List of P2P protocols

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Protocols used by multiple programs[edit]

Note that the name of the protocol may also be the name of the primary or original program that uses it.

  • Ares (Ares Galaxy, Warez P2P)
  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin, Alt-Coins)
  • BitTorrent (ABC [Yet Another BitTorrent Client], Azureus, BitComet, BitSpirit, BitTornado, BitTorrent.Net, G3 Torrent, mlMac, MLdonkey, QTorrent, Shareaza, µTorrent, etc.)
  • Direct Connect (BCDC++, DC++, NeoModus Direct Connect, etc.)
  • FastTrack (Grokster, iMesh, Kazaa, Morpheus, etc.)
  • eDonkey (eMule, Overnet, etc.)
  • Gnutella (BearShare, iMesh, Gnotella, Gnucleus, GTK-gnutella, LimeWire, Frostwire, Mactella, Shareaza, etc.)
  • MANOLITO/MP2PN (Blubster, Piolet, RocketItNet)
  • OpenNap (Napigator, WinMX)

Protocols used by only one program[edit]

Programs not also listed as protocols[edit]

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