List of National Natural Landmarks in Oregon

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From List of National Natural Landmarks, these are the National Natural Landmarks in the U.S. state of Oregon.

Name Image Date Location County Description
1 Crown Point Crown Point 1971 45°32′22″N 122°14′39″W / 45.5395°N 122.24422°W / 45.5395; -122.24422 (Crown Point) Multnomah Promontory in Columbia Gorge
2 Fort Rock State Monument Fort Rock 1976 43°22′19″N 121°04′26″W / 43.372°N 121.074°W / 43.372; -121.074 (Fort Rock) Lake Volcanic tuff ring
3 Horse Ridge Natural Area 1967 43°55′26″N 121°02′20″W / 43.924°N 121.039°W / 43.924; -121.039 (Horse Ridge)[1] Deschutes Park[1]
4 Lawrence Memorial Grassland Preserve 1984 Oregon An excellent illustration of "biscuit and scabland" topography.
5 Willamette Floodplain 1987 44°21′50″N 123°13′48″W / 44.364°N 123.23°W / 44.364; -123.23 (Willamette Floodplain) Benton, Lane, Linn, Marion, Polk Floodplain
6 Newberry Crater Newberry Caldera 1976 43°41′21″N 121°15′18″W / 43.689194°N 121.254889°W / 43.689194; -121.254889 (Newberry Volcano) Deschutes Atypical shield volcano
7 John Day Fossil Beds Sheep Rock near sunset.jpg 1966 Grant Contains a remarkable sequence of very diverse fossils.
8 Round Top Butte 2011 Jackson Exceptional native bunchgrass habitat.
9 The Island Cove Palisades SP Oregon 2002.03.31.jpg 2011 44°33′31″N 121°16′38″W / 44.558489°N 121.277143°W / 44.558489; -121.277143 (The Island) Jefferson Native juniper savanna on an isolated plateau at the confluence of the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers.