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Bus routes in Perth, Western Australia are operated under the brand Transperth. The Public Transport Authority of the Government of Western Australia tenders the provision of bus routes to private operators; privatisation of services began in 1996, and was completed in 2001. Path Transit, Swan Transit and Transdev Perth currently operate services. Captain Cook Cruises similarly operates Transperth ferry services. The Public Transport Authority continues to operate Perth's urban rail system, under the division Transperth Trains.

Typical Perth bus routes operate every 10 to 20 minutes in peak times, and every 30 to 60 minutes off peak on weekdays. Services generally finish before midnight, though many routes finish earlier, between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Weekend services are approximately half weekday levels. Major routes are more frequent, operating every 10-15 minutes off peak on weekdays, and every 15 to 30 minutes on weekends and evenings.

Most bus routes terminate in Perth, at Esplanade Busport, Roe Street bus station, or in East Perth, and at suburban bus stations or railway stations. Some services in older areas terminate by looping on suburban streets.

CAT routes are zero fare, circular services which operate in the central business districts of Perth and major regional centres Fremantle and Joondalup. They operate every 5 to 15 minutes on weekdays, and every 15 minutes on weekends except for Joondalup CAT routes. Similar circular services also operate in the Midland and Rockingham central business districts, although the Rockingham service charges a fare.

The CircleRoute (routes 98 clockwise and 99 anticlockwise) is a circular service which operates in inner suburbs of Perth, connecting major hospitals, universities, schools, shopping centres, and all urban rail lines.

Route 950 operates between Morley bus station, Esplanade Busport, University of Western Australia and QEII Medical Centre. It is the highest frequency bus route in Perth, operating up to every 1 minute in peak times, every 7 to 8 minutes off peak on weekdays, and up to every 10 minutes on weekends.[1] When introducing the route, the Public Transport Authority marketed it as the Superbus.[2]

Timetables are colour coded to indicate which area of the Perth metropolitan area they serve; green for the Northern area, red for the Eastern area, yellow for the South Eastern area, orange for the Southern area, and blue for the Western area. Timetables for CAT services are silver, and timetables for the CircleRoute and route 950 are aqua.

Perth bus route numbers[edit]

Route Numbers Region Serving area Operator
1 - 97 Inner suburban (including CAT) services. various
98 & 99 CircleRoute.
100 - 160 Western Claremont, Booragoon, Fremantle and Curtin University area Swan Transit
Southern Coast Transit
170 - 179 South Eastern Victoria Park, Bentley, Riverton Swan Transit
200 - 254 South Eastern Cannington, Gosnells, Armadale, Serpentine-Jarrahdale Swan Transit
Path Transit
281 - 338 Eastern Eastern Hills/Swan Valley Swan Transit
Path Transit
340 - 391 North Eastern Morley, Mirrabooka, Malaga Path Transit
Southern Coast Transit
400 - 490 Northern Joondalup line feeder services Swan Transit
Southern Coast Transit
500 - 604 Southern, South Eastern Mandurah line feeder services Swan Transit
Southern Coast Transit
600s Special events services. various
700s School special services. various
800s High frequency services. various
900s High frequency and train replacement services. various

Bus Routes by route number[edit]


For right most rectangle of colour:

  •   Southern Coast Transit / Veolia Transdev
  •   Swan Transit (western & northern area)
  •   Swan Transit (southern & eastern area)
  •   Path Transit






This series of services are connected to the Joondalup railway line.


This series of services are connected to the Mandurah railway line.


  •    600 Mandurah - Pinjarra via Pinjarra Road Accessibility-directory.svg
  •    604 Mandurah - South Yunderup via Pinjarra Road and North Yunderup Accessibility-directory.svg

ANZAC Day services[edit]

  •   600 Perth → Kings Park
  •   603 Vietnam Memorial → War Memorial

South Perth special events services[edit]

  •   600 Perth (Wellington Street bus station) - South Perth-Used for 2008 Red Bull Air Race
  •   605 Perth (Esplanade Busport) - South Perth-Used for 2008 Red Bull Air Race
  •   630 Curtin University - South Perth-Used for Australia Day Skyshow
  •   747 Perth (Esplanade Busport) - South Perth-Used for 2010 Red Bull Air Race

Subiaco Oval special events services[edit]

  •   611 Morley - Subiaco Oval
  •   615 Curtin University - Subiaco Oval
  •   616 Karrinyup - Subiaco Oval

WACA special events services[edit]

  •   666 Wellington Street Bus Station - WACA

nib Stadium Stadium special events services[edit]


Various School Services use the majority of these numbers



Rail and Ferry Replacement Services[edit]

NOTE:All Rail Replacement services are operated by Southern Coast Transit unless multiple lines are shut down. In emergency replacement other operators may help out

Bus Routes by bus operators[edit]

Path Transit[edit]

Southern Coast Transit / Veolia Transdev[edit]

Swan Transit[edit]

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