List of Newfoundland hurricanes

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Hurricane Michael shortly before making landfall in Harbour Breton, Newfoundland on 20 October 2000.

There have been 13 recorded Newfoundland hurricanes, or Atlantic hurricanes that have made a direct landfall as a hurricane on the island of Newfoundland since 1775.

Hurricane Category at time of Newfoundland landfall Date of Newfoundland landfall Approximate landfall location Region(s) affected Impact on Newfoundland Other areas affected Track
Newfoundland Hurricane of 1775 Unknown 9 September 1775 Unknown Eastern coast 4,000+ casualties, making this the 8th deadliest Atlantic hurricane on record[1] North Carolina; Virginia Unavailable
Unnamed 1 23–24 September 1866 Cape La Hune[citation needed] South Coast Unknown None Unavailable
Nova Scotia Hurricane of 1873 1 26 August 1873 Point Lance[citation needed] Avalon Unknown Nova Scotia Unavailable
Unnamed - 1886 Hurricane Seven 1 23 August 1886 Point May[2] Burin, Avalon Unknown None
1886 Atlantic hurricane 7 track.png
Unnamed - 1891 Hurricane Four 1 8 September 1891 Port-Aux-Basques[citation needed] Western coast Unknown Nova Scotia, especially Cape Breton
1891 Atlantic hurricane 4 track.png
Unnamed - 1893 Hurricane Five 1 18 August 1893 Southern Harbour[citation needed] Burin, Avalon Winds of 145+ km/h None
1893 Atlantic hurricane 5 track.png
Unnamed 1 18 October 1939 Saint Mary's Avalon Considerable wind damage None
1939 Atlantic hurricane 4 track.png
Hurricane Helene 1 29 September 1958 Ramea South Coast Unknown North Carolina; Nova Scotia
Helene 1958 track.png
Hurricane Luis 1 11 September 1995 Patrick's Cove Avalon 1 casualty, 60-120mm of rain, wind gusts to 130 km/h, $500,000 in damage Leeward Islands; St. Martin; St. Barthelemy; St. Kitts and Nevis; Guadeloupe; Dominica
Luis 1995 track.png
Hurricane Michael 1 20 October 2000 Harbour Breton South Coast, entire island Light to moderate damage, power outages, peak wind gust of 172 km/h None
Michael 2000 track.png
Hurricane Gustav 1 12 September 2002 Burnt Islands South Coast Strong winds, gusts recorded over 100 km/h North Carolina; Nova Scotia, especially Cape Breton
Gustav 2002 track.png
Hurricane Igor 1 21 September 2010 Cape Race Avalon, entire island Extreme damage, the most destructive hurricane to ever strike Newfoundland, as well as the worst hurricane in over a century. Third wettest hurricane on record, and maximum sustained winds at landfall of approximately 130 km/h. Also caused $200,000,000 in damage, and 1 fatality[3] Cape Verde; Bermuda (minimal)
Igor 2010 track.png
Hurricane Maria 1 18 September 2011 Cape Pine Avalon Peninsula Minor wind damage, gusts to 102 km/h Lesser Antilles
Maria 2011 track.png


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