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This is the list of characters in Need for Speed: The Run.

Main characters[edit]

Jackson "Jack" Rourke
Arrogant, cocky and fearless street racer and a mechanic who owns a garage in San Francisco. He managed his garage with loans from a powerful Chicago family, but he squandered them out of the deal and refused to pay them back, owning them over a million dollars. He was almost executed but he saved himself and entered The Run to provide enough to pay his debts.
Marcus Blackwell
Ruthless mobster and Jack's arch enemy and rival, whose family loaned Jack money to start his business, which is why he wants to eliminate Jack. He is supported by his uncle in the races across the U.S., and he drives a modified phantom black Aston Martin One-77. He is in The Run mainly to stop Jack, and also to earn enough to earn on his own.
Sam Harper
Jack's former girlfriend and his current business partner. She and Jack go way back and they seem to have been in love in the past. She connects with Jack to help him and signs him on The Run, giving away $250,000 and giving Jack a GPS with programmed directions and roads to New York. She is very concerned about Jack and helps him as she can.
A minor character in the game, who runs a garage in Cleveland. He is of Ukranian descent, and although he is calm and speaks in a very low tone, he seems very aggressive, carrying a crowbar while approaching Jack, only lowering it when he find out that Sam sent him. He seems to also know Sam from the past. He has a black rottweiler named Shevchenko. His garage is in a state of decay, but he has three powerful supercars stored in the back, and gives Jack one of them to help him in the race.

The Run rival drivers[edit]

DeLeon Crew
Three drivers and brothers, led by Cesar DeLeon. He is in The Run with his two brothers, wanting to win The Run because he wants to give his family a better life, due to the fact that he made bad choices growing up on the streets of L.A.. He is currently married and he is waiting a first-born, and now he is in The Run to compete and win the prize so he could provide for his family.
Nikki Blake and Mila Belova
Two models who are competing in The Run, and they run back to back. Nikki is a poor daughter of a mechanic, while Mila is from a wealthy socialite family from Upper Manhattan. Nikki's father first came to Mila's family to fix their cars. Nikki and Mila grew up then together and became inseparable. They have a passion for cars and for the money, which is why they compete in The Run. They both drive modified Nissan 370Zs. Nikki drives a white 370Z, while Mila drives a yellow 370Z.
Calvin Garret
A retired boxer from Atlantic City who also competes in The Run. He loves to take risks, which is why he took his last $250,000 to compete, hates taking no for an answer, and seeks victory at all costs. He grew up on the streets, and became a professional boxer, but now in his retirement, he seeks the thrill of the chase. Garret drives a dark red Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, dubbed GARETT on licence plates.
Eddie Cooke
Eddie Cooke is a legitimate driver in motorsports who wants to enter in professional racing. However, he doesn't have any sponsors yet to get in, and he lacks of money. He entered The Run in hope of earning enough to make his own sponsorship and to join the professionals. Eddie drives a black Ford Mustang Boss 302, dubbed ED C on license plates.

Need for speed: the run (Wii) characters[edit]


Matt is the main character in the Wii and 3ds version of the game. He woke up one morning in San Francisco. He was previously a race car driver until something happened. He entered The Run for his personal reasons.


Sophia found Matt one day in San Francisco in the morning. Later, she tells him that the need to enter The Run and get to the bridge. She ignores Matt for telling him who she is. Later in Chicago, she takes the keys of his vehicle, and forces Matt to follow her. When Matt is in the New Jersey highway section, she tells him she is an "informant" after she gives somebody a case of some sort of information.