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This is a list of actors who appeared as guest stars on the American TV series Murder, She Wrote.

Many famous actors had guest spots including Academy Award winners Martin Balsam, Ernest Borgnine, George Chakiris, James Coburn, Jose Ferrer, Kim Hunter, Shirley Jones, Martin Landau, Patricia Neal, Claire Trevor and Teresa Wright, as well as other legends of Hollywood like Eddie Albert, June Allyson, John Astin, Gene Barry, Ned Beatty, Polly Bergen, Milton Berle, Vivian Blaine, Ann Blyth, Cyd Charisse, Chuck Connors, Alex Cord, Robert Culp, Yvonne DeCarlo, Tom Ewell, Anne Francis, Betty Garrett, Elliott Gould, Kathryn Grayson, Jane Greer, Buddy Hackett, Florence Henderson, Olivia Hussey, Van Johnson, Dorothy Lamour, Piper Laurie, Janet Leigh, Randolph Mantooth, Virginia Mayo, Roddy McDowall, Vera Miles, Hayley Mills, Ricardo Montalban, Ron Moody, Leslie Nielsen, Paula Prentiss, John Rhys-Davies, Mickey Rooney, George Segal, Jean Simmons, Jerry Stiller, Karen Valentine, Dick Van Patten, and Mary Wickes.

Future stars of television and film also appeared in the show, including Academy Award winner George Clooney. Others include Academy Award nominees Brad Dourif, Andy García, Jackie Earle Haley, Joaquin Phoenix, and Gloria Stuart, television stars Courteney Cox, Bryan Cranston, Marcia Cross, Neil Patrick Harris, Julianna Margulies, Megan Mullally, and Cynthia Nixon and film regulars Shawnee Smith, Fred Willard, and Billy Zane.

M*A*S*H co-stars William Christopher, Jamie Farr, Mike Farrell, Larry Linville, Harry Morgan, Wayne Rogers, David Ogden Stiers, and Loretta Swit all featured as guest stars, leaving Alan Alda, Gary Burghoff and McLean Stevenson as the only regulars of that series to not appear in this one.

WKRP in Cincinnati co-stars Gary Sandy, Gordon Jump, Howard Hessman, Richard Sanders, Frank Bonner, and Jan Smithers all featured as guest stars, leaving Loni Anderson and Tim Reid as the only regulars of that series to not appear in this one.

Two "special guest stars" appeared in a crossover episode "Magnum on Ice". These were Tom Selleck and John Hillerman starring as their Magnum, P.I. characters Thomas Magnum and Jonathan Higgins respectively.

Levar Burton (Star Trek: The Next Generation) appears in "Death Takes a Dive," episode 16.

A third season episode titled "The Days Dwindle Down" featured Jeffrey Lynn, Harry Morgan and Martha Scott, playing the same characters they played in the 1949 feature film Strange Bargain. The episode used black-and-white footage from that film as flashbacks.

Lansbury's two Broadway "Sweeney Todd" co-stars, Len Cariou and George Hearn, appeared in recurring roles.

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Guest Star Episode(s)
Bruce Abbott "Thicker Than Water" (1991), "Murder in High C" (1995), "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Philip Abbott "Deadpan" (1988), "Test of Wills" (1989), "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Tim Abell "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Ray Abruzzo "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993)
James Acheson "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Sharon Acker "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986)
David Ackroyd "Trial By Error" (1986), "The Witch's Curse" (1992), "Portrait of Death" (1994)
Jay Acovone "O'Malley's Luck" (1990), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991), "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994), "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Deborah Adair "If the Frame Fits" (1986)
Mark Adair-Rios "Double Jeopardy" (1993)
Edie Adams "Capitol Offense" (1985)
Julie Adams "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987), "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988), "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Town Father" (1989), "A Body to Die For" (1990), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991), "The Witch's Curse" (1992), "Programmed for Murder" (1992), "Final Curtain" (1993), "The Big Kill" (1993)
Mason Adams "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
R. J. Adams "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
Jenny Agutter "One White Rose for Death" (1986)
Claude Akins "Deadly Lady" (1984), "Hooray for Homicide" (1984), "Hit, Run and Homicide" (1984), "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
Eddie Albert "The Body Politic" (1988)
Edward Albert "Hit, Run and Homicide" (1984)
Norman Alden "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988)
Frank Aletter "Capitol Offense" (1985)
Kristian Alfonso "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Ana Alicia "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Michael Alldredge "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
Tyrees Allen "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Christopher Allport "If the Frame Fits" (1986), " Witness For the Defense" (1987), "Fatal Paradise" (1994),
June Allyson "Hit, Run and Homicide" (1984)
Ed Ames "Murder at the Oasis" (1985)
John Amos "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)
Dion Anderson "A Nest of Vipers" (1994)
John Anderson "Thursday's Child" (1991)
Melissa Sue Anderson "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
Melody Anderson "Prediction: Murder" (1989)
Michael Anderson, Jr. "One White Rose for Death" (1986)
Richard Anderson "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
Ruth Anderson "Dead to Rights" (1993)
Sam Anderson "Dead to Rights" (1993), Murder at a Discount" (1993), "Twice Dead" (1995), "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
Tige Andrews "Family Doctor" (1991)
Todd Eric Andrews "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991), "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Carole Androsky "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Vanessa Angel "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
Michael Ansara "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988)
Susan Anspach "Dead Letter" (1989)
Susan Anton "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "Jack And Bill" (1989)
Joey Aresco "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Kerry Armstrong "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
Lucie Arnaz "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Dennis Arndt "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Maureen Arthur "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988)
Cheryl Arutt "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Daphne Ashbrook "Ballad for a Blue Lady" (1990), "Dear Deadly" (1994), "Nailed" (1995)
Elizabeth Ashley "Truck Stop" (1989), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Luke Askew "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Thicker Than Water" (1991)
Armand Assante "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
John Astin "Hooray for Homicide" (1984), "Joshua Peabody Died Here - Possibly" (1985), "A Lady in the Lake" (1985), "Sticks and Stones" (1985), "Film Flam" (1995)
William Atherton "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985), "Murder, She Spoke" (1987), "Judge Not" (1991)
René Auberjonois "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Sherman Augustus "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Teri Austin "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Erick Avari "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Margaret Avery "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Hoyt Axton "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)
Candice Azzara "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Barbara Babcock "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "The Perfect Foil" (1986), "Shear Madness" (1990), "Murder on Madison Avenue" (1992), "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993)
Jane Badler "Curse of the Daanav" (1988)
Max Baer, Jr. "Jack and Bill" (1989), "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Vince Baggetta "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "Steal Me a Story" (1987), "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990)
G. W. Bailey "Murder, She Spoke" (1987), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Barbara Bain "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988), "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991)
Cynthia Bain "Family Doctor" (1991)
Carroll Baker "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Diane Baker "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "A Christmas Secret" (1992)
Ray Baker "South by Southwest" (1997)
Bill Balas "School for Murder" (1995)
Ina Balin "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Martin Balsam "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Talia Balsam "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Lisa Banes "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Jack Bannon "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986), "From Russia... With Blood" (1989)
Adrienne Barbeau "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985), "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987)
Daniel Bardol "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Joanna Barnes "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Julian Barnes "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Priscilla Barnes "Dead Heat" (1985)
Eileen Barnett "O'Malley's Luck" (1990)
Douglas Barr "Curse of the Daanav" (1988), "Terminal Connection" (1991)
Dana Barron "School for Murder" (1995)
Gene Barry "Test of Wills" (1989)
Neill Barry "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Patricia Barry "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989), "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Eddie Barth "Threshold of Fear" (1993), "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Bonnie Bartlett "Seal of the Confessional" (1989)
Elya Baskin "South by Southwest" (1997)
Emory Bass "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Susan Batten "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Patrick Bauchau "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Belinda Bauer "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Barbara Baxley "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Frances Bay "Home Care" (1995)
Lawrence Bayne "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Gary Beach "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Orson Bean "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "Town Father" (1989)
Ned Beatty "The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes: Pilot" (1984)
John Beck "Sudden Death" (1985), "Thursday's Child" (1991)
Michael Beck "The Search For Peter Kerry" (1989), "Trials And Tribulations" (1990), "The Big Kill" (1993)
Tony Becker "Badge Of Honour" (1992)
Kabir Bedi "Curse of the Daanav" (1988)
Brian Bedford "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
David Beecroft "A Nest of Vipers" (1994)
Noah Beery, Jr. "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985)
Jason Beghe "Alma Murder" (1989), "A Body To Die For" (1990)
Briony Behets "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Sam Behrens "J.B. As in Jailbird" (1988), "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991)
Christine Belford "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985), "Double Exposure" (1989), "Lone Witness" (1993)
Diana Bellamy "The Dead File" (1992)
Ned Bellamy "The Survivor" (1993)
Kathleen Beller "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985), "When The Fat Lady Sings" (1989)
Melvin Belli "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Pamela Bellwood "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989), "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Robert Beltran "Double Jeopardy" (1993), "Time To Die" (1994)
Cliff Bemis "South by Southwest" (1997)
Dirk Benedict "Smooth Operators" (1989), "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Paul Benedict "Sticks and Stones" (1985)
Fran Bennett "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Wendy Benson "A Killing in Cork" (1993), "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Barbi Benton "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
Marisa Berenson "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Polly Bergen "School for Scandal" (1985)
Lee Bergere "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Sandahl Bergman "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Milton Berle "Broadway Malady" (1985)
Warren Berlinger "Sudden Death" (1985), "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "Jack and Bill" (1989)
Jason Bernard "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Herschel Bernardi "Capitol Offense" (1985)
Bibi Besch "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988), "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Victor Bevine "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Leslie Bevis "School for Murder" (1995), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Turhan Bey "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Richard Beymer "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987), "The Way to Dusty Death" (1987), "The List of Yuri Lermontov" (1991), "The Sound of Murder" (1993), "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993), "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Thom Bierdz "Wheel of Death" (1994), "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Ramon Bieri "Dead Heat" (1985), "Magnum on Ice" (1986), "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Casey Biggs "Dear Deadly" (1994)
Theodore Bikel "Indian Giver" (1987), "When the Fat Lady Sings" (1989), "The List of Yuri Lermentov" (1991), "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Tony Bill "Trial By Error" (1986)
David Birney "Prediction: Murder" (1989), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993)
Joey Bishop "Murder at the Oasis" (1985)
Karen Black "One Good Bid Deserves Another" (1986)
Vivian Blaine "Broadway Malady" (1985)
Janet Blair "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Linda Blair "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985)
Susan Blakely "The Error of Her Ways" (1989), "Suspicion of Murder" (1990), "Murder in Milan" (1992), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994)
John David Bland "It Runs In The Family" (1987), "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Andrew Bloch "Threshold of Fear" (1993)
Hunt Block "Seal of the Confessional" (1989), "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991), "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Dirk Blocker "Roadkill" (1994),
Susan Blommaert "South by Southwest" (1997)
Lisa Blount "Always A Thief" (1990)
Ann Blyth "Reflections of the Mind" (1985)
Christian Bocher "The Phantom Killer" (1993), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Lloyd Bochner "Unfinished Business" (1986), "Deadpan" (1988), "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Earl Boen "Double Exposure" (1989)
Stephen Bogardus "Angel of Death" (1992)
Heidi Bohay "Indian Giver" (1987), "See You in Court, Baby" (1990)
Corinne Bohrer "A Christmas Secret" (1992), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994), "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Joseph Bologna "The Mole" (1992)
Peter Bonerz "The Perfect Foil" (1986)
Frank Bonner "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
Sonny Bono "Just Another Fish Story" (1988)
Ernest Borgnine "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)
Roscoe Born "Always A Thief" (1990)
Tom Bosley “Deadly Lady” (1984), “Hit, Run and Homicide” (1984), “Death Takes a Curtain Call” (1984),

“Murder Takes the Bus” (1985), “Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly” (1985), “A Lady in the Lake”(1985),
“Sticks and Stones” (1985), “Keep the Home Fries Burning” (1986), “If a Body Meet a Body” (1986),
“Unfinished Business” (1986), “Dead Man's Gold” (1986), “Obituary for a Dead Anchor” (1986),
“Crossed Up” (1987), “Simon Says, Color Me Dead” (1987), “When Thieves Fall Out” (1987),
“If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly” (1987), “Indian Giver” (1987),
“Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?” (1988), “Benedict Arnold Slipped Here” (1988)

Barbara Bosson "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Joseph Bottoms "Murder at the Oasis" (1985)
Sam Bottoms "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991)
Dennis Boutsikaris "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994)
Pamela Bowen "O'Malley's Luck" (1990)
Antoinette Bower "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987)
Guy Boyd "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Eddie Bracken "Armed Response" (1985)
Kim Braden "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Richard Bradford "Curse of the Daanav" (1988)
Eric Braeden "One White Rose for Death" (1986)
Pauline Brailsford "Murder in White" (1993)
Jonathan Brandis "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Henry Brandon "Crossed Up" (1987)
Michael Brandon "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Victor Brandt "Killer Radio" (1993)
J. C. Brandy "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Bart Braverman "Birds of a Feather" (1984)
Thom Bray "Night Of The Headless Horseman" (1987)
Eileen Brennan "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987), "Dear Deadly" (1994)
Amy Brenneman "A Christmas Secret" (1992)
Lisa Brinegar "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989)
Danielle Brisebois "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Morgan Brittany "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)
Bill Brochtrup "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Foster Brooks "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987)
Joel Brooks "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Randi Brooks "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Randy Brooks "Judge Not" (1991)
Ben Browder "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Dwier Brown "Ship of Thieves" (1993), "Race to Death" (1996)
Georgia Brown "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
James Brown "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Robert Curtis Brown "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994), "Twice Dead" (1995), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Vanessa Brown "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Todd Bryant "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Edita Brychta "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Christopher Buchholz "Race to Death" (1996)
Ray Buktenica "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Donna Bullock "Sugar & Space, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Paul Burke "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Maryedith Burrell "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Donald Burton "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
LeVar Burton "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)
Norman Burton "Trial by Error" (1986)
Grand L. Bush "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Rebeccah Bush "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Dick Butkus "Sudden Death" (1985)
Dean Butler "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Tom Roberts Byrd "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Martha Byrne "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
Edd Byrnes "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990), "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
David Byron "The Scent of Murder" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Lorenzo Caccialanza "Murder in High C" (1995), "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Stephen Caffrey "Murder in F Sharp" (1990), "Killer Radio" (1993)
Don Calfa "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "The Survivor" (1993)
Joseph Cali "Crimson Harvesy" (1994)
R. D. Call "Deadly Assets" (1994)
John Callahan "Doom With a View" (1987), "Test of Wills" (1989)
Michael Callan "Murder, She Spoke" (1987), "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988), "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990), "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Thomas Callaway "Murder By Twos" (1994)
John Calvin "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)
Colleen Camp "Crossed Up" (1987), "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988)
Joseph Campanella "Sticks and Stones" (1985), "The Cemetery Vote" (1987)
Julia Campbell "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
María Canals "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Michael Canavan "Angel of Death" (1992)
J. D. Cannon "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985), "Unfinished Business" (1986)
Katherine Cannon "Deadline for Murder" (1986), "The Error of Her Ways" (1989), "The Trouble with Seth" (1994), "The Dream Team" (1995)
Diana Canova "Death Casts a Spell" (1984), "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Virginia Capers "Trial by Error" (1986)
John Capodice "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Capucine "Paint Me a Murder" (1985)
Macdonald Carey "Trial by Error" (1986), "Trouble in Eden" (1987)
Carmine Caridi "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Len Cariou "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985), "One White Rose for Death" (1986), "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988), "Appointment in Athens" (1989), "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990), "The List of Yuri Lermontov" (1991), "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Lynn Carlin "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Ismael 'East' Carlo "Day of the Dead" (1992), "Double Jeopardy" (1993), "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Darlene Carr "School for Scandal" (1985)
Paul Carr "Family Secrets" (1992)
Helena Carroll "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Jill Carroll "Test of Wills" (1989)
Julius Carry "Double Jeopardy" (1993)
John David Carson "Sticks and Stones" (1985)
Finn Carter "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Jack Carter "Dead Heat" (1985), "Just Another Fish Story" (1988)
Bernie Casey "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Barbara Cason "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
Joanna Cassidy "Roadkill" (1994)
Patrick Cassidy "Roadkill" (1994)
Shaun Cassidy "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987)
Mary Jo Catlett "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987)
Joan Caulfield "Trouble in Eden" (1987)
Maxwell Caulfield "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988), "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
James Caviezel "Flim Flam" (1995)
Jon Cedar "Seal of the Confessional" (1989)
June Chadwick "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
George Chakiris "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989)
Rosalind Chao "Nailed" (1995)
Miles Chapin "Deadpan" (1988)
Judith Chapman "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987), "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Lonny Chapman "Dead Heat" (1985), "Indian Giver" (1987), "Dead Eye" (1993)
Mark Lindsay Chapman "It Runs In The Family" (1987), "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "The Wind Around The Tower" (1992), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Patricia Charbonneau "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Cyd Charisse "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985)
Molly Cheek "Trials And Tribulations" (1990)
George Cheung "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Lois Chiles "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Tim Choate "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "Night Fears" (1991)
Claudia Christian "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Dennis Christopher "Shear Madness" (1990), "Final Curtain" (1993)
Julian Christopher "Dead Eye" (1993)
June Christopher "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994)
Thom Christopher "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
William Christopher "A Lady in the Lake" (1985)
David Ciminello "Family Doctor" (1991), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Charles Cioffi "Murder in High C" (1995)
Dane Clark "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984), "The Grand Old Lady" (1989)
Doran Clark "Deadly Lady" (1984), "Trial By Error" (1986), "Angel Of Death" (1992)
Susan Clark "Moving Violation" (1991)
Paul Clemens "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987)
David Clennon "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
Robert Clohessy "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Kristen Cloke "Dear Deadly" (1994)
George Clooney "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
James Coburn "Day of the Dead" (1992)
James Coco "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984)
George Coe "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990), "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Colleen Coffey "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Frederick Coffin "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Night of the Coyote" (1992), "Deadly Assets" (1994), "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Dennis Cole "Menace, Anyone?" (1986), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991)
Michael Cole "Murder, She Spoke" (1987), "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Olivia Cole "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "Judge Not" (1991), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Alex Colon "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Míriam Colón "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Marshall Colt "Tainted Lady" (1991)
Jack Colvin "Indian Giver" (1987), "Moving Violation" (1991)
Eleanor Comegys "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Jeff Conaway "Birds Of A Feather" (1984), "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "For Whom The Ball Tolls" (1993), "Murder Of The Month Club" (1994)
Darlene Conley "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Chuck Connors "Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly" (1985), "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)
Mike Connors "Truck Stop" (1989), "Film Flam" (1995), "Shooting In Rome" (1995)
William Conrad "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
John Considine "Town Father" (1989), "The Family Jewels" (1990), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Michael Constantine "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985), "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Frank Converse "The Dream Team" (1995)
William Converse-Roberts "Home Care" (1995)
Bert Convy "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986)
Carole Cook "Dead Heat" (1985), "Deadpan" (1988)
Jackie Cooper "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Teri Copley "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Gretchen Corbett "Deadline for Murder" (1986)
Barry Corbin "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987)
Alex Cord "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Annie Corley "Twice Dead" (1995)
Pat Corley "Powder Keg" (1986)
Robert Cornthwaite "It's a Dog's Life" (1984)
Nick Corri "Proof in the Pudding" (1994), "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Joseph Cortese "Family Doctor" (1991)
Robert Costanzo "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986), "Family Doctor" (1991), "Murder in High C" (1995)
Mariclare Costello "Powder Keg" (1986)
Nicolas Coster "Smooth Operators" (1989)
Keith Coulouris "Murder In Tempo" (1996)
Bernie Coulson "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Brigid Coulter "Time to Die" (1994)
Brian Cousins "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Courteney Cox "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Richard Cox "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Ronny Cox "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Mimi Cozzens "Seal of the Confessional" (1989)
Joey Cramer "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Grant Cramer "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Bryan Cranston "Menace, Anyone?" (1986), "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990), "Something Foul In Flappieville" (1996)
Johnny Crawford "A Lady in the Lake" (1985)
Dennis Creagan "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Molly Creek "Trials And Tribulations" (1990)
Richard Crenna "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Kathryn Cressida "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Gary Crosby "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986)
Mary Crosby "Tainted Lady" (1991), "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Marcia Cross "Ever After" (1992)
Rebecca Cross "Deadly Assets" (1994)
Lindsay Crouse "Killer Radio" (1993)
Pat Crowley "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
Greg Cruttwell "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Raymond Cruz "Double Jeopardy" (1993)
Melinda Culea "Murder in F Sharp" (1990), "The Mole" (1992)
Robert Culp "Murder by Appointment Only" (1986)
Steven Culp "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Ji-Tu Cumbuka "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Cherie Currie "It's a Dog's Life" (1984)
Gordon Currie "A Killing in Cork" (1993)
Sondra Currie "Angel of Death" (1992)
Christopher Curry "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Keene Curtis "Final Curtain" (1993)
Robin Curtis "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Scott Curtis "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989)
Ann Cusack "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Allen Cutler "Shooting In Rome" (1995)
Lise Cutter "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990), "Murder By Twos" (1994)
Jon Cypher "Trial by Error" (1986), "Double Exposure" (1989), "Ship of Thieves" (1993)
Charles Cyphers "Lines of Excellence" (1991)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Maryam d'Abo "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Abby Dalton "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986)
Kristen Dalton "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Cathryn Damon "It's a Dog's Life" (1984)
Charlie Daniels "Murder, She Spoke" (1987)
Rick Dano "Time To Die" (1994), "Film Flam" (1995), "Something Foul In Flappieville" (1996)
Cesare Danova "The Perfect Foil" (1986)
Kenneth Danziger "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
John d'Aquino "The Classic Murder" (1992), "The Dream Team" (1995), "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
Kim Darby "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "Film Flam" (1995)
Lisa Darr "A Nest of Vipers" (1994), "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994), "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Richard Davalos "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Clifford David "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Keith David "South by Southwest" (1997)
Richard A. Davies "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992), "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985)
Daniel Davis "Badge Of Honour" (1992)
Mac Davis "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Bruce Davison "The Cemetery Vote" (1987)
Laraine Day "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Lynda Day George "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985)
Jimmy Dean "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990)
Ron Dean "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Robin Dearden "The Taxman Cometh" (1991), "The Committee" (1991)
Lois de Banzie "Moving Violation" (1991)
Rosemary De Camp "Dead Letter" (1989)
Yvonne De Carlo "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Jimi De Filippis "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Don DeFore "Unfinished Business" (1986)
Gloria DeHaven "If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987), "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Town Father" (1989)
Tim Dekay "The Last Free Man" (2000)
John de Lancie "If the Frame Fits" (1986)
Pat Delaney "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
George de la Pena "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
Anthony De Longis "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
Robert Desiderio "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985), "Doom With a View" (1987), "Murder in Milan" (1992), "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994)
Rosanna DeSoto "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988), "Double Jeopardy" (1993), "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Nada Despotovich "Ever After" (1992)
Cliff DeYoung "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988), "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988), "Badge of Honor" (1992)
George DiCenzo "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "The Perfect Foil" (1986), "Harbinger of Death" (1988), "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990), "Murder in Milan" (1992), "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Bobby DiCicco "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986), "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Diane DiLascio "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Bradford Dillman "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "Death Takes a Dive" (1987), "Steal Me a Story" (1987), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990), "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991), "Final Curtain" (1993), "Wheel of Death" (1994), "Twice Dead" (1995)
John Disanti "Ever After" (1992)
Ami Dolenz "Bloodlines" (1993)
Elinor Donahue "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Juliana Donald "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),
Peter Donat "From Russia... With Blood" (1989), "Final Curtain" (1993), "The Dying Game" (1994), "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Robert Donner "If A Body Meet A Body" (1986), "From The Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Joe Dorsey "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990), "A Body to Die For" (1990), "Murder in F Sharp" (1990)
Roy Dotrice "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993), "School for Murder" (1995)
Brandon Douglas "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Sarah Douglas "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985)
Brad Dourif "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),
Tony Dow "Crossed Up" (1987)
Bairbre Dowling "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
J Downing "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
David Doyle "Sudden Death" (1985)
Don Dubbins "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985)
Marta DuBois "Time To Die" (1994)
Howard Duff "Deadly Lady" (1994)
Shay Duffin "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
Keir Dullea "Test of Wills" (1989)
Alastair Duncan "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Tim Dunigan "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Stephanie Dunnam "Crossed Up" (1987), "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Marj Dusay "Test of Wills" (1989), "Ever After" (1992)
Ann Dusenberry "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985), "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987)
Nancy Dussault "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Cameron Dye "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992), "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
John Dye "A Little Night Work" (1988), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Leslie Easterbrook "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Nailed" (1995)
Rodney Eastman "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Bonnie Ebsen "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Herb Edelman "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985), "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "The Mole" (1992), "Threshold Of Fear" (1993), "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993), "The Phantom Killer" (1993), "Murder at a Discount" (1993), "Portrait of Death" (1994), "Twice Dead" (1995)
Ronnie Claire Edwards "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988)
Stacy Edwards "O'Malley's Luck" (1990), "Film Flam" (1995)
Vince Edwards "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Samantha Eggar "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
Lisa Eichhorn "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Taina Elg "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Alix Elias "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Robert Ellenstein "Dead Heat" (1985)
Stephen Elliott "Armed Response" (1985)
Ethan Embry "The Trouble with Seth" (1994), "School for Murder" (1995)
Georgia Emelin "Killer Radio" (1993)
Cliff Emmich "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
John Enos "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Richard Erdman "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
John Ericson "Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly" (1985)
Gene Evans "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "Trial by Error" (1986)
Mary Beth Evans "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
Troy Evans "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Trevor Eve "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Chad Everett "Obituary For A Dead Anchor" (1986), "The Fixer-Upper" (1990), "Terminal Connection" (1991), "The Big Kill" (1993)
Tom Everett "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Jason Evers "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985)
Greg Evigan "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986)
Kathy Evison "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Tom Ewell "Trial By Error" (1986)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Shelley Fabares "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
Patrick Fabian "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Joel Fabiani "Murder On Madison Avenue" (1992), "The Dying Game" (1994)
Nanette Fabray "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Morgan Fairchild "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Stephanie Faracy "Magnum on Ice" (1986)
Frank Farmer "Bloodlines" (1993)
Jamie Farr "A Little Night Work" (1988)
Mike Farrell "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Shea Farrell "Stage Struck" (1986), "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988), "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989), "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Alan Feinstein "Seal of the Confessional" (1989), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Norman Fell "Dead Heat" (1985), "Just Another Fish Story" (1988)
Conchata Ferrell "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Jose Ferrer "Death Casts a Spell" (1984)
Mel Ferrer "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985), "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989)
Dan Ferro "Double Jeopardy" (1993), "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Shirley Anne Field "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
Tony Fields "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Harvey Fierstein "The Dead File" (1992)
Efrain Figueroa "An Egg to Die For" (1994)
John Finnegan "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
Robert Firth "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Cindy Fisher "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Tom Fitzsimmons "Trouble in Eden" (1987)
Fionnula Flanagan "Steal Me a Story" (1987), "A Killing in Cork" (1993), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995), "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Matthew Flint "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993)
Miriam Flynn "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Spiros Focas "The List Of Yuri Lermentov" (1991)
Nina Foch "Tainted Lady" (1991), "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Megan Follows "Home Care" (1995)
Hallie Foote "Murder On Madison Avenue" (1992), "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993)
Lois Foraker "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
Faith Ford "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990)
Steven Ford "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
Sofie Formica "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Steve Forrest "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986), "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989), "Terminal Connection" (1991), "Night of the Coyote" (1992), "Race to Death" (1996)
Robert Forster "The Perfect Foil" (1986), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Rosemary Forsyth "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Meg Foster "Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly" (1985), "The Dark side of the Door" (1996)
Bernard Fox "One White Rose for Death" (1986)
Peter Fox "The Body Politic" (1988), "Dead Letter" (1989)
Robert Foxworth "School for Murder" (1995)
Anne Francis "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Genie Francis "Birds Of A Feather" (1984), "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Ramon Franco "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Postmaster General Anthony M. Frank "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991)
Charles Frank "A Lady in the Lake" (1985), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Diane Franklin "Family Doctor" (1991)
Linda Frasier "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Vicki Frederick "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Sam Freed "Tainted Lady" (1991)
Brian Frejo "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Leonard Frey "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987)
Lindsay Frost "Thursday's Child" (1991)
Alan Fudge "Thursday's Child" (1991), "Lines of Excellence" (1991), "Northern Explosion" (1994), "To Kill a Legend" (1994), "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996), "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Kurt Fuller "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Penny Fuller "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988), "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Robert Fuller "The Body Politic" (1988)
Stephen Furst "Trials And Tribulations" (1990)
George Furth "No Laughing Murder" (1987), "Dead Letter" (1989), "The Dead File" (1992)


Guest Star Episode(s)
John Gabriel "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Holly Gagnier "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990)
David Gail "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Max Gail "Dead Letter" (1989)
Jeri Gaile "Ballad For a Blue Lady" (1990)
Boyd Gaines "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Davis Gaines "Murder in White" (1993)
Megan Gallivan "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
Don Galloway "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989), "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Billy Galo "Time to Die" (1994)
Robin Gammell "Harbinger of Death" (1988), "The Dead File" (1992)
James Gammon "Armed Response" (1985)
Terri Garber "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Andy García "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984)
Betty Garrett "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Kathleen Garrett "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Spencer Garrett "Murder at a Discount" (1993), "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
David Garrison "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Dick Gautier "Birds of a Feather" (1984), "Just Another Fish Story" (1988)
Jackie Gayle "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Anthony Geary "From Russia... with Blood" (1989), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Judy Geeson "Paint Me a Murder" (1985), "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
Francois Eric Gendron "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Denise Gentile "Portrait of Death" (1994), "Nailed" (1995)
Gretchen German "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
John Getz "Murder in High C" (1995), "Race to Death" (1996)
Louis Giambalvo "The List Of Yuri Lermentov" (1991), "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Blake Gibbons "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990), "Bloodlines" (1993)
Nigel Gibbs "The Survivor" (1993)
Henry Gibson "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988), "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Stefan Gierasch "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Elaine Giftos "Broadway Malady" (1985)
Marcus Gilbert "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Mickey Gilley "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990)
Stu Gilliam "Dead Heat" (1985)
Richard Gilliland "Thursday's Child" (1991), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993)
Robert Ginty "Moving Violation" (1991)
Chaim Girafi "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Ron Glass "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Paul Gleason "The Error of Her Ways" (1989), "Thursday's Child" (1991), "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Bruce Glover "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
John Glover "One White Rose for Death" (1986), "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987)
Trevor Goddard "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Walton Goggins "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Jonathan Goldsmith "Dead Letter" (1989), "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
Arlene Golonka "Trial by Error" (1986), "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Grant Goodeve "Lovers And Other Killer" (1984), "Dead Man's Gold" (1986), "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Dody Goodman "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987)
Cliff Gorman "If the Frame Fits" (1986), "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992)
Frank Gorshin "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Elliott Gould "The Error of Her Ways" (1989)
Robert Goulet "Paint Me a Murder" (1985)
Pierrette Grace "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Elizabeth Gracen "Crimson Harvest" (1994), "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Nancy Lee Grahn "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" (1986)
Farley Granger "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)
Stewart Granger "Paint Me a Murder" (1985)
Beth Grant "Road Kill" (1994), "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Karen Grassle "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
Peter Graves "Lovers And Other Killers" (1984)
Bruce Gray "Murder at a Discount" (1993), "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994)
Erin Gray "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Robert Gray "One Good Bid Deserves Another" (1986)
Kathryn Grayson "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987), "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Town Father" (1989)
Brian Lane Green "Powder Keg" (1986)
Graham Greene "Night of the Coyote" (1992), "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Jane Greer "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988)
Rose Gregorio "Family Doctor" (1991)
George Grizzard "Murder Digs Deep" (1985), "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "The Body Politic" (1988)
David Groh "Murder Digs Deep" (1985), "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Sam Groom "Armed Response" (1985)
Linda Grovenor "Shear Madness" (1990)
Gary Grubbs "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990)
Harry Guardino "Birds of a Feather" (1984), "Deadline for Murder" (1986), "Moving Violation" (1991), "Killer Radio" (1993)
Francois Guetary "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Ann Morgan Guilbert "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Francis Guinan "The Mole" (1992), "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Clu Gulager "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985), "Dead Heat" (1985), "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Ronald Guttman "A Murderous Muse" (1994)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Buddy Hackett "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
Molly Hagan "Dead to Rights" (1993), "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Charles Haid "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989), "See You in Court, Baby" (1990)
Khrystyne Haje "Murder in High C" (1995)
Alan Hale, Jr. "'Trial by Error" (1986)
Jackie Earle Haley "Powder Keg" (1986)
Anthony Michael Hall "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Deidre Hall "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990)
Philip Baker Hall "Moving Violation" (1991)
Charles Hallahan "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Tom Hallick "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990), "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Carrie Hamilton "Trials And Tribulations" (1990)
Linda Hamilton "Menace, Anyone?" (1986)
Murray Hamilton "Death Casts a Spell" (1984)
Nicholas Hammond "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
James Hampton "It's a Dog's Life" (1984), "Trial by Error" (1986)
Maggie Han "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Terri Hanauer "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
James Handy "Sugar & Space, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Briget Hanley "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Page Hannah "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989)
Gale Hansen "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Jerry Hardin "Northern Explosion" (1994), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994), "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Melora Hardin "Roadkill" (1994)
Dorian Harewood "Powder Keg" (1986)
John Harkins "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Robert Harper "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Tess Harper "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987)
Pat Harrington, Jr. "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987), "Jack and Bill" (1989), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991)
Cynthia Harris "Hannigan's Wake" (1990), "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Harriet Harris "South by Southwest" (1997)
Julius Harris "Judge Not" (1991)
Mel Harris "South by Southwest" (1997)
Neil Patrick Harris "Lone Witness" (1993)
Jenilee Harrison "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Mariette Hartley "Night of the Coyote" (1992)
Peter Haskell "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "Truck Stop" (1989)
Marilyn Hassett "Witness for the Defense" (1987), "Deadpan" (1988), "Deadly Lady" (1994)
Bob Hastings "Stage Struck" (1986)
Richard Hatch "Deadly Lady" 1984
Hurd Hatfield "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984), "One Good Bid Deserves Another" (1986), "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Amy Hathaway "Murder In Tempo" (1996)
Wings Hauser "Reflections of the Mind" (1985), "Night Fears" (1991), "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993), "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
June Havoc "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987), "The Grand Old Lady" (1989)
Billie Hayes "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984)
Anthony Heald "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Ann Hearn "The Trouble with Seth" (1994), "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
George Hearn "Trials and Tribulations" (1990), "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992), "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
David Hedison "The Perfect Foil" (1986), "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
Tippi Hedren "Bloodlines" (1993)
Randee Heller "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
David Hemmings "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987)
Florence Henderson "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986), "Ballad for a Blue Lady" (1990)
Sam Hennings "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Gregg Henry "Broadway Malady" (1985), "Death Stalks The Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986), "The Taxman Cometh" (1991), "The Big Kill" (1993), "Crimson Harvest" (1994), "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Taraji P. Henson "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Richard Herd "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986), "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Gary Hershberger "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993), "The Murder Channel" (1994), "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Louis Herthum "Programmed for Murder" (1992), "Badge Of Honour" (1992), "Family Secrets" (1992), "A Christmas Secret" (1992),

"Final Curtain" (1993), "The Big Kill" (1993), "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993),
"Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993), "Deadly Assets" (1994), "The Trouble with Seth" (1994), "Wheel of Death" (1994),
"To Kill a Legend" (1994), "Murder by Twos" (1994), "The Dream Team" (1995), "School for Murder" (1995), "Home Care"
(1995), "Murder in Tempo" (1996), "Evidence of Malice" (1996), "Race to Death" (1996), "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)

Grant Heslov "Class Act" (1989)
Howard Hesseman "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985)
Christopher Hewett "It Runs In The Family" (1987)
Edward Hibbert "Portrait of Death" (1994)
Dwayne Hickman "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Kevin Hicks "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
Lise Hilboldt "Smooth Operators" (1989), "Class Act" (1989), "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Arthur Hill "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Elaine Welton Hill "Ever After" (1992)
John Hillerman "Magnum on Ice" (1986), "Murder on Madison Avenue" (1992)
Art Hindle "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986), "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987)
Pat Hingle "Unfinished Business" (1986), "O'Malley's Luck" (1990), "Thicker Than Water" (1991)
Judith Hoag "Programmed for Murder" (1992), "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Kate Hodge "Race to Death" (1996)
Basil Hoffman "Town Father" (1989)
Robert J. Hogan "Death Casts a Spell" (1984), "Dead Man's Gold" (1986), "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986), "Double Exposure" (1989)
Laurie Holden "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Earl Holliman "Who Killed J. B. Fletcher?" (1991), "Roadkill" (1994)
Jennifer Holmes "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987), "Doom With a View" (1987)
Robert Hooks "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986), "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Bo Hopkins "Armed Response" (1985), "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Kaitlin Hopkins "An Egg to Die For" (1994)
Leslie Horan "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Michael Horton "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Broadway Malady" (1985), "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985), "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986), "Crossed Up" (1987), "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Doom With a View" (1987), "Just Another Fish Story"

(1988) "J.B. As in Jailbird" (1988), "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989), "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990), "The Dream Team" (1995)

Robert Horton "Seal of the Confessional" (1989)
Bobby Hosea "Night Fears" (1991), "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
John Hostetter "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Patrick Houser "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988)
Ken Howard "Murder at the Oasis" (1985), "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2 (1989), "Jack and Bill" (1989), "The Mole" (1992), "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Rance Howard "Death Casts a Spell" (1984), "South by Southwest" (1997)
Beth Howland "Lone Witness" (1993)
Charles Hoyes "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Season Hubley "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Whip Hubley "Roadkill" (1994), "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
David Huddleston "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990)
Rosanna Huffman "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Jack and Bill" (1989), "Dear Deadly" (1994)
Kendrick Hughes "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Leann Hunley "A Little Night Work" (1988), "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990), "Amsterdam Kll" (1994)
Marsha Hunt "Sticks and Stones" (1985)
Kim Hunter "Trials And Tribulations" (1990)
Rick Hurst "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Olivia Hussey "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985)
Doug Hutchison "'Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Alex Hyde-White "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Joyce Hyser "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Marty Ingels "The Fixer Upper" (1990), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
James Ingersoll "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Barrie Ingham "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985), "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Steve Inwood "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987), "Appointment in Athens" (1989), "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Aharon Ipale "Always A Thief" (1990), "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
John Ireland "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
Vincent Irizarry "Family Doctor" (1991)
Tom Isbell "See You in Court, Baby" (1990), "Threshold Of Fear" (1993)
Jim Ishida "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Gregory Itzin "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Zeljko Ivanek "Home Care" (1995)
Stan Ivar "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Lela Ivey "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993), "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Michael Jace "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Scott Jacoby "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987)
Richard Jaeckel "The Way to Dusty Death" (1987)
Seth Jaffe "Dear Deadly" (1994), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Clifton James "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988)
Conrad Janis "Death Casts a Spell" (1984), "A Little Night Work" (1988), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Graham Jarvis "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989)
Martin Jarvis "Another Killing in Cork" (1995), "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Peter Jason "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Rick Jason "A Little Night Work" (1988)
Anne Jeffreys "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986)
Bruce Jenner "Sudden Death" (1985)
Gladys Jimenez "Time to Die" (1994)
Glynis Johns "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985)
Anne-Marie Johnson "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Arte Johnson "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
Michelle Johnson "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Richard Johnson "It Runs in the Family" (1987)
Van Johnson "Hit, Run and Homicide" (1984), "Menace, Anyone?" (1986), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Carnetta Jones "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Dean Jones "It's a Dog's Life" (1984), "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
Henry Jones "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988)
Judith Jones "Double Jeopardy" (1993), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993)
Marilyn Jones "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988), "The Error of Her Ways" (1989), "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Renée Jones "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Shirley Jones "The Body Politic" (1988), "Shear Madness" (1990)
Simon Jones "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
James Carroll Jordan "Crossed Up" (1987), "Just Another Fish Story" (1988), "O'Malley's Luck" (1990)
Ronald G. Joseph "Time to Die" (1994)
Elaine Joyce "Death Casts a Spell" (1984), "The Big Show of 1965" (1990), "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Janet Julian "The List Of Yuri Lermentov" (1991), "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
Gordon Jump "If the Frame Fits" (1986)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Jeff Kaake "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
Stanley Kamel "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989), "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Kris Kamm "The Dead File" (1992)
John Kapelos "The Committee" (1991)
Gabe Kaplan "Birds Of A Feather" (1984)
Ron Karabatsos "Truck Stop" (1989)
John Karlen "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Patti Karr "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986)
Lenore Kasdorf "Trial by Error" (1986), "Sugar & Space, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Gary Kasper "Night of the Coyote" (1992)
Kimberly Kates "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Andreas Katsulas "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
William Katt "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Cindy Katz "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Dianne Kay "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Stephen T. Kay "Dead to Rights" (1993), "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Caren Kaye "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)
Lila Kaye "When The Fat Lady Sings" (1989)
Lainie Kazan "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Kerrie Keane "Terminal Connection" (1991), "Film Flam" (1995)
William Keane "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Steven Keats "Paint Me a Murder" (1985), "Reflections of the Mind" (1985)
Howard Keel "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
Jack Kehoe "School for Scandal" (1985)
Joseph Keil "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Brian Keith "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984)
Sally Kellerman "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Susan Kellerman "The Dead File" (1992)
James F. Kelley "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Linda Kelsey "Capitol Offense" (1985), "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985), "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Jeremy Kemp "From Russia... with Blood" (1989)
Ken Kercheval "Angel of Death" (1992)
Brian Kerwin "Death Casts a Spell" (1984)
Lance Kerwin "Seal of the Confessional" (1989)
Ross Kettle "Another Killing in Cork" (1995), "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Evelyn Keyes "Sticks and Stones" (1985), "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987), "Dead to Rights" (1993)
Mark Keyloun "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Margot Kidder "Threshold Of Fear" (1993)
Wendy Kilbourne "Dead Man's Gold" (1986)
Kevin Kilner "Sugar & Space, Malice & Vice" (1992), "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993)
Daniel Dae Kim "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Andrea King "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Bruce Kirby "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990), "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
George Kirby "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985)
Milos Kirek "From Russia... with Blood" (1989)
Sally Kirkland "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Terry Kiser "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985), "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988)
Robert Klein "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989)
Richard Kline "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986)
Robert Knepper "The Sound of Murder" (1993), "A Murderous Muse" (1994), "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Don Knight "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
Michael E. Knight "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Shirley Knight "Smooth Operators" (1989), "Always A Thief" (1990)
Terence Knox "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985)
Thomas Kopache "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Pamela Kosh "It Runs In The Family" (1987)
Sarah Koskoff "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Yaphet Kotto "Steal Me a Story" (1987)
Martin Kove "Armed Response" (1985)
Peter Kowanko "See You in Court, Baby" (1990)
Eric Allan Kramer "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988)
Paul Kreppel "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
David Kriegel "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
Alice Krige "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Gary Kroeger "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Jack Kruschen "Tainted Lady" (1991)
Karen Kundazian "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Clyde Kusatsu "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990)
Mimi Kuzyk "The Dying Game" (1994)


Guest Star Episode(s)
David Labiosa "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Deborah Lacey "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Elizabeth Lackey "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Dorothy Lamour "No Accounting for Murder" (1987)
James Lancaster "Night of the Tarantula" (1989), "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Martin Landau "Birds of a Feather" (1984)
Diane Lander "Trial by Error" (1986)
Audrey Landers "If a Body Meet a Body" (1996), "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Judy Landers "Night of the Headless Horseman" (1987)
Sal Landi "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Valerie Landsburg "Just Another Fish Story" (1988)
Charley Lang "Family Secrets" (1992)
Hope Lange "Night of the Headless Horseman" (1987), "The Big Kill" (1993)
Wallace Langham "Dead to Rights" (1993)
Lisa Langlois "The Perfect Foil" (1986)
David Lansbury "Moving Violation" (1991), "Murder on Madison Avenue" (1992), "Threshold of Fear" (1993)
Felicia Lansbury "Another Killing in Cork" (1995), "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Robert Lansing "The Prodigal Father" (1991), "Badge of Honor" (1992)
William Lanteau "Town Father" (1989)
Louise Latham "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985), "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Andrew Lauer "The Dying Game" (1994)
Jack Laufer "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
John Laughlin "Dead Man's Gold" (1986), "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988)
Piper Laurie "Murder at the Oasis" (1985)
Ed Lauter "The Cemetery Vote" (1987)
John Lavachielli "Night Fears" (1991)
Peter Lavin "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
John Phillip Law "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985)
Sean Lawlor "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Carol Lawrence "Birds of a Feather" (1984), "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986), "When the Fat Lady Sings" (1989), "Murder in High C" (1995)
Lisa Lawrence "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Steve Lawrence "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
Vicki Lawrence "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985), "Trial By Error" (1986)
Michael Learned "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989)
Jonna Lee "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Ruta Lee "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Jane Leeves "It Runs in the Family" (1987)
Lance LeGault "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988)
Fredric Lehne "Murder, She Spoke" (1987), "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Ron Leibman "Incident in Lot #7" (1992), "O'Malley's Luck" (1990)
Janet Leigh "Doom with a View" (1987)
Paul LeMat "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988)
Michael Lembeck "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987)
Ben Lemon "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Kay Lenz "Armed Response" (1985)
Rick Lenz "If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Beverly" (1987)
Sheldon Leonard "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Joan Leslie "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988)
Geoffrey Lewis "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990), "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Greg Lewis "Smooth Operators" (1989)
Jenny Lewis "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Richard Libertini "Dead to Rights" (1993), "Film Flam" (1995), "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Paul Lieber "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Leonard Lightfoot "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993), "The Phantom Killer" (1993), "Murder at a Discount" (1993), "Portrait of Death" (1994), "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Kwan Hi Lim "Magnum on Ice" (1986)
Audra Lindley "Home Care" (1995)
Sybil Lines "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
Paul Linke "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Larry Linville "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985), "Curse of the Daanau" (1988), "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Robert Lipton "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985), "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986), "Class Act" (1989)
Stephen Liska "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Rich Little "Deadpan" (1988)
Ernie Lively "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990), "A Body to Die For" (1990), "Danse Diabolique" (1992), "Northern Explosion" (1994), "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
John Livingston "Murder In Tempo" (1996)
Kathleen Lloyd "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986)
Norman Lloyd "If the Frame Fits" (1986), "The Committee" (1991), "Murder in White" (1993)
Tony LoBianco "The Skinny According to Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Anne Lockhart "Deadly Lady" (1984), "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985), "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989), "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
June Lockhart "School for Scandal" (1985)
Gary Lockwood "Sudden Death" (1985), "Indian Giver" (1987), "Tainted Lady" (1991), "Roadkill" (1994)
Robert Loggia "Death Casts a Spell" (1984)
Kamala Lopez "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Gloria Loring "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989)
Dorothy Loudon "Magnum on Ice" (1986)
Henri Lubatti "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Laurence Luckinbill "A Lady in the Lake" (1985), "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988), "Lone Witness" (1993), "Dear Deadly" (1994)
William Lucking "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "Double Exposure" (1989), "Shear Madness" (1990), "Judge Not" (1991), "Killer Radio" (1993)
Lorna Luft "Broadway Malady" (1985), "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Aaron Lustig "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Dorothy Lyman "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Will Lyman "Programmed for Murder" (1992)
Richard Lynch "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992), "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Jeffrey Lynn "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987)
Robert F. Lyons "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987)


Guest Star Episode(s)
James MacArthur "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
Sarah MacDonnell "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992)
James MacEachin "Sudden Death" (1985)
Stephen Macht "Capitol Offense" (1985), "Moving Violation" (1991), "A Killing In Vegas" (1991), "Bloodlines" (1993), "Track Of A Soldier" (1996)
Gisele MacKenzie "Crossed Up" (1987)
Janet MacLachlan "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985), "Time To Die" (1994)
Gavin MacLeod "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Patrick Macnee "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985), "The Dead File" (1992)
Sheila MacRae "Lone Witness" (1993)
Bill Macy "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1990)
Brandon Maggart "Ballad For A Blue Lady" (1990)
George Maharis "Trials and Tribulations" (1990), "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Bill Maher "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989), "Good-Bye Charlie" (1990)
Joseph Maher "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Sharon Mahoney "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992)
Claire Malis "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Patrick Malone "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Jennifer Manasseri "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Robert Mandan "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
Anthony Mangano "Deadly Assets" (1994)
Byron Mann "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Dinah Manoff "Murder in a Minor Key" (1987)
Paul Mantee "The Trouble with Seth" (1994)
Randolph Mantooth "Murder Digs Deep" (1985)
Andrea Marcovicci "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Janet Margolin "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990)
Julianna Margulies "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Daniel Markel "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Monte Markham "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986), "Doom With a View" (1987), "Family Doctor" (1991), "The Survivor" (1993)
Ted Markland "Thicker Than Water" (1991)
Scott Marlowe "School for Murder" (1995)
Kenneth Mars "Footnote to Murder" (1985)
Jean Marsh "Murder in White" (1993)
E. G. Marshall "Alma Murder" (1989)
Barney Martin "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Smooth Operators" (1989)
Jared Martin "It's a Dog's Life" (1984), "Magnum on Ice" (1986)
Steven Martini "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Joe Maruzzo "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990), "Lone Witness" (1993)
Ron Masak "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989), "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),

"The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989), "Seal of the Confessional"
(1989), "Dead Letter" (1989), "Town Father" (1989), "If the Shoe Fits" (1990), "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990),
"Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990), "A Body to Die For" (1990), "Moving Violation" (1991), "The Prodigal Father"
(1991), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Thicker Than Water" (1991), "The Witch's Curse" (1992),
"Programmed for Murder" (1992), "Badge Of Honour" (1992), “Family Secrets” (1992), “A Christmas Secret" (1992),
“Final Curtain (1993), “The Big Kill” (1993), “Love's Deadly Desire” (1993), “The Legacy of Borbey House” (1993),
“Love and Hate in Cabot Cove” (1993), “Deadly Assets” (1994), “The Trouble with Seth” (1994), “Wheel of Death”
(1994), “To Kill a Legend” (1994), “Murder by Twos” (1994), “The Dream Team” (1995), “School for Murder” (1995),
”Home Care” (1995), “Murder in Tempo” (1996), “Evidence of Malice” (1996), “Race to Death “ (1996),
“What You Don't Know Can Kill You” (1996)

Pierrino Mascarino "Murder in High C" (1995)
Madison Mason "The Last Free Man" (2000)
Tom Mason "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Patrick Masset "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Ben Masters "Trials and Tribulations" (1990), "Dead Eye" (1993), "The Trouble with Seth" (1994)
Don Matheson "Dead Heat" (1985)
Dakin Matthews "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992), "A Killing in Cork" (1993), "The Scent of Murder" (1995)
Sharon Maughan "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Maria Mayenzet "Angel of Death" (1992)
Virginia Mayo "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
Heather McAdam "Class Act" (1989)
Marianne McAndrew "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
John McCafferty "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
David McCallum "From Russia... with Blood" (1989), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990)
Macon McCalman "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
Kevin McCarthy "Armed Response" (1985), "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991), "Ever After" (1992)
Rod McCary "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987)
Rue McClanahan "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985)
Sean McClory "Dead Man's Gold" (1986)
Leigh McCloskey "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985)
Doug McClure "Night of the Headless Horseman" (1987), "Steal Me a Story" (1987)
John McCook "Keep The Home Fries Burning" (1986)
Kent McCord "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
J. Patrick McCormack "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Patty McCormack "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Matt McCoy "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Daniel McDonald "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
Roddy McDowall "School for Scandal" (1985), "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989)
Tom McFadden "No Accounting for Murder" (1987)
Darren McGavin "Angel of Death" (1992)
Howard McGillin "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Scott McGinnis "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Patrick McGoohan "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Michael McGrady "Death Takes A Dive" (1987), "Smooth Operators" (1989), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Ever After" (1992)
Michael McKean "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Matt McKenzie "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Doug McKeon "Menace, Anyone?" (1986)
Bill McKinney "Powder Keg" (1986)
Maya McLaughlin "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
John McMartin "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "Magnum on Ice" (1986), "Wearing of the Green" (1988), "The Committee" (1991)
Kenneth McMillan "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987)
Joan McMurtrey "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
Brian McNamara "The List Of Yuri Lermentov" (1991), "Family Secrets" (1992), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Kate McNeil "Harbinger of Death" (1988), "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Robert Duncan McNeill "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Kristy McNichol "Showdown In Saskatchewan" (1988)
Sandy McPeak "Crossed Up" (1987), "The Way to Dusty Death" (1987), "Shear Madness" (1990)
Patricia McPherson "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Gerald McRaney "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Hugh McPhillips "Murder Through the Looking Glass...Father Paul Kelly " (1988)
Audrey Meadows "If the Frame Fits" (1986)
Jayne Meadows "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985)
Stephen Meadows "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Anne Meara "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988), "Murder in White" (1993)
Julio Oscar Mechoso "The Survivor" (1993)
Stephen Mendel "The Survivor" (1993)
Marian Mercer "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Eda Reiss Merin "Ever After" (1992)
Lee Meriwether "A Lady in the Lake" (1985), "Ship of Thieves" (1993), "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Dina Merrill "Always a Thief" (1990), "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992)
Jim Metzler "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Keith Michell "A Little Night Work" (1988), "When the Fat Lady Sings" (1989), "Always A Thief" (1990),

"See You in Court, Baby" (1990), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "Murder in F Sharp" (1990),
"Suspicion of Murder" (1991), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991), "Ship of Thieves" (1993)

Tracy Middendorf "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Vera Miles "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985), "See You In Court, Baby" (1990), "Thursday's Child" (1991)
Tomas Milian "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Allan Miller "A Virtual Murder" (1993), "An Egg to Die For" (1994), "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Denise Miller "The Petrified Florist" (1993)
Denny Miller "Sticks and Stones" (1985)
Roger Miller "It's A Dog's Life" (1984)
Hayley Mills "Unfinished Business" (1986)
Judson Mills "Wheel of Death" (1994), "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
Juliet Mills "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Martin Milner "Reflections of the Mind" (1985), "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988), "Thursday's Child" (1991), "The Dying Game" (1994), "Race to Death" (1996)
Richard Minchenberg "School for Murder" (1995)
Robert Miranda "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990)
Cameron Mitchell "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985)
Kim Miyori "Steal Me a Story" (1987)
Donald Moffat "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985)
Katherine Moffat "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
Janel Moloney "Unwilling Witness" (1995)
Kathy Molter "The Big Kill" (1993)
Marjorie Monaghan "Thicker Than Water" (1991)
Lawrence Monoson "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Ricardo Montalban "Murder in F Sharp" (1990)
Belinda Montgomery "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985)
Julia Montgomery "Dead Man's Gold" (1986)
Lynne Moody "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)
Ron Moody "Paint Me A Murder" (1985)
Terry Moore "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Erin Moran "Unfinished Business" (1986)
Harry Morgan "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987)
Read Morgan "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984) as Sergeant Kevin Hogan
Pat Morita "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Mike Moroff "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Anita Morris "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Aubrey Morris "The Grand Old Lady" (1989)
Garrett Morris "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985)
Greg Morris "Lovers and Other Killers" (1984)
Howard Morris "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Iona Morris "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Kathryn Morris "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996), "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Phil Morris "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Shelley Morrison "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Karen Morrow "Double Exposure" (1989)
Robert Morse "Broadway Malady" (1985)
William R. Moses "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)
Stewart Moss "Dead Eye" (1993)
Don Most "Stage Struck" (1986), "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Maureen Mueller "Final Curtain" (1993), "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Diana Muldaur "Footnote to Murder" (1985)
Kate Mulgrew "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987), "A Killing in Vegas" (1991), "Ever After" (1992), "The Dying Game" (1994)
Edward Mulhare "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" (1986), "Stage Struck" (1986)
Matt Mulhern "Deadly Assets" (1994)
Chris Mulkey "Always A Thief" (1990), "Murder By Twos" (1994)
Megan Mullally "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)
George Murdock "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Ben Murphy "Reflections of the Mind" (1985)
Rosemary Murphy "It Runs In The Family" (1987)
Christopher Murray "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Don Murray "Bloodlines" (1993)
Mary Gordon Murray "The Dream Team" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Charles Napier "Death Stalks The Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986), "The Dream Team" (1995)
Mildred Natwick "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
David Naughton "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Patricia Neal "Murder in F Sharp" (1990)
Christopher Neame "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993), "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Barry Nelson "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Craig Richard Nelson "The Scent of Murder" (1995), "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Ed Nelson "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987), "Always A Thief" (1990), "The Witch's Curse" (1992), "Home Care" (1995)
Gene Nelson "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987)
John Allen Nelson "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Lois Nettleton "Lovers and Other Killers" (1984), "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988), "Terminal Connection" (1991)
Anthony Newley "It Runs In The Family" (1987)
Andrew Hill Newman "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Barry Newman "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988), "Class Act" (1989), "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Phyllis Newman "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
David Newsom "Family Secrets" (1992), "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Dustin Nguyen "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Stephen Nichols "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Taylor Nichols "The Petrified Florist" (1993), "Portrait of Death" (1994), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994), "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Leslie Nielsen "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985), "Dead Man's Gold" (1986)
Yvette Nipar "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989), "The Dream Team" 91995)
Cynthia Nixon "Threshold of Fear" (1993)
Stephanie Niznik "Home Care" (1995)
James Noble "No Accounting for Murder" (1987)
Natalia Nogulich "The Classic Murder" (1992), "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Kathleen Nolan "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Lloyd Nolan "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Jeffrey Nordling "Dead to Rights" (1993), "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Christopher Norris "Deadpan" (1988)
Sheree North "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
Alice Nunn "No Laughing Murder" (1987)
France Nuyen "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Will Nye "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989), "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989),

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989), "Seal of the Confessional" (1989), "Dead Letter" (1989),
"If the Shoe Fits" (1990), "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990), "A Body to Die For"
(1990), "Moving Violation" (1991), "The Prodigal Father" (1991), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991)

Russell Nype "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),


Guest Star Episode(s)
Hugh O'Brian "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Margaret O'Brien "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Maria O'Brien "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Tom O'Brien "Home Care" (1995)
Sean O'Bryan "A Christmas Secret" (1992), "Bloodlines" (1993), "Nailed" (1995)
Bryan O'Byrne "Shear Madness" (1990)
Derrick O'Connor "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Donald O'Connor "The Big Show of 1965" (1990)
Tim O'Connor "Deadline For Murder" (1986)
Tony O'Dell "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988)
Gail O'Grady "Badge Of Honour" (1992)
Jack O'Halloran "Murder at the Oasis" (1985)
Caitlin O'Heaney "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987)
Dan O'Herlihy "It's a Dog's Life" (1984), "Stage Struck" (1986)
John O'Hurley "Nailed" (1995)
Miles O'Keefe "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
William O'Leary "Film Flam" (1995), "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Gerald S. O'Loughlin "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "Class Act" (1989), "Badge Of Honour" (1992), "A Killing in Cork" (1993)
Patrick O'Neal "Broadway Malady" (1985)
Ron O'Neal "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988)
Tricia O'Neil "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985), "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Amy O'Neill "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
Dick O'Neill "Benedict Arnold Slipped Here" (1988)
Cyril O'Reilly "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988), "A Killing in Cork" (1993), "An Egg to Die For" (1994), "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Robert O'Reilly "Road Kill" (1994)
Ed O'Ross "The Survivor" (1993)
Jacqueline Obradors "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Ian Ogilvy "Appointment in Athens" (1989), "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990), "The Monte Carlo Murders" (1992), "Murder in White" (1993), "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Soon-Tek Oh "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Yuji Okumoto "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Ken Olandt "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Ken Olin "Deadline for Murder" (1986)
David Oliver "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990)
John Oliver "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
Susan Oliver "Armed Response" (1985), "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Walter Olkewicz "When The Fat Lady Sings" (1989)
Katherine Olsen "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
James Olson "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Alan Oppenheimer "Night Fears" (1991), "Lines of Excellence" (1991)
Jerry Orbach "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" (1986), "Death Takes a Dive" (1987), "Double Exposure" (1989), "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991), "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991)
Cliff Osmond "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Jeff Osterhage "Funeral At Fifty-Mile" (1985), "Powder Keg" (1986)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Harrison Page "The Body Politic" (1988)
Michael Palance "Murder in White" (1993)
Ron Palillo "Hooray for Homicide" (1984)
Betsy Palmer "Sticks and Stones" (1985), "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Judy Parfitt "From Russia... with Blood" (1989), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Steve Park "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Andrea Parker "Race to Death" (1996)
Eleanor Parker "Stage Struck" (1986)
Jameson Parker "The Skinny According To Nick Cullhane" (1991), "Terminal Connection" (1991)
Barbara Parkins "The Error of Her Ways" (1989)
Lar Park-Lincoln "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Michael Parks "Prediction: Murder" (1989)
Julie Parrish "A Little Night Work" (1988)
Jennifer Parsons "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993), "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Mary Ann Pascall "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990)
Dennis Patrick "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Smooth Operators" (1989)
Jay Patterson "The Dream Team" (1995)
Lorna Patterson "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Adrian Paul "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Richard Paul "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986), "Indian Giver" (1987), "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "Dead Letter" (1989), "Town Father" (1989), "Moving Violation" (1991), "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Scott Paulin "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
J. Eddie Peck "Dead Man's Gold" (1986)
Lisa Pelikan "Prediction: Murder" (1989), "Terminal Connection" (1991)
Austin Pendleton "Angel of Death" (1992)
Wayne Pere "Nailed" (1995)
Susan Peretz "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Millie Perkins "Murder by Appointment Only" (1985)
John Bennett Perry "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987), "Lone Witness" (1993)
Nehemiah Persoff "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990)
Donna Pescow "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986)
Brock Peters "Trial by Error" (1986)
Jean Peters "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
Joanna Pettet "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Dedee Pfeiffer "Murder in White" (1993)
Shawn Phelan "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Mackenzie Phillips "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Michelle Phillips "Death Casts a Spell" (1984)
Wendy Phillips "Murder, She Spoke" (1987)
Joaquin Phoenix "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984)
Summer Phoenix "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984)
James Pickens, Jr. "The Survivor" (1993)
Cindy Pickett "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Christina Pickles "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Jim Piddock "Murder in White" (1993)
Eric Pierpoint "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Daniel Pilon "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Robert Pine "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986), "Class Act" (1989), "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993), "Crimson Harvest" (1994), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Leah Pinsent "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Jim Pirri "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Tony Plana "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Scott Plank "Northern Explosion" (1994)
John Pleshette "Stage Struck" (1986)
Eve Plumb "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Maryann Plunkett "School for Murder" (1995)
Cathy Podewell "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991)
Henry Polic II "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "The Grand Old Lady" (1989)
Jon Polito "The Dead File" (1992), "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Anthony Ponzini "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Vic Polizos "Nailed" (1995)
Richard Portnow "A Killing in Vegas" (1991), "Twice Dead" (1995)
Cliff Potts "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985), "Deadly Misunderstanding" (1990)
Sarah-Jane Potts "The Celtic Riddle" (2003)
Ely Pouget "Murder in High C" (1995)
Clifton Powell "Lone Witness" (1993), "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Jane Powell "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Mala Powers "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Laurie Prange "Tainted Lady" (1991)
Paula Prentiss "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Lawrence Pressman "My Johnny Lies Over the Ocean" (1985), "The Way to Dusty Death" (1987), "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993)
Barry Primus "Menace, Anyone?" (1986)
William Prince "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Andrew Prine "Lovers and Other Killers" (1984), "Magnum on Ice" (1986), "Truck Stop" (1989), "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Robert Prosky "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Juliet Prowse "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Nicholas Pryor "Capitol Offense" (1985), "O'Malley's Luck" (1990), "The Committee" (1991)
Al Pugliese "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988), "Night Fears" (1991)
Lee Purcell "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986), "Town Father" (1989), "Portrait of Death" (1994)
Linda Purl "Murder at the Oasis" (1985), "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988), "Dead Eye" (1993)
Denver Pyle "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Stephen Quadros "The Murder Channel" (1994)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Marty Rackham "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Charlotte Rae "Doom With a View" (1987)
Cristina Raines "Paint Me a Murder" (1985)
Teri Ralston "If the Shoe Fits" (1990)
Dack Rambo "Deadly Lady" (1984); "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987); "The Fixer-Upper" (1990)
Rudy Ramos "Time to Die" (1994)
Logan Ramsey "Judge Not" (1991)
Ethan Randall "The Trouble with Seth" (1994)
James Randolph "Judge Not" (1991)
Tim Ransom "Murder in White" (1993), "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Phylicia Rashād "The Last Free Man" (2001)
Martha Raye "Armed Response" (1985)
James Read "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Lynn Redgrave "It's a Dog's Life" (1984)
Allyson Reed "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Ben Reed "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Robert Reed "Footnote to Murder" (1985), "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988), "See You in Court, Baby" (1990)
Perrey Reeves "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Duncan Regehr "A Story to Die For" (2000)
Daphne Maxwell Reid "The Body Politic" (1988)
Elliott Reid "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988)
Clive Revill "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "Curse of the Daanau" (1988)
Barbara Rhoades "Birds Of A Feather" (1984); "Who Threw The Barbitals In Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988)
Donnelly Rhodes "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988), "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Madlyn Rhue "Seal of The Confessional" (1989); "The Legacy of Borbey House" (1993); "Wheel of Death" (1994); "Home Care" (1995); "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
John Rhys-Davies "J.B., as in Jailbird" (1988); "Night Of The Tarantula" (1989); "Dear Deadly" (1994)
Beah Richards "Mourning Among the Wisterias" (1988), "Judge Not" (1991)
Michele Lamar Richards "The Dying Game" (1994)
Peter Mark Richman "Deadline for Murder" (1986)
Richard Riehle "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992), "South by Southwest" (1997)
Robin Riker "Dead Letter" (1989), "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Rex Robbins "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986)
Doris Roberts "Shear Madness" (1990), "Final Curtain" (1993), "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Douglas Roberts "Murder by Twos" (1994), "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Mark Roberts "The Dead File" (1992)
Tony Roberts "Ever After" (1992)
Alexia Robinson "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
Andrew Robinson "A Killing in Cork" (1993), "An Egg to Die For" (1994)
Jay Robinson "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987), "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
Alex Rocco "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "Christopher Bundy - Died on Sunday" (1986)
Eamonn Roche "Deadly Assets" (1994)
Eugene Roche "Deadline for Murder" (1986), "Deadpan" (1988), "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989), "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Charles Rocket "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Marcia Rodd "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986), "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
Maurice Roëves "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Wayne Rogers "Dead Eye" (1993), "Deadly Assets" (1994); "Fatal Paradise" (1994); "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995); "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Roxie Roker "Night Fears" (1991)
Esther Rolle "Reflections of the Mind" (1985)
Mark Rolston "To the Last Will I Grapple with Thee" (1992); "The Wind Around the Tower" (1992); "A Killing in Cork" (1993); "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Ruth Roman "If It's Thursday; It Must be Beverley" (1987); "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989), "Town Father" (1989)
Cesar Romero "Paint Me a Murder" (1985), "Murder in Milan" (1992)
Ned Romero "Northern Explosion" (1994)
Mickey Rooney "Bloodlines" (1993)
Jamie Rose "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988), "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991), "Threshold Of Fear" (1993)
Leo Rossi "Murder On Madison Avenue" (1992)
Rick Rossovich "Race to Death" (1996)
Andrea Roth "Love's Deadly Desire" (1993)
Richard Roundtree "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988)
Pamela Roylance "Dead to Rights" (1993)
John Rubinstein "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Paul Rudd "Death Takes a Curtain Call" (1984)
Vyto Ruginis "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Janice Rule "Alma Murder" (1989)
Jennifer Runyon "Seal of the Confessional" (1989), "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
Al Ruscio "Dead Eye" (1993)
Barbara Rush "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Jared Rushton "Coal Miner's Slaughter" (1988)
Robert Rusler "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Betsy Russell "Menace, Anyone?" (1986)
Leon Russom "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Fran Ryan "The Sins of Castle Cove" (1989)
Jeri Ryan "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Matthew Ryan "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Mitchell Ryan "Capitol Offense" (1985); "The Cemetery Vote" (1987); "The List of Yuri Lermentov" (1991); "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Thomas Ryan "A Virtual Murder" (1993)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Michael Saad "Death 'N Denial" (1995)
Robin Sachs "Murder in White" (1993)
Julie St. Claire "Night Fears" (1991)
Raymond St. Jacques "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" (1984), "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985)
Trevor St. John "School for Murder" (1995)
John St. Ryan "Nan's Ghost, Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Kario Salem "Lone Witness" (1993)
Diane Salinger "Portrait of Death" (1994)
Albert Salmi "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985)
Jennifer Salt "Indian Giver" (1987)
Emma Samms "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988)
Mario Sanchez "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Paul Sand "Footnote to Murder" (1985)
Richard Sanders "We're Off To Kill The Wizard" (1984), "Trial By Error" (1986)
Debra Sandlund "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991), "Family Secrets" (1992)
Gary Sandy "Capitol Offense" (1985), "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Penny Santon "Deadpan" (1988)
Reni Santoni "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989), "Roadkill" (1994)
Joe Santos "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987), "A Little Night Work" (1988)
Dick Sargent "Simon Says, Color Me Dead" (1987)
Michael Sarrazin "Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly" (1985), "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
John Saxon "Hurray for Homicide" (1984), '"A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988), "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Raphael Sbarge "Hannigan's Wake" (1990), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Jonathan Scarfe "Game, Set, Murder" (1995)
Wendy Schaal "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Tom Schanley "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Anne Schedeen "If the Frame Fits" (1986)
Paul Scherrer "An Egg to Die For" (1994)
Jill Schoelen "Truck Stop" (1989)
Reiner Schoene "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
John Schuck "We're off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "Stage Struck" (1986)
Geoffrey Scott "Prediction: Murder" (1989)
Martha Scott "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987)
George Segal "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Marian Seldes "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Tom Selleck "Magnum on Ice" (1986)
Albie Selznick "Ship of Thieves" (1993), "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Raymond Serra "Lone Witness" (1993)
Johnny Seven "Broadway Malady" (1985)
Carolyn Seymour "It Runs in the Family" (1987), '"O'Malley's Luck" (1990), "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Edmund L. Shaff "Murder in White" (1993)
Grant Shaud "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Stan Shaw "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "The Survivor" (1993), "Time to Die" (1994)
Vinessa Shaw "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Cari Shayne "What You Don't Know Can Kill You" (1996)
David Sheiner "Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly" (1985), "Wearing of the Green" (1988)
W. Morgan Sheppard "Twice Dead" (1995), "The Celtic Riddle" 92003)
Mark Shera "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988)
Liz Sheridan "Bite the Big Apple" (1991)
Bobby Sherman "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985)
James Shigeta "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987), "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Craig Shoemaker "The Fixer-Upper" (1990), "Bloodlines" (1993)
Pamela Susan Shoop "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2" (1986), "Badge Of Honour" (1992)
Dan Shor "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988)
Dinah Shore "Alma Murder" (1989)
Stephen Shortridge "Murder Digs Deep" (1985)
Charles Siebert "Night Of The Headless Horseman" (1987), "Indian Giver" (1987), "Wheel of Death" (1994)
Gregory Sierra "Broadway Malady" (1985), "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988), "Day of the Dead" (1992), "The Petrified Florist" (1993), "A Nest of Vipers" (1994), "Flim Flam" (1995)
Geno Silva "Day of the Dead" (1992)
Jean Simmons "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Parts 1 & 2" (1989)
Leon Singer "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Marc Singer "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Penny Singleton "The Perfect Foil" (1986)
Millie Slavin "Deadly Assets" (1994)
James Sloyan "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "The Body Politic" (1988), "Always A Thief" (1990), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "Murder in F Sharp" (1990), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Allison Smith "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Bryan Travis Smith "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Cotter Smith "One Good Bid Deserves Another" (1986)
Lane Smith "The Search for Peter Kerry" (1989)
Lewis Smith "The Mole" (1992)
Melanie Smith "The Scent of Murder" (1995), "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Rex Smith "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986)
Shawnee Smith "Bloodlines" (1993)
Shelley Smith "A Killing in Vegas" (1991)
William Smith "Deadline for Murder" (1986)
Jan Smithers "Sudden Death" (1985)
Bill Smitrovich "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Carrie Snodgress "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986), "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993)
Arlen Dean Snyder "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988), "Murder, Plain and Simple" (1991)
Liza Snyder "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Suzanne Snyder "Moving Violation" (1991)
Camilla Soeberg "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Kevin Sorbo "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Nancy Sorel "The Survivor" (1993)
Paul Sorvino "Three Strikes, You're Out" (1989)
David Soul "A Killing in Vegas" (1991), "Threshold of Fear" (1993)
Dana Sparks "Alma Murder" (1989)
David Spielberg "Menace, Anyone?" (1986), "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991)
Michael Spound "Prediction: Murder" (1989)
Robert Stack "Christopher Bundy - Died On Sunday" (1986)
Richard Stahl "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986)
James Staley "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
John Standing "It Runs in the Family" (1987), "The Sicilian Encounter" (1990)
Beau Starr "Sugar & Space, Malice & Vice" (1992)
James Stephens "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "Night of the Coyote" (1992), "An Egg to Die For" (1994)
Philip Sterling "O'Malley's Luck" (1990)
Robert Sterling "If a Body Meet a Body" (1986)
Andrew Stevens "Lovers And Other Killers" (1984), "Double Exposure" (1990)
Connie Stevens "Murder Digs Deep" (1985), "The Big Show Of 1965" (1990)
Craig Stevens "Powder Keg" (1986)
G. W. Stevens "Murder in White" (1993)
Mark Stevens "Obituary for a Dead Anchor" (1986)
Morgan Stevens "Hooray For Homicide" (1984), "School For Scandal" (1985), "The Bottom Line Is Murder" (1987)
Stella Stevens "Funeral at Fifty-Mile" (1985)
Parker Stevenson "Sticks and Stones" (1985)
David Ogden Stiers "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "An Egg to Die For" (1994), "Death by Demographics" (1996), "The Last Free Man" (2001)
Jerry Stiller "When The Fat Lady Sings" (1989)
Amy Stock-Poynton "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Dean Stockwell "Deadpan" (1988)
Guy Stockwell "Night of the Headless Horseman" (1987), "Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?" (1988), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Christopher Stone "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),
Gale Storm "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989)
Robin Strand "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991)
Susan Strasberg "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987)
Robin Strasser "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988)
Marcia Strassman "The Dark Side of the Door" (1996)
David Stratton "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Hank Stratton "Terminal Connection" (1991)
Gail Strickland "Steal Me a Story" (1987), "To Kill a Legend" (1994)
Don Stroud "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985), "The Big Kill" (1993)
Sally Struthers "A Body to Die For" (1990)
Gloria Stuart "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987), "The Last Free Man" (2001)
Nicholas Surovy "Night of the Coyote" (1992), "School for Murder" (1995), "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Todd Susman "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
James Sutorius "School for Scandal" 91985), "Weave a Tangled Web" (1989), "The Committee" (1991), "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993), "Murder a la Mode" (1995)
Bo Svenson "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988), "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)
Michael Swan "Trial By Error" (1986)
Don Swayze "Tainted Lady" (1991), "Bloodlines" (1993)
Heidi Swedberg "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Loretta Swit "Portrait of Death" (1994)
Ken Swofford "Joshua Peabody Died Here...Possibly" (1985), "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986), "Steal Me a Story" (1987),

"Truck Stop" (1989), "Always A Thief" (1990), "See You in Court, Baby" (1990), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990),
"Murder in F Sharp" (1990), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy? (1991),
"A Christmas Secret" (1992)

Harold Sylvester "Death Takes a Dive" (1987)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Kristoffer Tabori "We're Off to Kill the Wizard" (1984), "Sing a Song of Murder" (1985), "Truck Stop" (1989), "Portrait of Death" (1994)
George Takei "The Bottom Line is Murder" (1987)
Jeffrey Tambor "Harbinger of Death" (1988)
Mary Tanner "A Christmas Secret" (1992)
Glenn Taranto "A Nest of Vipers" (1994)
Nick Tate "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992), "Southern Double-Cross" (1996)
Vic Tayback "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" (1986)
Holland Taylor "Town Father" (1989)
Josh Taylor "Murder in Tempo" (1996)
Rod Taylor "Another Killing in Cork" (1995), "Nan's Ghost: Parts 1 & 2" (1995)
Leigh Taylor-Young "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
John Terlesky "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Lauren Tewes "A Lady in the Lake" (1985)
Phyllis Thaxter "Family Secrets" (1992)
Brynn Thayer "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Alan Thicke "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
Roy Thinnes "Dead Heat" (1985), "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
Robin Thomas "The Committee" (1991)
Tim Thomerson "Sudden Death" (1985), "Murder: According to Maggie" (1990)
Andrea Thompson "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991)
Gordon Thompson "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "The Return of Preston Giles" (1990)
Marshall Thompson "The Error of Her Ways" (1989)
Gregg Thomsen "Time to Die" (1994)
Kirk Thornton "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Kenneth Tigar "Death by Demographics" (1996)
Kevin Tighe "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)
Charlene Tilton "The Cemetery Vote" (1987)
Cali Timmins "Film Flam" (1995)
Wayne Tippit "The Classic Murder" (1992)
Hallie Todd "Class Act" (1989), "Always A Thief" (1990), "See You in Court, Baby" (1990), "The Great Twain Robbery" (1990), "Murder in F Sharp" (1990), "Suspicion of Murder" (1991), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Richard Todd "Appointment in Athens" (1989)
Tony Todd "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Michael Tolan "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "The Sound of Murder" (1993), "The Dying Game" (1994)
Tamlyn Tomita "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Robert Torti "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Audrey Totter "Old Habits Die Hard" (1987)
Constance Towers "Murder, She Spoke" (1987)
Ellen Travolta "Jack And Bill" (1989)
Adam Trese "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993)
David Tress "Death in Hawaii" (1994)
Claire Trevor "Witness for the Defense" (1987)
Forrest Tucker "It's a Dog's Life" (1984)
Ann Turkel "Stage Struck" (1986)
Glynn Turman "Murder to a Jazz Beat" (1985), "Deadline for Murder" (1986), "Jack and Bill" (1989)
Lurene Tuttle "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Shannon Tweed "Twice Dead" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Kim Johnston Ulrich "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice" (1992), "The Trouble with Seth" (1994)
Jay Underwood "The Trouble with Seth" (1994), "The Secret of Gila Junction" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Brenda Vaccaro "Just Another Fish Story" (1988), "The Fixer-Upper" (1990), "The Family Jewels" (1990)
Nancy Valen "Night of the Tarantula" (1989), "Danse Dabolique" (1992)
Karen Valentine "Murder Through the Looking Glass" (1988)
Scott Valentine "The Phantom Killer" (1993), "A Quaking in Aspen" (1995)
Lewis Van Bergen "Big Easy Murder" (1995)
Musetta Vander "The Dying Game" (1994)
Jean Vander Pyl "One Good Bid Deserves a Murder" (1985)
Granville Van Dusen "The Perfect Foil" (1986)
Barry Van Dyke "How to Make a Killing Without Really Trying" (1990)
Peter Van Norden "Smooth Operators" (1989), "Appointment in Athens" (1989), "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Dick Van Patten "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
John Vargas "South by Southwest" (1997)
Liz Vassey "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993)
Robert Vaughn "Murder Digs Deep" (1985), "The Grand Old Lady" (1989), "The Witch's Curse" (1992)
Eddie Velez "Crimson Harvest" (1994)
Harley Venton "Murder On Madison Avenue" (1992), "The Dying Game" (1994)
Richard Venture "Family Secrets" (1992)
John Vernon "Hooray for Homicide" (1984), "School for Scandal" (1985)
Kate Vernon "No Accounting for Murder" (1987), "Alma Murder" (1989)
James Victor "Track of a Soldier" (1996)
Abe Vigoda "The Prodigal Father" (1991)
Gustav Vintas "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Nana Visitor "See You in Court, Baby" (1990)
Mark Voland "When Thieves Fall Out" (1987), "Evidence of Malice" (1996)
Clement von Franckenstein "Tinker, Tailor, Liar, Thief" (1992)
Lisa Vultaggio "Shooting in Rome" (1995)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Lyle Waggoner "Hooray for Homicide" (1984), "Where Have You Gone, Billy Boy?" (1991)
Ralph Waite "Alma Murder" (1989)
Gary Walberg "Class Act" (1989)
Gregory Walcott "From the Horse's Mouth" (1991)
Robert Walden "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985)
Robert Walker, Jr. "The Corpse Flew First Class" (1987), "Shear Madness" (1990)
Marcia Wallace "Corned Beef & Carnage" (1986)
Dee Wallace "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989), "Tainted Lady" (1991)
Eli Wallach "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Shani Wallis "Night of the Tarantula" (1989)
Gwynyth Walsh "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Lory Walsh "Lovers And Other Killers" (1984)
Sydney Walsh "Deadline for Murder" (1986), "Unwilling Witness" (1996)
Ray Walston "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Jessica Walter "Murder in the Afternoon" (1985) "Magnum on Ice" (1986), "Unauthorized Obituary" (1991), "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Susan Walters "For Whom the Ball Tolls" (1993)
Lyman Ward "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991), "Killer Radio" (1993), "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Sandy Ward "The Big Kill" (1993), "Murder at a Discount" (1993)
Emily Warfield "The Phantom Killer" (1993)
David Warner "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990), "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993)
Jennifer Warren "Thursday's Child" (1991), "Murder by Twos" (1994)
Craig Wasson "A Murderous Muse" (1994)
Mills Watson "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985), "Trouble in Eden" (1987)
Al Waxman "Dead Letter" (1989)
David Wayne "Murder Takes the Bus" (1985)
Patrick Wayne "Murder, She Spoke" (1987)
Shawn Weatherly "Shooting in Rome" (1995)
Fritz Weaver "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985), "Night of the Headless Horseman" (1987), "A Fashionable Way to Die" (1987)
Joel Weiss "Danse Diabolique" (1992)
Bruce Weitz "Twice Dead" (1995)
Adam West "Death Takes A Dive" (1987)
Floyd Red Crow Westerman "Night of the Coyote" (1992)
Bernie White "Indian Giver" (1987)
Peter White "Unwilling Witness" (1996)
Paxton Whitehead "The Grand Old Lady" (1989)
Mitchell Whitfield "Ever After" (1992)
Stuart Whitman "Hit, Run and Homicide" (1984), "Powder Keg" (1986), "Trouble in Eden" (1987), "Incident in Lot #7" (1992)
Mary Wickes "Widow, Weep for Me" (1985)
Larry Wilcox "Powder Keg" (1986), "Showdown In Saskatchewan" (1988), "The Prodigal Father" (1991), "A Christmas Secret" (1992)
Lisa Wilcox "Murder on the Thirtieth Floor" (1994)
Cornel Wilde "The Way to a Dusty Death" (1987)
Valerie Wildman "Proof in the Pudding" (1994)
Fred Willard "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
Barry Williams "Night Of The Headless Horseman" (1987)
Caroline Williams "Murder On Madison Avenue" (1992), "Family Secrets" (1992)
Gregory Alan Williams "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Jeff Williams "Deadly Bidding" (1995)
Kent Williams "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)
Noble Willingham "Angel of Death" (1992)
Bridgette Wilson "A Killing in Cork" (1993)
Elizabeth Wilson "Home Care" (1995)
Jeannie Wilson "Murder in the Electric Cathedral" (1986)
William Windom “Funeral at Fifty-Mile” (1985), “Joshua Peabody Died Here... Possibly” (1985), “A Lady in the Lake” (1985),

“Sticks and Stones” (1985), “Murder Digs Deep” (1985), “Keep the Home Fries Burning” (1986), “If a Body Meet a Body”
(1986), “Unfinished Business” (1986), “Dead Man's Gold” (1986), “Crossed Up” (1987), “Simon Says, Color Me Dead” (1987),
“If It's Thursday, It Must Be Beverly” (1987), “Indian Giver” (1987), “Who Threw the Barbitals in Mrs. Fletcher's Chowder?”
(1988), “Curse of the Daanau” (1988), “Benedict Arnold Slipped Here” (1988), “Mr. Penroy's Vacation” (1988),
“Weave a Tangled Web” (1989), “Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble” (1989), “The Sins of Castle Cove” (1989),
“Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall: Parts 1 and 2” (1989), “Seal of the Confessional” (1989), “Dead Letter” (1989),
“Town Father” (1989), “If the Shoe Fits” (1990), “The Szechuan Dragon” (1990), “Family Doctor” (1991), “Bite the Big Apple”
(1991), “Thicker Than Water” (1991), “The Witch's Curse” (1992), “Programmed for Murder” (1992), “Badge of Honor” (1992),
“Family Secrets” (1992), “A Christmas Secret” (1992), “Final Curtain” (1993), “The Big Kill” (1993), “Love's Deadly Desire”
(1993), “The Legacy of Borbey House” (1993), A Virtual Murder (31 October 1993), “Love and Hate in Cabot Cove” (1993),
“Deadly Assets” (1994), “The Trouble with Seth” (1994), “Wheel of Death” (1994), “To Kill a Legend” (1994), “Murder by Twos”
(1994), “The Scent of Murder” (1995), “The Dream Team” (1995), “Home Care” (1995), “Murder in Tempo” (1996),
“Evidence of Malice” (1996), “Race to Death” (1996), “What You Don't Know Can Kill You” (1996)

Jane Windsor "Curse of the Daanau" (1988)
Marie Windsor "The Cemetery Vote" (1987), "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991)
Penelope Windust "Love and Hate in Cabot Cove" (1993)
Paul Winfield "Tough Guys Don't Die" (1985)
Edward Winter "Smooth Operators" (1989), "The Committee" (1991), "Dead to Rights" (1993)
Time Winters "Murder in Milan" (1992), "Mrs. Parker's Revenge" (1996)
Jane Withers "Who Killed J.B. Fletcher?" (1991), "Ship of Thieves" (1993)
Jonathan Wood "Murder in White" (1993)
Eric Woodall "Dear Deadly" (1994)
Danny Woodburn "The Sound of Murder" (1993)
Barbara-Alyn Woods "Murder Among Friends" (1996)
Michael Woods "Ship of Thieves" (1993), "Nailed" (1995)
Morgan Woodward "Test of Wills" (1989)
Sheb Wooley "Ballad for a Blue Lady" (1990)
Tom Wopat "Kendo Killing" (1996)
Jo Anne Worley "My Johnny Lies Over The Ocean" (1985)
Mary Woronov "Jessica Behind Bars" (1985)
Max Wright "The Taxman Cometh" (1991)
Teresa Wright "Mr. Penroy's Vacation" (1988)
Vivian Wu "A Death in Hong Kong" (1993), "Kendo Killing" (1996)
George Wyner "Snow White, Blood Red" (1988), "The Committee" (1991), "Frozen Stiff" (1995)
Amanda Wyss "Another Killing in Cork" (1995)



Guest Star Episode(s)
Jeff Yagher "The Big Show of 1965" (1990), "Killer Radio" (1993)
Amy Yasbeck "Family Doctor" (1991)
Cassie Yates "Deadly Lady" (1984), "Showdown in Saskatchewan" (1988), "Test of Wills" (1989), "Fatal Paradise" (1994)
Don Yesso "The Murder Channel" (1994)
Richard Yniguez "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
John J. York "Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble" (1989),
Alan Young "Keep the Home Fries Burning" (1986)
Dey Young "Something Foul in Flappieville" (1996)
Ray Young "Death Goes Double Platinum" (1996)
Richard Young "Amsterdam Kill" (1994)
Stephen Young "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)
Barrie Youngfellow "Trevor Hudson's Legacy" (1989)


Guest Star Episode(s)
Ramy Zada "A Virtual Murder" (1993)
Billy Zane "A Very Good Year for Murder" (1988)
Michael Zelniker "Threshold Of Fear" (1993), "Murder On The Thirtieth Floor" (1994), "Track Of A Soldier" (1996)
Anthony Zerbe "Murder of the Month Club" (1994)
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. "The Last Flight of the Dixie Damsel" (1988), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990), "Sugar & Spice, Malice & Vice" (1992)
Debbie Zipp "The Days Dwindle Down" (1987), "Just Another Fish Story" (1988), "J.B. As in Jailbird" (1988), "Something Borrowed, Someone Blue" (1989), "The Szechuan Dragon" (1990)
Adrian Zmed "From Russia... with Blood" (1989), "Hannigan's Wake" (1990)