List of Parliamentary constituencies in Derbyshire

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The ceremonial county of Derbyshire (which includes the unitary authority of Derby) is divided into 11 Parliamentary constituencies: three Borough constituencies and eight County constituencies.


      † Conservative       ‡ Labour       ¤ Liberal Democrat

Constituency[nb 1] Electorate Majority[nb 2] Member of Parliament Nearest opposition Map
Amber Valley CC 66,406 536   Nigel Mills   Judy Mallaber
Bolsover CC 70,448 11,182   Dennis Skinner   Lee Rowley
Chesterfield BC 71,299 549   Toby Perkins   Paul Holmes
Derby North BC 71,311 613   Chris Williamson   Stephen Mold
Derby South BC 69,584 6,122   Margaret Beckett   Jack Perschke
Derbyshire Dales CC 62,511 13,866   Patrick McLoughlin   Joe Naitta
Erewash CC 68,934 2,501   Jessica Lee   Cheryl Pidgeon
High Peak CC 68,061 4,677   Andrew Bingham   Caitlin Bisknell
Mid Derbyshire CC 64,939 11,292   Pauline Latham   Hardyal Dhindsa
North East Derbyshire CC 71,580 2,445   Natascha Engel   Huw Merriman
South Derbyshire CC 62,130 7,128   Heather Wheeler   Michael Edwards

Boundary changes[edit]

The Boundary Commission for England has recommended that the county should in future be divided into 11 constituencies. These changes will take effect at the United Kingdom general election, 2010.

Name 2005 boundaries
  1. Amber Valley CC
  2. Bolsover CC
  3. Chesterfield BC
  4. Derby North BC
  5. Derby South BC
  6. Erewash CC
  7. High Peak CC
  8. North East Derbyshire CC
  9. South Derbyshire CC
  10. West Derbyshire CC
Parliamentary constituencies in Derbyshire
Proposed name 2010 boundaries
  1. Amber Valley CC
  2. Bolsover CC
  3. Chesterfield BC
  4. Derby North BC
  5. Derby South BC
  6. Derbyshire Dales CC
  7. Erewash CC
  8. High Peak CC
  9. Mid Derbyshire CC
  10. North East Derbyshire CC
  11. South Derbyshire CC
Proposed Revised constituencies in Derbyshire


2005 2010
DerbyshireParliamentaryConstituency2005Results.svg DerbyshireParliamentaryConstituency2010Results.svg


  1. ^ BC denotes borough constituency, CC denotes county constituency.
  2. ^ The majority is the number of votes the winning candidate receives more than their nearest rival.