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The following is a list of official state symbols of the U.S. state of North Carolina, listed in the order adopted by the North Carolina General Assembly


Type Symbol Year Image
Flag "That the flag of North Carolina shall consist of a blue union, containing in the center thereof a white star with the letter N in gilt on the left and the letter C in gilt on the right of said star, the circle containing the same to be one-third the width of the union. The fly of the flag shall consist of two equally proportioned bars; the upper bar to be red, the lower bar to be white; that the length of the bars horizontally shall be equal to the perpendicular length of the union, and the total length of the flag shall be one-third more than its width. That above the star in the center of the union there shall be a gilt scroll in semi-circular form, containing in black letters this inscription 'May 20, 1775,' and that below the star there shall be a similar scroll containing in black letters the inscription: 'April 12, 1776.'" 1885 North Carolina flag
Motto Esse quam videri ("To be, rather than to seem") 1893
Nicknames *Old North State[1] n/a
Seals The Seal of North Carolina 1871

(Revised in 1983)

North Carolina state seal
Slogan First Flight



Type Symbol Year Image
Flower Flowering Dogwood

(Cornus Florida)

1941[3] American Dogwood
State wildflower Carolina Lily 2003[4] Carolina Lily
State tree Pine


1963[5] Pine
State Christmas tree Fraser Fir 2005[6] Fraser Fir
State carnivorous plant Venus Flytrap 2005[7] Venus flytrap


Type Symbol Year Image
State bird Cardinal 1943[8] Northern Cardinal Female-27527.jpg
State horse Colonial Spanish Mustang 2010 SpanishMustangsOfCorolla.jpg
State mammal Eastern Gray Squirrel 1969 Eastern Gray Squirrel
State salt water fish Channel Bass 1971[9] Prize Red Drum.jpg
State freshwater fish Southern Appalachian brook trout

(freshwater trout)

2005[9] brook trout
State reptile Eastern Box Turtle 1979[3] Eastern Box Turtle
State insect Western honey bee

(Apis mellifera)

1973[3] Western honey bee
State dog Plott Hound 1989 Plott Hound
State shell Scotch_bonnet_(sea_snail) 1965 Scotch Bonnet


Type Symbol Year Image
State gemstone Emerald 1973[3] Emerald
State rock Granite 1979
Granite (1979)
State mineral Gold 2011
An irregularly shaped nugget of native gold.
Gold (2011)


Type Symbol Year Image
State song "The Old North State (song)" 1927[10]
State colors The red and blue of the North Carolina and the United States 1945[11]
State toast The Tar Heel Toast 1957[12]
State beverage Milk 1987[13] Milk
State vegetable Sweet potato 1995[14] Sweet Potato
State red berry Strawberry 2001[3] Strawberry444.jpg
State blue berry Blueberry 2001[3] PattsBlueberries.jpg
State fruit Scuppernong grape 2001[3] Close up grapes.jpg
State folk dance Clogging 2005[15]
State popular dance Shag 2005[16]
State historical boat Shad Boat 1987[17]
State sport Stock car racing 2011[18] Through the tri-oval.jpg

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