List of National Historic Landmarks in New Hampshire

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This article includes a List of National Historic Landmarks in New Hampshire, as well as a list of New Hampshire state historic sites, which overlap, and a list of National Park Service administered areas in New Hampshire.

National Historic Landmarks in New Hampshire[edit]

This is a complete list of the 23 National Historic Landmarks in New Hampshire.

Landmark name Image Date declared Locality County Description
1 USS Albacore (Submarine) Launching of USS Albacore in 1953 April 11, 1989 Portsmouth
43°04′58″N 70°45′59″W / 43.0827°N 70.7663°W / 43.0827; -70.7663 (Albacore, USS (Submarine))
Rockingham Tear-drop shaped submarine.
2 Josiah Bartlett House Josiah Bartlett House November 11, 1971 Kingston
42°56′04″N 71°03′18″W / 42.9344°N 71.0549°W / 42.9344; -71.0549 (Bartlett, Josiah, House)
Rockingham Home of New Hampshire politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence Josiah Bartlett.
3 Canterbury Shaker Village Shaker Village c. 1920 April 19, 1993 Canterbury
43°21′32″N 71°29′24″W / 43.35889°N 71.49000°W / 43.35889; -71.49000 (Canterbury Shaker Village)
Merrimack One of the best-preserved Shaker villages.
4 Salmon P. Chase Birthplace and Boyhood Home Salmon Chase Birthplace May 15, 1975 Cornish
43°27′11″N 72°23′14″W / 43.4531°N 72.3872°W / 43.4531; -72.3872 (Chase, Salmon P., Birthplace)
Sullivan Birthplace and childhood home of Salmon P. Chase.
5 E.E. Cummings House Joy Farm November 11, 1971 Silver Lake
43°54′49″N 71°11′01″W / 43.9137°N 71.1836°W / 43.9137; -71.1836 (Cummings, E. E., House)
Carroll Home of poet e e cummings.
6 The Epic of American Civilization Murals Orozco murals at Dartmouth College March 11, 2013 Hanover
43°42′18″N 72°17′21″W / 43.705°N 72.2892°W / 43.705; -72.2892 (The Epic of American Civilization Murals)
Grafton A major series of murals by Mexican 20th century muralist José Clemente Orozco in Dartmouth's Baker Memorial Library.
7 Robert Frost Homestead Robert Frost Homestead May 23, 1968 Derry
42°52′18″N 71°17′42″W / 42.87167°N 71.29500°W / 42.87167; -71.29500 (Frost, Robert, Homestead)
Rockingham Home of poet Robert Frost.
8 Harrisville Historic District HarrisvilleNH MillBuildings 4.jpg December 22, 1977 Harrisville and vicinity
42°56′42″N 72°5′37″W / 42.94500°N 72.09361°W / 42.94500; -72.09361 (Harrisville Historic District)
Cheshire A picturesque and uniquely well-preserved mill town.
9 Richard Jackson House Richard Jackson House November 24, 1968 Portsmouth
43°04′52″N 70°46′01″W / 43.081°N 70.7669°W / 43.081; -70.7669 (Jackson, Richard, House)
Rockingham Oldest surviving wooden house in the state.
10 John Paul Jones House John Paul Jones House November 28, 1972 Portsmouth
43°04′29″N 70°45′38″W / 43.0747°N 70.7605°W / 43.0747; -70.7605 (Jones, John Paul, House)
Rockingham American Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones boarded here in 1781-82, while supervising construction of a new battleship, the America.
11 Ladd-Gilman House Ladd-Gilman House December 2, 1974 Exeter
42°58′55″N 70°56′56″W / 42.9820°N 70.9489°W / 42.9820; -70.9489 (Ladd-Gilman House)
Rockingham One of the state's first brick houses, now part of the American Independence Museum.
12 Governor John Langdon Mansion John Langdon House December 2, 1974 Portsmouth
43°04′30″N 70°45′22″W / 43.0749°N 70.7562°W / 43.0749; -70.7562 (Langdon, Governor John, Mansion)
Rockingham Great Georgian house built in 1784, home of John Langdon.
13 MacDowell Colony MacDowell Colony.jpg December 29, 1966 Peterborough
42°53′24″N 71°57′18″W / 42.89000°N 71.95500°W / 42.89000; -71.95500 (MacDowell Colony)
Hillsborough A historic artists' colony established by the widow of composer Edward MacDowell.
14 MacPheadris-Warner House Warner House October 9, 1960 Portsmouth
43°04′39″N 70°45′18″W / 43.0776°N 70.7549°W / 43.0776; -70.7549 (MacPheadris-Warner House)
Rockingham Built around 1720, this home is one of the finest Georgian brick houses in New England. Its lightning rod may have been the first installed in the area.
15 Moffatt-Ladd House Moffatt-Ladd House November 24, 1968 Portsmouth
43°04′43″N 70°45′29″W / 43.0787°N 70.7581°W / 43.0787; -70.7581 (Moffatt-Ladd House)
Rockingham 1763 home of William Whipple, American Revolutionary War soldier and signer of the Declaration of Independence.
16 Mount Washington Hotel The Mount Washington Hotel near Bretton Woods, New Hampshire June 24, 1986 Carroll
44°15′29″N 71°26′25″W / 44.25806°N 71.44028°W / 44.25806; -71.44028 (Mount Washington Hotel)
Coos Huge spa hotel in the White Mountains; site of 1944 Bretton Woods international monetary conference.
17 Franklin Pierce Homestead The Pierce Homestead July 4, 1961 Hillsborough
43°6′59″N 71°57′2″W / 43.11639°N 71.95056°W / 43.11639; -71.95056 (Pierce, Franklin, Homestead)
Hillsborough Childhood home of U.S. President Franklin Pierce.
18 Augustus Saint-Gaudens Memorial Statues on exhibit June 13, 1962 Cornish
43°30′3″N 72°22′5″W / 43.50083°N 72.36806°W / 43.50083; -72.36806 (Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, Memorial)
Sullivan Home and studio of American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
19 John Sullivan House 1937 HABS photo November 28, 1972 Durham
43°07′55″N 70°55′11″W / 43.1320°N 70.9197°W / 43.1320; -70.9197 (Sullivan, General John, House)
Strafford Home of American Revolutionary War General and governor of New Hampshire John Sullivan.
20 Matthew Thornton House Matthew Thornton House November 11, 1971 Derry Village
42°53′38″N 71°18′47″W / 42.8938°N 71.3131°W / 42.8938; -71.3131 (Thornton, Matthew, House)
Rockingham Home of politician and signer of the Declaration of Independence Matthew Thornton.
21 Daniel Webster Family Home FranklinNH WebsterFamilyHome.jpg May 30, 1974 West Franklin
43°24′24″N 71°39′11″W / 43.4067°N 71.6530°W / 43.4067; -71.6530 (Webster, Daniel, Family Home)
Merrimack Farmhouse where 19th century lawyer, politician, and orator Daniel Webster grew up. It is sometimes confused with the nearby Daniel Webster Birthplace Historic Site.
22 Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion November 24, 1968 Portsmouth
43°03′42″N 70°44′20″W / 43.0617°N 70.7389°W / 43.0617; -70.7389 (Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion)
Rockingham Forty-room rambling clapboard mansion on the water near Portsmouth, built by colonial governor Benning Wentworth.
23 Wentworth-Gardner House Wentworth-Gardner House November 24, 1968 Portsmouth
43°04′29″N 70°45′01″W / 43.0748°N 70.7502°W / 43.0748; -70.7502 (Wentworth-Gardner House)
Rockingham An exceptionally fine late Georgian (1760) wood-frame house.
Table data other than descriptions is from the official National Park Service list of NHLs unless otherwise specified, and are ordered as presented in that document.[1] Descriptions are sourced from the Park Service's NHL database unless otherwise cited.[2] Column colorings, defined here, differentiate National Monuments, National Historic Sites, and National Historic Landmark Districts from standard NHL designations.

Related state and federal historic sites[edit]

Of the state's National Historic Landmarks, the National Park Service operates only one: the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. The state operates some of them as historic sites:

The state also operates the Daniel Webster Birthplace Historic Site, which is not far from the Daniel Webster Family Home listed above.

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