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The following is an episode list for Marvel Anime, a four-part series of anime shows as part of a collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and Madhouse. The four series are based on Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men and Blade.[1] These series had their debut in Japan on Animax, and are airing in North America on G4 and in Australia on Sci Fi.[2][3] The first series, Iron Man aired in Japan between October 1, 2010 and December 17, 2010.[4] The second series, Wolverine, aired in Japan between January 7, 2011 and March 25, 2011. Both series aired in English on G4 between July 23, 2011, and October 14, 2011. The third series, X-Men, aired in Japan between April 1, 2011 and June 24, 2011 and aired in English on G4 from October 21, 2011, to January 6, 2012. The fourth and final series, Blade, aired in Japan between July 1, 2011 and September 16, 2011, and aired in English on G4 from January 13, 2012, to April 2, 2012.

Iron Man[edit]

No. Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Japan: Enter Iron Man" (Iron Man Arrives in Japan)
"Aian Man, Rainichi" (アイアンマン、来日) 
October 1, 2010 July 23, 2011[5][6]
Tony Stark travels to Japan to supervise the construction of an Arc Station with Dr. Chika Tanaka (the supervisor of Lab 23 of Stark Industries' Japanese branch) and meets with Minister of Defense Kuroda who asks about Tony retiring as Iron Man and that the Iron Man Dio armor will be mass-produced for the possible recruits. The next day, reporter Nanami Ōta and photographer Ichiru Masuda are told by Editor Homura to get a scoop on Tony Stark before the Tokyo Journal's competition does. Tony and Kuroda meet the three test pilots hoping to pilot the prototype Iron Man Dio armor which will replace Tony when he retires from being Iron Man. In a battle test, the armor withstands the tank attacks. Tony later holds a public event to show off the new model with him testing the Iron Man Dio armor. During the flight test, something goes wrong with the Iron Man Dio armor and it crashes near Nanami's car. Tony gets a ride home from Nanami who interviews him while Chika and her men recover the prototype Iron Man Dio armor. Tony tries to figure out what went wrong with the Iron Man Dio armor as he tells Chika to run a diagnosis on the prototype Iron Man Dio armor. When one of the pilots tests it later, he gets brainwashed and attacks the other two pilots. Upon figuring out that the prototype Iron Man Dio armor is hacked by an outside source and escapes from the facility, Tony equips his classic Iron Man armor and manages to defeat it. However, he is attacked by a strange mechanical warrior named Scorpio who comes from an order called the Zodiac. Tony defeats him, but the prototype Iron Man Dio armor goes missing having been removed from the test pilot. 
02 "Going Nuclear" (Find the Missing Nuke)
"Kieta Kaku o Oe" (消えた核を追え) 
October 8, 2010 August 5, 2011
A shipment of plutonium is stolen by mysterious people. The next day, Nanami is writing the article when she hears about Tony being subpoenaed to the Diet of Japan. The stolen plutonium leads Tony to be accused of smuggling nuclear materials into Japan with the ship being associated with Stark Industries and having to give a statement before the Diet of Japan claiming that the claims of him smuggling plutonium is a lie. In order to get away from the press, Tony hitches a ride with Nanami Ōta and Ichiru Masuda. Nanami states that Tony still owes her an interview and wants to help improve Tony's image. While investigating the ship where the plutonium was being transported, Iron Man encounters a Zodiac robot called Cancer. Tony contacts Kuroda stating that Zodiac is behind the plutonium theft yet Kuroda doesn't want Tony to continue his investigation. Hacking into a surveillance camera, Iron Man discovers who the culprits are and loads their coordinates into the Iron Man armor. Tony Stark drives past Nanami who ends up pursuing Tony in order to get an interview and borrowing Ichiru's camera while borrowing a man's scooter. Tony has Kuroda tell the Mayor of Kyoto apologize for the traffic jam he's about to cause and catches up to the culprits. Nanami crashes into the culprit's car causing a mix-up. Tony drives them towards a security checkpoint, but he is blocked off by a JSDF operative named Captain Nagato Sakurai. Nanami mixes her camera with the plutonium the culprits were carrying to the rendezvous point and is chased by an armored tank equipped with stealth camouflage that is being piloted by the culprits. Tony Stark becomes Iron Man and goes after the tank as Nagato Sakurai sends a transmission to have the roads cleared. After Sakurai helps Iron Man deal with the tank, Iron Man faces off against Cancer again who targets Nanami for the plutonium and breaks off his claws. Iron Man then throws Cancer into the air and destroys him with his laser beams. Tony Stark is cleared of all charges and Nanami was able to write a good article. Nanami hopes that the Japanese public will learn something about this. Ichiru gives Nanami some flowers which were shipped to him by Tony Stark. Kuroda asks Nagato Sakurai about what he thinks about Tony Stark. Nagato arrives where a new armor is being built. 
03 "Reap the Whirlwind" (The Reviving Project)
"Yomigaeru Purojekuto" (蘇るプロジェクト) 
October 15, 2010 August 12, 2011
Strange tornadoes are appearing in Tokyo, targeting and killing Professor Ohno. Dr. Chika Tanaka gives Tony Stark a tour of the Arc Station when she gets a call from Professor Satoshi Yamaguchi that Professor Ohno is dead and loses contact with him. Meanwhile, Editor Nomura is shown an article by Nanami about Satoshi Yamaguchi being killed by a tornado. When another tornado attacks a military base, Iron Man enters it and finds the cause, another Zodiac warrior named Aries who easily defeats him. Meanwhile, Nanami attends a meeting with Dr. Chika Tanaka and Professor Michelinie. Professor Michelinie talks about the Tesla Project, an anti-natural disaster machine worked on by them and the other professors. Just then, Chika, Nanami and Professor Michelinie are attacked by the tornado which results in the death of Professor Michelinie. Tony Stark tries to help some survivors, but is met with harsh criticism from the rescue team leader Nakai who tells Tony to leave. Tony tells the rescue team leader that he has the resources to help them only to be told by Nakai to get lost. Dr. Chika Tanaka and Nanami appear outside of the house. Tony tries to help the rescue workers and ends up coming to the aid of the rescue workers when a bus starts to go under. Tony dives into the water to save the surviving bus passengers. As Chika and Nanami research the Tesla Project, they soon learn that Professor Michelinie (who turns up alive) is the man responsible for selling the Tesla research to the Zodiac and holds them at laser point. Thanks to Nanami, Chika and Nanami manage to escape. Meanwhile, Tony Stark emerges upon saving the bus passengers. While checking on the status of the Iron Man armor, Tony is shown an updated version of the EMP cannon by Chika when Chika is told that 2 F-5 tornadoes Yokasuka Base where Professor Michelinie is witnessing this as he is sucked into the tornado. With his armor repaired, Iron Man re-enters the tornado and defeats Aries with an EMP cannon. As Iron Man starts to fall, he is told by Chika to reboot the Iron Man armor. The Iron Man armor reboots as Aries crashes to the ground. 
04 "A Twist of Memory, a Turn of the Mind" (Reunion)
"Saikai" (再会) 
October 22, 2010 August 19, 2011
Tony recalls five years ago when he testing the Screamer jet. While in the Middle East, Tony's helicopter is shot down with Tony receiving life threatening injuries. Agreeing to make weapons for the terrorists led by Righella, he was saved by fellow prisoner Ho Yinsen who installed a magnetic chest plate to keep him alive and helped him realize the deaths his weapons manufacturing has caused. This led to the creation of the mini arc-reactor. When Yinsen asks if he ever though of the people he has hurt from the weapons he has made. After making an updated mini arc reactor, Ho Yinsen flips a coin to decide if he should help Tony. This leads to Yinsen helping Tony into building a device that would get Tony Stark and Yinsen managed to create the first Iron Man armor. When a terrorist soldier comes in, Tony finishes the armor's power-up as Yinsen sacrifices himself to give Tony a chance to escape. Tony emerges in the armor knocking out Righella as Yinsen tells Tony that this is as far as he goes and to finish what he has started. Meanwhile in the present, Tony remembers his five-year anniversary. A race driver named Kawashima had broken his legs and desires to race again after his meeting with Nanami after being told that he will never race again. At a banquet, Dr. Chika Tanaka learns on why Tony Stark has changed his company from a weapon company to an industrial company. Meanwhile, Kawashima is approached by a mysterious person from Zodiac and states that he can receive cybernetic enhancements from Zodiac on the condition that he kills Tony. While at the race tracks, Tony is visited by Nanami Ota who states that she is here when Kawashima has returned to the race tracks. When Tony is targeted, he is saved by the sudden appearance of Logan (who is in Japan investigating A.I.M.). Kawashima emerges as a cyborg and flees. Wolverine tells Tony that the Zodiac is turning humans into cyborgs. The next day, Tony is followed by Nanami as Tony changes into his Iron Man armor. Nanami wants to help Iron Man find Kawashima who ends up showing up. Kawashima summons the Zodiac warrior Taurus which he pilots into attacking Iron Man. Taurus soon starts to take over Kawashima. With the help of Logan, Iron Man defeats Taurus and rescues Kawashima as Nanami rushes Kawashima to Lab 23 as Iron Man's computer detects Iron Man Dio approaching. Iron Man soon comes face to face with Iron Man Dio. As Iron Man is shot down, he recovers and states that he wants the Iron Man Dio armor. Iron Man is shocked to find what appears to be Yinsen inside who ends up leaving saying a word. 
05 "Outbreak" (Arc Station, Infection)
"Āku Sutēshon, Kansen" (アークステーション, 感染) 
October 29, 2010 August 26, 2011
After testing a space armor testing, Tony has Pepper Potts do a background check on Ho Yinsen. An Arc Station Worker is brought in with a strange virus in which people's bodily fluids are turning blue and Tony is told of this by Chika. Nanami and Ichiro then bring in a high school girl who has also come down with the virus. Nanami calls Tony stating that the virus has turned into an epidemic spreads across Tokyo as her call is watched from a distance by someone that looks like Yinsen. The JSDF suspects that the Arc Station is causing it and Kuroda and the Minister of Health have the JSDF puts Tony under watch. He is approached by Sakurai who informs him that a satellite named SAT-1 has been taken over by a Zodiac warrior which is causing the radiation. Meanwhile, Nanami also gets sick from the radiation. Using an experimental coating to protect him from the radiation and a special armor, Iron Man launches into space with the help of Sakurai to face the Zodiac. However, he is at a disadvantage in zero gravity and is taken inside the Zodiac where he is exposed to high radiation. Chika and the JSDF lose contact with Iron Man. However, Iron Man manages to send the radiation data back to Earth so they can cure the victims. Iron Man breaks free from the Zodiac and destroy it. With the infected patients cured, Iron Man flies back to Earth stating that they still have a score to settle with Zodiac. 
06 "Technical Difficulties" (Cyber Battlefront)
"Dennō Sensen" (電脳戦線) 
November 5, 2010 September 2, 2011
A week after the epidemic caused by Zodiac, Tony is told by Pepper Potts that someone that looks like Yinsen was sighted on the streets yet there is no official confirmation on this. As Pepper looks into this on her end, Lab 23 is attacked by the Pisces Virus which causes the robotic cleaners to go berserk and greatly reduces the temperature in the complex. Tony and Chika try to shut out the Pisces Virus with a firewall, but this allows the Pisces Virus to infect computers around the city and even takes over some fighter jets. Meanwhile, Editor Nomura calls up Nanami stating that the train computer systems have caused a derailment as she states that there are some glitches on their end as well. The Pisces Virus has also causes the ATMs to emit a lot of money as Nanami receives a text on her cell phone that says that it will fight for the weak. The Pisces Virus also affects some of the JDSF as Kuroda doesn't want Sakurai to dispatch Ramon Zero. Tony gets an E-Mail from the Pisces Virus owner stating that he will stop the "evils" of Tony Stark. In order to lure the culprit out and protect the Arc Station, Tony takes the Pisces Virus into the Iron Man armor in order to fight it. Hearing Tony's promise to protect people, the culprit who turns out to be a boy named Sho (who was approached by the same Zodiac operative that approached Kawashima) is reminded of his promise to his late mother Maria to protect others. This causes Sho to delete the Pisces Virus and do what he promised to his mother. As Iron Man's armor returns to normal, he is attacked by two Zodiac Cancer robots. Just then, Iron Man is saved by someone piloting a new armor called Ramon Zero. 
07 "At the Mercy of My Friends" (Escape)
"Dasshutsu" (脱出) 
November 12, 2010 September 9, 2011
While wondering about the mysterious new armor, Tony finishes his shower and spots Chika outside. When going out towards Chika, Tony is hit by a tranquilizer dart as he and Chika are kidnapped. Following an interview, Nanami spots Tony's car and attempts to follow it, but he and Ichiro are stopped by a Zodiac. When they find Tony's car, they find him gone and spots a yacht as Nanami reports suspicious activity. On a boat, a mysterious Zodiac operative works on Tony Stark. Tony and Chika awake to find themselves on a remote island near Japan that has been used for landfill and Tony's arc reactor is missing. While exploring the island, they are approached by Yinsen who reveals himself to be a member of Zodiac and that the Yinsen he knew is dead. When Tony states that Yinsen wouldn't side with Zodiac, Yinsen tells Tony he has 24 hours of pacemaker power to decide whether or not he wants to join Zodiac stating that they need a man with his talent. Yinsen then leaves stating that Tony shouldn't waste his time trying to escape. Tony and Chika attempt to use the various scrap on the island to find a method of escape when Chika's cell phone has no reception. Tony connects Chika's phone to a laptop he found on the island only for them to receive a transmission from Yinsen stating that all wireless signals within the radius of the island are jammed. When asked by Tony what made Yinsen flipped, Yinsen states to Tony that he should make the time he still has to join Zodiac or not. While on his boat, Yinsen thinks to himself stating that he will unlock Tony's real him and determine if Tony hasn't broken his promise to him. Zodiac's leader then contacts Yinsen about Tony as Yinsen is researching Tony's arc reactor. Tony and Chika rig up a boat only for them to attacked by another Scorpio robot and knocked off the water. Upon making it to shore, Tony states that he won't be helpful without his arc reactor. Chika states that despite the situation, Tony manages to find a situation. Tony tells Chika that he saw a yacht that Yinsen might be on before Scorpio attacked. Tony states that he must show Yinsen he change and find a way to fight. Meanwhile, Nanami tells Nagato Sakurai about what happened the night when Tony and Chika were kidnapped. Sakurai asks which way the boat went as Ichiru shows the image that fell on Namai's car. Yinsen has Scorpio give him a visual on Tony. When he finds Tony building something, Yinsen tells Scorpio to fire on Tony Stark. Tony and Chika eventually manage to evade Yinsen and Scorpio robot by using a hologram as Scorpio is ordered to eliminate Tony. After a talk with Chika where she is left someplace safe, Tony forges his own rocket. Scorpio manages to corner Tony who prepares to use a flare. When Yinsen hopes that Tony will use the rocket on Scorpio, Tony shoots the rocket into the air which is enough to alert Ramon Zero. Ramon Zero manages to destroy the Scorpio robot. Impressed by Tony not using weapons upon him and Chika making it towards Yinsen's yacht, Yinsen returns the arc reactor to Tony stating that this was just a test. Before escaping in the Iron Man Dio armor, Yinsen states that next time Tony won't be so lucky. Ramon Zero is revealed to be Sakurai who states that he should thank Nanami for her part in the rescue and leaves. As they wait for rescue, Tony and Chika kiss each other after thanking Chika for her help. 
08 "Daughter of the Zodiac" (Girl)
"Shōjo" (少女) 
November 19, 2010 September 16, 2011
While being curious about why Chika is turning down his date requests, Tony encounters a telekinetic girl named Aki who claims to have escaped from Zodiac and is asking for protection. While at a restaurant, Aki shows Tony her telekinetic abilities and asks Tony if she believed that she escaped from Zodiac. When asked if Zodiac sent Aki, Tony tries to keep her from crying. At a warehouse, Sakurai is shown that some of his men were killed securing a warehouse. Later that night, Tony calls up Nanami to do some research Aki. The next morning, Aki ends up cleaning up Tony's house and shredding some important documents. Tony has trouble with Aki wrecking his lab and his relationships with Chika. Aki retaliates by using her telekinetic powers to knock Tony into a wall. With some info Nanami dug up from Aki at an orphanage, Tony learns that Aki's parents died two years ago when the airplane she was on was hijacked and exploded. Following the accident, Aki was adopted by a strange group six months ago. Nanami tells Tony stating that she wasn't the first who came asking about Aki. Tony catches up to Aki at a nearby soccer field where she states that her powers went out of control and caused their hijacked plane to crash. Later that evening, Sakurai arrives and takes them both into custody. Tony suspects that Sakurai was the one who asked about Aki as he is tasered by Sakurai. While on a JDSF van, Tony is told by Sakurai that Aki's powers can manipulate the iron within someone. Sakurai states that Zodiac plans to use Aki's abilities for their own use. Just then, the van they are in are attacked by the Zodiac warrior Virgo. While the JDSF fight Virgo, Tony ends up getting Aki to Lab 23 upon borrowing a motorist's car. After admitting Aki into Lab 23, Iron Man goes to battle Virgo while Chika discovers an anomaly in her scan while Chika researches the flashdrive. Iron Man soon learns from Chika it is synchronized with Aki's brainwaves, meaning destroying it would kill Aki. Aki gets up in order to help Iron Man as the fight is taken to a local park. Aki arrives and uses her powers to block Virgo's attack. Sakurai arrives in the Ramon Zero armor to fight Virgo as Iron Man blocks the attack bound for Virgo. Aki is knocked out as Virgo drags Aki into it. Chika orders her workers to arm the EMP Shields to protect the Arc Station from Virgo's attack. Sakurai asks Iron Man if his plan would end up harming people. Iron Man breaks through the shield to shut down Virgo and rescue Aki. Chika orders the workers to drop the EMP shield and to destroy Virgo's residual energy. It is revealed that Aki loses both her powers and her memories but is much happier as Tony and Chika watch her play on the soccer field. 
09 "A Duel of Iron" (VS Iron Man)
"Bāsasu Aian Man" (VSアイアンマン) 
November 26, 2010 September 23, 2011
While in his hideout, Yinsen recalls the time when he was saved from death by a woman named Shehla who discovered Yinsen's body. Yinsen then gets a call from Zodiac's leader who tells Yinsen that an opportunity has come up for him. Meanwhile, Tony is nearly finished with his arc reactor, but Yinsen apprehends the shipment of plutonium needed to complete it using the Iron Man Dio armor. Sakurai is told by a JDSF operative that his clearance to use the Ramon Zero armor has been denied. Iron Man and Yinsen battle before Yinsen escapes with the plutonium, leaving Iron Man to fight the Zodiac warrior Sagittarius, but he soon loses him. Tony speaks with Kuroda who states that Japan was attacked twice as Tony vows to get the plutonium back. After Tony is told by Sakurai that Ramon Zero has been cut off from him, Tony is then contacted by Yinsen who tells Tony that the people who rescued him were killed by Stark Industries weaponry and how he was approached by Zodiac's leader who convinced him that Tony Stark hasn't changed. The two once again fight for the plutonium with Yinsen insisting that Tony has not changed. He reveals several models of Iron Man Sigma which he created by reverse engineering the Iron Man Dio armor and uses to attack the Arc Station as Chika, Nanami, and Ichiru are among those at the Arc Station that are taken hostage. Yinsen defeats Tony, takes him out of his armor, and throws him into a river. Yinsen then arrives at the Arc Station to begin his new world order. 
10 "Casualties of War" (Iron Will)
"Kōtetsu no Isshi" (鋼鉄の意志) 
December 3, 2010 September 30, 2011
After taking over the Arc Station and holding some people hostage, Yinsen forces Chika to work on the arc reactor as he shows her Tony's Iron Man armor. Yinsen then makes his demands for the dissolution of the Armed Forces and National Diet. Nanami attempts to escape the hostage situation, but is caught by Yinsen and a Zodiac guard and thrown into a storage room. Tony is rescued from the river by Sakurai and tries to contact Chika, but she is caught by Yinsen and throw into storage with Nanami. Meanwhile, Kuroda offers to be held captive in place of the hostages. As Chika and Nanami go through an air duct and retrieve Tony's armor, Tony and Sakurai are attacked by Sagittarius. Nanami gets the armor to Tony so he can defeat Sagittarius, before facing off against Yinsen. Just as Iron Man starts to get the upper hand when Yinsen hesitates attacking in front of Chika, someone overrides the Iron Man Sigmas and attacks them both, with Yinsen getting critically wounded. After Iron Man destroys the Iron Man Sigmas, Yinsen apologizes for his actions and not knowing that the Zodiac corrupted him. Yinsen then warns Tony that the Zodiac's plan has just started. 
11 "The Beginning of the End" (Mastermind)
"Kuromaku" (黒幕) 
December 10, 2010 October 7, 2011
Although the hostage situation was brought to a close, Tony is suspected of having links to Zodiac and is arrested by the JSDF. Sakurai briefly takes him to his home where he teaches him how to control his ego. Meanwhile, Chika is somehow controlled into overloading the Arc Station, which causes power outages in various facilities which are then taken over by Zodiac who then attack the National Diet. They then send a message saying they have taken control of the government and claim Tony is their ally. Kuroda orders Sakurai to kill Tony, but Tony escapes and learns about the power regulation from Chika, who tells him that power is being directed to Tokyo Bay before she is taken hostage. As Iron Man heads towards the location, he is attacked by Sakurai in Ramon Zero, but Tony manages to snap him out of it before they are attacked by another Zodiac mech. While Iron Man fights the Zodiac mech, Sakurai heads to the location and discovers Zodiac's weapons factory also learning their leader is Kuroda, who plans to rebuild Japan as a military nation. Sakurai destroys the factory but is killed by Kuroda using his Rasetsu armor. After Iron Man fends off the Zodiac mech, he receives a final transmission from Sakurai telling him that Kuroda is the leader of Zodiac before he dies at the bottom of the harbor. 
12 "Endgame" (The Light in the Distance)
"Eien no Hikari" (永遠の光) 
December 17, 2010 October 14, 2011
Kuroda enacts a coup d'etat and declares martial law over Japan. Meanwhile, Chika admits to Tony that she's been having blackouts and has been controlled into altering the arc reactor, wanting to commit suicide for causing Tony's suffering. Just then, Kuroda approaches them in his Rasetsu armor and takes control of Chika (who had really been a Zodiac warrior) and transforms her into her Zodiac form (the same one that Tony fought in the last episode) to have her attack Tony. As Tony tries to get Chika to believe in herself, she stabs herself to break free from Kuroda's control. Tony leaves Chika in Nanami's care while he goes to fight Kuroda, who was resentful due to his grandparents being killed in the Nagasaki bombing. Meanwhile, Chika decides to transfer her consciousness into the arc reactor program in order to take control of it and transfer its energy over to Iron Man. With the massive power provided, Iron Man unleashes a massive Unibeam that completely obliterates Kuroda, but Chika dies as a result of the transfer. A month later, the Chika Tanaka Memorial Arc Station is finally activated providing clean energy for the entire world and Tony is seen returning to America. 


No. Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Mariko"
"Mariko" (真理子~MARIKO) 
January 7, 2011 July 23, 2011[5][6]
One night in New York, Logan saves a man named Tesshin Asano who was being attacked by members of AIM equipped with cloaking devices and metal destroying weaponry. Asano tells Wolverine about the whereabouts of his missing romance love, Mariko Yashida, and the crime organization Kuzuryu, the leader of which is Mariko's father, Shingen. Mariko is allegedly arranged to be married to a man named Hideki Kurohagi in order to expand his operations. In order to find Mariko, who was kidnapped from New York a year ago, Logan flies to Tokyo and infiltrates the Yashida household, but is detected by Shingen. After his henchmen are defeated, Shingen challenges Logan to a bokken fight. Logan barely manages to withstand Shingen's swordsman skills, but is shot with a drugged dart by Hideki, before going into a rage and bringing out his claws. 
02 "Yukio"
"Yukio" (雪緒~YUKIO) 
January 14, 2011[7] August 5, 2011
After Hideki shoots a drug in Logan to slow his healing factor, he loses the fight and Shingen's henchmen take his body to a railroad track. Of course Shingen is displeased with Hideki's interference. Asano follows the men to save Logan only to see he was gone while Agent Takagi, Agent Machida, and Agent Tsukino continue their surveillance over the Yashida household. Logan awakes in an apartment treated by an assassin named Yukio. Logan goes to Asano's office to give him evidence, but finds him stabbed in the heart with a thin blade. The police arrive on the scene to see Logan and Yukio standing near the body of Asano. The duo escape and slaughter Yakuza trying to ambush them. Outside, a mutant swordsman name Kikyo Mikage (who has similar powers to Wolverine's) who is one of Shingen's deadliest assassins appears on the roof ready to fight him. 
03 "Kikyo"
"Kikyō" (桔梗~KIKYO) 
January 21, 2011[7] August 12, 2011
As Logan and Kikyo fought, more police arrive to see the two destroy the area, which Kikyo escapes and Logan retreats. Mariko sits silently as her father practices his kendo, but smiles when overhearing Hideki tell her father Logan is still alive. Hideki contacts his connections from A.I.M. into delivering him a cargo and tells Mariko that their dowery that is to be associated with their wedding comes tonight. Yukio and Logan search for a lead and find Yashida clan members unloading a secret cargo from a docked ship. The police are in wait for the cargo to be dropped off and arrest the clan members. Logan then throws Molotov Cocktails and sets the vessel on fire, and then intercepts Hideki before he can escape. The cargo is revealed to be Omega Red who has come to Japan for revenge on Logan and grabs him with his long metal tendrils. 
04 "Omega Red"
"Omega Reddo" (極赤~OMEGA RED) 
January 28, 2011[7] August 19, 2011
Logan's fight with Omega Red takes its toll on him regardless of his healing factor. While Logan is fighting with Omega Red, Hideki and his men get away while Agent Tsukino seizes the evidence that can help expose Shingen. In a flashback of one of Logan's black ops missions given to him by a S.H.I.E.L.D. commander, he was to infiltrate and steal a power source for a Soviet era weapon, which drains the life force of any weapon it touches with its carbonadium tendrils, which are a KGB experimental counterpart to adamantium. As Logan steals the power source, he runs into Omega Red and leaves him to die in a cave in the snow. In present day, Omega Red blames Wolverine for his pain because without the synthesizer, his body was vulnerable to biological attack. To buy time and escape, Logan throws a flammable container at Omega Red which explodes and destroys the dock. While Hideki sends an assassin after Logan and Yukio, Shingen gets word that the dowery was lost in the fight between Logan and Omega Red. While resting in a vacant apartment, Wolverine senses an assassin. The assassin is really a decoy for Omega Red, who reappears with a severely burnt face, and pins Logan to the wall and knocks Yukio back. 
05 "Asano"
"Asano" (浅野~ASANO) 
February 4, 2011[7] August 26, 2011
Logan breaks Omega Red's hold on him and their fight drags onto the street. Elsewhere, Shingen takes Mariko to Madripoor in a private jet. Yukio throws her ring blade at Omega Red and Logan uses it to sever Omega Red's right arm and slices the box on his chest, defeating him. The dying assassin Logan defeated tells Logan that Mariko is to leave for Madripoor soon. So Logan pulls out a beacon with the X-Men insignia. As Logan and Yukio head to the Yashida house, A.I.M. takes a still alive Omega Red back to a secret base in a stealth ship. At the Yashida household, Kikyo waits for Logan to finish their fight from earlier. As police storm the house with a search warrant, Logan and Kikyo take their fight to the top of a tower. At the house after finding nobody home and arresting the defeated Kuzuryu operatives, an autopsy report is sent to Agent Takagi, Agent Machida, and Agent Tsukino where they learn that a hair was found in Asano's teeth with the DNA proving Logan's innocence. Upon learning that Shingen and Hideki are heading to Madripoor, the agents are displeased at this since they have no jurisdiction in Madripoor. At the top of the tower, Omega Red crashes the fight between Logan and Kikyo. After telling Kikyo to step aside, Omega Rex wants to fight Logan with his new cybernetic right arm only for Logan to win by destroying the box on Omega Red's chest. The fight weakens Wolverine and Kikyo says he will not fight Logan in his current state as it goes against his code of honor. After the fight, the X-Men's airship the Blackbird decloaks with Cyclops piloting in response to the beacon as Cyclops prepares to take Wolverine and Yukio to Madripoor. 
06 "Min" (Girl)
"Min" (少女~MIN) 
February 11, 2011[8] September 2, 2011
Logan introduces Yukio to Cyclops as they make their way to Madripoor. After dropping off the duo on the beach, Cyclops heads home. Yukio and Wolverine are then ambushed by pirates and easily dispatch them. Logan goes on ahead leaving Yukio to handle the pirates alone. At night as Logan reaches another shoreline, vagrants jump him only to be shocked at his power. Two bikers chain Wolverine's leg from a motorcycle and drive him to a post and hang him upside-down. Not showing any concern, Logan cuts himself down and takes the motorbike. As soon as a mob of people come after him, a young girl throws knives at the men, killing them. The girl states that she saved Logan in hopes that he could work with her, but he turns her down. After she says she works with others who try and stop Kurohagi, Logan wants answers. She questions his reasons for wanting to kill Kurohagi, but he will not answer. She tells Logan where to find Kurohagi, in the most brightly lit tower on the island called Dragon Palace. Meanwhile, blindfolded Yashida cuts candles off a table and lines them up along the flat side of his katana, entertaining guests to his daughter's wedding, and throws them on to pillars of a gold statue of Kurohagi's father. As Kurohagi thanks Yashida for the show, a subordinate tells him that Logan is on the island. Despite Min's warnings, Logan still chooses to go. Knowing now Wolverine is on the island, Kurohagi sends the behemoth statue Vadhaka to take him which sends tremors through the island. The creature walks in front of Logan stating it's been decreed he must die. 
07 "Vadhaka" (Statue)
"Vadaka" (像~VADHAKA) 
February 18, 2011[8] September 9, 2011
When Vadhaka attacks Logan and Min, she tells him that the statue belongs to Hideki Kurohagi and is the spirit of Madripoor, but the statue cannot move unless the seal is removed. As they run, a crazed mob attacks and Logan directs them to a dead end alley way. Logan tries to protect Min, only for a rival group to attack the mob that chased the two. As soon as they flee the mobs, the statue intercepts them with Logan using his unbreakable skeleton to shield Min from Vadhaka's fists. Logan brings out his claws on the wall so Min has space to escape as he gets pummeled, but is captured by the locals. Yukio then saves Min with her ring blade, then Wolverine resumes fighting. Vadhaka then kicks Logan into the building behind him and Logan makes his way to fight the former in a more spacious area. Yukio pours quick-drying cement on Vadhaka to give Logan a chance to get out. Thinking that Vadhaka is encased in the cement, Logan and Yukio make their way only for the statue to easily break free and attack. Min arrives and uses a steam pipe that burns her hands to distract Vadhaka long enough for Logan escape far from the battle scene, but with Yukio hidden under debris. In the sewer as Logan tries to leave Min, a group approaches that Min says are her friends. As Logan tries to leave, he catches a knife-tip cane and throws it back. Logan meets Master Koh who offers a trade with Logan. Meanwhile, Kikyo arrives on the island killing four locals who attack him as he searches for Logan. Koh informs Logan that the wedding will be earlier than first thought, and he needs Logan to help win a guerilla war to retake Madripoor. Elsewhere, it turns out that Vadhaka is an A.I.M. robot. Koh tells the story of how Juo Kurohagi gained control of the island and how he is Yukio's grandfather on her father's side. He mentioned how his son Kai fell in love with Shingen's assassin Miyuki until they were attacked by Juo Kurohagi's men and killed in combat by Shingen. Before Juo can do the same to Koh, Kai throws a dagger at Juo's arm at the last minute. Logan does not piece the latter fact together. When the cameras in Koh's base are hijacked, Hideki puts Yukio on screen saying he will kill her if Logan does not surrender. When Koh hears this, he tells Logan that Yukio is his granddaughter. 
08 "Koh"
"Kō" (黄~KOH) 
February 25, 2011[8] September 16, 2011
As a broadcast of Yukio's location is sent to Koh's base, Logan says he will go save her first rather than let her die to get his revenge, with Koh believing the opposite. Making a deal that Logan will distract Kurohagi when he arrives at Dragon Palace so that he and his men can attack, Koh gives Logan a map with a direct route to Dragon Palace named "Hell Road" due to its history of people going in but dying when they are caught. As the grunts watch Yukio play with her weapon, they reveal that they have automated-military grade weaponry guarding the bunker. When the men go to sleep, Yukio frees herself with her weapon being on the wall, but is tranquilized when Kurohagi checks on the men. The one in charge of guarding Yukio is killed by a dart of a more potent and lethal version of the one used on Logan at the Yashida home. Logan easily disables this system and uses the ammo to break through the door of the bunker and unties Yukio. Logan picks up a tranq-dart, and takes it with him as the duo head for Hell Road. 
09 "Hell Road"
"Heru Rōdo" (獄道~HELL ROAD) 
March 4, 2011[8] September 23, 2011
Logan and Yukio enter Hell Road and Yukio explains the history of the road as it was built. The only person to make to the top was Juo Kurohagi. Later, they encounter traps and push through them barely managing to get by. They proceed by foot when the motorcycle they were on is destroyed by spears. As they make their way passed trap on top of trap, they fall down a trap door with spears at the bottom. Meanwhile, Koh takes his men through a secret underground path he didn't inform Logan about. Upon hearing that his granddaughter Yukio is with Logan, he still proceeds with his plan to take down Hideki. As they were falling, Logan used his claws to grasp the wall and hold on to Yukio. Locals who saw them still alive attempt to close the door, but Yukio manages to get out and dispatch them. Logan then makes his way out and both of them continue to run into more traps and locals. Meanwhile, Vadhaka returns to an angry Hideki who knows Logan still isn't dead, and that Logan is on his way on Hell Road, so he calls for the ceremony to start immediately while sending Vadhaka to A.I.M. so that they can upgrade him. As more traps are activated, Logan and Yukio still manage to get through with local enemies getting killed in the process. With one trap by one group of vandals taken out, the power balance shifts, causing unrest between criminal groups. As the duo near the Dragon Palace, they are stuck in the ground as it is liquified. Koh and his men emerge from the passage to find the road as Logan had left it as he passed. Frustrated, Logan goes Wolverine and escapes the trap he and Yukio are in and takes down the enemies who are trying to kill them. Koh meets up with Logan and has his men handle the obstacles to let him through. When they finally make it to the top, they run into Kikyo. 
10 "Shingen"
"Shingen" (信玄~SHINGEN) 
March 11, 2011[9] September 30, 2011
Logan tells Kikyo he doesn't have time for a fight, and is let to pass by Kikyo who will not fight a weakened opponent. Once Logan makes his way, Hideki Kurohagi announces himself and Logan throws the dart at him. The dart is stopped when it impacts a force field around Kurohagi. He remarks that Kikyo was hired to kill Logan, but with another assassin on the payroll, he is abstaining from the job. Hideki unleashes an upgraded version of Vadhaka on Logan leading to a fight between the two killing machines. As Logan is taking a beating from a more powerful Vadhaka, he uses all his strength to get out a being crushed by Vadhaka's foot. But with all his effort Logan is still losing and is taking a severe attack by Vadhaka. When Vadhaka rams into Logan, the wall around them collapses. Koh and the others meet with Yukio and an angry Kurohagi calls for his robot Vadhaka. As Kurohagi orders his men to fire on the intruders, Kikyo arrives and disarms them stating that it was dishonorable and he couldn't abide it. Logan escapes the rubble and heals his wounds to proceed fighting, but as he does, so does Vadhaka. Vadhaka moves towards Logan, and smacks Min out of his way. As he is fighting, Kikyo helps even the odds. Yukio tries to keep Min alive, but dies in her arms saying that Kurohagi must be stopped. Enraged, Kikyo uses his Wind Blade attack, with no effect. Logan tries to think of a weak point on Vadhaka, Kikyo in agreement draws a second sword from his other arm to use. Logan grabs a spear previously shot, and impales the head of Vadhaka. 
11 "Kurohagi"
"Kurohagi" (黒萩~KUROHAGI) 
March 18, 2011[9] October 7, 2011
Logan and Yukio finally make into to Dragon Palace following Vadhaka's defeat, but meet resistance by the combined forces of the Yashida and Kurohagi families. Koh and his men arrive just after to assist Logan with reaching Hideki Kurohagi. Meanwhile, Hideki takes a noncompliant Mariko to marry him elsewhere when everyone is escaping the carnage of Koh's men assaulting the palace. As Logan makes it to Kurohagi, he holds Mariko hostage threatening to kill her. As Logan disarms Hideki, Shingen neutralizes Logan with a cutting air attack from the other side of the room. With his face cut, Hideki takes Mariko as Wolverine and Shingen prepare to battle it out. 
12 "Logan"
"Rōgan" (狼眼~LOGAN) 
March 25, 2011[9] October 14, 2011
Logan's wounds heal in an instant and he fights Shingen. Shingen smacks Wolverine off a ledge and down through the hollow core of the castle. As Hideki brings a noncompliant Mariko to his office, he pulls out the A.I.M. poison dart gun from a secret safe, in the event Logan shows up for him. Hideki hears a noise in the next room, and hears Logan injured. As he is going to shoot Logan, Shingen returns to stop him and finish his fight with Logan. As Shingen readies to cut off Logan's head, Yukio intervenes, only to be seriously injured with Shingen barely having a scratch. Hideki prepares to shoot Logan, Mariko tries to stop him, but is rendered unconscious. Kikyo intercepts the dart and removes enough of the poison to not kill him. Logan cuts Shingen's sword and tears his kimono, but finds he was wearing an exo-armor, made of Vibranium and Steel, this whole time. The battle goes on to where the two dive out of a window and land in a filled pool. As the battle rages, Hideki takes an unconscious Mariko and Kikyo helps Yukio. Wolverine and Shingen leave the pool with Yukio and Kikyo watching. Meanwhile, Hideki brings Mariko to his father's secret tomb and tells her he was the one who poisoned his father for his criminal empire, because he wanted to show he was a worthy successor even though his father belittled him. Hideki activates a bomb that will destroy the palace in 3 minutes. Logan gains the upper hand and punctures Shingen's throat with his claws. Logan holds him long enough for Yukio to kill Shingen to avenge her parents. She collapses from blood loss and confesses to killing Asano. She says she is ashamed for doing so and considers Logan a friend as she dies in his arms. Kikyo takes Logan to the catacombs to find Mariko and Hideki (who is restraining Mariko from deactivating the bombs). While in an elevator, Kikyo and Logan feel the shock of explosives blowing up the palace and pry open the elevator. The two make it to the bunker and lift open the door to the tomb. Kikyo holds the door long enough for Logan to get in. Hideki holds Mariko hostage and shoots Logan as he approaches. The dart pumps a little amount of the poison into Logan, but is enough to seriously harm him even with his healing factor. Hidkei pulls a gun and plans to put a bullet in Logan's head. Mariko defends Logan saying that Hideki will have to kill her if he wants to hurt Logan, to which he slaps her aside. But as he does so, Logan tackles him, injects the dart into Hideki, and kills him. As Logan poisoned Hideki, he shot a round which fatally wounded Mariko who dies in Logan's arms. Hideki ends up falling dead into his father's casket. Logan carries Mariko's body to a cliffside, where he tells her that he's going to continue on without her, because that is what she would've wanted. He then screams into the distance. In the post-credits, Logan and Kikyo start the battle that they had postponed. 


No. Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "The Return - Joining Forces"
"The Return - Shūketsu" (The Return - 集結) 
April 1, 2011[10] October 21, 2011
When Jean Grey's mind is taken control of by Mastermind and the Inner Circle, she sacrifices herself to protect the world. A year has passed since Jean's death, and the X-Men have since disbanded and the Xavier Institute closed. When Professor X receives word that a mutant named Hisako Ichiki has been kidnapped, he sends out a call to Storm, Wolverine and Beast. After being informed they are to fly to the Tōhoku region of Japan, where Xavier's psychic abilities cannot seem to reach, Wolverine and Storm go to talk to Cyclops, who has been brooding since Jean's death, in order to convince him to join them. 
02 "U-Men - Mutant Hunting"
"U-Men - Myūtanto Gari" (U-Men - ミュータント探り) 
April 8, 2011[10] October 28, 2011
The X-Men arrive in Tōhoku and talk with Hisako's parents concerning her disappearance, learning that several other mutants have gone missing over the past few years. As the X-Men suspect this to be the work of the U-Men, a group of humans that harvest mutant organs in order to produce counter measures against mutants, they soon learn yet another mutant boy has gone missing. As they split up to investigate, Beast realises the call was bait to lure them into a trap, and they are soon attacked by the U-Men's robots. After defeating the robots, the X-Men regroup and head to an abandoned hospital which is thought to be the U-Men's base. There, they find the missing boy being pumped with chemicals and transform into a huge monster. Despite learning his body is beyond biological repair, Cyclops is reluctant to fight against him, but is eventually forced to kill him in order to save his allies. Before passing away, the boy asks the X-Men to save the others. As they move on, they discover a laboratory where Hisako is being kept, along with Emma Frost who Cyclops remembers being the woman he saw behind Jean during his battle with Phoenix. 
03 "Armor - Awakening"
"Armor - Kakusei" (Armor - 覚醒) 
April 15, 2011[10] November 4, 2011
With Wolverine and Cyclops holding back their urges to kill Emma, the X-Men release Hisako and Emma, the latter of which denies having any part in that battle a year ago, since she had apparently already left the Inner Circle by then. As Hisako awakens, it is revealed that Emma was hired to be her tutor, since the Xavier Institute had ceased activity, and was captured when she went to Japan to search for Hisako. After defeating a group of cyborgs, the X-Men arrive at an operating room, where they are confronted by U-Men member Kick (who uses the data collected on the X-Men to gain an advantage). As he targets Emma, Hisako's mutant powers awaken, using her mind's energy to create a powerful armor which defeats Kick. However, her powers soon go out of control, but Emma manages to calm her down. As the other U-Men escape, the X-Men manage to free the other children. After making contact with Professor X, Kick returns and launches an attack at Hisako, forcing Emma to rush to protect her. 
04 "Transformation - Secondary Mutation"
"Transformation - Niji Henshitsu" (Transformation - 二次変質) 
April 22, 2011[10] November 11, 2011
Emma's desire to protect Hisako causes her to develop a secondary mutation protecting them from the attack, while the other X-Men kill Kick. After Hisako is reunited with her parents, she and Emma agree to go to the Xavier Institute to receive a vaccine to prevent 'Damon-Hall Syndrome' in secondary mutations. Beast announces that he wants to take Emma back to New York to study her secondary mutation. After much debate, Cyclops gives into the groups wishes. En route back to New York, the Blackbird is attacked by a mutant suffering from DHS which Wolverine defeats. Emma recognises him as a student from the Inner Circle's preparatory school. Upon returning to the Institute, Beast tries to investigate the boy's condition, but he shrivels up and dies. Beast concludes that the cause of his secondary mutation was not due to experimentation but some other stimulus. As Beast performs checks on Emma, Xavier reveals Cerebro is still being blocked from Tōhoku. With Emma's secondary mutation on the same level as the boy, though hers is deemed harmless, Xavier suspects something is still going on in Tōhoku which is causing these mutations. 
05 "Power - Unity"
"Power - Kessoku" (Power - 結束) 
May 6, 2011[10] November 18, 2011
As Hisako starts training to use her powers, she finds herself at odds with Cyclops who still does not trust Emma and shows a dislike to Xavier recruiting her as part of the X-Men. As the other X-Men discuss the possibility of Mastermind having a hand in Jean's death, Cyclops pits Hisako in a real battle against him, pushing her to go berserk with her powers so she can take control of it. Noticing Hisako lacking self-confidence, Emma agrees to have Xavier read her mind, revealing her childhood and her affiliation with the Inner Circle and her reason for leaving, also proving she was not involved with the battle with Jean. As a result, Cyclops apologises to Emma while Hisako strives to learn from her mistakes. As the X-Men prepare to leave for Tohoku with the vaccines, Emma questions Xavier about a woman named Yui Sasaki which she saw when their minds were linked. 
06 "Conflict - Contested"
"Conflict - Gekisen" (Conflict-激戦) 
May 13, 2011[10] November 25, 2011
As the X-Men arrive back in Tohoku, Hisako's parents inform them of strange things that happened while they were away. As Beast administers the vaccine to various mutants, some of which have already started going through secondary mutation, the other X-Men investigate the abnormalities, including a strange volcanic area by the river and a twisted metal bridge. As the X-Men fly towards the centre of the area in which mutants have been affected by secondary mutation, Emma starts hearing a painful noise and the Blackbird is shot down. Upon landing, the X-Men witness the Blackbird being attacked by living snow before they are attacked by Sublime who uses a robotic armor that uses their powers against them. However, Beast manages to find its weakpoint, allowing the others to defeat him. They spot he has a mutant detection device before Sublime self-destructs himself. As a snowstorm kicks in, the X-Men finds shelter in a lodge owned by Yui Sasaki, the woman Xavier mentioned, who was the headmaster of a mutant institute Hisako went to when she was little. 
07 "Betrayal - Shock"
"Betrayal - Shōgeki" (Betrayal-衝撃) 
May 20, 2011[10] December 2, 2011
As the X-Men talk to Yui, Emma suspects she may be lying about her relation to Xavier. The X-Men also meet Yui's research assistants Riko Nirasaki, Kōichi Kaga, and Jun Sanada. Yui later contacts Xavier, revealing he has a son named Takeo that had died. As Wolverine, Storm and Beast investigate the phenomenon which ensnared their Blackbird, they are confronted by Inner Circle agents Rat and Marsh. After a brief battle, they escape upon setting off an avalanche. As Hisako goes to find Yui concerning some irritation on her right hand, Emma asks to dive into Cyclops' mind in order to quell his hesitation. Meanwhile, Yui is mysteriously attacked. 
08 "Lost - Signs"
"Lost - Yochō" (Lost-予兆) 
May 27, 2011[10] December 9, 2011
The X-Men rush to Yui's aid, as she is attacked by a giant spider-like monster. Upon defeating the monster, they are shocked to discover that it reverts back to Riko Nirasaki who was afflicted by Damon-Hall Syndrome. Kōichi Kaga flees in terror. Beast vaccinates Riko while continuing to interrogate Yui, continuing to build suspicions that she is withholding information. Meanwhile, Kaga transforms into a monster due to Damon Hall Syndrome and attacks the X-Men, but is defeated. As she reverts from diamond form, Emma catches a glace of Jun Sanada and sees his image flicker to that of Mastermind, and he vanishes. After Kaga is vaccinated, Cyclops and Wolverine confront her about their discovery of a secret medication she had supplied Riko and Kaga with demanding an explanation. Meanwhile, Xavier flies the Blackbird to Tohoku, reflecting on his and Yui's long history of work for mutant children and their intense and abruptly ended romance, but suddenly finds himself and the ship trapped in a dimensional rift over Tohoku. 
09 "Revelations - From Behind the Scenes"
"Revelations - An'yakusha" (Revelations-暗躍者) 
June 3, 2011[11] December 16, 2011
Yui reveals that the medication is experimental and designed to suppress mutant powers from awakening. However, it is becoming less and less effective, resulting in both Riko and Kaga's transformations. During the conversation, the X-Men realize that both Emma and Jun aren't with them. So Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Hisako go to look for them, while Beast stays behind to keep an eye on Yui. Separately, Emma follows Jun to the depths of the laboratory and confronts him as his true persona: Mastermind, leader of the Inner Circle. He reveals that the heart of the laboratory contains a power he wishes to use to rule humanity and that he was the one who projected the image of Emma to Cyclops one year ago, an attempt to keep the X-Men from accepting her into their ranks after she defected from the Inner Circle. The two fight, with Emma's diamond form protecting her from Mastermind's psychic attacks. However, the fight is then interrupted by Marsh, who attempts to suffocate Emma, but the X-Men arrive and save her. Emma then tells them about Jun being just an illusion/disguise. As Jun, Mastermind protests his innocence, claiming that Emma is insane. But Wolverine thinks otherwise and realizes that there's something really wrong. He then demands Jun to explain himself, but Mastermind then entraps Logan in an illusion involving Jean. Thinking that "Jun" is Jean and the X-Men are Sublime and the U-Men, Wolverine attacks his team. Storm then contacts Beast to help them. He does so and brings Yui with him. After Cyclops manages to stop Wolverine and bring him back to his senses, "Jun" then runs towards the doors containing the power. Cyclops then fires at him, but Marsh pushes him out of the way and takes the blast. Emma then deactivates Jun's psionic field (disguise) and reveals to the X-Men that he really is Mastermind, shocking the team and enraging Cyclops, who wants to kill Mastermind for his involvement in Jean's death. Just as Wolverine returns, so do Marsh and Rat, who are both ready for battle. Meanwhile, Xavier realizes the dimensional rift is caused by an unknown psychic assailant and prepares to fight it to escape. 
10 "Countdown - Truth"
"Countdown - Shinjitsu" (Countdown-真実) 
June 10, 2011[11] December 23, 2011
The X-Men menage to defeat Rat, but Mastermind and Marsh escape. As they head inward, they discover a machine for tracking mutants, similar to Cerebro. When Riko and Kōichi recover and catch up, Yui is forced to admit that she built the mutant tracker for the U-Men because her medication is made from mutant organs and necessary to protect this mysterious power source, and the U-Men could supply them for her. The X-Men are horrified and Beast surmises that the medicine is weakening and this power source is leaking from the lab, causing the accelerated Damon-Hall Syndrome in mutants living near Tohoku. Entering the center, they discover Mastermind next to a near-comatose young man who Yui reveals to be Takeo (the still-living son of her and Charles). Mastermind reveals that Yui allied with the U-Men to save her son, an Omega-class telepath with the uncontrollable power to warp reality, which Mastermind wishes to use to change reality to one with mutants in power. He also reveals that he initiated the U-Men into the Inner Circle to get closer to Takeo, supporting the U-Men this entire time. In disguise as Jun, he purposefully withheld power suppressants from Takeo for the past three months and gradually destroyed his mind with telepathy, leaving him ripe for use. The Inner Circle's White Bishop Neuron appears and kills Riko and Kōichi by overloading their sensory input. He then subdues Logan and Beast while Mastermind causes Takeo to unleash his powers. Meanwhile in the dimensional rift, Charles is able to break free after hearing Jean Grey's voice encouraging him not to give up. 
11 "Revenge - End"
"Revenge - Shūmatsu" (Revenge-終末) 
June 17, 2011[11] December 30, 2011
Charles breaks free from the dimensional rift and heads toward Yui's lab, as Jean's voice encourages him to help his students and all of mankind from the impending danger. Meanwhile, Beast and Logan are at Neuron's mercy, while Marsh restrains Emma, Yui, and Hisako. Hisako remembers that Takeo was her childhood friend at the mutant school, but she was accidentally injured when his powers manifested (resulting in the pain in her hand). Takeo's guilt caused him to erase himself from everyone's memories. Yui shut down the school to care for him and seek a means to subdue his powers. Meanwhile, Logan devises a plan to have Beast overload his sensory input until he goes into a berserker rage where he feels no pain, neutralizing Neuron's powers. Wolverine kills Neuron and regains his senses. Hisako and Cyclops are able to defeat Marsh, but Mastermind entraps Cyclops in a nightmarish illusion about his inability to kill Dark Phoenix. However, he manages to break free of the illusion due to the intervention of Jean Grey, who helps him realize that his true regret was his inability to free her of her suffering as Dark Phoenix by killing her when she begged him to. The X-Men face Mastermind, but he is killed by Takeo as his powers run out of control and Takeo transforms into a colossal energy being capable of destroying the world and shattering reality. Professor X arrives from the Blackbird in time to confront his son alongside the X-Men. 
12 "Destiny - Bond"
"Destiny - Kizuna" (Destiny-絆) 
June 24, 2011[11] January 6, 2012
On the brink of world destruction, Charles reaches out to all the X-Men (consisting of Archangel, Colossus, Nightcrawler, and Rogue), other mutants and heroes (consisting of Captain Britain, Deadpool, and Iron Man) around the world asking them to support one another and protect humanity. Learning that Takeo hates him for being born into a world where his powers cause him so much suffering, Charles blames himself for causing Takeo pain. The X-Men try to attack Takeo, but are easily defeated. Charles then prepares to destroy Takeo's mind and kill him, fully intending to die along with his son. Jean's presence manages to revive the X-Men and give them courage to fight on as she states that mutants and humans are working together in this crisis. Hisako recalls her friendly past with Takeo and insists that Takeo is a good person who can be saved. Her feelings cause her armor to generate a brilliant light, reaching Takeo and bringing him back to his senses. He and Charles are able to reconcile, and Takeo's body is destroyed, but not before he is able to reassure Yui and Charles that he is alright. The X-Men stand committed to standing together against future threats to human and mutant peace. Cyclops gives Jean's necklace to Hisako as a symbol that he has accepted her as a full-fledged teammate he can trust, as he and Emma begin a friendly relationship. In a post-credit scene in the Japanese version, it is revealed that Magneto's plastic prison has been destroyed during the chaos and he has escaped with the teaser line saying "The X-Men's Battle Continues...." 


No. Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "The Man, Blade" (His Name is Blade)
"Sono Otoko, Bureido" (その男、ブレイド) 
July 1, 2011[12] January 13, 2012
While recapping his history, Blade saves a drunk man from being preyed upon by a female vampire and some police vampires while looking for a vampire with four fangs. Blade manages to get answers about a vampire organization in Asia and kills the last police vampire upon learning that his boss is coming to the nearby nightclub called Club Feed. A girl named Makoto enters Club Feed drawing the attention of every vampire in the club. Makoto meets the club's owner Ladu and brings her to his office. Makoto identifies a familiar smell on Ladu and attacks him. Makoto then attacks and slays every vampire in Club Feed while the humans escape. Makoto's father Hayate enters to assist her as Ladu assumes his werewolf-like appearance. Just then, Blade appears and slays some of the vampires. Makoto and Hayate arrive as Blade fights Radu while trying to get the info on where Ladu's boss is. Blade manages to use his Residual Move to destroy Ladu. Makoto and Hayate end up encountering the Existence's leader Deacon Frost who ends up biting Hayate. Blade arrives and confronts Deacon who shows him the scar on his left hand that he got from Blade's mother. Deacon beats up Blade as two of his henchmen Tanaka and Matthes take blood samples of Blade before they escape. Hayate ends up turning into a vampire and attacks Makoto only to be killed by Blade. As Blade leaves, Makoto vows to make the Daywalker pay for killing her father. 
02 "Mad World" (A Night for the Living, A Mourning for the Dead)
"Kurutta Sekai" (狂った世界) 
July 8, 2011 January 20, 2012
South Asian Woman immigrants have been going missing in Japan. Detective Sakomizu and his partner Ikeda take part in the investigation and end up canvasing the neighborhood yet nobody knows anything. A break-in at the Sakanishi Industries is reported and Detective Sakomizu and Ikeda head there. At the Sakanishi Industries, it is shown that Blade had broken in and interrogates a member of the Existence just as Detective Sakomizu arrives. Blade ends up escorting Detective Sakomizu out by sword-point and makes him take him in. At the police station, Blade breaks into Police Chief Gondou Head's office and identifies the Police Lieutenant Hamasaki and Gondou Head as members of the Existence. Gondou Head states that they are everywhere to make sure the chosen ones get first. Detective Sakomizu learns from Gondou Head that the missing women were part of a bargain they made with the Existence. Blade and Detective Sakomizu then head to the subway with Makoto not far behind them. While in the subway, Blade and Detective Sakomizu encounter the vampire Tanaka who is running a blood farm. When Blade asks about Deacon Frost, Tanaka states that he has left the country and unleashes some vampire cats on them. Blade tells Detective Sakomizu to hit the deck while he slays the vampire cats. Blade chases after Tanaka while Detective Sakomizu frees the missing women. He manages to free a woman when more vampire cats arrive. Blade chases Tanaka to the sewer waters as Tanaka reveals that he is a type of vampire called a Water Tiger. He assumes a tiger-like appearance and drags Blade under the sewer water. When the vampires cats close in on Detective Sakomizu, Makoto arrives and kills the vampire cats. Upon making his way out of the water, Blade uses his Residual Move on Tanaka. Before Tanaka reduces to ashes underwater, he activates an explosive in an attempt to take everyone down with him. When Makoto arrives to deal with Blade, an explosion goes off as Detective Sakomizu gets the missing women to safety. Blade and Makoto managed to get out before they end up consumed by the explosion. The next day, Detective Sakomizu sees off the ambulance carrying the women off just as Ikeda shows up. Detective Sakomizu discovers that Ikeda is one of the Existence and knocks him out while he heads off to meet with his daughter whose birthday he missed. Meanwhile, Blade encounters a man who states that Frost is in the Philippines. 
03 "Vampire Hunter" (Dead on Arrival)
"Vanpaia Hantā" (ヴァンパイア・ハンター) 
July 15, 2011[13] January 27, 2012
Blade slays a vampire as the man turns out to be his teacher Noah van Helsing and his dog Razor. Blade and Noah board a ship run by Captain MacRay as Makoto is shown to have stowed away. When Makoto tries to attack Blade, Noah manages to knock down Makoto as Razor licks Makoto. Noah passes Makoto off as a boy. While on the ride to the Philippines, Noah gives Blade a medicine that would help with his condition. Later that night, Makoto tries to slay Blade in his sleep only for Blade to awaken and Noah to remove Makoto from the room. Noah explains to Makoto that Blade is a Daywalker vampire and recaps his history with Blade. In England, a younger Blade came to the rescue of a young girl from Lord Howard and his fellow vampires. Noah arrived and killed Baron Howard and his followers. Noah found Blade and spared him. The next day, Noah discovered that Blade wasn't harmed by sunlight. Noah mentioned to Blade that he is a vampire hunter as Blade revealed that he has been having blood cravings. Blade mentioned that he has been looking for a vampire with four fangs. Noah revealed a prototype of the Retro Virus made from the ashes of vampires which causes anyone in his experiments to turn to ashes. Noah decided to test the Retro Virus on Blade since his human DNA had found a way to co-exist with his vampire DNA. Noah stated that if it worked on Blade, he will have to decide what he would do with his second chance at life. The next day, it is shown that Blade had survived the Retro Virus with no blood cravings. Blade then asked for Noah van Helsing to train him how to fight vampires. In the present, Noah tells Makoto that Blade travels with him. Makoto mentions that Blade killed her father, but Noah suggests that Makoto is only trying to run away from the darkness within herself. Noah states that he has since held onto a knife that Blade has had since the days he hasn't mentioned. Noah then offers Makoto some hot cocoa, and she tells Noah to call her that name. Just then, the passengers of the ship come under attack from a flock of the vampiric Mandurugo that fly towards the ship as the passengers take arms against them. When one Mandurugo flies towards Makoto, she is saved by Blade, but the Mandurugo leader Matthes grabs Blade and makes off with him. When Noah states to Makoto that Blade needs help, Makoto goes to Blade's aid and attacks Matthes. Noah throws Blade an injector containing the Retro Virus into Matthes, and the Mandurugos carry Matthes' body away. Noah thanks Makoto for saving him as a Mandurugo makes off with Noah at the last minute. Knowing where the Mandurugos are heading, Blade tells Captain MacRay to continue on the course to the Philippines. 
04 "Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now)
"Shōnen no Jibi" (少年の日々) 
July 22, 2011[13] February 3, 2012
In the Philippines, Blade recalls the time that when he as a child, he was caught by a police officer who caught him standing up for a bullied kid and was supported by Tara Brooks' friend Carol, who stated that Eric has done the right thing. Another flashback has Blade remembering the night his mother was attacked by Deacon Frost. When Carol came home, she found Eric awake and tells him that his mother would be with him in spirit. Later, Eric came across a murder scene and started to show signs of his vampire genes kicking in as he ran away. He later found a policeman dead and Carol's apartment in flames. In the present, Makoto and Razor approach Blade, wondering what is eating him. Blade tells Makoto that the neighborhood they are in runs on fear as they are spied upon by two humans working for the Existence. Later that night, Matthes is informed by her human spies that Blade is in the Philippines and tells Noah that they will give Blade a warm welcome. Matthes then states that her orders were to obtain a blood sample of Blade and then kill him. Following a nightmare, Makoto has a brief moment of tears as Blade knocks on her door. Blade states that Makoto is lucky to have known her father before he turned. Makoto asks Blade about what Noah mentioned about darkness in Blade's soul. In a flashback, Eric went into her apartment and found his mother in vampire form biting Carol. When she tried to have Eric come to her, Eric grabbed a fallen knife and tells the vampire Tara that she is not his mother and slew her. Tara snapped out of it and apologized to Blade before she turned to ash. In the present, Blade states that his mother was the first vampire that he killed and that his Daywalker appearance was a gift from his mother. Blade tells Makoto that she has to be willing to fight the darkness within her. Blade says his goodbyes to Captain MacRay as Makoto accompanies Blade's hunt for vampires. Blade stumbles upon a slave ship. Matthes learns that Blade is attacking the slave ship, and Matthes and her followers assume their Mandurugo forms and fly to the harbor. Makoto and Razor infiltrates Matthes' mansion and manage to free Noah. At the harbor, Blade fights the Mandurugos and slays most of them. Matthes then fights Blade, who then uses his Residual Move attack on Matthes. Before she turns to ashes, Matthes states to Blade that he will never defeat Frost. The next morning, Noah thanks Blade for saving him. Noah tells Blade that he heard Matthes stating in a conversation that Frost has an underground hideout on a remote island. Noah tells Makoto to take Razor and help Blade fight Frost. Somewhere near the shore, Frost learns that Matthes has fallen in battle with Blade and states that it is time for him to come out into the open. He then informs his driver to take him to his base on Siquijor Island. 
05 "Island Lights" (The Island of Fire)
"Hikaru Shima" (光る島) 
July 29, 2011[13] February 10, 2012
Arriving on Siquijor Island, Blade tells Makoto that this island would make a good hideout for Deacon Frost. Meanwhile, Frost is visited by Lucius Issac, who states that the High Council has issued a warning against his unauthorized experiments and that he is here to check up on him. Frost claims that the High Council is outdated and that he is currently working on a new vampire breed. He tells Issac that he needs a new blood sample from Blade for the one he has breaks down the other blood samples. Upon arriving at the building, Blade and Makoto are attacked by three Verdugos (the Guardians of Siquiore Island) Lupit, Cimaron, and Hagibus, looking for the Manananggal which has been freed by Deacon Frost. Blade then opens the secret door as Makoto follows them while the three Verdugos look for the Manananggal. Blade and Makoto slay some vampire guards while the Verdugos attack the other vampires. Frost and Issac learn that Blade is in the building and decide that they should leave Blade alive if they are going to obtain a blood sample. Blade finds Frost by his helicopter and fights him as Issac watches. Frost manages to knock him down as he takes some blood samples before fleeing in his helicopter. Just then, the Manananggal attacks as the Verdugos activate a ritual that causes the Manananggal to crash to the ground. The Manananggal knocks down Cimarron as the Manananggal bites him while it kills Hagibus. When the Manananggal tries to attack Lupi, Blade takes the attack as Makoto and the others retreat. The next morning, Hagibus' Danas wants to avenge her brother's death as Lupit learns that Blade is a Daywalker. Blade states that they will need his help to fight the Manananggal. When night falls, the Manananggal arrives and Blade has Makoto be the bait for the Manananggal. Blade emerges and fights the Manananggal alongside the Verdugos as they discover that Cimarron and Hagibus have been turned into Manananggals as well. During a ritual, Lupit slays the Manananggal that used to be Cimarron. As Danas kills the Manananggal that used to be Hagibus, Lupit calls for the spirits that bind the Manananggal as Blade uses his Phantom Move to slay the Manananggal. Issac watches this from afar stating that the High Council will be pleased with the information he learned. The next morning, Blade vows to go after Frost for the misery he caused to the Verdugo Tribe. 
06 "The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood)
"Mahōi no Otoko" (魔法医の男) 
August 5, 2011[13] February 17, 2012
In the Philippines, Makoto tells Blade that the Verdugos saw Frost's helicopter going south. Razor detects a bat that is a messenger of the High Council. The bat states to Blade that Frost is in Sumatra where he has a silver mine and that the High Council wants him dead. Blade slays the bat messenger as he and Makoto head to Sumatra. The next day, Blade, Makoto, and Razor find a silver mine run by the Existence. Blade and Makoto meet a witch doctor named Agus who states that if they attack the Existence settlement, the Existence will harm the people of his village whom the Existence has enslaved. At Agus' house, Blade and Makoto find that Agus' wife Yati was turned into a vampire. Agus states that he has been immersing Yati in a sacred water until he can find a cure for her. Agus stated that he made enough water for the other women that were converted into Sundel Bolongs. Blade states that there has never been a cure for vampires. Blade leaves as Makoto wonders if it will work. Later that night, Blade encounters Lucius Isaac who states that he should focus his aggression towards his real enemy. Blade ends up fighting Issac who states that Agus won't be able to cure him. Makoto joins the fight and Issac knocks her into a tree before leaving. The next day, Blade tells Makoto that vampires get stronger as they age. Blade starts to wonder if Agus was right about a cure for vampires before he and Makoto leave for the hunt. At Agus' house, Agus finds that Yati is gone. At the silver mine, Blade and Makoto free the slaves as Agus catches up, stating that Yati has gone missing. Agus wants Blade to give him his word not to kill Yati. Blade states that there is no curing people of their vampirism. As night falls, Yati emerges and she constricts Agus. Agus tries to reason with her only for Yati to bite him and Blade to retaliate by slaying her. More Sundel Bolong emerge as Makoto and Razor fight them while Blade looks for Frost. As Agus admits that he failed to save his wife, he tells Makoto to lead them to the lake. Blade encounters a vampire named Saragi who states that Frost left for Madripoor five days ago. Saragi assumes a rat-like appearance with the ability to split into many rats. Blade manages to use his Phantom Move to slay Saragi. Agus seals his own fate as he slowly ashes. With the Sundel Bolong in the water, Agus activates the water's effects which destroys the Sundel Bolongs and himself. As he dies, Agus tells Makoto to take a sample of the water to bring the "pestilence" to an end. The next day, Makoto carries the water sample as Blade states that they will be going to Madripoor. 
07 "Day Walker and Mutant" (Claws and Blades)
"Dei Uōkā to Myūtanto" (デイ・ウォーカーとミュータント) 
August 12, 2011[14] February 27, 2012[15]
Arriving on Madripoor, Blade tells Mokoto about how everything is done in Madripoor. Meanwhile, Wolverine is attacked by the Viper Gang. Blade and Makoto end up taking part in the fight against the Viper Gang as Blade encounters Wolverine (who is on the trail of A.I.M.). Blade tells Wolverine that he is looking for Deacon Frost. Mokoto learns that Blade and Wolverine go way back. Later that night, it is shown that the Viper Gang is producing some bullets. The Viper Gang's leader Djalal is talking to a vampire named Sergei that Blade will be taken down next time. It is then shown that the gang has made silver bullets that can be used on vampires. Sergei gives Djalal a Polong (a vampire from the Malaysia) which can obey the gang leader's commands upon exposed to his blood. Djalal tells Sergei that this production will have Deacon Frost get him to the Hightown part of Madripoor. At a hotel, Mokoto learns about A.I.M. as Blade comes in stating that he has traced the gang back to their factory as he states that Existence is starting a Vampire Civil War. Wolverine later asks Blade what Mokoto is to him. Meanwhile, Djalal tells his gang to leave Blade to him as he feeds his blood to the Polong which grows in size and multiplies into a Polong army. When Blade takes his serum, Wolverine asks Mokoto if the serum happens to him every time and states that he didn't mean what he said before. Wolverine then detects a smell when the electricity goes off as Wolverine detects some visitors. Meanwhile, Sergei is approached by Lucius Isaac as Sergei assumes a metal form (which is a special ability of his Oopeer Clan). Lucius uses his attacks to kill Sergei as the rest of Sergei's men flee in fright. Meanwhile, the Polongs attack Blade, Wolverine, and Mokoto as the Viper Gang attacks. Wolverine slays some Polongs as Djalal arrives planning to take Blade in alive. Lucius Isaac arrives at the Viper Gang's weapons plant and discovers enough munition to wipe out the High Council. Wolverine takes down the Viper Gang in the junkyard. Djalal fights Blade with a knife as Blade states that Deacon Frost is using him. Blade and Djalal hear an explosion coming from the Viper Gang's weapons plant. Djalal blames Blade as he plans to kill Blade. Just then, Djalal is impaled from behind by Lucius Isaac stating that he hoped Djalal would never shut up. When Blade asks what he is doing here, Lucius states that he was sent by the High Council has sent him to kill Blade before Deacon Frost can harvest his blood. Blade and Lucius Isaac fight until Wolverine joins the fight. After Blade and Deacon Frost dodge Djalal's silver bullet, Blade manages to slay Lucius Isaac as Lucius couldn't believe he was defeated by "a human and a half-breed" and that they have ensured Deacon Frost's victory. A wounded Djalal stated that he could've had it all and dies. As Wolverine continues to go after A.I.M., he tells Blade that something might be going down in Vietnam and it might be Existence. Wolverine also tells Blade that they have a mutant like him working for them. 
08 "Eternal Apocalypse" (Old Wounds, Fresh Blood)
"Eien no Mokushiroku" (永遠の黙示録) 
August 19, 2011[14] March 5, 2012
The Vampire Pureblood Elite in the High Council meet to discuss the news of Lucius Issac's death as they cannot believe Blade has slain one of their own kind. The High Council state that they must also not allow Deacon Frost and the Existence to become a genuine threat and allowing the 2 parties to eliminate each other would be convenient. They also state that Frost must be dealt with before he is able to act. In a flashback, it is shown that a man named Sgt. Major Stan Davis of the Marine Corp was fighting in the Vietnam War. He wakes up from a recurring nightmare from his tent in the woods. Meanwhile, Blade and Motoko (who was injured by some Vampire Ninjas) split up to allow her to heal. Blade tells Mokoto to head back while he draws the ninja away. Mokoto and Razor then head back to camp as Blade tells Mokoto not to lose his knife. After Mokoto leaves, Blade heads off the Vampire Ninjas where he slays most of them. Just then, he encounters the mutant samurai assassin Kikyo Mikage where they end up in a duel. Sometime later, Stan Davis is shown to have Blade in bondage as Blade claims that Stan is with Existence. Stan states that he is not with Existence and states that he was transferred to a special ops where he selected for a special assignment. The V Project was run by A.I.M. where they were given blood transfusion from an unknown donor and a special microchip was used to keep them from remembering the attacks they did. When his base was hit, Stan Davis and those involved had burned out their chips and the soldiers were listed in killed in action. Stan states that his fellow squad killed themselves by walking into the sun. Stan has been surviving by robbing blood banks to stop the cravings. Blade states that he is a vampire and is what he is for the choice he made. Stan then frees Blade and gives him his sword in order to put him out of his misery where once he's gone, the V Project would be a memory. Before Blade can do the job, Stan's shelted is attacked by Vampire Ninjas. Blade manages to kill the Vampire Ninjas as Kikyo Mikage arrives to tell the remaining Vampire Ninjas to stand back. Kikyo states that Existence met his price and that he has brought a message to Stan in order to recruit him to Existence. Stan doesn't take the offer as Kikyo Mikage ends up dueling with Blade while Stan fights the remaining Vampire Ninjas. As Stan gives in to his vampire side during the fight, Blade recalls the Kikyo Mikage has a healing factor like Wolverine as Kikyo Mikage asks if Wolverine is still alive. Blade and Kikyo Mikage continue fighting as Stan disappears into the jungle. Kikyo leaves to help the Vampire Ninjas to pursue Stan. Upon luring some Vampire Ninjas in an explosive trap, Stan runs into Kikyo Mikage who manages disarm him. Before Kikyo Mikage could kill him, Blade catches up and attacks Kikyo Mikage. After landing a hit on Kikyo Mikage despite him having a healing factor, Stan is stabbed by Kikyo. Before he ashes, Stan asks Blade to "find a safe place for us" as he starts to see his wife and daughter Alice. Blade states that Kikyo has grown cold-blooded as "the monster he has served." Kikyo stated that he felt little in killing Stan as killing Blade will be much different for him as he and Blade prepare to fight each other. 
09 "Teacher's and Student's Bonds" (The Bond)
"Shitei no Kizuna" (師弟の絆) 
August 26, 2011[14] March 12, 2012
While Blade and Kikyo Mikage fight, Blade states to Kikyo that he will take him down if he has to. Blade uses his Residual Moon move which Kikyo evades. Blade remembers their time studying under the swordmaster Tanba Yagyu where their fight was in a draw. Tanba tells both of them that they haven't got what it takes to be a swordsmaster yet. Later that day, it was revealed that Eric Brooks has trained by Tanba for two years and is planning to return to Noah van Helsing. Tanba tells Eric that he has learned well and that their training isn't done yet. Tanba then has them learn the most important lesson involving them learning the final sword technique called Chaotic Moon. Upon Eric's departure the next day, Kikyo still wants to duel Blade much to the objections of Tanba. Eric and Kikyo duel where Eric manages to wound Kikyo in the right heel. Eric then leaves saying goodbye to Tanba and Kikyo. Back in the present, Kikyo tells Tanba that it isn't over until the final blow is struck. During their fight, Tanba Yagyu makes a surprise appearance stating that he is paying them a visit to them. Tanba reveals that he has become a vampire. In the past, Tanba tells Kikyo that his training is done and that he must learn the lessons of the real world as Kikyo states that he was taken in by Tanba when he was just a boy with no memory. After Kikyo leaves, Tanba has come down with a case of lung cancer. Tanba received what appeared to be a letter from Noah van Helsing revolving around dealing with a murderous vampire. When it came to his "last fight," Tanba discovered that the vampire in question is no ordinary vampire as the vampire in question is Deacon Frost. Tanba learns that it was a trap as he slays the Vampire Ninjas despite his declining health. Deacon Frost manages to grab him and tells him that there is another choice other than death as he offers him a choice to join him and become a vampire. Deacon Frost ends up biting him anyway. Blade and Kikyo were shocked that Deacon Frost did this to Tanba who then draws his sword. Kikyo then plans to make things right as Tanba deflects Kikyo's wind attacks. Tanba then fights Blade stating that he kept his training up. Tanba then assumes a younger appearance as he fights Blade. Meanwhile, Mokoto and Razor notice a helicopter heading towards Blade and recognizes it as Deacon Frost's helicopter. When Tanba asks Blade to show him what he learns, Blade states that his master is long gone. Tanba then begins to use the Chaotic Moon on Blade where he manages to wound him. Blade manages to knock Tanba off him and pull the sword out of him. Blade then uses his own Chaotic Moon technique to vanquish Tanba. Before he ashes, Tanba thanks Blade for restoring him to humanity, thanks Blade for guiding him back on the right track, and states to Blade and Kikyo that it was an honor to be their teacher. Deacon Frost's helicopter arrives as Deacon Frost states that he was late to Tanba's fight with Blade. Blade then attacks Deacon Frost only to be defeated and taken on board Deacon Frost's helicopter by some Existence members. When Kikyo gets up, Deacon Frost tells Kikyo that their contract was terminated. Mokoto encounters Kikyo who tells her that Deacon Frost has taken him to his main research facility in Cambodia. As Mokoto and Razor run off to Cambodia, Kikyo states to himself that Deacon Frost has earned himself a new enemy. 
10 "To the Vortex of Sorrows" (Sins of the Father)
"Dōkoku no Uzu e" (慟哭の渦へ) 
September 2, 2011[14] March 19, 2012
Deacon Frost is in his helicopter flying Blade to his main research facility in Cambodia as Mokoto also heads there. Mokoto and Razor arrive outside of the facility. Within the facility, Deacon Frost is told that Blade has regained consciousness. Deacon Frost arrives in the room where Blade is being held in as he tells Blade that they are in his research facility called "The Factory" where his minions have been genetically enhanced like the Mandurugos, the Manananggals, and the Sundel Bolongs. Blade states that he's going to lose as Deacon Frost states that he isn't the only one who wants revenge on the vampires. In the past, Deacon Frost is shown having dinner with his son Edgar Frost and learns that Edgar is going to college soon where he hopes to one day help his father in his research. Edgar manages to get a research grant and tells his father about. Deacon tells Edgar that his mother would've been proud. One night, Deacon came home to find his window open and finds Edgar had fallen victim to a vampire. Following the funeral, Deacon Frost is told by the police that their case is opened and they haven't found his killer. Deacon Frost later visits the police that he has found a breakthrough that the police have been covering up Edgar's death by vampire. Upon hearing what other people is saying about him, Deacon Frost vows to find the vampire that killed his son by assembling a team of vampire hunters where Deacon takes some blood samples from a female vampire. Deacon Frost plans to find enough vampires to sample blood from in order to find a cure for them. Deacon Frost turns against the two vampire hunters by infecting them and plans to infect the vampire strain in order to create the new vampire strain. The two infected hunters end up dying from the transformation strains as he plans to use his research. Deacon plans to take revenge on the vampires by becoming the dangerous vampire which he does. Deacon Frost wakes up the next morning to find that the serum he took worked and plans to take revenge on the vampires in order to avenge Deacon Frost. In the present, Deacon Frost plans to take revenge on the High Council where he formed Existence. Blade tells Deacon that his son would've been disappointed in him. Deacon Frost mentioned that the vampires he experimented on were "guinea pigs." Blade asks Deacon Frost why he went after his mother where Deacon stated that she was coming his way. Deacon states that Blade wouldn't defeat him if his rage is affecting him. Deacon plans to get Blade's ability to walk in the sun whether he was willingly or unwillingly. When Blade states that Deacon Frost is insane, Deacon states that h. When Blade starts getting angry, Deacon Frost states that he needs his adrenaline to obtain his sample. Just then, Deacon Frost is told that Mokoto has been sighted in "The Factory" as Deacon makes some plans. Mokoto and Razor fight their way past the vampire guards as Mokoto tells Razor to find Blade. Mokoto opens a hole in the wall causing the vampires to be ashed by the sun. Mokoto is then attacked by Deacon Frost's two assistant vampires who assume lion-like appearances. Mokoto runs from them as she manages to kill them. Mokoto then finds where Blade is held as she prepares to hand him his sword. As Blade says Mokoto's name weakly, Deacon Frost suddenly appears behind Mokoto. 
11 "Partner" (The Last Sunset)
"Aibō" (相棒) 
September 9, 2011[14] March 26, 2012
As Deacon Frost appears behind Mokoto, he ends up biting her to suck her blood. This causes Blade to lose control as his blood samples fill up the vials. Deacon Frost thanks Blade for his help as Mokoto gets up and attacks Deacon Frost which doesn't have any effect on her. Razor arrives with Noah van Helsing as he kills some vampires and finds Mokoto having been bitten stating that he didn't make it in time. Deacon Frost escapes with the blood samples as he sets off more explosives in "The Factory" enough to ash some vampire guards. When Blade recovers and sees that Mokoto has been bitten, Blade and Noah escape with Mokoto's body. Deacon rushes to his helicopter in pain and makes it before he ashes. Deacon Frost leaves in his helicopter stating that he has got what he needed. Outside the ruins of "The Factory," Blade tries to wake up Mokoto as she is glad that he got away. Mokoto tells Razor that he must return to his master as her vampire-hunting days are over. Mokoto tells Noah to feed Razor better and gives Blade his mother's knife back. Mokoto admits that he wasn't a good partner to Blade and that he'd be better off without her. Mokoto has Blade promise her to take Deacon Frost down and asks Blade to put her out of her misery before she ends up like her father. Blade ends up doing it. Deacon Frost flees to his home-base in the vampire city of Armarot (which is hidden deep within the Golden Triangle) and begins the creation of his ultimate vampire species by infusing Blade's blood on some vampires causing them to start to mutate. Deacon Frost states that his hybrid vampire army will destroy the High Vampire Council. The next morning, Blade, Noah, and Razor leave flowers at Mokoto's grave as Noah tells Blade that there are thousands of vampires at Armarot and plans to use the water made by Agus. Noah decides that it's payback time as Blade gears up and heads to Armarot. Meanwhile, Deacon Frost's ultimate vampire hybrids are complete as the Vampire High Council launches an attack on Armarot and fight Deacon Frost's vampire army with casualties on both sides. The soldiers of the High Council charges towards Deacon Frost's castle as Deacon Frost states that they are right where he left them. Deacon Frost's vampire army surrounds Deacon Frost's castle. Upon the High Council seeing the numbers of Deacon Frost's army, the High Council Chairman states that Deacon Frost has won. Amongst the battle, Blade arrives and starts killing the vampires on both sides in order to do it for Mokoto. 
12 "The Other Side of Darkness" (The Final Glory of Deacon Frost)
"Yami no Mukōgawa" (闇の向こう側) 
September 16, 2011[16] April 2, 2012
Kikyo Mikage arrives in Armarot to help Blade deal with Deacon Frost as they kill vampires on both sides of the armies. While Blade fights Deacon Frost, Kikyo Mikage deals with a seven-headed vampire monster. Noah van Helsing surveys the battlefield as he detonates the Existence's arsenal. Blade enters Deacon Frost's castle and confronts Deacon Frost. When Blade states that he is sending Deacon Frost to Hell, Deacon Frost activates the ultimate vampire species as he thanks Blade for his "help" into giving him the means of destroying the High Council. Deacon Frost leaves as his ultimate vampire creations attack. Meanwhile, Noah van Helsing and Razor fight their way towards the blood source as he is targeted by the Mandurugos and the Manananggals until Razor saves him. Kikyo Mikage manages to behead the seven-headed vampire monster as Noah van Helsing drops the water used by Agus into Armarot's blood supplies. Blade fights by more of the ultimate vampire species as they are shown to not have the same weaknesses as the other vampires. Deacon Frost undergoes a blood infusion. Razor crashes the Mandurugo into the tainted blood supplies as it spills throughout Armarot affecting every vampire that comes in contact with it. The ultimate vampire species assume a second form that enables them flight. While racing the ultimate vampire species up the stairs, Blade makes it to the top of Deacon Frost's castle and fights by the ultimate vampire species. Kikyo Mikage crashes the multi-headed vampire species into the support beam of Armarot which collapses it's dome to enable more sunlight to kill more vampires. Deacon Frost states to Blade that his ultimate vampire species have the same powers as Blade. When Deacon Frost asks about Mokoto, he figures out that Blade killed her to put her out of her misery and that he is killing the people he loved. Blade charges towards Deacon Frost while fighting the ultimate vampire species where it is discovered that the ultimate vampire species are not immune to silver. Deacon Frost kills one of the ultimate vampire species as he assumes a much more powerful form where Deacon Frost finds himself unharmed by the sun. Deacon Frost states that a new day has come to the vampire world. Blade then proceeds to fight Deacon Frost who proves too powerful for Blade and punches him into a wall. Blade continues his fight with Deacon Frost where his punches blocked one of Blade's attacks. Deacon Frost is stabbed in the hand as Blade punches Deacon Frost out the window. As they are falling, Blade stabs Deacon Frost in the heart with his mother's knife in order to avenge the innocent lives that he took and finally destroys Deacon Frost. Armarot then begins to collapse upon the force of Deacon Frost's destruction. In the ruins of Armarot, Noah van Helsing tells a truck driver that there is no sign of Blade. Razor barks at Blade's arrival as Noah van Helsing tells Blade that he knew Blade would come through. Kikyo Mikage tells Blade that they both won this time and leaves. When Noah van Helsing asks Blade what he'll be doing now that Deacon Frost is gone, Blade vows to continue his quest of exterminating every vampire in the world. In the post-credits, Blade is in London where he saves a woman from the vampires that are followers of the Darkhold


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