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This is a list of chapters and colonies of the North American college fraternity Phi Gamma Delta. As of July 27, 2014, the organization has 136 active undergraduate chapters and 13 colonies.


Greek Letters University Status Year Founded[1]
Alpha Washington & Jefferson College Active 1848
Gamma University of Nashville Inactive as of 1850 or 1851[2] Gamma was later used for Vanderbilt University (see below) 1850
Epsilon University of North Carolina Active 1851
Theta University of Alabama Active 1855
Kappa Baylor University Active[3] 1856
Lambda DePauw University Active 1856
Xi Gettysburg College Active 1858
Omicron University of Virginia Active 1858
Tau Hanover College Active 1864
Psi Wabash College Active 1866
Omega Columbia University Active 1866
Alpha Deuteron Illinois Wesleyan University Active 1866
Gamma Deuteron Knox College Active 1867
Phi Northwestern University Active 1867
Zeta Deuteron Washington & Lee University Active 1868
Delta Deuteron Hampden-Sydney College Active 1870
Kappa Deuteron University of Georgia Active 1871
Zeta Indiana University Active 1871
Mu Deuteron University of Iowa Active 1873
Xi Deuteron Case Western Reserve University Active 1875
Omicron Deuteron The Ohio State University Active 1878
Phi Deuteron University of Maryland Active 1879
Beta University of Pennsylvania Active 1881
Delta Xi University of California Active 1881
Pi Deuteron University of Kansas Active 1881
Delta Bucknell University Active 1882
Sigma Deuteron Lafayette College Banned for alcohol related activity, 2009[4] 1883
Tau Deuteron University of Texas at Austin Active 1883
Sigma Wittenberg University Active 1884
Alpha Phi University of Michigan Active 1885
Beta Chi Lehigh University Suspended, 2013 due to poor accreditation[5] 1886
Zeta Phi William Jewell College Active 1886
Theta Psi Colgate University Inactive as of 1989 1886
Gamma Phi Pennsylvania State University Active 1888
Kappa Nu Cornell University Active 1888
Rho Chi University of Richmond Active 1890
Mu Sigma University of Minnesota Active 1890
Kappa Tau University of Tennessee Suspended in 2012, (revitalized 2014) 1890
Beta Mu Johns Hopkins University Active 1891
Pi Iota Worcester Polytechnic Institute Active 1891
Lambda Sigma Stanford University Inactive as of 1971 1891
Nu Epsilon New York University Active 1892
Mu University of Wisconsin–Madison Active 1893
Chi Iota University of Illinois Active 1897
Iota Mu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dissolved in 1998 after an alcohol related death[6] 1898
Lambda Nu University of Nebraska Active 1898
Omega Mu University of Maine Active 1899
Sigma Tau University of Washington Active 1900
Sigma Nu Syracuse University Active 1901
Phi Gamma Delta Brown University Inactive as of 1968 1901
Chi Upsilon University of Chicago Active 1902
Lambda Iota Purdue University Active 1902
Alpha Iota Iowa State University Active 1907
Chi Sigma Colorado College Active 1908
Nu Omega University of Oklahoma Active 1916
Gamma Sigma Sewanee Active 1919
Mu Iota University of Idaho Active 1920
Kappa Omicron Oregon State University Active 1921
Delta Kappa Davidson College Active 1923
Tau Kappa University of Toronto Active 1923
Gamma Tau Georgia Institute of Technology Active 1926
Pi Gamma University of British Columbia Active 1929
Upsilon Alpha University of Arizona Active 1931
Upsilon Phi University of Florida Active 1940
Delta Tau Southern Methodist University Active 1948
Pi Mu Washington State University Active 1948
Beta Rho Louisiana State University Active (Rechartered 2011) 1948
Kappa Rho University of Rhode Island Active 1950
Lambda Tau Texas Tech University Active 1954
Upsilon Kappa University of Kentucky Active 1958
Alpha Upsilon Auburn University Active 1962
Sigma Omicron Oklahoma State University Active 1962
Alpha Gamma Kettering University Active 1964
Alpha Sigma Arizona State University Active 1965
Alpha Nu University of New Mexico Active 1966
Phi Sigma Florida State University Inactive as of 2011 (recolonization planned for 2014 1967
Phi Tau University of Texas at Arlington Active 1968
Lambda Omega University of Western Ontario Active 1968
Chi Deuteron Kansas State University Active 1968
Phi Kappa Colorado State University Active 1968
Phi Alpha University of Arkansas Active 1969
Rho Phi Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Active 1969
Beta Upsilon University of Vermont Active 1969
Epsilon Alpha University of Alberta Active 1970
Sigma Mu Mississippi State University Active 1970
Chi Omicron University of Cincinnati Active (Rechartered 2008)[7] 1971
Iota Sigma Indiana State University Active (Rechartered 2013) 1971
Kappa Phi University of South Florida Inactive as of 1981 1971
Rho Alpha Virginia Tech Active 1972
Mu Tau University of Memphis Active 1972
Kappa Mu Western Michigan University Recolonized in 2012, charter pending 1972
Mu Alpha West Virginia University Active 1974
Chi Alpha University of North Alabama Active 1974
Phi Upsilon Clemson University Inactive as of 1988 1974
Epsilon Chi University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire Active 1975
Phi Iota Idaho State University Inactive as of 1983 1975
Rho Upsilon University of California at Riverside Active 1977
Omega Deuteron Old Dominion University Pulled in 1998- Reactivated as a colony in 2014 1978
Alpha Mu Texas A&M University Active 1979
Tau Chi Texas Christian University Active 1980
Theta Tau Tennessee Technological University Active 1981
Delta Upsilon University of Denver Inactive as of 1989 1981
Tau Upsilon Tulane University Active 1982
Iota Chi University of California Active 1982
Beta Pi Bradley University Active 1982
Delta Phi Jacksonville University Active 1983
Upsilon Chi University of Calgary Active 1984
Beta Gamma Bowling Green State University Active 1984
Tau Nu Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Active 1984
Upsilon Lambda La Salle University Active 1985
Gamma Kappa Colorado School of Mines Active 1985
Alpha Omicron University of Akron Active 1986
Sigma Delta San Diego State University Inactive as of 1995 - Reformed as colony in 2011[8] 1986
Upsilon Mu University of Montana Inactive as of 2006 1987
Phi Chi California State University, Fresno Suspended for alcohol related activity, 2006[9] 1987
Sigma Lambda University of Utah Inactive as of 1995 1988
Sigma Beta San Jose State University Suspended 2004[10] 1989
Phi Pi Villanova University Active 1990
Lambda Beta California State University Long Beach Active (Rechartered 2012)[11] 1990
Sigma Alpha University of Texas at San Antonio Suspended for hazing until 2013[12] 1993
Omega Phi University of Central Florida Active 1994
Delta Iota Drake University Active 1994
Mu Chi James Madison University Active 1994
Pi Upsilon Princeton University Inactive as of 1997 1995
Epsilon Iota University of Evansville Active 2000
Beta Sigma Ball State University Active 2001
Kappa Chi William Woods University Active 2001
Nu Sigma North Carolina State University Active 2002
Sigma Phi Florida International University Active 2004
Upsilon Tau The University of Toledo Active 2005
Omega Chi Chapman University Active 2006
Psi Mu Missouri State University Active 2007
Nu Delta University of Delaware Active 2009
Chi Lambda University of California San Diego Active 2009
Chi Rho California University of Pennsylvania Active 2007
Pi Chi University of North Carolina Wilmington Active 2007
Nu Kappa University of Nebraska at Kearney Active 2009
Nu Tau University of North Texas Active 2008
Sigma Chi University of Southern California Active 2009
Pi Nu East Carolina University Active 2009
Beta Kappa University of Colorado Active 2009
Beta Nu Appalachian State University Active 2010
Epsilon Lambda Michigan State University Active 2010
Lambda Chi College of Charleston Active 2010
Chi Eta Western Kentucky University Active 2010
Mu Beta Coastal Carolina University Active 2010
Gamma Vanderbilt University Active 2011
Lambda Omega The University of Western Ontario Active 2011
Chi Mu University of Missouri Active 2011
Tau Delta University of Texas at Dallas Active 2012
Sigma Kappa University of Connecticut Active 2013
Sigma Delta San Diego State University Active 2013
Epsilon Rho Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Active 2013
Lambda Pi DePaul University Active 2013
Eta Mu University of Massachusetts Amherst Active 2014
Rho Nu Rowan University Active 2014
Nu Beta Rutgers University Active 2014
Nu Upsilon Nova Southeastern University Active 2014


Phi Gamma Delta has colonies at the following universities:

Founded 2010:

Founded 2012:

Founded 2013:

Founded 2014:


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