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Miss Earth is an annual beauty pageant that is organized by Manila-based Carousel Productions, through the Miss Earth Foundation. The non-stock, non-profit organization aims to increase the level of awareness on current environmental issues and what actions can be done through power of broadcasting and other media campaigns locally, nationally and globally.[1] It is the only major global beauty pageant that promotes care and preservation for the planets environment and ecology.[2]

The annual event, which started in 2001, has attracted delegates from at least 80 countries and territories since 2005. Competing delegates should be at least 18 years of age, and not exceed 26.[3] Like the Miss Universe, delegates compete in three rounds of competition: swimsuit, evening gown and question and answer. The last round focuses on topics of environmental concerns. The proclaimed winner is awarded the title of Miss Earth, and becomes the spokesperson and ambassador of the foundation, as well as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other organizations, in promoting green causes worldwide.[4]

To date, the Miss Earth beauty pageant has been held ten times, taking place during the last quarter of the year. There was one case of dethronement, when 2002 Miss Earth Džejla Glavović was replaced by first runner-up Winfred Adah Omwakwe.[5] As part of the pageant's rules, in the case that the titleholder can no longer fulfill her duties and obligations as Miss Earth, the first runner-up, awarded the title of Miss Air, shall take over the title.[6]

Miss Earth titleholders[edit]

Year Titleholder[7][8] Age[A] Finals Venue[9] Location[9] Pageant
Number of
2001 Denmark Denmark Catharina Svensson 21[11] University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Oct. 28 42
2002 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and
Džejla Glavović
19[12] Folk Arts Theater Pasay City, Philippines Oct. 29 53
Kenya Kenya Winfred Omwakwe
2003 Honduras Honduras Dania Prince 23[13] University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Nov. 9 57
2004 Brazil Brazil Priscilla Meirelles 21[14] University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Oct. 24 61
2005 Venezuela Venezuela Alexandra Braun 22[15] University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Oct. 23 80
2006[B] Chile Chile Hil Hernández 22[16] Museum of the Filipino People Manila, Philippines Nov. 26 82
2007 Canada Canada Jessica Trisko 22[17] University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Nov. 11 88
2008 Philippines Philippines Karla Henry 22[18] Clark Expo Amphitheater Angeles City, Philippines Nov. 9 85
2009 Brazil Brazil Larissa Ramos 20 Boracay Convention Center Boracay, Philippines Nov. 22 80
2010 India India Nicole Faria 20 Vinpearl Amphitheater Nha Trang, Vietnam Dec. 4 84
2011 Ecuador Ecuador Olga Alava 23 University of the Philippines Theater Quezon City, Philippines Dec. 3 84
2012  Czech Republic Tereza Fajksová 23 Versailles Palace Muntinlupa City, Philippines Nov. 24 80
2013  Venezuela Alyz Henrich 22 Versailles Palace Muntinlupa City, Philippines Dec. 7 88

The Runners-up/Elemental Titleholders[edit]

Year Miss Air (2nd) Miss Water (3rd) Miss Fire (4th)
Simone Régis
Margarita Kravtsova
Daniela Stucan
Sladjana Bozovic (advanced from 3rd place)
Juliana Patricia Drossou (advanced from 4th place)
Elina Hurve(advanced from top 10; 5th overall)
Priscila Zandona
 Costa Rica
Marianela Zeledon
Marta Matyjasik
Murielle Celimene
Stephanie Lesage
Yanina Gonzalez
 Dominican Republic
Amell Santana
Katarzyna Borowicz
 Serbia and Montenegro
Jovana Marjanovic
Amruta Patki
Catherine Untalan
Marianne Puglia
Pooja Chitgopekar
Silvana Santaella
Angela Gomez
Miriam Odemba
Abigail Elizalde
Tatiane Alves
Sandra Seifert
Jessica Barboza
Alejandra Echevarria
Jennifer Pazmiño (resigned)
Viktoria Shchukina(assumed)
Watsaporn Wattanakoon
 Puerto Rico
Yeidy Bosques
Drielly Bennettone
Athena Imperial
Caroline Medina
Stephany Stefanowitz
Osmariel Villalobos
Camila Brant
Katia Wagner
Punika Kulsoontornrut
Catharina Choi

Titles by region[edit]

Map of Miss Earth-winning countries as of 2013.

There is a marked representation from the Western Hemisphere among the titleholders.

Region Titles Country
Brazil(2), Venezuela(2), Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Honduras
India, Philippines
Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic
Kenya[5] No African has won this contest outright, Kenya assumed title by default, as the winner was dethroned.


^ A. Titleholder's age at the time of her crowning.

^ B. Originally scheduled to be held in Santiago, Chile but was moved to the Philippines.


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