List of Maccabiah Games medalists in karate

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Maccabiah Karate Medals

16th Maccabiah 2001 Medals

Category Athlete Medal Country
Male Individual Kata Sterenberg, Dov Gold USA
Male Individual Kata Merar, Arthur Silver USA
Male Individual Kata Arar, Jaleo Bronze Israel
Male Individual Kata Zelinger, Boaz Bronze Israel
Male Team Kata USA Gold USA
Male Team Kata Venezuela Silver Venezuela
Male Team Kata Russia Bronze Russia
Male Kumite -60 kg Older, Gregory Gold USA
Male Kumite -60 kg Friedman, Boris Silver Israel
Male Kumite -60 kg Leiderman, Arthur Bronze Russia
Male Kumite -60 kg Waistaviano, Enrique Bronze Germany
Male Kumite -65 kg Stenberg, Low Gold USA
Male Kumite -65 kg Averslock, David Silver USA
Male Kumite -65 kg Asido, David Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -65 kg Bar, Tzaji Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -70 kg Attia, Franck Gold France
Male Kumite -70 kg K. David Silver Georgia
Male Kumite -70 kg Kutz, Beny Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -70 kg Shabtai, Alon Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -75 kg Itai, Ben Gold Israel
Male Kumite -75 kg Menashe, Micha Silver Israel
Male Kumite -75 kg Older, Adam Bronze USA
Male Kumite -75 kg Bachar, Dany Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -80 kg Mirashvili, Mordechai Gold USA
Male Kumite -80 kg Ruiz, Miguel Silver Venezuela
Male Kumite -80 kg Izchiri, Ofer Bronze Israel
Male Kumite -80 kg Abelsky, Solomon Bronze Germany
Male Kumite +80 kg Aualshvili, Menashe Gold Israel
Male Kumite +80 kg Bronshtein, Roman Silver Israel
Male Kumite +80 kg Cohen, Brad Bronze Canada
Male Kumite +80 kg Rovalov, Aleksey Bronze Russia
Male Kumite Open Bronshtein, Roman Gold Israel
Male Kumite Open Kosashvili, Zukas Silver Georgia
Male Kumite Open Attia, Patrick Bronze France


Category Athlete Medal Country
Junior Female Kata Yedida Freilich Bronze Australia
Junior (89-90) Female Kumite +47 kg Tami Michaeli Bronze Israel
Junior (89-90) Female Kumite +47 kg Sandra Tonkonogi Bronze Sweden
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite -53 kg Yedida Freilich Bronze Australia
Open Female Kumite -60 kg Michelle Albert Bronze Australia
Open Female Kumite -60 kg Tanya Gomer Silver Australia
Open Female team Kumite Australia Bronze Australia
Open Male Kumite +80 kg Anthony Tockar Bronze Australia
Open Male Kumite -65 kg David Delevski Bronze Australia
Open Male Team Kata Australia Silver Australia
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite +53 kg Nataliya Muntyanova Gold Canada
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite +53 kg Daniella Dribbin Silver South Africa
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite +53 kg Nicole Naeser Bronze Australia
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite -53 kg Stacy Litman Gold USA
Junior (87-88) Female Kumite -53 kg Maria Laura Flamengo Silver Canada
Junior (89-90) Male Kumite +50 kg Alexander Wasserman Gold Canada
Junior (89-90) Male Kumite +50 kg Calvin Berman Bronze USA


Category Athlete Medal Country
Kata 15-16 Male Liran Finestein Gold Israel
Kata 15-16 Male Bar Ben-naim Silver Israel
Kata 15-16 Male Michael Basckin Bronze Australia
Kata 15-16 Male Unknown Bronze
Junior -55 kg Kumite Male Daniel Gaysinsky Gold Canada
Junior -55 kg Kumite Male Ohad Finedling Silver Israel
Junior -55 kg Kumite Male Shahar Weissman Bronze Israel
Junior -55 kg Kumite Male Michael Basckin Bronze Australia
Open -60 kg Kumite Male Nisan Davidov Gold Israel
Open -60 kg Kumite Male Roman Pinchasov Silver Israel
Open -60 kg Kumite Male Dov Sternberg Bronze USA
Open -60 kg Kumite Male Hayden Gomer Bronze Australia