′10.5492″N 93°16′15.1068″W / 44.969597000°N 93.270863000°W / 44.969597000; -93.270863000 (Central Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, Minnesota))
Minneapolis, Minnesota Architects: Sund & Dunham, built in the neo-Gothic style in 1928. The building is cruciform in shape with a ceiling height of some 65 feet, with 2,500 seats on the nave floor and galleries. The bell tower was built in 2004-04. Central's organ was installed in 1963 and is one of several significant instruments of this time designed by Lawrence Phelps.
Christ Church Lutheran Christ Church Lutheran 1.jpg 1948 built
2001 NRHP-listed

44°56′37″N 93°13′24″W / 44.94361°N 93.22333°W / 44.94361; -93.22333 (Christ Church Lutheran (Minneapolis, Minnesota))
Minneapolis, Minnesota Award-winning church designed by Eliel Saarinen; a U.S. National Historic Landmark
Christ Evangelical English Lutheran Church built
Brooklyn, New York
Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church built
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Christ Hamilton United Lutheran Church and Cemetery built
Hamilton Square, Pennsylvania
Christ Lutheran Church and Parsonage built
Ellenville, New York
Christiania Lutheran Free Church built
Eureka, Minnesota
Clark Center Lutheran Church built
Clark, South Dakota
Clearwater Evangelical Lutheran Church built
Oklee, Minnesota
Cordelia Lutheran Church built
Moscow, Idaho
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