List of Nigerian states by GDP

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Nigerian States by GDP, 2010

The following table presents a listing of Nigeria's 36 states ranked in order of their total GDP (PPP) in 2007.[1] See the map to the right for GDP in 2010[2]

Rank State PPP GDP (2010;
in millions
of USD)
1 Lagos State US$74,674[3]
2 Rivers State US$21,073
3 Delta State US$16,749
4 Oyo State US$16,121
5 Imo State US$14,212
6 Kano State US$12,393
7 Edo State US$11,888
8 Akwa Ibom State US$11,179
9 Ogun State US$10,470
10 Kaduna State US$10,334
11 Cross River State US$9,292
12 Abia State US$8,687
13 Ondo State US$8,414
14 Osun State US$7,280
15 Benue State US$6,864
16 Anambra State US$6,764
17 Katsina State US$6,022
18 Niger State US$6,002
19 Borno State US$5,175
20 Plateau State US$5,154
21 Sokoto State US$4,818
22 Bauchi State US$4,713
23 Kogi State US$4,642
24 Adamawa State US$4,582
25 Enugu State US$4,396
26 Bayelsa State US$4,337
27 Zamfara State US$4,123
28 Kwara State US$3,841
29 Taraba State US$3,397
30 Kebbi State US$3,290
31 Nassarawa State US$3,022
32 Jigawa State US$2,988
33 Ekiti State US$2,848
34 Ebonyi State US$2,732
35 Gombe State US$2,501
36 Yobe State US$2,011