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The following is a list of characters from the PaRappa the Rapper series, created by Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblat, which comprises three video games developed by NanaOn-Sha; PaRappa the Rapper, UmJammer Lammy and PaRappa the Rapper 2, and an anime series produced by J.C.Staff.

Main characters[edit]

Parappa the Rapper (パラッパラッパ Parappa Rappa?)
Voiced by: Dred Foxx (aka John Simpson III) (video games), Miyu Irino (anime)
Parappa is a dog who loves to rap and is the protagonist of the series. He seems for be a very playful and joyful boy, and a bit shy, but very sweet, dreamy, sensitive and kind-hearted, and often finds himself in a pickle, but he just picks himself up with his catchphrase, "I gotta believe!" and figures out a solution. He has a crush on his friend, Sunny Funny, and will often go to great lengths in order to win her love, even if it just ends up making matters worse. He appears in UmJammer Lammy in an additional story and as a minor character at the end. He later made his main protagonist role in PaRappa the Rapper 2 where he deals and tries to stop a noodle crises, as well rekindle his relation with his now-girlfriend Sunny. After a decade of absence, he appears as a playable character in the fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. He also seems to be at least 16 years old, since he receives a driver's licence in the first game.
Sunny Funny (サニー・ファニー Sanī Fanī?)
Voiced by: Kenya Hathaway (PaRappa 1, UJL, PSASBR), Lea Alomar (PaRappa 2), Mika Kanai (anime)
Sunny is a sunflower and is Parappa's main love interest. She is also the daughter of General Potter, an army general. She generally keeps an innocent demeanor and a positive outlook on things. She too, has feelings for Parappa and generally likes him the way he is. She is however most impressed when Parappa appears to shown signs of manliness, although this is attributed to Parappa needing the bathroom. In the second game, she heard him having a tantrum because of the noodles and call him a "baby", which made Parappa upset and heartbroken, thinking that she was hating him, and running away from her house. However, she starts feel like she hurt his feelings and tries to sooth the situation, but Parappa runs off before she could get the chance. She follows the events Parappa went through until she finally catches up to him and admits she still likes him the way he is no matter what. She does her own song: We come a long way. She makes a cameo appearance along with Katy and PJ in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at both the beginning and the end, and in Parappa's thoughts when he starts to fight against other playable characters.
Katy Kat (ケイティ・キャット Keiti Kyatto?)
Voiced by: Michele Burks (PaRappa 1, UJL). Shannon White (PaRappa 2), Charlean Carmon (PSASBR), Rina Nakayama (anime)
Katy is a cat who is good friends with Parappa, Sunny and PJ. She is generally kind-hearted and will generally encourage her friends. She generally has a love for disco and dancing. In Um Jammer Lammy she forms a rock band called Milkcan alongside Lammy and Ma-san, of which she is the band's vocalist and bassist. Her style of singing is very much country-style. She makes a major appearance in the second game, and a cameo appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale with Sunny and PJ.
PJ Berri (PJ ベリー PJ Berī?)
Voiced by: Armstead Christian (video games), Masami Kikuchi (anime)
PJ is a teddy bear and Parappa's best friend. His generally demeanor is that of a very dopey bear with a big appetite, usually thinking of food in the most inappropriate moments. He also has a very poor idea of what counts as 'rock n roll'. However, he has a secret identity as PJ the DJ, in which he puts on a pair of shades and acts as one of the best DJs at Club Fun.
Chop Chop Master Onion (タマネギ先生 Tamanegi Sensei?, lit "Onion Teacher")
Voiced by: Ryu Watabe
Chop Chop Master Onion is a karate instructor with a large smelly green onion for a head. Running the Fruites Dojo, he teaches a group of tamanegi, as well as Parappa, the ways of karate and how 'It's all in the mind.' In Um Jammer Lammy, he appears in Lammy's dream, in which he tells her that his dojo went out of business. However, the dojo remained in his mind, complete with its own casino, which serves as Lammy's inspiration for the game. In PaRappa the Rapper 2, he hosts a show called 'Romantic Karate' in which he teaches viewers karate as a method of expressing love. He is the only teacher to appear in all three games, as well as the only character whose voice actor appears in both the games and anime. He also make an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Introduced in PaRappa the Rapper[edit]

Instructor Mooselini (ムースリーニ先生 Mūsurīni Sensei?)
Voiced by: "Saundra Williams"
Mooselini is a moose and a driving school instructor, who teaches Parappa how to drive in order to get his license. While generally serious about her work, she sometimes forgets to close the car door and gets her antlers stuck on the roof.
Prince Fleaswallow (カエル先生 Kaeru Sensei?, lit. "Frog Teacher")
Voiced by: Lenky Don (video games), Yoshito Yasuhara (anime)
Fleaswallow is a metaphorical lizard (despite croaking like a frog) who runs a flea market. When Parappa needs money to fix his Dad's car, he becomes his tutor and teaches him how to make money through his easy-going reggae beats. Fleaswallow manages to build himself up and now runs a music store, which appears briefly in Um Jammer Lammy.
Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken (ニワトリ先生 Niwatori Sensei?, lit. "Chicken Teacher")
Voiced by: Michele Burks
Cheap Cheap is, as the name suggests, a chicken who specializes in cooking. Her cooking show is aimed at people who need to make delicious food on a small budget. She is somehow able to come out of the TV to congratulate Parappa on his successful cake.
MC King Kong Mushi (MCキングコングムシ MC Kingu Kongu Mushi?)
Voiced by: Rich (Parappa 1), Dean Bowman (PaRappa 2), Norio Wakamoto (anime)
MC King Kong Mushi is a spider who is the Master of Ceremonies at Club Fun. Not a lot is known about him, but he appears at the end of PaRappa and PaRappa 2 in order to celebrate Parappa's victory, even giving him a chance to rap solo.
Joe Chin (ジョー・チン Jō Chin?)
Voiced by: Ryu Watabe
Joe Chin is a well built dog and Parappa's rival for Sunny Funny's love. He is arguably the game's antagonist, and makes several attempts to woo Sunny with his heroic nature and expensive things, but Sunny is turned off by his pompous attitude and overlong speeches. Nonetheless, Parappa is generally intimidated by him and strives to impress Sunny. In UmJammer Lammy, he opens up a variety of businesses ranging from forestation projects to chainsaw chains and giant laptops, advertising with the phrase "Buy it now, and I mean NOW!. He also makes brief appearances in many stages of PaRappa the Rapper 2.
Papa Parappa (パラッパパパ Parappa Papa?)
Voiced by: Armstead Christian (video games), Kunihiko Yasui (anime)
Papa Parappa is Parappa's father, he is seems to be a very caring father and protecting Parappa from any trouble, and generally depicted as a working man complete with tie and hat. He first appears in PaRappa the Rapper when his car is borrowed and subsequently destroyed, by Parappa ten minutes after he had gotten his driving license. In PaRappa the Rapper 2, it is revealed that he is an inventor, who works with General Potter to figure out a solution for the noodle outbreak, accidentally building a shrink ray in the process. He eventually discovers that the weakness of noodles is sweets, which eventually restores Parappa Town to its worth. And besides, is unknown what happened to his wife, for be the only member of PaRappa's family. It's probably that he is divorced or widowed, despite for being mentioning his wife in the two games of the series. Papa Parappa is also seems to have a closer relationship with his son, and sometimes a little busy, however, despite this, he knows that Parappa loves his dad with all his heart, no matter during the good or bad times. Besides, is easy to see that they learn to give love and care to each other.
Jet Baby (ジェットベイビー Jetto Beibī?)
Jet Baby is a fictional character in the PaRappa universe. She is a baby that flies around with jet boots, and her movies (shown at the beginning of each game) generally involve rescuing a teddy bear from a fearsome one eyed monster.

Introduced in UmJammer Lammy[edit]

Lammy (ラミー Ramī?)
Voiced by: Sara Ramirez
Lammy is a lamb who is the lead guitarist of Milkcan and the main protagonist of UmJammer Lammy. She is normally a very shy and timid girl who has trouble with various things and lacks a lot of faith in herself. The only time she isn't like this is when she has a guitar in her hands, where she becomes completely confident with a bold playing style. On the night before Milkcan's big concert, she has a dream in which she performs alongside Chop Chop Master Onion until she realizes she's been playing a vacuum cleaner all this time. Chop Chop mentions that he had lost his dojo, but it remained in his mind along with its own casino. Following this dream, Lammy is thrown into a series of events getting in the way of reaching her concert in time. Whenever she sees or hears mention of a casino, she is reminded of Chop Chop's words and envisions whatever she's holding as a guitar, allowing her to have the confidence she has when playing. She reappears in PaRappa the Rapper 2, although she isn't playable, and doesn't appear in the anime. In the second, she seems to have started to know Parappa, Sunny, and PJ a lot better now. She makes various appearances in cutscenes and stages throughout the game.
Ma-san (マーさん Mā-san?)
Voiced by: Ryu Watabe
Ma-san is Milkcan's drummer, and is depicted as a yellow mouse with a stick of dynamite lodged in her head. Whenever she is frustrated, the dynamite's fuse lites and she goes into a frenzy of drumming, usually leading to something being destroyed. She is generally pessimistic and speaks in gibberish which can only be deciphered if the game's subtitles are turned on, but is incredibly strong. She is supposedly a bookworm, whose favorite subjects are mysticism and economics, and her father owns the local pharmacy.
Chief Puddle (パドル隊長 Padaru Taichō?)
Voiced by: Richard Bush (video game), Toshiyuki Hiyase (anime)
Chief Puddle is a dalmatian firefighter. His job is to put out fires while holding off the public, though he also enjoys the rewards that come the job, especially if they're edible.
Cathy Piller (ピラー婦長 Pirā Fuchō?, lit. "Head Nurse Piller")
Voiced by: Louise-Marie Mennier
Cathy Pillar is a caterpillar midwife whose multiple arms come in handy when it comes to looking after babies, but has the rather disgusting habit of spewing pink goo everywhere. When Lammy binges on pizza, Cathy mistakes her as a pregnant woman and drags her into her nursery. When she realizes the truth, she forces Lammy to help keep the babies quiet. The baby Cathy carries is voiced by Kemba Francis.
Captain Fussenpepper (フッセンペッパー機長 Fussenpeppā Kichō?)
Voiced by: Ryu Watabe
Fussenpepper is a schizophrenic airplane pilot whose personality changes whenever he is hit on the head by a loose control panel. At some times, he is a strict man with all the ferocity of a drill sergeant. At others, he is a dopey idiot who can't tell his right hand from his left. He has a cameo appearance on the options screen in Parappa 2.
Paul Chuck (チャック店長 Chakku Tenchō?, lit. "Store Manager Chuck")
Voiced by: Everette Bradley
Paul Chuck is a beaver who runs a guitar store. However, when Lammy comes to his store having left her own guitar back on the plane, the store is empty, and Lammy and Paul have to make a new guitar from scratch. While Paul Chuck appears like a fearsome person, he can be seen as having a jolly personality when it comes to chopping down trees. However, he has a hatred for Joe Chin's brand of chains.
Teriyaki Yoko (テリヤキヨーコ Teriyaki Yōkō?)
Voiced by: Carla Cook
Teriyaki Yoko is an bug diva who toured Hell (or an island in the U.S. version) in the game's storyline. When Lammy slips on a banana peel and lands in Hell (or snags her clothes on a doorknob and launched onto the island), she is recruited by her manager to fill in for her regular guitarist. Yoko allowed Lammy to return to the MilkCan concert on the condition that she plays well in the song. Although usually nice, Yoko can be ill-tempered, going as far as jolting Lammy with lightning if she screws up, until she threatens to ban her from every video game (even this one).
Rammy (ウラミー Uramī?)
Voiced by: Keva Hargrove
Rammy is Lammy's evil twin, and Player 2 avatar. Her appearance is a black-and-white version of Lammy with a much bossier attitude. She often brags about being better than Lammy, and blames her for any misfortunes. Rammy also owns a beeper, which she never gets any messages on. In the game's storyline, she works a session musician for Teriyaki Yoko's band, and arrives late at the venue, just as Lammy was about to leave. In Japanese, her name is a pun on the word ura (ウラ?) which means "reversed", since she is the polar opposite of Lammy. An additional pun could be urami (うらみ?), meaning "grudge" or "jealousy".

Introduced in PaRappa the Rapper 2[edit]

Beard Burger Master (思ひでヒゲ社長 Omohi de Hige Shachō?, lit. "President Beard's Ghost")
Voiced by: Ethan Eubanks
Beard Burger Master is the deceased owner of Beard Burgers, a restaurant in Parappa Town (previously known as Rodneytown). When everything in the store starts turning into noodles, he returns from his eternal rest in order to teach Parappa how to make a traditional beard burger. In a promotional demo of the game made for McDonald's, his restaurant is depicted as a McDonald's restaurant.
Guru Ant (アリ導師 Ari Dōshi?)
Voiced by: Dean Bowman
Guru Ant is a smooth-talking ant that PaRappa and company encounters when they are all shrunken by Papa Parappa's shrink ray. He is generally cool, composed and wise. However, when the shrink ray makes him and Parappa extremely huge, he becomes all panicky and makes desperate pleas to return to his regular size.
Instructor Moosesha (ムーセイシャ教官 Mūseisha Kyōkan?)
Voiced by: Kimberly Queen and Aaminah Hassell
Moosesha is a drill sergeant and Mooselini's sister. When Parappa and PJ decide to join the army to fight off the Noodle Empire, she decides to train them into becoming true soldiers, by training them in several areas such as roller-skating, rope jumping and rock climbing.
Hairdresser Octopus (タコ山さん Takoyama-san?)
Voiced by: Freedom Bremner (video game), Yūji Mitsuya (anime)
Hairdresser Octopus is just like his name suggests, an octopus who cuts hair. He is normally blue and is a skilled hairdresser. However, when he is hypnotized by a musical device, he turns red and becomes crazed by the music, given everyone afros that even increase in size. He is returned to normal when the hypnotic device is destroyed.
Colonel Noodle (ヌードルマスター Nūdaru Masutā?, lit. "Noodle Master")
Voiced by: Andrew Alonzo
Colonel Noodle is the son of Beard Burger Master, the leader of the Noodle Syndicate, and the antagonist of PaRappa the Rapper 2. Living in a burger family, all Noodle ever got to eat was burgers, which made him hated by all the other kids. Upon discovering noodles, he becomes obsessed with them (hence his nickname) and decides to have them take over the world. Using an army of remote controlled robot, he uses various devices to turn everything in town into noodles. Parappa eventually managed to convince him that there are other foods out there.
General Potter (ジェネラル・ポッター Jeneraru Pottā?)
Voiced by: John James
General Potter is the head of Parappatown's military forces, as well as Sunny Funny's father. He is also known to love sweets. He has a small appearance in PaRappa the Rapper where he allows Sunny to go on a date with Parappa. In PaRappa 2, he works with Papa Parappa to figure out a solution for the noodle dilemma, though is none too happy to be shrunken. Potter later recruits Parappa and PJ into the army, and then using the noodle's opposing element, sweets, leads an attack against the Noodle empire.
Boxxy Boy (ボクシーボーイ Bokkusi Boi?)
Voiced by: Freedom Brenmer (video game), Masashi Ebara (anime)
Boxxy Boy is a talking stereo player. While seen periodically during the course of PaRappa the Rapper, he has a much more prominent role in PaRappa 2 where he acts as the player's guide during practice segments and versus modes. He always says, "Come on, PaRappa. Relax, it's practice time." at the beginning, then "Okay, that's it. Good luck!" In the anime, he is generally called on Parappa to give his friends advice, but his words seem to be a bit dubious most of the time. He appears in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as one of Parappa's attacks.

Introduced in the anime series[edit]

Paula Fox (ポーラ Pōra?)
Voiced by: Akiko Kobayashi
Paula is a fox and one of Sunny's friends, although she generally acts as something of a rival to Katy. She has a crush on PJ the DJ at one point.
Matt Major (マット Matto?)
Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura
Matt is one of PJ's friends from Club Fun. He has a love for sports, particularly basketball. Besides, he and PJ meet each other also on Club Fun, but this is not seen.
Gaster (ガスター Gasutā?)
Voiced by: Ryo Naitou
Gaster is a mischievous rabbit who always stirs up trouble for Parappa and his friends. He dreams of becoming rich, although these thoughts tend to grow so huge that they literally fall on top of him.
Gruber (グルーバー Gurūbā?)
Voiced by: Akio Suyama
Gruber is a dopey cat who generally accompanies Gaster on his schemes.
Pinto Rappa (ピント・ラッパ Pinto Rappa?)
Voiced by: Mikko
Pinto is Parappa's little sister. She is generally seen carrying along a lunch box containing a strange creature named Uee (ウーイー ?).