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Here are many short films that appeared on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons and Nick Jr.

Oscar's Oasis[edit]

Main article: Oscar's Oasis


Main article: Doodlez

Tortellini Western[edit]

Main article: Tortellini Western

Leader Dog[edit]

Main article: Leader Dog

Edgar and Ellen[edit]

Main article: Edgar and Ellen

Schoolyard Safari[edit]

Foul Facts[edit]

Aired in 2002, this short consists the narrator teaching the kids about gross things on their body such as snots, warts, dandruff, etc. It lasted for 6 episodes.

The Presentators[edit]

A stop-motion series about 3 presentators who host Nickelodeon. It was produced by Aardman Animations in 2003.

Bin Weevils[edit]

Main article: Bin Weevils

Bin Weevils are ants who go on strange adventures. The shorts have been the basis of an online game that centre on the main characters, Tink and Clott. The game also includes facts about the world of Bin Weevils. They air 12 shorts and 13 full length episodes. Bin Weevils now is a popular children's socialing networking site.[1]

Action League Now![edit]

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Sniz and Fondue[edit]

Main article: Sniz and Fondue

Life With Loopy[edit]

Main article: Life With Loopy

Prometheus and Bob[edit]

Main article: Prometheus and Bob

Purple and Brown[edit]

Main article: Purple and Brown

Jimmy Neutron[edit]

Produced by O-Entertainment in 2001, these were shorts of Jimmy Neutron that were shown before the movie started. Some episodes include Hyper Corn, Sea Minus, and Ultra Lord VS The Squirrels. Several of these have become games on

Astrology with Squidward[edit]

Astrology with Squidward was a series of shorts that ran from 2000 to 2001 on Nickelodeon. Produced by United Plankton, it featured SpongeBob SquarePants' landlord Squidward Tentacles, giving humorous horoscopes, relating the Zodiac signs to characters on the show.

The Crimson Chin & Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder[edit]

Produced by Frederator Studios in 2002, these shorts are like a moving comic book. It features characters from The Fairly OddParents, which follows the Crimson Chin and Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder as they fight crime in the Chin's comic book. These also appear as "we'll be right back" and "now we're back" signs in early Fairly OddParents episodes.

Oh Yeah! Cartoons[edit]

All of these are animated short films from Nickelodeon's animation showcase Oh Yeah! Cartoons, including the birthplace of The Fairly OddParents, ChalkZone, and My Life as a Teenage Robot.

The Boy from Woy[edit]

Produced by MudFish Studios in 1999, This is about a boy with a rubber glove on his head who has a magical remote control that can stop, fast forward, and rewind things. The premise is similar to that of the 2006 film Click.

Jerk Chicken & Fish Out of Water[edit]

Produced by WowHouse Pictures in 2000, this is about a chicken who becomes a police officer and a fish who just sits there. The chicken pushes people around, and the fish saves the day when he swallows the "psycho pooch" that the chicken is scared of.


Aired in 2003. It is about a guy who is always sleeping on his cot. He travels by having his dog pull his cot along, the dog always saves the day, but Napman gets the credit. However, the dog is usually just doing dog things, like chasing a duck/cat or running towards a tree to "do its business".

Spider and Fly[edit]

Produced by Elm-Road Productions in 1998, this was a series of clay-animated shorts about a spider trying to get a fly. The fly always outwits him. This also aired on the Nickelodeon TV special "The Toons from Planet Orange".

Very Aggressive Vegetables[edit]

Produced by Fudge Puppy in 1998, it is about kids insulting vegetables and then vegetables come to life and go crazy, destroying snacks, or yelling at the kid. This also aired on the Nickelodeon TV special "The Toons from Planet Orange".

Balinese Slapping Fish[edit]

Also produced by Fudge Puppy, it is basically about an orange fish and green fish who slap each other. Usually, something is going on and the two fish randomly appear.Aired in 1998.

Hot Chunks[edit]

Gordon Bleugh[edit]


These are the two pilot films of CatDog that aired before the show existed.

Bobby the Lizard Boy[edit]

This is about a half iguana/half boy, with a babysitter named Laura. Bobby attempts to foil her every plan, and he ends up eating her. Aired in 2000.

Ernie & Trafalgar[edit]

Ernie's dog Trafalgar needs to "water the tree," but just getting across the street turns into an adventure! While waiting for the light to turn green, Ernie's imagination runs wild, and a giant mutant plant spells relief for Trafalgar. He almost gets eaten by a shark but Trafalgar luckily saves him in his misery. Aired in 2000.


This is about animals with snouts who dance to music. They babysit two baboon twins as the mother comes in on chaos. This also aired on the Nickelodeon TV special "The Toons from Planet Orange". Three episodes were made in 1998.

Music Monster[edit]

This is about a monster who sings, who tries to get some milk. Aired in 2000.

The Little Freaks[edit]

This is a one-shot sketch about a trio of friends that have various abnormalities (one girl has three eyes, there is a pair of Siamese twins, and one boy has a brain in a glass), and they save the world from a villain named Noface. This is a KaBlam! skit.

Deko Boko Friends[edit]

Main article: Deko Boko Friends

Ego From Mars[edit]

This is about some aliens and a robot who try to take over the earth, and fail at it. Created by Mark Gravas, it also aired on the Nickelodeon TV special "The Toons from Planet Orange" .

Those Scurvy Rascals[edit]

Main article: Those Scurvy Rascals

Mr. Meaty[edit]

The shorts from which the show originated.

Inside-Out Boy[edit]

Five shorts produced from 1989 to 1993, they are about the boy who accidentally swung over the bar of the swing set and his body flips inside-out. It was animated in claymation. It was only aired on Nickelodeon. It later made a return on a bumper for TeenNick's The 90's Are All That. Two shorts each can be seen on the Rugrats VHS tape A Baby's Gotta Do What a Baby's Gotta Do and "Tales From The Crib".

Planet Sketch[edit]

Shorts from the British/Canadian CGI sketch show, Planet Sketch.

A Town Called Panic[edit]

Main article: A Town Called Panic


Main article: Primo the Penguin

A series of German/British shorts about a penguin called Primo who goes on crazy adventures.

Avatar: The Last Airbender[edit]

Shorts featuring the cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender super deformed. There have been three so far.


Shorts from the KaBLam! series such as Sniz & Fondue, Action League Now!, Prometheus and Bob, Life With Loopy, and sometimes The Off-Beats. Life With Loopy and Prometheus & Bob are the most played.

The Non-Adventures of Safety Queen[edit]

Shorts featuring a girl with the alias of Safety Queen who helps kids overcome their fears by advising them against it, giving ridiculous scenarios of what would happen if they went for it, but the kids ignore this and do it anyway and realize there was nothing to fear after all. It aired on Nickelodeon in 1996. 3 shorts can be seen on the Rugrats VHS tape Phil and Lil: Double Trouble.


Main article: Domo (NHK)


Other shorts are computer-generated scenes, such as Fowl Play, whose name is a pun on the phrase foul play. In Fowl Play, penguins and ducks play an exciting soccer game with music in the background. In the end, the music shifts, and a team of three ostriches catch the ball, ready to challenge the teams. It was made by Christopher DeSantis and won the Nicktoons Creator Award.[2]

A series of shorts aired back in 2007 or 2008 in December. They were about the adventures of Santa Claus as he prepared for Christmas and a new one aired every day until Christmas Eve.