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This is a list of national and local church bodies which identify themselves as being within Old Catholicism, a tradition originating in Europe with splits from the Roman Catholic Church in the 1870s, which was originally ultrajectine in doctrine.

Utrecht Union[edit]

Member churches[edit]

Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches

Dependent jurisdictions[edit]

Other churches with Old Catholic origins[edit]

United States and Canada: dioceses, parishes and missions[edit]

  • Diocese of St. Benedict Old Catholic Church [1]
  • Corpus Christi Ecumenical Fellowship [2]

Churches which ordain women and LGBT people[edit]

General declaration of non-discrimination and inclusiveness[edit]

  • Diocese of St. Benedict, Glen Burnie, MD, Bishop Ed Jansen ([3]).
  • Old Catholic Church of New Utrecht, West Palm Beach, FL, Bishop. Richard Sebastian Riccardi
  • Trinitarian Catholic Church, Metropolitan Diocese of Hope (New England, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, United States)

General declaration of non-discrimination -- An all inclusive community[edit]

  • Catholic Church, Inc. Catholic Church, Inc.
    • All Saints Catholic Church All Saints Catholic Church, Tallahassee, Florida
    • Holy Angels Catholic Community Holy Angels Catholic Community, Winter Park, Florida
    • Most Reverend Joseph Daniel Finnegan Ordinary of Catholic Church Inc.
    • St. Faustina Old Catholic Community, Cranston, Rhode Island
    • Most Reverend Michael R. Pierson, Presiding Bishop Old Catholic Church of America
  • United Ecumenical Catholic Church in North America
      • Franciscans of the Holy Cross (North America)
        • Saints Francis and Clare United Ecumenical Catholic Church, Honolulu, Hawaii
    • United Ecumenical Catholic Church in North America is part an international group of church connected with :
      • The Ecumenical Christian Church (UK)
      • United Ecumenical Catholic Church Metropolitan Region of Australasia
        • Connected religious order : The Ecumenical Franciscan Order (Australia)

Churches which ordain women but not LGBT people[edit]

  • Independent Old Catholic Church
  • Holy Angels & Saints Church
  • Agnus Dei Old Catholic Society
    • Old Catholic Church of North America
      • Canticle of Christ Ministry An outreach ministry of the Old Catholic Church of North America
      • Incarnation Old Catholic Mission A mission of the Old Catholic Church of North America
  • Old Catholic Church of North America
    • St. Dismas Ministries An outreach ministry of the Old Catholic Church of North America
      • Saint Francis Old Catholic Mission

Churches which do not ordain women[edit]

  • Polish National Catholic Church. Left the Union of Utrecht in 2003 after the union's Congress of Prague
  • The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom
  • Old Catholic Communion in North America, An Old Catholic communion open to all autocephalous Old Catholic jurisdictions and bishops seeking to establish unity
  • Old Catholic Diocese of the Holy Spirit], an Orthodox Old Catholic church and ordinariate. Affiliated with the Old Catholic Communion of North America
  • Italian National Catholic Archdiocese of the United States, of the Italian National Catholic Church, a member church of the Old Catholic Confederation (OCCUS), old catholic church 1870 in Colombia and old catholic church 1870 in the world,
  • The Old Catholic Church in the United Kingdom


  • American Old Catholic Church (originally Aurora, Colorado; today, several dioceses)
    • Diocese of St. Thomas Old Catholic Church An Old Catholic Church in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Old Catholic Church - de Landis Berghes Succession
    • Oratory of the Common Life
  • Old Catholic Diocese of Dallas (Texas)
    • Restoration In Christ Church Dallas, Texas

United States and Canada: autocephalous bishoprics[edit]

  • American Catholic Church The original American Catholic Church charter established in 1915 (Los Angeles, CA)
  • American Catholic Church in Nevada (Las Vegas - inclusive of gays - ordination of women and LGBT)
  • American Ecumenical Catholic Church (Connecticut - Bishop Lorraine J. Bouffard)
  • Apostolic Catholic Church in America (Washington state - Bishop Robert Withrow)
  • Apostolic Catholic and Spiritual Church
  • Caritas Catholic Church International
  • Catholic Church of Americas (CapeVerdean Comm., MA - Inclusive of gays - Ordination of women and gays)
  • Christ Catholic Church
  • Christ Our Teacher Old Catholic Ministry (NJ - Most Rev. Benjamin M. Evans)
  • Christ's Church Fellowship Inc. (Rt. Rev. David C. Holdridge, Presiding Bishop - Owensboro, Kentucky USA & Roswell, New Mexico USA, established 1988)
    • CCF International (over 100 churches in over 12 nations worldwide)
    • The 24/7 Christian Church Fellowship International (Christian, Catholic, & Convergent)
  • Community of Charity Independent Old Catholic Church (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Community of The Good Samaritan American Independent Catholic Church Mission
  • Ecumenical Catholic Church
  • Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ (ECCC)
  • Holy Redeemer Old Catholic Church (Crestline, Ohio)
  • Independent Catholic Church
  • Independent Catholic Church of the West
  • Old Catholic Church of British Columbia
  • Reconciliation Old Catholic Church (Phoenix, Arizona)
  • Reformed Catholic Church International
  • Reformed Catholic Church of America
  • Servants of the Good Shepherd
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Old Roman Catholic Church (Michigan - Bishop David S. Moody)
  • Trinitarian Catholic Church, Metropolitan Diocese of Hope (New England, New York, New Jersey, Missouri / USA)
  • United Catholic Church
  • United Reform Catholic Church International


  • United American Catholic Church—In intercommunion with :
  • Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (Cacina, voir plus haut)
  • Contemporary Catholic Church :
  • Independent Catholic Christian Church, itself with :
    • Diocese of Rumney Marsh (Independent Catholics)

Old Roman Catholic churches[edit]


North America[edit]

  • Old Roman Catholic Church - Latin Rite
  • Old Roman Catholic Church in Canada - It remains faithful to the doctrines and teachings of the Old Roman Catholic Church.
  • Missionary Church of St. Francis of Assisi - A religious community that remains faithful to the orthodoxy of the doctrines and teachings of the Old Roman Catholic Church.

Liberal Catholic churches with Theosophical tenets[edit]

United States[edit]

  • Catholic Universalist Church, Theosophical tenets are allowed, not emphasized or required.
  • Liberal Catholic Church, Province of the United States of America, American branch which emphasizes Theosophical tenets
  • Liberal Catholic Church International, Theosophical tenets are allowed but not emphasized
  • Old Catholic, Liberal Catholic Int. (Church of St.Thomas Int.) Theosophical tenents not emphasized, members have total freedom of thought.
  • Reformed Liberal Catholic Church USA province, Theosophical tenets are allowed but not emphasized
  • Universal Catholic Church, Theosophical tenets are allowed by not emphasized


  • The Liberal Catholic Church Overview of the entire Liberal Catholic movements, regardless of jurisdiction
  • The Liberal Catholic Church International Province of Great Britain and Ireland
  • The Liberal Catholic Church in the British Isles
  • Liberal Catholic Apostolic Church An independent Liberal Catholic community
  • The Reformed Liberal Catholic Church
  • The Young Rite Ritual in an esoteric Christian tradition
  • The Old Catholic Apostolic Church - Province of France and Belgium
  • Reformed Old Catholic Church

Religious orders[edit]


  • Franciscans of Divine Providence (FDP)] Canonical Religious Order of women and men of the Trinitarian Catholic Church
  • Companions of Saints Francis and Dominic Ecumenical fraternity of vowed men and women
  • Society of the Franciscan Servants of the Poor
  • Order of Servant Franciscans (OSF), an ecumenical and Canonical tertiary order (
  • ECC Franciscans of Reconciliation (OFR)
  • Order Of Friars Minor
  • Franciscan Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus [Missionariorum Sacratissimi Cordis Iesu] (MSCI) - a clerical religious order of men of the Old Roman Catholic Church that is inspired by the charism of St. Francis of Assisi and is focussed on Jesus' sacrificial and unconditional love to humanity.

Benedictines and Cistercians[edit]

  • Diocese of St. Benedict - Old Catholic Church
  • Grey Robed Monks of St. Benedict - ecumenical Benedictine community
  • Order of Port Royal - ecumenical Cistercian congregation
  • Society of Pope Saint Anacletus - Old Catholic Benedictine order
  • Goedeherder Benedictijns geïnspireerde broedergemeenschap
  • St. Michael Old Catholic Mission
  • Cistercian Province of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary


  • Old Catholic Order of Preachers (OCOP)


  • Old Catholic Missionaries in Bangalore India - under Diocese of St. Benedict Old Catholic Church
  • Little Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Caritas
  • Monastery of Saint Thomas Oblate Monastery, Old Catholic Province of Our Lady of Angels
  • Augustinians of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - independent Catholic religious order
  • Order of the Shepherd's Heart - Christ's Catholic Church an ecumenical Celtic Catholic religious order in Hollister, Missouri.
  • Order of Restoration in Christ - Old Catholic monastery in Dallas, Texas
  • Oratory of the Common Life - associated with the Old Catholic Church - de Landis Berghes Succession
  • Order of St. Thomas the Apostle (United States and Spain) - religious order affiliated with the Liberal Catholic Old Catholic Church Int.

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