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This is a list of Nicaraguans and people of Nicaraguan ethnicity:

Republic of Nicaragua
Flag of Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Coat of Arms
(Flag of Nicaragua) (Coat of Arms)


Cristiana Frixione; Miss Nicaragua 2006.

and painter.

Beauty queens and models[edit]

  • Xiomara Blandino (1984), Miss Nicaragua 2007, model
  • Cristiana Frixione (1984), Miss Nicaragua 2006, model
  • Iva Grijalva Pashova
  • Thelma Rodríguez, Miss Nicaragua 2008
  • Nastassja Bolivar, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2011 - Miss Nicaragua 2013 - and Top 16 in Miss Universe 2013 -The Best National Costume.
  • Regina Gonzalez Bolaños - International Model
  • Dolly Castro - Model
  • Deyra Corrales - Model
  • Erielda Casaya- Model, Dancer,most notable role includes the one in Mas Flow: Los Benjamins

Business people[edit]


DJ Craze at a rave in 2002.
  • DJ Craze, only DJ in history to win 3 consecutive World DMC Champion titles.

Government, military and politics[edit]

Revolutionaries, Heroes and Martyrs[edit]

Bianca Jagger; Political activist.

Political activists[edit]


José "Quiebra Jícara" Alfaro, boxer; world champion
Eve Torres; Professional wrestler, winner of the 2007 WWE Diva Search.

Football (Soccer)


Gioconda Belli, designated amongst the 100 most important poets during the 20th century.
Ernesto Cardenal is a poet, Roman Catholic priest and was one of the most famous liberation theologians of the Sandinista Regime.




  • Shantall Lacayo third place project runway Latinoamerica

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