List of Nebraska numbered highways

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I-80.svgUS 30.svgN-92.svg
Standard route shields
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate X (I-X)
US Routes: U.S. Route X (US-X)
State: Highway X (N-X)
Link: Link L-XY (L-XY)
Spur: Spur S-XY (S-XY)
Recreation Road: Recreation Road R-XY (R-XY)
System links
  • Nebraska Highways

In the U.S. state of Nebraska, the Nebraska Department of Roads maintains a system of state highways. Every significant section of roadway maintained by the state is assigned a number, officially State Highway No. X but is also referred to as Nebraska Highway X. Interstate Highways and U.S. Highways are included in the system, and are designated as such. There is no duplication of numbers between the systems. State Highways are signed with a trapezoid shape with an image of a covered wagon with two oxen at the bottom. There is a secondary system of Connecting Links, Spurs, and Recreation Roads. All three are numbered according to the alphabetical sequence of the county it is located in.[1] Recreation Roads are designated by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; they are only maintained by the NDOR.[2]

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Firsthand view of the design used on Nebraska state highway signs

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