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Mexico has adopted the NTSC and ATSC television transmission standards without any alterations. However, some unique local variations exist for DTH television due to transponder design variation in the Anik series of satellites.

National broadcast television networks[edit]

Network Flagship Programming Origin Owner
Canal de las Estrellas XEW entertainment Mexico City Televisa
FOROtv XHTV news and talk Mexico City Televisa
Canal 5 XHGC entertainment Mexico City Televisa
Azteca 7 XHIMT entertainment Mexico City TV Azteca
Galavision XEQ entertainment Mexico City Televisa
Once TV XEIPN educational Mexico City Instituto Politecnico Nacional
Multimedios Television XHAW entertainment Monterrey Grupo Multimedios
Azteca 13 XHDF entertainment Mexico City TV Azteca
Canal 22 XEIMT educational Mexico City Television Metropolitana
cadenatres XHTRES news and talk Mexico City Compañia Internacional de Radio
Proyecto 40 XHTVM news and talk Mexico City Televisora del Valle de Mexico

Regional broadcast television networks[edit]

Network Flagship Programming Region Origin Owner
7 Saltillo XHRCG entertainment Coahuila Saltillo Televisa
TV CU4TRO XHLEG educational Guanajuato León Estado de Guanajuato
Soy Guerrero XHHCG educational Guerrero Chilpancingo Estado de Guerrero
C3 Hidalgo XHPAH educational Hidalgo Pachuca Estado de Hidalgo
TV Mexiquense XHPTP educational State of Mexico Mexico City Sistema de Radio y Televisión Mexiquense
SMRTV XHMOR educational Michoacán Morelia Estado de Michoacán
TV Azteca Noreste XHFN entertainment Coahuila, Nuevo León, and Tamaulipas Monterrey TV Azteca
TVNL XHMNL educational Nuevo León Monterrey Estado de Nuevo León
Oaxaca TV XHAOX educational Oaxaca Oaxaca Estado de Oaxaca
SICOM XHPUE educational Puebla Puebla Estado de Puebla
RTV XHGV educational Veracruz Xalapa Estado de Veracruz
Telemax XEWH educational Sonora Hermosillo Estado de Sonora
TV Tabasqueña XHSTA educational Tabasco Villahermosa Estado de Tabasco
Televisa Tamaulipas XHTK entertainment Tamaulipas Ciudad Victoria Televisa
TV Tlaxcala XHTLX educational Tlaxcala Tlaxcala Estado de Tlaxcala

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