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Former pupils of Winchester College are known as Old Wykehamists, in memory of the school's founder, William of Wykeham. They include the following individuals, classified by century of birth. A list of Old Wykehamists in fiction is included at the foot of the page. See also The Category for Old Wykehamists.

Fourteenth century[edit]

Fifteenth century[edit]

Sixteenth century[edit]

Seventeenth century[edit]

Eighteenth century[edit]

Nineteenth century[edit]

Twentieth century[edit]

Victoria Cross, George Cross and George Medal holders[edit]

Six Old Wykehamists have won the Victoria Cross (VC), four in the First World War, 1914–18 (of whom three were killed in action) and two prior to 1914. Also in the Second World War one Old Wykehamist won the George Cross in military circumstances and another Old Wykehamist won the George Medal in military circumstances.

In fiction[edit]


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