List of Phacelia species

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Phacelia tanacetifolia fax02.jpg
Phacelia tanacetifolia
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Asterids
Order: (unplaced)
Family: Boraginaceae
Genus: Phacelia Juss.

List of Phacelia species. This plant genus is in the family Boraginaceae, basal in one of the 2 main euasterid lineages, as per Angiosperm Phylogeny Group. It is usually placed in the Hydrophylloideae subfamily.

This is a list of binomial names, including both accepted species and synonyms.

Source: Index Kewensis (at IPNI) and ITIS.


  • Phacelia acanthominthoides Elmer
  • Phacelia acaulis Brand
  • Phacelia adenophora Howell
  • Phacelia adspersa Brand
  • Phacelia affinis A.Gray
  • Phacelia alba Rydb.
  • Phacelia aldea R.Br. ex Sweet
  • Phacelia alpina Rydb.
  • Phacelia altotonga B.L.Turner
  • Phacelia alvordensis M.E.Jones
  • Phacelia amabilis Constance
  • Phacelia ambigua M.E.Jones
  • Phacelia anelsonii Macbride
  • Phacelia arenicola Brandegee


  • Phacelia bakeri Macbride
  • Phacelia barnebyana Howell
  • Phacelia beatleyae Reveal & Constance
  • Phacelia bicknellii Small
  • Phacelia bicolor Torr. ex S.Wats.
  • Phacelia biennis A.Nelson
  • Phacelia bipinnatifida Michx.
  • Phacelia bolanderi - Bolander's phacelia, Bolander's scorpionweed, Blue-flowered grape-leaf, caterpillar flower
  • Phacelia boliviana Brand
  • Phacelia bombycina Wooton & Standl.
  • Phacelia boykinii Small
  • Phacelia brachyantha Benth.
  • Phacelia brachyloba A.Gray
  • Phacelia brachystemon Kunze ex Brand
  • Phacelia brannani Kellogg
  • Phacelia brevistylis Buckl.
  • Phacelia breweri A.Gray - Brewer's phacelia
  • Phacelia burkei Rydb.


Caltha-leaved Phacelia
Phacelia calthifolia
California Bluebell
Phacelia campanularia
  • Phacelia cedrosensis J.N.Rose
  • Phacelia cephalotes A.Gray
  • Phacelia cicutaria - caterpillar phacelia, caterpillar scorpionweed; includes P. hispida A.Gray
  • Phacelia ciliata Benth.
  • Phacelia ciliosa Rydb.
  • Phacelia cinerea Eastwood ex Macbride
  • Phacelia circinata Jacq.f.
  • Phacelia circinatiformis A.Gray
  • Phacelia clinopodioides Bert.
  • Phacelia conferta G.Don
  • Phacelia congdonii Greene
Caterpillar Phacelia
Phacelia cicutaria
Phacelia covillei
"Coville's Phacelia"
  • Phacelia crassifolia Parry or Torr. ex S.Wats.
Notch-leaved Phacelia
Phacelia crenulata




Fringed Phacelia
Phacelia fimbriata
  • Phacelia fallax Fernald
  • Phacelia filiae N.D.Atwood, F.J.Sm. & T.A.Knight
  • Phacelia filiformis Brand
  • Phacelia fimbriata - fringed phacelia
  • Phacelia firmomarginata A.Nelson
  • Phacelia flaccida Elmer
  • Phacelia floribunda Greene
Notch-leaved Phacelia
Phacelia fremontii


  • Phacelia gentryi Constance
  • Phacelia geraniifolia Brand
  • Phacelia gilioides Brand
  • Phacelia glaberrima (Torr.ex S.Wats.)Howell
  • Phacelia glabra Nutt.
  • Phacelia glandulifera Piper
  • Phacelia glandulosa Nutt.
  • Phacelia glechomaefolia A.Gray
  • Phacelia grandiflora A.Gray
  • Phacelia greenei Howell
  • Phacelia grisea A.Gray
  • Phacelia gymnoclada Torr. ex S.Wats.
  • Phacelia gypsogenia I.M.Johnst.


  • Phacelia hardhamae Munz
  • Phacelia hastata Dougl. ex Lehm. - silverleaf scorpionweed
  • Phacelia heterophylla Pursh
  • Phacelia hintoniorum B.L.Turner
  • Phacelia hirsuta Nutt.
  • Phacelia hirtuosa A.Gray
  • Phacelia hossei Brand
  • Phacelia howelliana Atwood
  • Phacelia howellii Macbride
  • Phacelia humilis Torr ex Gray - low scorpionweed
  • Phacelia hydrophylloides Torr. ex A.Gray



  • Phacelia knighti A.Nelson






Miami Mist
Phacelia purshii



  • Phacelia racemosa A.Heller
  • Phacelia rafaelensis Atwood
  • Phacelia ramosissima Dougl. ex Lehm. - branching scorpionweed
  • Phacelia ranunculacea (Nutt.)Constance
  • Phacelia rattanii A.Gray
  • Phacelia robusta (Macbride) I.M.Johnst.
  • Phacelia rotundifolia Torr. ex S.Wats.
  • Phacelia rudis Dougl. ex A.DC.
  • Phacelia rugulosa Lemmon. ex Greene
  • Phacelia rupestris Greene



  • Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth.
  • Phacelia tenuifolia Harv. ex Torr.
  • Phacelia tetramera Howell
  • Phacelia thermalis Greene
  • Phacelia trichostemoides Greene ex Brand
  • Phacelia trifoliata Gand.
  • Phacelia tripinnata Hort. ex Fisch. Mey. & Ave-Lall.


  • Phacelia umbrosa Greene
  • Phacelia utahensis J.W.Voss



  • Phacelia welshii Atwood
  • Phacelia whitlavia A.Gray


  • Phacelia zaragozana B.L.Turner