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Nevada 375.svg
State Route shield
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate X (I-X)
US Routes: U.S. Route X (US X)
State: State Route X (SR X)

The following is a list of all past and present state maintained highways and other regionally significant highways located in the U.S. state of Nevada. All active numbered highways (including Interstates, U.S. Routes and State Routes) in this list are maintained by the Nevada Department of Transportation, except for the portions of Interstate 215 and where otherwise stated.

Interstate Routes[edit]


I-15.svg Interstate 15
I-215.svg Interstate 215
I-515.svg Interstate 515
I-80.svg Interstate 80
I-580.svg Interstate 580


I-11 (Future).svg Interstate 11

United States Routes[edit]


US 6.svg U.S. Route 6
US 50.svg U.S. Route 50
Alt plate.svg
US 50.svg
U.S. Route 50 Alternate
US 93.svg U.S. Route 93
Alt plate.svg
US 93.svg
U.S. Route 93 Alternate
US 95.svg U.S. Route 95
Alt plate.svg
US 95.svg
U.S. Route 95 Alternate
US 395.svg U.S. Route 395
Alt plate.svg
US 395.svg
U.S. Route 395 Alternate


These U.S. Routes were mostly replaced in Nevada by Interstate routes. All were officially removed from the state highway system by 1978.

US 40.svg U.S. Route 40
Alt plate.svg
US 40 (1961).svg
U.S. Route 40 Alternate
US 91.svg U.S. Route 91
Alt plate.svg
US 91.svg
U.S. Route 91 Alternate
US 466.svg U.S. Route 466

Nevada State Routes[edit]

Current numbering system (1976-present)[edit]

Primary routes (SR 28 - SR 490)[edit]

Primary state routes are assigned numbers based upon the county in which the majority of the route resides (or, in some instances, the county of the major town on the route). State routes in a county are grouped together with similar numbers, which are assigned in order based upon alphabetical order of county names. Three exceptions to this numbering scheme exist (SR 28, SR 88, and SR 140); all three of these routes have highway numbers that continue into the adjoining state.

Note: Shaded routes have been decommissioned. An asterisk indicates a route number that may not have been assigned.
Nevada 28.svg SR 28
Nevada 88.svg SR 88
Nevada 115.svg SR 115
Nevada 116.svg SR 116
Nevada 117.svg SR 117
Nevada 118.svg SR 118
Nevada 119.svg SR 119
Nevada 120.svg SR 120
Nevada 121.svg SR 121
Nevada 140.svg SR 140
Nevada blank.svg SR 142*
Nevada blank.svg SR 143*
Nevada 144.svg SR 144
Nevada blank.svg SR 145*
Nevada 146.svg SR 146
Nevada 147.svg SR 147
Nevada blank.svg SR 148*
Nevada blank.svg SR 153*
Nevada 156.svg SR 156
Nevada 157.svg SR 157
Nevada 158.svg SR 158
Nevada 159.svg SR 159
Nevada 160.svg SR 160
Nevada 161.svg SR 161
Nevada 163.svg SR 163
Nevada 164.svg SR 164
Nevada 165.svg SR 165
Nevada 166.svg SR 166
Nevada 167.svg SR 167
Nevada 168.svg SR 168
Nevada 169.svg SR 169
Nevada 170.svg SR 170
Nevada 171.svg SR 171
Nevada 172.svg SR 172
Nevada 206.svg SR 206
Nevada 207.svg SR 207
Nevada 208.svg SR 208
Nevada 221.svg SR 221
Nevada 223.svg SR 223
Nevada 224.svg SR 224
Nevada 225.svg SR 225
Nevada 226.svg SR 226
Nevada 227.svg SR 227
Nevada 228.svg SR 228
Nevada 229.svg SR 229
Nevada 230.svg SR 230
Nevada 231.svg SR 231
Nevada 232.svg SR 232
Nevada 233.svg SR 233
Nevada 264.svg SR 264
Nevada 265.svg SR 265
Nevada 266.svg SR 266
Nevada 267.svg SR 267
Nevada 278.svg SR 278
Nevada 289.svg SR 289
Nevada 290.svg SR 290
Nevada 291.svg SR 291*
Nevada 292.svg SR 292
Nevada 293.svg SR 293
Nevada 294.svg SR 294
Nevada 304.svg SR 304
Nevada 305.svg SR 305
Nevada 306.svg SR 306
Nevada 317.svg SR 317
Nevada 318.svg SR 318
Nevada 319.svg SR 319
Nevada 320.svg SR 320
Nevada 321.svg SR 321
Nevada 322.svg SR 322
Nevada 338.svg SR 338
Nevada 339.svg SR 339
Nevada 340.svg SR 340
Nevada 341.svg SR 341
Nevada 342.svg SR 342
Nevada 359.svg SR 359
Nevada 360.svg SR 360
Nevada 361.svg SR 361
Nevada 362.svg SR 362
Nevada 372.svg SR 372
Nevada 373.svg SR 373
Nevada 374.svg SR 374
Nevada 375.svg SR 375
Nevada 376.svg SR 376
Nevada 377.svg SR 377
Nevada 378.svg SR 378
Nevada 379.svg SR 379
Nevada 396.svg SR 396
Nevada 397.svg SR 397
Nevada 398.svg SR 398
Nevada 399.svg SR 399
Nevada 400.svg SR 400
Nevada 401.svg SR 401
Nevada 425.svg SR 425
Nevada 426.svg SR 426
Nevada 427.svg SR 427
Nevada 428.svg SR 428
Nevada 429.svg SR 429
Nevada 430.svg SR 430
Nevada 431.svg SR 431
Nevada 443.svg SR 443
Nevada 445.svg SR 445
Nevada 446.svg SR 446
Nevada 447.svg SR 447
Nevada 485.svg SR 485
Nevada 486.svg SR 486
Nevada 487.svg SR 487
Nevada 488.svg SR 488
Nevada 489.svg SR 489
Nevada 490.svg SR 490

Urban routes (SR 500 - SR 686)[edit]

Urban state routes, numbered in the 500's and 600's, typically lie on arterial roadways in larger metropolitan areas. Urban state routes are grouped together sequentially, assigned by alphabetical order of the name of the city in which they primarily reside.

Nevada DOT has been deleting urban routes from the state highway system in recent years. This is especially apparent in the Carson City, Las Vegas Valley and Reno metropolitan areas.

Note: Shaded routes have been decommissioned.
Nevada 500.svg SR 500
Nevada 501.svg SR 501
Nevada 511.svg SR 511
Nevada 512.svg SR 512
Nevada 513.svg SR 513
Nevada 516.svg SR 516
Nevada 518.svg SR 518
Nevada 520.svg SR 520
Nevada 525.svg SR 525
Nevada 529.svg SR 529
Nevada 530.svg SR 530
Nevada 531.svg SR 531
Nevada 535.svg SR 535
Nevada 562.svg SR 562
Nevada 564.svg SR 564
Nevada 573.svg SR 573
Nevada 574.svg SR 574
Nevada 578.svg SR 578
Nevada 579.svg SR 579
Nevada 582.svg SR 582
Nevada 589.svg SR 589
Nevada 591.svg SR 591
Nevada 592.svg SR 592
Nevada 593.svg SR 593
Nevada 594.svg SR 594
Nevada 595.svg SR 595
Nevada 596.svg SR 596
Nevada 599.svg SR 599
Nevada 601.svg SR 601
Nevada 602.svg SR 602
Nevada 604.svg SR 604
Nevada 605.svg SR 605
Nevada 607.svg SR 607
Nevada 610.svg SR 610
Nevada 612.svg SR 612
Nevada 646.svg SR 646
Nevada 647.svg SR 647
Nevada 648.svg SR 648
Nevada 650.svg SR 650
Nevada 651.svg SR 651
Nevada 653.svg SR 653
Nevada 655.svg SR 655
Nevada 657.svg SR 657
Nevada 659.svg SR 659
Nevada 660.svg SR 660
Nevada 663.svg SR 663
Nevada 667.svg SR 667
Nevada 668.svg SR 668
Nevada 671.svg SR 671
Nevada 673.svg SR 673
Nevada 686.svg SR 686

Secondary routes (SR 701 - SR 900)[edit]

Minor state routes, numbered in the 700's and 800's, chiefly exist to connect smaller rural communities to other state highways. In some small urban areas, these routes can also serve as minor collector or arterial roadways.

Like primary state routes, minor state routes are grouped sequentially in alphabetical order by county name.

Note: Shaded routes have been decommissioned. An asterisk indicates a route number that may not have been assigned.
Nevada blank.svg SR 701*
Nevada blank.svg SR 702*
Nevada blank.svg SR 703*
Nevada blank.svg SR 704*
Nevada 705.svg SR 705
Nevada 715.svg SR 715
Nevada 718.svg SR 718
Nevada blank.svg SR 719*
Nevada 720.svg SR 720
Nevada blank.svg SR 721*
Nevada 722.svg SR 722
Nevada 723.svg SR 723
Nevada 726.svg SR 726
Nevada blank.svg SR 727*
Nevada blank.svg SR 738*
Nevada 739.svg SR 739
Nevada blank.svg SR 740*
Nevada blank.svg SR 743*
Nevada blank.svg SR 744*
Nevada 745.svg SR 745*
Nevada 756.svg SR 756
Nevada 757.svg SR 757
Nevada 758.svg SR 758
Nevada 759.svg SR 759
Nevada 760.svg SR 760
Nevada 765.svg SR 765
Nevada 766.svg SR 766
Nevada 767.svg SR 767
Nevada 773.svg SR 773
Nevada 774.svg SR 774
Nevada 780.svg SR 780
Nevada 781.svg SR 781
Nevada 786.svg SR 786
Nevada 787.svg SR 787
Nevada blank.svg SR 788
Nevada 789.svg SR 789
Nevada 790.svg SR 790
Nevada 793.svg SR 793
Nevada 794.svg SR 794
Nevada 795.svg SR 795
Nevada 796.svg SR 796
Nevada 806.svg SR 806
Nevada 816.svg SR 816
Nevada 822.svg SR 822
Nevada 823.svg SR 823
Nevada 824.svg SR 824
Nevada 825.svg SR 825
Nevada blank.svg SR 826*
Nevada 827.svg SR 827
Nevada 828.svg SR 828
Nevada 829.svg SR 829
Nevada 839.svg SR 839
Nevada 844.svg SR 844
Nevada 854.svg SR 854
Nevada 856.svg SR 856
Nevada 858.svg SR 858
Nevada 859.svg SR 859
Nevada 860.svg SR 860
Nevada 877.svg SR 877
Nevada 878.svg SR 878
Nevada blank.svg SR 879*
Nevada 880.svg SR 880
Nevada 892.svg SR 892
Nevada 893.svg SR 893
Nevada 894.svg SR 894
Nevada 895.svg SR 895
Nevada 900.svg SR 900*

Previous numbering system (1917–1976)[edit]

These State Routes were developed beginning in 1917 upon the creation of the Nevada Department of Highways. Routes were not assigned according to any particular numbering system, and sequential numbers were largely scattered throughout the state. Additionally, several suffixed highways, branching from the original parent route, were also designated.

During the 1976 renumbering of Nevada's state highway system, the majority of Nevada's two-digit routes were eliminated. Most of the old two-digit routes were reassigned to one or more of the new three-digit highway numbers (State Routes 28 and 88 were the only routes to permanently keep their pre-1976 numbers). Other routes were immediately eliminated from the state highway system, while a select few retained their pre-1976 numbers on official state maps into the 1980s only to be later reassigned or decommissioned.

Note: Links below either lead to an article about the route or redirect to an article about the route that replaced it.
Nevada 1.svg SR 1
Nevada 1A.svg SR 1A
Nevada 1B.svg SR 1B
Nevada 2.svg SR 2
Nevada 2A.svg SR 2A
Nevada 2B.svg SR 2B
Nevada 2C.svg SR 2C
Nevada 3.svg SR 3
Nevada 3A.svg SR 3A
Nevada 3B.svg SR 3B
Nevada 3C.svg SR 3C
Nevada 4.svg SR 4
Nevada 5.svg SR 5
Nevada 5A.svg SR 5A
Nevada 5B.svg SR 5B
Nevada 5C.svg SR 5C
Nevada 6.svg SR 6
Nevada 6A.svg SR 6A
Nevada 6B.svg SR 6B
Nevada 7.svg SR 7
Nevada 8.svg SR 8
Nevada 8A.svg SR 8A
Nevada 8B.svg SR 8B
Nevada 9.svg SR 9
Nevada 10.svg SR 10
Nevada 11.svg SR 11
Nevada 12.svg SR 12
Nevada 13.svg SR 13
Nevada 14.svg SR 14
Nevada 15.svg SR 15
Nevada 16.svg SR 16
Nevada 17.svg SR 17
Nevada 18.svg SR 18
Nevada 18A.svg SR 18A
Nevada 19.svg SR 19
Nevada 20.svg SR 20
Nevada 21.svg SR 21
Nevada 22.svg SR 22
Nevada 23.svg SR 23
Nevada 24.svg SR 24
Nevada 25.svg SR 25
Nevada 26.svg SR 26
Nevada 27.svg SR 27
Nevada 28.svg SR 28
Nevada 29.svg SR 29
Nevada 30.svg SR 30
Nevada 31.svg SR 31
Nevada 32.svg SR 32
Nevada 32A.svg SR 32A
Nevada 33.svg SR 33
Nevada 33A.svg SR 33A
Nevada 33B.svg SR 33B
Nevada 34.svg SR 34
Nevada 34A.svg SR 34A
Nevada 35.svg SR 35
Nevada 36.svg SR 36
Nevada 37.svg SR 37
Nevada 38.svg SR 38
Nevada 38A.svg SR 38A
Nevada 39.svg SR 39
Nevada 40.svg SR 40
Nevada 41.svg SR 41
Nevada 41A.svg SR 41A
Nevada 42.svg SR 42 (1935)
Nevada 42.svg SR 42 (1940s)
Nevada 43.svg SR 43
Nevada 44.svg SR 44
Nevada 45.svg SR 45
Nevada 46.svg SR 46
Nevada 47.svg SR 47
Nevada 48.svg SR 48
Nevada 49.svg SR 49
Nevada 50.svg SR 50
Nevada 51.svg SR 51
Nevada 52.svg SR 52
Nevada 53.svg SR 53
Nevada 54.svg SR 54
Nevada 55.svg SR 55
Nevada 56.svg SR 56
Nevada 57.svg SR 57
Nevada 58.svg SR 58
Nevada 59.svg SR 59
Nevada 60.svg SR 60 (1937)
Nevada 60.svg SR 60 (1940s)
Nevada 61.svg SR 61
Nevada 62.svg SR 62
Nevada 63.svg SR 63
Nevada 64.svg SR 64
Nevada 65.svg SR 65
Nevada 66.svg SR 66
Nevada 67.svg SR 67
Nevada 68.svg SR 68
Nevada 69.svg SR 69
Nevada 70.svg SR 70 (1940s)
Nevada 70.svg SR 70 (1960s)
Nevada 71.svg SR 71
Nevada 72.svg SR 72
Nevada 73.svg SR 73
Nevada 74.svg SR 74
Nevada 75.svg SR 75
Nevada 76.svg SR 76
Nevada 77.svg SR 77
Nevada 79.svg SR 79
Nevada 80.svg SR 80
Nevada 81.svg SR 81
Nevada 82.svg SR 82
Nevada 83.svg SR 83
Nevada 84.svg SR 84
Nevada 85.svg SR 85
Nevada 86.svg SR 86
Nevada 88.svg SR 88
Nevada 89.svg SR 89
Nevada 90.svg SR 90
Nevada 91.svg SR 91
Nevada 92.svg SR 92
Nevada 93.svg SR 93

Other highways[edit]

The following is a listing of other regionally significant highways in the state of Nevada. The highways in this list are not maintained by the Nevada Department of Transportation.


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