List of Ngolas of Ndongo

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Historical nation-states of present-day

Matamba (list of rulers)
Ndongo (list of ngolas)
Kongo (list of manikongo)
Lunda Empire
Baixa de Kassanje
Portuguese West Africa
Republic of Angola

The following is an incomplete List of Ngolas of Ndongo, a pre-colonial West Central African state in what is now Angola. The full title of those whom ruled over the Mbundu kingdom of Ndongo was Ngola a Kilanje. The kingdom was south of Kongo. The last ruling dynasty moved east to the nearby kingdom of Matamba and continued independently until 1741.

Rulers of Ndongo as a BaKongo Tributary[edit]

Rulers of Ndongo as an Independent State[edit]

Rulers of Ndongo under Portuguese Vassalage[edit]

Rulers of Ndongo-Matamba[edit]

Rulers of rump state of Pungo a Ndongo[edit]

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