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This is a list of regular season records by National Hockey League teams.

Season records[edit]

  • Most Losses: 71, by the 1992–93 San Jose Sharks
  • Fewest Losses: 8, by the 1976–77 Montreal Canadiens; 7, by the 2012–13 Chicago Blackhawks (*Note they had 5 losses in non regulation; and achieved 7 losses in a shortened, 48 game season.)
  • Greatest Goal Differential: +216, by the 1976–77 Montreal Canadiens
  • Lowest Goal Differential: -265, by the 1974–75 Washington Capitals

Notes: The length of the above seasons varies from 44 to 84 games. Ties were only recorded until 2003–04. In 1983, the NHL added a five-minute overtime, and ties would only occur after 65 minutes. Starting in 1999, teams played with only four skaters (unless they were on a two-man advantage, when they would be awarded an extra skater until the next stoppage), and the NHL credited the point for tie games to the loser in overtime, leading to a system in which teams could potentially earn 3 points between them in a single game, rather than a fixed number of two previously. In 2005, the league eliminated ties meaning that any game which went to overtime would be a three point game. Games that didn't end in overtime would end in a shootout between the two teams. These changes in points awarded therefore make strict comparisons in wins, losses, and ties (after overtime, 1983–99, and in regulation, 1999–present) before and after these dates slightly problematic.


Longest Winning Streak

Longest Winning Streak to Start the Season

Longest Winning Streak to End the Season

Longest Undefeated Streak

Longest Shootout Winning Streak

Longest Shootout Losing Streak

Longest Points Streak to Start the Season

Longest Undefeated Streak to End the Season

Longest Losing Streak

Longest Winless Streak

Consecutive Years Making Playoffs (All-Time)

  • 29 Consecutive Post-Season Appearances, by 1967–68 to 1995–96 Boston Bruins

Notes: An undefeated streak includes wins and ties. A winless streak includes losses in regulation, overtime, shootouts, or ties. After the 2003–04 season, the league eliminated ties meaning any game that wasn't finished in overtime would go to a shootout, so any undefeated streak can only include wins after this time. Overtime and shootout losses count as one point in the standings.


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