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Malayalam cinema includes quite a few horror films. Below is a chronological list of those films.

Geethanjali (2013)

Manthrikan (2012)[edit]

Director: Anil
Cast: Jayaram, Poonam Bajwa, Muktha George
Mukundan Unni (Jayaram) is a black magician and an exorcist. He is not really keen about his father's black magic skills and is wiling away his time with two dumb cronies in a remote village. There he meets a girl named Malu (Poonam Bajwa), who has no memories about her past but falls pretty easily for the hero after a couple of songs. But they get separated soon after. Some years later, he is called by a wealthy family to exorcise a spirit (Muktha George) from their palatial house, Shenoy Mandir. He meets Malavika there but she doesn't recognise him. Mukundan, who did not have any idea of how to exorcise and ghosts, decided to leave the job and go back; however upon seeing Malavika, Mukundan decides to stay back and win her back from Giridhar, then person whom she is engaged to. In the background, in a series of dramatic incidents, we see the ghost of Rukmani, possessing the bodies of Malavika's friends and scaring them.

Mukundan convinces Malavika's family and takes her to an old run-down house and there she regains her memory of who Mukundan is and what her relationship with him was. Malavika decides that she doesn't want to marry Giridhar and that she wants Mukundan. Rukmani, the vengeful ghost of a girl who was murdered because she loved the youngest of the Shenoy brothers, is vowed to never let anyone in the Shenoy family or related to the Shenoy get married or have a good life, possesses Malavika. Rukmani as Malavika gives the go-ahead for her marriage with Giridhar, while she is plotting to kill everyone. Mukundan is upset because he thinks Malavika is trying to evade him and cheat him, again. When he confronts her, the spirit of Rukmani talks back to him and she challenges him on the base that he is not a full fledged magician. Upset by this, Mukundan goes back and learns all the magic that his father was trying to teach him. When Rukmani comes to know of this, she goes to the room where Mukundan is performing the tantric pooja. There Mukundan and Rukmani have a stand off and Mukundan finally captures the spirit of Rukmani within a wooden doll. There, Rukmani tells Mukundan the story of how she was killed and why she wants revenge upon the entire Shenoy family. When Mukundan finally captures Rukmani's spirit, Malavika collapses and when her family rushes to her, she indicates that Mukundan tried to harm her. Her family makes Mukundan leave the palace.

Rukmani, upon being free, again leashes her fury. However, in the climax, she is again subdued by Mukundan and all is well again. In a lucky turn of events, the hero finally gets his girl.

Yakshiyum Njanum (2010)[edit]

Director: Vinayan
Cast: Gautham, Meghana Raj, Thilakan, Sphadikam George
Yakshiyum Njanum tells a story of societal circumstances through horror and fantasy. The film revolves around the fairy Athira (Meghana Raj) and the hero Shyam (Gautham). Thilakan enacts the role of an astrologer, Narayanji. Mala Aravidan plays a sorcerer, Vatmiki. Captan Raju plays Athira's father, Sphadikam George plays the villain Minister Madhavan and Parur Ramachandran plays Gounder.

In Ghost House Inn (2010)[edit]

Director: Lal
Cast: Mukesh, Jagadish, Siddique, Ashokan,Radhika, Nedumudi Venu
This film starts with a flashback to an incident that took place 70 years ago, in the Dorothy bungalow, where Madam Dorothy killed her husband, his mistress and the driver.
The story then shifts to the present day where Thomas Kutty buys a bungalow in Ooty with the cash he received in 2 Harihar Nagar, planning to convert it into a resort. The property is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a mistress who was killed 70 years before. In the middle of the film Kutty and three others see Father Dominico, who warns them of bad things to come. They ignore him at first, but then the housekeepers Kutty hired also leave, saying that there is ghost in the house. Everyone starts to get nervous, as their wives are also in the bungalow. At the climax of the film the secret is revealed—there is no ghost, rather it is just a trick to make money. Anyone who buys the bungalow will then sell it back to Dorothy Madam at half cost when they fear the rumoured ghost.

Drona 2010 (2010)[edit]

Director: Shaji Kailas
Cast: Mammootty, Thilakan

The film revolves around a mysterious old mansion haunted by a ghost. the actor is doing triple role

Chemistry (2009)[edit]

Director: Viji Thampi
Cast: Mukesh, Vineeth, Saranya Mohan, Shilpa Bala
At the start of Chemistry, three Plus-One students are found dead inside the classroom of the Mount Academy School. SP Sreekanth (Mukesh) is in charge of the investigation and despite his dramatic entrances and elaborate interrogations, he finds out virtually nothing until the end. In fact, the mystery is solved by the ghost of a dead girl, Gowri (Shilpa Bala). The ghost inhabits the body of the cop's niece, Parvathy (Saranya Mohan), to seek vengeance on her murderers. Vineeth plays Aloshy, the dance teacher at the school.[1]

Kana Kanmani (2009)[edit]

Director: Akku Akbar
Cast: Jayaram, Padma Priya, Baby Nivedita, Sukumari, Vijaya Raghavan
Roy (Jayaram), a Christian and a successful architect, is happily married to Brahmin girl Maya (Padmapriya), living with her in a cozy luxury apartment with their young daughter Anakha (Baby Nivedita). One day, Anakha insists that they go for a short vacation to an old bungalow where they had lived before in a remote hill station. Soon, certain strange things start happening and they discover that a girl has taken over their daughter's body.[2]

Winter (2009)[edit]

Director: Dipu
Cast: Jayaram, Bhavana
Dr. Ramdas (Jayaram) is a surgeon married to Shyama (Bhavana) with two young daughters. They decide to move after the older daughter develops a psychiatric problem, and their new bungalow is perfect for a spooky tale, standing tall in a deserted village. The incidents that follow are meant to sound and look very scary, but instead they may come off contrived or artificial.[3]


Director: George Kithu
Cast: Indrajith, Shammi Thilakan, Remya Nambeeshan, Nitya Das
The story begins when Pooja (Remya Nambeeshan) and three of her fellow engineering students decide to stay in a lonely bungalow during their study leave. The girls enjoy their time there at first, but then Pooja falls sick when the ghost of a young woman, Urmila (Nitya Das), inhabits her body. A kurta-clad tantrik, Vishnu Narayanan (Shammi Thilakan), is brought in by the girl's father (Subair).
He finds out that Urmila committed suicide in an effort to save her life from the fiery Sivaram (Indrajith). She now wants her revenge on Sivaram, who has a doctorate in metaphysics and has been doing studies in black magic ever since. The film revolves around the ghost's revenge and ends on a happy note as evil yields to good.[4]


Director: V.K.Prakash
Cast: Jayaram, Vineeth, Indrajith, Jyothirmayi, Samvrutha, Sherin
Two attractive young nurses Annie (Sherin) and Aunupama (Samvrutha) decide to live in an old palace in the woods. The palace caretaker (Mala Aravindan) says it is a perfectly safe place for the girls to live, but soon the girls start seeing things such as a boy with a tennis ball, a lady dressed in white and other ominous signs that make them believe the palace is haunted.
The nurses' boss is Dr Arun (Vineeth), a psychiatrist on whom Anupama has a secret crush. The twist comes midway through the film, where a cop (Jayaram) and his novelist wife (Jyothirmayi) are living in the old palace. Soon the wife is possessed by the spirits of the nurses residing there.[5]

Thanthra (2006)[edit]

Director: K.J Bose
Cast: Siddique, Aravind Akash, Shewtha Menon

Tantra is a film that for the first time in Indian cinema tries to explore the amazing facets of the tantric way of life. Kodukkollur Mana in North Malabar is a centre for Tantric studies. Tantrist Aacharya Suryadharman (Siddique) and wife Vedavathy (Aiswarya) are the inmates of the Mana. Suryadharman's fame as a tantric yogi has spread far and wide. His predictions never fail. But the atmosphere at the Mana is forbidding, and few venture close to it. Through the use of black magic and other means, Suryadharman is on the verge of becoming invincible.

BBC reporter Aravindan (Kiran Raj) along with girl friend and model Swethamukhi (Sweta Menon) come to the Mana to produce a documentary about South Indian Tantric practices. Swethamukhi is also interested in learning the whereabouts of her brother who has been missing for three years. Suryadharman's disclosures about her brother's disappearance startle her. Promising to find and return her brother within a few days, Suryadharman inveigles her to participate in a Pooja. Even without their knowing it, Suryadharman drives a wedge between Aravindan and Swethamukhi whose presence in the Mana unsettles Vedavathy. Aravindan in the mean time seeks the help of Vedavathy to learn more about Tantra. The eerie and bizarre happenings at the Mana make up the story, with lust and revenge forming the thread.

Anandabhadram (2005)[edit]

Director: Santosh Sivan
Cast: Prithviraj Sukumaran, Kavya Madhavan, Manoj K Jayan
This story begins with Anandan (Prithviraj) visiting his native village, Sivapuram, to dissolve some ashes in a river near the mystical garden Manthrikapura and to light a lamp in Sivakavu, a strange and dark place in Sivapuram. When Anandan was young, his mother had told him many bedtime stories about the people and the places in Sivapuram. However, when he arrives Anandan finds out that his mother's stories were not all truthful. To start with, the villagers warn him not to light the lamp in the forbidden Sivakavu, but since Anandan does not believe in anything supernatural he ignores their warnings.

Vismayathumbathu (2004)[edit]

Director: Fazil
Cast: Mohanlal, Nayantara
Mohanlal plays the role of a person who has the sixth sense power while Nayantara does the role of a wandering soul who get associated with Mohanlal.

Vellinakshatram (2004)[edit]

Director: Vinayan
Cast: Pritiviraj, Meenakshi, Karthika, Salim Kumar
Vinod (Pritviraj) is in love with Aswathy (Karthika), a member of a royal family with many dark secrets. When Aswathy’s mother refuses to allow her marriage to Vinod she elopes and marries him anyway. Just before the birth of their child Vinod and Aswathy make up with the royal family, which consists of two uncles (Jagathy and Jagathish) and their wives. Later, Aswathy dies mysteriously during the delivery of her first child. Her grandmother is bedridden by now, so the baby is looked after by members of Aswathy's family who start thinking that the little girl is possessed. Meanwhile a home nurse Indu (Meenakshi) is brought to look after the girl, but she also is possessed by a spirit who is the mother of the spirit inside the child.[6]

Aparichithan (2004)[edit]

Director: Sanjeev Sivan
Cast: Mammootty, Kavya madhavan, Karthika, Manya
Meenakshi (Kavya), Simi (Karthika) and Devi (Manya) are great friends and hostel mates. In college they are known as the ‘Three Roses’ and have a penchant for getting into trouble. Simi’s boyfriend Chacko (Vineeth Kumar) always bails them out, however.
When they are caught stealing examination questions, the Three Roses are expelled from college but are not willing to go home. Chacko arranges their stay in a mansion with a ‘thampuratti’ (Urmila Unni), who practices witchcraft on a ‘Ouija board’.
Meenakshi is drawn like a magnet to the witchcraft and soon starts hallucinating about dead spirits. The friends decide to go to Nelliyampathi, a hill resort where Vinod (Chacko’s friend) knows a forest guest house, but on the way their bus crashes with a Jeep and the friends are forced to trek through the thick forest.
On the way they meet Raghuram (Mammootty), a wild life photographer with National Geographic. He has a great sense of humour but is always drunk. Initially he is irritating for the girls, but later he becomes a sort of guardian angel to them.
Raghuram tells them about Kalyani (Mahi Vij), a village chief’s daughter who bore a striking resemblance to his sister and one day mysteriously disappeared. The film moves towards a revealing climax as startling truths reveal themselves. Who is Raghuram? Where is Kalyani? Who are the ghosts? The solution to the mystery is the highlight of the film.[7]

Agninakshathram (2004)[edit]

Director: Karim
Cast: Suresh Gopi, Biju Menon, Siddique, Aishwarya, Indraja, Jagathy Sreekumar
This film revolves around Rudra (Baby Sanika), the young daughter of Aniyan Thampuran of Thirumangalam Palace. She possesses supernatural powers, and all her predictions come true. People throng to her house. A new servant named Maanthappan arrives, but he is actually Chudala (Siddique), an expert in black magic. Thalakulaththoor Thampy (Suresh Gopi) comes to protect the child, whose life is being threatened.He was ghost

Pakalpooram (2002)[edit]

Directors: Anil, Babu Pisharadi
Cast: Mukesh, Geethu Mohandas, Salim Kumar
This story is set in Sooryamagalam. Years ago, Brahmadattan Namboothiri tamed and contained an evil spirit. Before being tamed, however, the evil spirit vowed vengeance on his family by killing his son. 30 years later, Brahmadattan's youngest son, Gauridasan (Mukesh) returns to the house unexpectedly to restore the dignity of his mother and to claim to his paternal lineage. Gauridasan is assigned to tame the spirit, and in turn he meets Seemathini (Geethu Mohandas). This relationship is the crux of the story, determining the flow of events that follows. Garudiasan fails to tame the evil spirit and returns home with Seemathini.[8]

Ee Bhargavi Nilayam (2002)[edit]

Director: Benny P Thomas
Cast: Suresh Krishna, Vani Viswanath, Vineetha,sri kutty
Ee Bhargavi Nilayam tells the story of two lovers who commit suicide. As a result the village has a drought that lasts many years and the festival in the temple never takes place. It is predicted that a man will come across the river and save the village from their sufferings.[9]

Bhadra (2001)[edit]

Director: Mummy Century
Cast: Shankar Panikkar, Captain Raju, Vinayaprasad..

Megha Sandesham (2001)[edit]

Director: Rajasenan
Cast: Suresh Gopi
Meghasandesam is all about Rosy Samuel (Rajsri Nair), a girl who was madly in love with Balagopal (Suresh Gopi) during her college days but could not tell him. When her marriage is arranged she rebels and her parents allow her to marry Balagopal. On her way to tell Balu, she meets with an accident. She becomes a ghost, but still goes to meet Balu and tells what has happened. Balu finds her story interesting and allows Rosy to stay with him in his estate bungalow, but trouble starts when Rosy is jealous of Balu's fiancee Anjali (Samayuktha Varma) and wants to kill her.[10]

Indriyam (2000)[edit]

Director: George Kithu
Cast: Boban Alummoodan, Nishant Sagar, Raghavan, Vikram, Vani Viswanath

College students go on a trip to one of the students' palace in the forest.

Summer Palace (2000)[edit]

Director g murali cast -krishna kumar ,mayoori asees

Devadoothan(2000 )[edit]

Directed by : Sibi Malayil
Cast: Mohanlal, Jayaprada
The movie tells the story of Vishal Krishnamoorthy (Mohanlal) who is a musician who has attained international fame on account of his symphony 'Rhythm of Love'.And from the point where Vishal attains international repute, the director takes us back on a journey into his past, when certain unseen forces make him solve certain mysteries surrounding Angelina Ignatious (Jayapradha), the lady who runs the college from where Vishal was once expelled.

Aakasha Ganga (1999)[edit]

Director: Vinayan
Cast: Mukesh, Jagadish, Innocent, Mayoori, divyaunni
Years ago the Manikyasseri family buried their maid Ganga after she became pregnant by one of the family members. Her soul was then exorcised into a tree. During a campus trip, Daisy happens to play with the tree and the spirit enters her body. She was the girlfriend of Unni, who was member of Manikyasseri family. Through Daisy, the evil spirit comes to Manikyasseri to take revenge.

Mayilpeelikkavu (1998)[edit]

Director: Anil, Babu Pisharadi
Cast: Kunchako Boban, Jomol
The film is about re-incarnation and revenge.

Manichitrathazhu (1993)[edit]

Director: Fazil
Music Director: M.G. Radhakrishnan
Lyricist: Bichu Thirumala, Madhu Muttam, Vaali
Singer: G. Venugopal, K J Yesudas, K S Chithra, Sujatha
Banner: Swargachithra
Producer: Appachan
Cast: Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, Shobhana, Nedumudi Venu, Innocent, Sudheesh, Ganesh
Story: Madhu Muttam
Dialogs: Madhu Muttam
Screen Play: Madhu Muttam
Cinematography: Venu
Editor: TR Sekhar
Background Music: Johnson

The plot of this film involves a young couple, Ganga (Shobhana) and Nakulan (Suresh Gopi), who go to Nakulan's ancestral "Tharavadu" mansion. Ignoring the protests of their superstitious uncle Thampi (Nedumudi Venu), they move into the mansion and unusual and supernatural events begin to happen. Suspicion falls on Sreedevi (Vinaya Prasad), Nakulan's cousin, who is known to be suffering from depression. Since Nakulan fell in love with Ganga and didn't marry Sreedevi, Sreedevi's father hurriedly arranged a match and got her married on the same days as Nakulan's marriage. Unfortunately for her the marriage was short lived and she was sent back home. Dr. Sunny Joseph (Mohanlal), a psychiatrist and Nakulan's close friend, is called in to investigate. Soon it becomes evident that Ganga, affected by multiple personality disorder (MPD), is behind the mystery, haunted by a troubled past.

The mansion that Nakulan and Ganga are living in was occupied in ancient times by a cruel Thampi chieftain, who had brought in a famous Bharatnatyam dancer Nagavalli from Thanjavur to his palace. There she pines away for her lover Ramanathan. Ganga, who grew up listening to folklore and ghost stories from her grandmother, identifies with the character Nagavalli. This empathy gradually leads to psychosis. When Ganga turns into Nagavalli, the characters of the household turn into the characters of a bygone era in her eyes.

Sunny correctly identifies the source of the violent happenings at the mansion, and convinces Nagavalli to renounce Ganga's body once she is allowed to execute the cruel chieftain. He dresses up Nakulan as the ancient chieftain, and at the crucial moment replaces Nakulan with a dummy. Nagavalli is fooled into believing that she has taken her revenge, and Ganga recovers from her affliction.

Aayushkalam (1992)[edit]

Director: Kamal
Cast: Jayaram, Mukesh
Balakrishnan (Mukesh) is a heart patient. He urgently needs a heart transplant and luckily he gets the heart of Aby Mathew (Jayaram) who was dead a few moments ago. After the operation, Balakrishnan discovers that he can see Aby Mathew while nobody else can. Aby Mathew is now a ghost and he wants to bring his killers in front of the law. He takes Balakrishnan's help and start investigating. At first, nobody is ready to believe Balakrishnan as no one believes in ghosts. Balakrishnan also takes the help of Sub Inspector Damu (Sreenivasan) who also at first does not believe him. Balakrishnan discovers that Aby Mathew was murdered by his close friend Alex (Saikumar) to take over his business and that the lives of Aby's wife (Mathu) and mother (Kaviyoor Ponnamma) are also in danger. The rest of the plot is Balakrishnan's attempt to save them.

Nidrayil oru Raathri(1990)[edit]

Director: Asha Khan
Music Director:SP Venkitesh
Producer:Chakravarthy Production

Kalpana House (1989)[edit]

Director: P. Chandrakumar Banner :Super Good Films Producer :NOOHUkjn Cast:Abilasha, Kapil, Jagathy Sreekumar, Oduvil Unnikrishnan.

Adharvam (1989)[edit]

Director: Dennis Joseph Cast:Mammootty, Ganesh Kumar The movie is a life portrait of Anantha Padmanabhan (Mammootty) born to an aristocratic Namboothiri father (Charuhasan) and a low caste mother (Jayabharathi), who quickly learns and masters all 3 Vedas and allied arts of it. But, Ananthan and family goes through a whole lot of trouble as the narrow minded Brahmin community finds out that he is in love with an aristocratic girl, which ends up in tragedy upon his family. To seek revenge for his mother's death, he learns ancient mystic tantric rituals and the 4th Veda, Atharvaveda, which is generally related to sorcery and stuff. He puts a menace on the whole society using his powers that he gained over years and his dad's second son (Ganesh Kumar) is send to save the society and the village from the clutches of this austere man inflicted with vengeance.

Veendum Lisa (1987)[edit]

Director: Baby
Cinemotography: P. S. Nivas
Cast: Shari
When his girlfriend Lisa goes missing for a year, a man marries another woman and moves to Ooty. Later his wife starts behaving strangely, like a modern girl. She kills three men (including a doctor, a mute servant and the man's best friend), but he doesn't realise that his wife was possessed by Lisa. After trying to release Lisa from his wife, she reveals that two men raped her and had a servant burn her body. The wife accidentally releases her to take her body and Lisa says a tearful farewell to her lover as she goes to heaven in the end.

Pachavelicham (1985)[edit]

Director: M.Mani
Banner: Sunitha Productions
Producer: M.Mani
Cast: Shankar, Madhu, Aasa, Soumini
Story: Cheri
Diologue: Thoppil Bhasi
Screen Play: Thoppil Bhasi
Editorr:VP Krishanan
Art Director: Devadas

Sreekrishna Parunthu (1984)[edit]

Director: Vincent A
Cast: Mohanlal, Soman, Rohini, Pavithra
The story is about Kumaran, a complete rogue who turns out to be a pious saint, and the temptations he has to suffer. It is based on the novel "Krishnaparunthu" by P. V. Thampi.

Viswasichalum Illenkilum (1982-83)[edit]

Director: Allepy Ashraf. Cast: Ratheesh, Lizy, Baby Shalini Plot: This story is about the soul of a woman whose love was not fulfilled. The soul takes revenge through the body of a little girl.

Karimpoocha (1981)[edit]

Director :  ?
Cast : Ratheesh , Seema , Johny

Sakthi (1980)[edit]

Director: Vijayanand
Cast: Jayan ,Ravi Kumar,Seema, Sreevidhya, M.N Nambiar, Bahadoor.

The story opens with two men travelling in an ambassador's car to a bungalow, not knowing how to get there. On the way they see a black magician who is Jayan's character's uncle. They ask him the way and he points towards the bungalow. After reaching the bungalow they start talking about the area, and realise that it is deserted. They meet Jayan's character, a shapeless ghost who tells his life story and how he liked his body.

Lisa (1978)[edit]

Direction  : Baby
Cinemotography: P. S. Nivas
Music : K.J. Joy
Cast  : Prem Nazir,RaviKumar,Seema,Bhavani,Jayan,Soman,Vidhubala,Jose Prakash, Pappu,Nellicode Bhaskaran,Kanaga Durga,Prathapa Chandran,Jayabharathi(Guest) etc.
Lisa, by veteran director Baby, was one of the best horror and musical films in Malayalam. The film features an excellent score by K.J. Joy.
In the film, a village girl comes to the city for work and stays in a hostel. When she returns from work and walks into her room a black cat in the form of ghost falls on her in the darkness. She then takes the form of modern city girl - Lisa. The sequel, Veendum Lisa, is an average horror film.

Vayanadan Thampan(1978)[edit]

Direction  : A. Vincent
Cast  : Kamalahasen,Janardanan, Balan K Nair, Alummoodan, Latha, Mallika

It is a story about evil worship.A man (Thampan)who retains his youth by giving the blood of virgins to evil.For virgins he pretends love to ladies and kidnapping them.

Vanadevatha (1976)[edit]

Direction  : Yusufali Kecheri
Cast  : Prem Nazir, Madhubala (Old), K. P. Ummer,

Yakshagaanam (1976)[edit]

Direction  : Sheela
Cast  : Sheela,Madhu, Ummer, Usha Nandini

Moodal Manju (1970)[edit]

Director :Sudin Menon
Banner :VS Pictures
Cast :Prem Nazeer,Sheela,Madhubala,Kumari Thankam,PJ Antony,Adoor Bhasi,Vincent,TR Omana,Kaduvakkulam
Story and Screen Play :Sudin Menon
Music Director(s):Usha Khanna
Lyricist(s):P Bhaskaran
Dialogs :Parappuram

Bhargavi Nilayam (1964)[edit]

Director: Vincent A
Cast: Prem Nazir, Madhu, Vijaya Nirmala
This was the first horror film in the malayalam industry, and it was a hit when it was released. Bhargavi Nilayam is the only movie for which Vaikom Muhammad Basheer wrote the screenplay. The screenplay is based on the short story "Neela Velicham" by Basheer.


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