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Notable alumni[edit]

Lincoln Diaz-Balart
Merlin Mann
Alumni Notability
Anita L. Allen Henry R. Silverman Professor of Law and professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania Law School
David Allen Notable writer and productivity consultant, developed the "Getting Things Done" method of time management
Robert D. Atkinson Author and founder of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Esther Barazzone President[1] of Chatham University
Thomas Bell, Ph.D. Scientist (Emeritus) [2] at the Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA and a senior meteorologist (Emeritus) in the Laboratory for Atmospheres.
Susan Burns Founding editor of BIZ(941), an award-winning monthly business magazine.[3] She is a founding board member of the Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences.
Paul Cebar Singer-songwriter
John M. Cranor III American entrepreneur. Chairman of the Board, AFC Enterprises;[4] former President/CEO, New College Foundation, former Chairman/President/CEO, Long John Silver's Restaurants; former President/CEO, KFC Corp.
Michael DeMaria Clinical psychologist
Jose Diaz-Balart Emmy Award winning journalist,Telemundo and MSNBC national news anchor.
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Former United States Congressman
Rick Doblin President and founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
The Dollyrots Co-founders Kelly Ogden (lead vocals and bassist) and Luis Cabezas (guitarist)
Gregory DuBois-Felsmann Rhodes Scholar. Staff scientist at Caltech and a member of the executive committee for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,[5] regarded as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of experimental particle physics.
William C. Dudley President, New York Federal Reserve Bank
Stephen Duprey Prominent New Hampshire businessman and politician. Member of the Republican National Committee. Four term chair of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee. In 1972 at age 19 elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives as the youngest state representative in the United States.
Carol Flint Emmy Award winning television writer and producer,[6] ER, the West Wing
Jennifer Granick Notable American attorney,[7] Director of Civil Liberties, Stanford Center for Internet and Society. Former Civil Liberties Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation.
Elaine Hall Emmy Award winner, Founder and Director of The Miracle Project
Paul Hansma Retired physics professor at UC Santa Barbara [8] and the winner of the American Physical Society's award to recognize outstanding achievement in biological physics research, the Max Delbruck Prize[9] in the year 2000
Daniel M. Harrison Sociologist, writer and author of Making Sense of Marshall Ledbetter: The Dark Side of Political Protest, University Press of Florida, 2014[10]
Jaymay Singer-songwriter, based in New York City and London
Joel Judd Attorney. Former member of the Colorado House of Representatives
Sarah Rose Karr Former child actress,[11] best known for her roles in "Beethoven", "Beethoven 2" and, "Kindergarten Cop"
John J. Lentini Nationally recognized authority [12] on arson and fire science.
Sondra London American true crime author
Merlin Mann Writer and editor
Sharon Matola Biologist/Environmentalist founder and director of the Belize Zoo
Nancy E. McEldowney Diplomat, Director, Foreign Service Institute. Former United States Ambassador to Bulgaria.
Randall Moon Biologist,[13] University of Washington.
Nicholas Schaffner Writer, Rock & Roll Journalist, Expert on The Beatles. Died August 28, 1991 of complications of AIDS
Jonathan Smiga President/CEO [14] Barnie's Coffee Kitchen.
David M. Smolin Professor of Law at the Cumberland School of Law and director of Cumberland School of Law's Center for Biotechnology, Law, and Ethics
Donald Thieme Geologist, Archaeologist,[15] Professor of Geosciences at Valdosta State University.
William Thurston American mathematician, 1982 winner of the Fields Medal. Died August 21, 2012.
Josh Tickell Biodiesel advocate, author; director of the documentary Fuel, which won the audience award at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival
Mark Weiser Former Chief Scientist at Xerox PARC Laboratories; founder of ubiquitous computing. Died of cancer on April 27, 1999.
Ryan Francis White Cameraman and Cinematographer [16]
John Wilke Investigative reporter at Wall Street Journal. Died of cancer on May 1, 2009.
Sam Zamarripa First Hispanic to serve in the Georgia state senate

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