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The following is a list of periodicals and online magazines published in the Malayalam language.

General interest, news and literature[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent publication/
Published by
Anakkaryam Monthly Online Anakkaryam
Bhashaposhini Monthly Print Malayala Manorama Bhashaposhini(Registration required)
Chandrika Weekly Weekly Print Chandrika Chandrika Weekly
Deshabhimani Weekly Weekly Print Deshabhimani Deshabhimani Weekly
Grandhalokam Monthly Print Kerala State Library Council
India Today Weekly Print India Today
Jaalakam Print (till 2008)
Online (2008–present)
Janapatham Monthly Print Public Relations Department, Government of Kerala Public Relations Department
Janashakthi Weekly Print
Janayugom Weekly Print Janayugom
Jayakeralam Weekly Print
Jayakeralam Online Jayakeralam
Kalakaumudi Weekly Print Kalakaumudi
Katha Weekly Print Kalakaumudi Katha
Kerala Kamudi Weekly Weekly Print

Kerala Vaartha

Kerala Kaumudi Kerala Kamudi Weekly
Keralasabdam Weekly Print Keralasabdam
Kesari Weekly Print Kesari
Kunkumam Monthly Print Keralasabdam
Lifestyle Keralam Monthly Online/Print Lifestyle Keralam
Madhyamam Weekly Weekly Print Madhyamam Madhyamam Weekly
Malayala Sahithyam
Malayalam Today Monthly Print
Manorama Weekly Weekly Print Malayala Manorama Manorama Weekly(Registration required)
Mangalam Weekly Weekly Print Mangalam
Mathrubhumi Illustrated Weekly Weekly Print Mathrubhumi Mathrubhumi Weekly(Registration required)
Mayilpeeli Monthly Online Mayilpeeli
Nammude Malayalam Online Nammude Malayalam
Nostalgia Monthly Print
Padheyam Monthly Online Paadheyam
Prabodhanam Weekly Print Prabodhanam
Powradhwani Monthy print
Puzha Magazine Online Puzha magazine
Risala Weekly Print
Samakalika Malayalam Vaarika Weekly Print The New Indian Express
Saikatham Online
Santham Monthly Print
Vaayana Fortnightly Print
Media City Monthly Print
The Special Monthly Online and Print [1]


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Karshakan Monthly Print Deepika
Karshakasree Monthly Print Malayala Manorama Karshasree(Registration required)


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Fast Track Monthly Print Malayala Manorama
Top Gear Monthly Print

Business and economics[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Business Deepika Monthly Print Deepika
Dhanam Fortnightly Print
Sambadhyam Monthly Print Malayala Manorama
Emerging Kerala monthly Print DC MEDIA
Money Indices monthly Print DC MEDIA

Children's magazines and comics[edit]

Comics / Children's
Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Achutan Comics
Balarama Weekly Print Malayala Manorama
Balakeralam Printed Powradweni
Balarama Digest Weekly Print Malayala Manorama
Balarama Amar Chitra Katha Weekly Fortnightly Malayala Manorama
Balabhumi Print Weekly Mathrubhumi
Balamangalam Weekly Print Mangalam
Bobanum Moliyum Monthly Print Toms
Cartoon Plus Fortnightly Print Mathrubhumi
Chitrakatha Weekly Print Mangalam
Cut Cut
Hasya Kairali Monthly Print Keralasabdham
Kalikkudukka Weekly Print Malayala Manorama
Kalicheppu Weekly Print Mangalam
Kuttikalude Deepika Fortnightly Print Deepika
Malarvadi Monthly Print Prabodhanam
Mandoose Monthly Print Toms
Minnaminni Fortnightly Print Mathrubhumi
Our Kids Monthly Print Our Kids Publications
PAICO Classics
Poompatta Fortnightly Print sooryaprabha publications
Poompatta Amar Chitra Kadha
Sneha Sena
Tek Tek
Thaliru Monthly Print Kerala State Institute of Children's Literature Thaliru
Thathamma Fortnightly Print Deshabhimani

Education and career[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Labour India Monthly Print
Madhyamam Vidhya Yearly Print Madhyamam
Schoolmaster Monthly Print V Publishers
Thozil Vartha Weekly Print Mathrubhumi
Thozil Veedhi Weekly Print Malayala Manorama
Vijaya Veedhi Print Malayala Manorama
Education Insider monthly Print DC MEDIA


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Chithrabhumi Weekly Print Mathrubhumi
Cinema Mangalam Weekly Print Mangalam
Film City
Film Magazine Weekly Print Kalakaumudi
Mammootty Times Weekly Print All Kerala Mammootty Fans and Welfare Association
Mohanlal Times Weekly Print All Kerala Mohanlal Fans and Welfare Association
Mohanlal Special Print Newsline Publications
Nana Weekly Print ‘’Keralasabdam’’
Rashtradeepika Cinema Weekly Print Deepika
TAKE:1 Weekly Print
Vellinakshatram Weekly Print Kalakaumudi


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Arogya Madhyamam Monthly Print Madhyamam
Arogyasasthram Monthly Print Powradhwani
Arogya Mangalam Monthly Print Mangalam
Arogya Masika Monthly Print Mathrubhumi
Arogyam Monthly Print Malayala Manorama
Ayurarogyam Monthly Print Kalakaumudi
Spandanam Monthly Online Spandanam
Future Medicine monthly Print DC MEDIA


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Ente Veedu
Madhyamam Griham Yearly Print Madhyamam
Vanitha Veedu Print Monthly Malayala Manorama

Science and technology[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Eureka Monthly Print Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad
Info Kairali Monthly Print
Sasthrakeralam Monthly Print Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad Sasthrakeralam

Society and women[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
OURKIDS Monthly Print in HQ Popees Baby Care [2]
Aaramam Weekly Weekly Online
Family Facebook Monthly Print
Grihshobha Monthly Print Delhi Press Grihshobha
Grihalakshmi Fortnightly Print Mathrubhumi
LIVE Style Monthly Online
Kanyaka Fortnightly Print Mangalam
Mahilachandrika Fortnightly Print Chandrika Mahila Chandrika
Mahilaratnam Fortnightly Print Keralasabdam
Snehitha Monthly Print Kalakaumudi
Sthree Dhanam Monthly Print Deepika
Vanitha Fortnightly Print Malayala Manorama

Spiritual and astrology[edit]

Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Jyothisastram Printed Powradweni
Jyothisharatnam Monthly Print Keralasabdam
Jyothisha Bhooshanam Fortnightly Print Mangalam
RISALA Weekly print [3]
Muhurtham Monthly Print Kalakaumudi
Shabab Weekly Weekly Print
Sneha Samvadam Monthly Print Sneha Samvadam
Shalom Times Monthly Print

Sunni Voice Fortnightly

Poomkavanam monthly


Name Frequency Type Parent Publication/
Published by
Travel and flavors monthly Print DC MEDIA

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